Best Study Lamp Lights in India-Buyers Guide

Study lamp light is a stand with a source of light on it that concentrates most of the light in a particular area. In other words, it simply provides extra light on a particular surface.  Study lights can be useful for students. They provide light so that they can concentrate easily without making the effort of reading closely in low light. These lamps are also useful for office tables as many officers work on files and papers which require easy reading and visibility. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Floor Lamps, wall lamps, Led Tubelights, Led Bulbs, Hanging Lights, Table Lamps, solar street lights, Pendant lights, garden lights, LED Torch lights,  & decorative lamps in India.

Top 10 Best Study Lamp Lights in India-Buyers Guide

List of Study Lamp Lights

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1. Wipro LED table lamp Wipro LED table lamp
2. Philips LED desk light Philips LED desk light
3. SaleOn LED touch lamp SaleOn LED touch lamp
4. Shopopoye reading light Shopopoye reading light
5. Primesky study lamp Primesky study lamp
6. Rucon LED study lamp Rucon LED study lamp
7. Azacus LED touch lamp Azacus LED touch lamp
8. Pick Ur needs study lamp Pick Ur needs study lamp
9. Amazon basics charging lamp Amazon basics charging lamp
10. Kavana LED lamp Kavana LED lamp

Features of Study Lamp Light

  • One feature that matters in a study lamp light is illuminance.
  • Without this, the purpose of studying lamp light is useless.
  • Lux (Lx) is the unit of measure of illuminance.
  • Usually, study lamps should have a minimum of 500 Lx for prolonged use of computers, books, etc.
  • For most lamps, 250 Lx is the average.
  • Another feature that is important is the flexibility and adjustability of the arm and lamp head.
  • This is important so that you can illuminate the desired point or surface on your table, without having to move the lamp.
  • Also, the type of bulb also matters.
  • Usually LED bulbs are best as they have features like adaptable color temperatures, color light, etc

Types of Study Lamp Light

Many types of study lamps are available.

  • Battery-powered and alternative-powered sources are two of them.
  • Alternative power requires an external battery or power source to operate the lamp such as a USB cable.
  • Battery operated has an inbuilt battery.
  • Some types include charging lamps and usually, an outlet or a charger is already provided.
  • Adjustable and swing arm lamps types are also available.
  • They can be adjusted according to your needs and are very flexible for use.

How to use Study Lamp Light?

  • firstly, It must be ensured that the light is reflecting properly on the surface.
  • This includes positioning the lamp in such a way that hand shadows do not interrupt your lighting.
  • If you are left-handed, you must place the lamp on your right-hand side and vice versa.
  • Moreover, you must also take care of the concentration of the light.
  • Ideally, the lamp must be placed at a distance of 15’’ from the desktop and desk lamp shade’s button.
  • This doesn’t strain your eyes and keeps the light focused on the reading material

Buyer’s guide for Study Lamp Light

  • Firstly, the adjustability of the lamp must be considered.
  • Longer and flexible arms are more feasible and help to shine a light on a wider area of your choice.
  • Next, the bulb must be considered.
  • Halogen and CFL bulbs are better illuminators and save energy by 80% and last 20 times longer.
  • LED lamps have more features and you can actually adjust the warmth, the intensity of the light.
  • Next, the quality of the material should be taken into account.
  • Metal bodies in study lamps are better than plastic and will last longer

List of Top 10 Best Study Lamp Lights in India-Buyers Guide

1. Wipro LED table lamp

This is a luxurious table lamp with exotic features. It has a feather-touch innovative design and is very easy to control. It offers various color changing features

Wipro LED table lamp


  • It has a CRI greater than 80
  • Has a 3 touch dimming control
  • It is energy efficient



  • Relatively expensive than other substitutes
  • Doesn’t have a moveable lamp head

Wipro LED table lamp

2. Philips LED desk light 

This lamp light has lots of features and is safe for eyes and eye fatigue. It uses a matt diffuser

Philips LED desk light


  • Has a LED light source
  • Safer and does not heat up
  • Has CRI of more than 80



  • Made of plastic, which is not durable
  • Electricity is needed to power the lamp.

Philips LED desk light 

3. SaleOn LED touch lamp 

This is a battery-powered study lamplight. It has an LED light and is rechargeable.

SaleOn LED touch lamp


  • Has a dual LED light lamp for multi-purpose use
  • This has an auto-off timer
  • Has adjustable light brightness



  • Has to be charged before use
  • The touch system might not work after some time

SaleOn LED touch lamp 

4. Shopopoye reading light 

This lamp light is portable and comes with a clip. It has LED light and is rechargeable

Shopopoye reading light


  • Has touch technology to control the light
  • Can be attached anywhere
  • Very flexible gooseneck



  • Not very suitable for a wide area
  • Little expensive

Shopopoye reading light

5. Primesky study lamp 

This is a rechargeable study lamp with a switch control system. It is very economical as compared to other lamps

Primesky study lamp


  • Has a 360-degree adjustable neck
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Super bright and extremely soft



  • Has to be charged in order to be used
  • Material is not very durable


6. Rucon LED study lamp 

This is similar to the Primesky study lamp. It is rechargeable and LED lightning

Rucon LED study lamp


  • Safe for the eyes
  • It has a portable design
  • Has a 360-degree adjustable neck



  • Must be charged before use.
  • Material is not very durable.


7. Azacus LED touch lamp 

This has a unique design and comes with a pen holder and mobile holder too. It has a USB charging system and has touch control

Azacus LED touch lamp


  • Flexible neck with 360-degree rotation
  • Has multiple charging options
  • Protects the eye from eye fatigue and strain



  • Dependable on charging
  • Little expensive as compared to other items of the same quality


8. Pick Ur needs study lamp 

This is perfect for students. It comes with many features such as dimmer control and children’s eye protection

Pick Ur needs study lamp 


  • Have 3 levels dimming feature
  • Provides efficient heat dissipation
  • Flexible gooseneck



  • Some may find it tricky to control
  • Requires USB charging cable


9. Amazon basics charging lamp 

This study lamp light has a sleek design and LED lighting. It is reliable and provides various features for convenient use

Amazon basics charging lamp 


  • Has 36 LED lights that provide 360-degree lightening
  • Has 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Tested for safety and ensures optimal performance



  • Can be delicate to use
  • Recharge time is 6 hours which some might find too long


10. Kavana LED lamp 

This is a multi-purpose study lamplight. It comes with a pencil and mobile holder and USB charging cable

Kavana LED lamp


  • Has 3 shades of light
  • Flexible arm
  • Has LED lightening system



  • The product does not have a warranty
  • Battery backup or only 4 hours which might be too low for some people



There are many types of study lamps available. When choosing, one must consider the pros and cons of every lamp which you will find in this article.


Which lamp is best for studying? 

Depends on the affordability and the features of the lamp. For studying, lamps with adjustable brightness should be used. Portable lamps could also be beneficial if you want to study someplace other than your desk. Also, study lamps with more backup and preferred.

Is a study lamp good for the eyes? 

Although longer or direct exposure may lead to eye fatigue or eye strain, modern lamp lights come with eye protection technologies. Some lamp lights contain yellowish shade and warmth which avoids eye strain. In some cases it can be good for your eyes as studying in a dim-lit room might affect your eyesight.

Is LED light bad for study? 

It is proven that LED lights consume less energy than other lamp types. However, Some LED lights are too bright and contain a white tint which might be damaging for your eyes. However, Some LED lights provide a warm light that is not harmful to your eyes and can ease out studying and reading