Best Subwoofer Brands & Types in India-Buyers Guide

A subwoofer is an important part of a home theatre system. It amplifies low-frequency or low bass sounds and gives an amazing effect to the music. Subwoofers are small in size, you can use them in a home theatre system or also can put them in your car. You will feel the sound of every instrument like flute, guitar, and drum, etc. the speakers cannot produce the sound of any frequency so the subwoofer helps them in enhancing the sound effect of music, a movie, or a game. It usually works in frequencies as low as 20 to 200 hertz. This article is all about subwoofers. If you are planning to start a home theatre system then keep reading this article. Also, check the buyers guide for the Home Theatres, 5.1 Home Theatres, Sound Bars in India.

Top 12 Best Subwoofer Brands in India

List of Best Subwoofers

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1. Sony XS-NW12002 Woofer Sony-XS-NW12002-12-inch-Woofer-Black Sony-XS-NW12002-12-inch-Woofer-Black
2. Sony XS-NW1202S Box Subwoofer Sony-XS-NW1202S-Box-Subwoofer Sony-XS-NW1202S-Box-Subwoofer
3. FREDO 5.25 Inch, 8 Ohms/70 Watts Subwoofer Fredo-Subwoofer Fredo-Subwoofer
4. Rockford Fosgate Prime Subwoofer R1-S41 Rockford-Fosgate Rockford-Fosgate
5. 4″Inch MAX Power Audio Speaker SUBWOOFERs Inch-Power-Audio-Speaker Inch-Power-Audio-Speaker
6. MAGNETZ 8″ Subwoofers 4 /MAGNETZ-8-Subwoofer
7. Fredo 5.35 inches Subwoofers Fredo-Subwoofers Fredo-Subwoofers
8. FREDO 6 inches Subwoofers FREDO-SubWoofer FREDO-SubWoofer
9. YOKOMA Subwoofers YOKOMA-Subwoofer YOKOMA-Subwoofer
10. Hamaan HMWF-2700 Hamaan-HMWF Hamaan-HMWF
11. NEXT GEEK woofer Loudspeaker NEXT-GEEK-Magnetic-Subwoofer
12. YOKOMA 8 inches Subwoofer Box Subwoofer-Amplifier Subwoofer-Amplifier

Types of Subwoofers

Subwoofers are of 2 types that are passive and powered subwoofers.

Passive subwoofers

It has an external amplifier. The bass needs more power to amplify a sound because of which people use passive subwoofers. The receiver of the subwoofer has the capability to take the signals without dropping the power.

Powered subwoofers

These speakers have built-in speakers and an amplifier. These subwoofers need AC power from a home theatre. During all the processes, the power of these subwoofers dropdown. So these subwoofers are suitable for middle and low-frequency sounds.

Buyers guide – Subwoofers

When going to buy a subwoofer, keep these things in your mind to notice.

  • As subwoofers are of different sizes and according to that their sound production is also different. It is important to know for what purpose you need a subwoofer. If it is a home theatre or a car, 10 inches or 12 inches subwoofer is right. But for parties and gatherings, you have to buy big subwoofers.
  • The wattage of a subwoofer is equally important. It is the power of a subwoofer that can be in RMS or MAX power. If you want a subwoofer for a long time then buy a woofer having high RMS power.
  • The amplification of the subwoofer is also important which will be according to your speaker. So buy a subwoofer compatible with your speakers.
  • Subwoofers have voice coils in them that help to produce sounds. Some subwoofers have double coils and some have single. First, study about them and then decide between buying.
  • Some subwoofers are wireless and some have wire connections. Buy the one that is more convenient to you.
  • These also have different sizes. Buy according to your space.

How to Use Subwoofers

  • A subwoofer amplifies the low-frequency sound and makes it suitable for hearing.
  • It is connected to the sound source or preamplifier.
  • It receives usually 20 Hertz to200 Hertz signals.
  • The electrical signals touch with the voice coil present in it.
  • The magnet present in the coil amplifies the sound, the driver cone starts to vibrate.
  • This vibration causes the low-frequency sound to be hearable and touchy.

List of Top 12 Best Subwoofer Brands in India

1. Sony XS-NW12002 Woofer

It is a 12 inches subwoofer having 1800 watt output and 420watt RMS. The woofer has a rubber surround and has a pentagon shape that decreases bias. The impedance of the device is 4 ohm. The net weight of the woofer is 5.3kg.

Sony XS-NW12002 Woofer


  • The woofer has a powerful and super bass.
  • It is a superb subwoofer at such a low price.
  • The bass has an awesome vibration and the woofer produces heavy and smooth beats.


  • The quality of the woofer and its sound is not very good.


2. Sony XS-NW1202S Box Subwoofers

It is another amazing product by Sony Company. It is a powerful woofer box having a closed and shallow enclosure. The subwoofer has a deep bias having 12 inches polypropylene or PP cone. This subwoofer has a 1800watts peak and 420 watts RMS. It also has a rubber surround that decreases distortion by stabilizing stroke to give clear tones.

Sony XS-NW1202S Box Subwoofers


  •  It has a good sound quality.
  •  The woofer has a deep bass that is also good for low-frequency music and gives a clear sound.


  •  The coil of this subwoofer is weak.


3. FREDO 5.25 Inch, 8 Ohms/70 Watts Subwoofer

It is a black color 5.25 inches subwoofer having a very lightweight of only 900grams. The woofer has a rubber cone having a rubber ring and has a nominal power of 70watts. This FREDO subwoofer has a great quality having a copper coil on Captain Paper.

FREDO 5.25 Inch, 8 Ohms/70 Watts Subwoofer


  •  The quality of the product is awesome.
  •  It is compatible with many devices.


  •  The diaphragm of the woofer is very tight.
  •  The product is also a little expensive.


4. Rockford Fosgate Prime Subwoofer R1-S412

It is a 12 inches SVC subwoofer on our top list that produces an outstanding voice. The speakers have a voltage of 12 volts, 4-ohms resistance, and has 150watts RMS. It is a stylish subwoofer having a beautiful finishing. The subwoofer has a steel frame and has parabolic polypropylene cone. It is a very lightweight woofer weighing 450grams.

Rockford Fosgate Prime Subwoofer R1-S412


  •  It is a very good product for low frequency and deep bass.
  •  Due to its lightweight and small size, it is portable.


  •  It is not suitable for loud and high-frequency sounds.


5. 4″Inch MAX Power Audio Speaker SUBWOOFERS

It is a wired subwoofer, weighing 500grams. The output power of the subwoofer is 30watts. Its frequency range is 210 hertz to 4 kHz.

4"Inch MAX Power Audio Speaker SUBWOOFERS


  •  It is a very good quality subwoofer at a very reasonable price.
  •  The subwoofer has a metallic frame.


  •  Due to brass vibration, sound quality disturbs.
  •  The metallic frame is not strong.


6. MAGNETZ 8″ Subwoofer 4

It is an awesome product on our top list of subwoofers. It has an amazing quality and a heavy magnet of 120mm is used in it. The voice coil has 4 layers and the frequency range of this subwoofer is 80Hetz to 500Hertz. The cone is stitched and has a foam Perry for higher movement of the cone. A coating of a treated paper is present around the spider.

MAGNETZ 8" Subwoofer 4


  •  The frequency and bass producing quality are great.
  •  A heavyweight magnet is used in it.


  •  Most customers complained about the bad delivery service by Amazon.


7. Fredo 5.35 inches Subwoofers

It is a box of 2 subwoofers from Fredo. A heavy magnet of 90 x 17mm is present in it. The resistance of the subwoofer is 8ohms and the power is 70watts. The subwoofer has a rubber cone and ring. Copper voice calls are present of Captain paper having metallic tags on it. The chassis has a powder coating. The weight of the product is only 900grams.

 Fredo 5.35 inches Subwoofers


  • The design of the product is very good.
  • The sound quality is also very good so it is very suitable for your favorite music.



  • As the power is less so it is not suitable for any devices.
  • Magnet heats up when connected to a little high-power device.



8. FREDO 6 inches Subwoofers

Another amazing product by FREDO is here. A heavy magnet of 90 X17mm is present in it. It has push-fit terminals. It is an 8-ohms subwoofer having nominal power of 70 watts. The cone is blue and its material is PP and is very good for sealed boxes. The copper coil is wrapped around Captain Paper.

FREDO 6 inches Subwoofers


  • It is a good quality product.
  • The sound production by this woofer is good and it is a durable product.


  • Its built quality is not good.


9. YOKOMA Subwoofers

It is a 12 inches subwoofer, weighing 6.5 kg. This is a powerful woofer having nominal power 1200watts and RMS 200 watts. The voice coil has 4 layers and has the frequency 35Hz to 500Hz. A heavy double magnet of 134mm is used in it. The woofer has an impedance of 4 ohms.

YOKOMA Subwoofers


  •  The sound quality is very clear.


  •  The build-in quality is not good.


10. Hamaan HMWF-2700 

It is a metallic, black color subwoofer suitable for amplifiers and all vehicles. It has a dual voice coil of 3.8mm thickness and 40-ohm impedance. 943 grams heavy magnet is used in it and has the power 2400 watts. The company is providing a 1-year warranty for the product.

Hamaan HMWF-2700


  •  It is a very good subwoofer for high music. Use it in your home or in car, everything will vibrate with music.


  •  It is not good for low bass.


11. NEXT GEEK woofer Loudspeaker

It has a unique design and a powerful sound production. If you buy this product, you will like it. It has the power of 2watts and impedance is 3-ohms.

NEXT GEEK woofer Loudspeaker


  •  The bass has an amazing quality sound.


  •  It is an over-priced product.
  •  Not suitable for low and medium frequency sound.


12. YOKOMA 8 inches Subwoofers Box

It is the last production on our top list of subwoofers. The woofer has a sleek and compact design. The woofer has a built-in amplifier and is very suitable for all cars. You can place it anywhere in the car even under the seat because it is small. The company is providing 12 months warranty for it.

YOKOMA 8 inches Subwoofers Box


  • It is such an amazing product at an affordable price.
  • The bass produces a very good quality sound.


  • It is not a long-lasting product.Subwoofer-AmplifierSubwoofer-Amplifier


If you like a good sound system in your home then don’t wait. We have cleared your doubts about subwoofers. Now, you can easily buy it according to your choice.


What does a subwoofer do?

These are the devices that produce or amplify low frequency and low pitch sounds.

Is it worth buying a subwoofer?

Yes, it is worth buying a woofer if you are fond of good music. It will amplify low-frequency instruments’ voices and will give a good feeling.

What is the difference between subwoofer and speaker?

Speaker is a device that converts electric signals and produces sound. While the woofer targets low pitch sound and amplifies it.

Should a subwoofer be on the floor?

It is not a good idea. For good music, try to hang or elevate the system.

Does a subwoofer only play bass?

Yes, subwoofers only play low-frequency sound or bass.