Stevia powder is sugar without any calories. The sweetener origin is from the Stevia plants with the Latin name Stevia rebaudiana. Stevia powder is generally a favourite for people that care about getting in shape and lessening sugar intake. The powder has different medical advantages like decreasing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It has zero calories and multiple times sweet than table sugar.

List of Top 10 Best Stevia Powder Products  in India

List of Stevia Powders

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1. Naturals Stevia Powder Nunaturals-Stevia-Powder
2. Steviocal Sweetener All Natural Stevia powder Steviocal-Sweetner-All-Natural-Stevia Steviocal-Sweetner-All-Natural-Stevia
3. Zivic Stevia Sugar-Free White Powder Zevic-Stevia-Sugar-White-Powder Zevic-Stevia-Sugar-White-Powder
4. Zindagi Stevia Sachets – Pure Stevia Powders Zindagi-Extract-Sugarfree-Sweetener Zindagi-Extract-Sugarfree-Sweetener
5. Bliss of Earth 99.8% REB-A Purity Stevia Powders Purity-Natural-Sugarfree-Calorie-Sweetner Purity-Natural-Sugarfree-Calorie-Sweetner
6. Sugarfree Green Natural Stevia Sugarfree-Green-100-Natural-Stevia Sugarfree-Green-100-Natural-Stevia
7. Organic India Natural Sweetener Stevia Powders Organic-India-Natural-Sweetener Organic-India-Natural-Sweetener
8. So Sweet Stevia Powder 1Kg Sugar-Free 100% Natural Sweetener So-Stevia-Spoonable-Natural-Sweetener So-Stevia-Spoonable-Natural-Sweetener
9. Nutriorg Certified Organic Stevia Leaf Powder Nutriorg-Stevia-Powder-Natural Nutriorg-Stevia-Powder-Natural
10. Magic leaf Stevia Sugar-Free Powder Magic-Sweetens-Sweetener-Diabetics Magic-Sweetens-Sweetener-Diabetics

Features of Stevia Powder

  • This powder has active compounds called Steviol glycosides mostly stevioside and rebaudioside; increasing the compound sweetness.
  • The powder is 30 to 200 times sweet than table sugar, with a stable PH, not fermentable, and is heat stable.

Types of Stevia Powders

There are various stevia sweeteners created differently supposedly there have been counterfeit products of stevia powder. Some have laced the product with unwanted sweeteners. This has led the FDA in delaying the approval of stevia powder as GRAS. There are two different types.

Organic Stevia

  • As its name describes it; it is extracted from the Stevia plant that is organically grown.
  • Organic stevia has no glycemic impact, it is non-GMO and free of natural gluten.
  • Unfortunately, some of the organic stevia powder has fillers; thus, not pure stevia.
  • Therefore, before purchasing it make sure to check the labels to identify whether it is organic.

Non-Organic Stevia

  • The non-organic Stevia is not extracted from the organic Stevia, meaning it may be made from chemicals that act as sweeteners.
  • The powder is non-GMO i.e. the genetically modified cultivars are not available.
  • It has no glycemic impact and is naturally gluten-free.
  • When purchasing a non-organic brand, familiarise yourself with ingredients such as inulin or erythritol.
  • Stevia is naturally a non-GMO, and most of the non-organic Stevia powder is added with erythritol and other non-nutritive sweeteners made from ingredients comprised in the GMO like corn.

Buyers Guide – Stevia Powder

  • Before purchasing powder; first, confirm whether the product is organic or inorganic.
  • Careful check the components used for its manufacture.
  • Ensure you have familiar with the different types of powders, to ensure you purchase the correct product.
  • If you need to use it, the doctor should confirm what type of Stevia powder you require depending on your health issues.

How to use Stevia Powders

  • This powder comprises active compounds known as Steviol glycosides which contain rebaudioside and stevioside.
  • The compounds contained in the powder have 30 times to almost 200 times the sweetness of table sugar.
  • It’s heat-stable, with a stable PH and it is not fermentable.
  • The glycosides in Stevia needs not to be metabolized by the body since it has zero calories similar to other artificial sweeteners.

List of Top 10 Best Stevia Powder Brands in India

1. Naturals Stevia Powder (1x100PKT )

This Naturals Stevia powder has been processed by Nunaturals in powder form. The package contains 100 pieces. It is naturally made and therefore it’s good for patients with diabetic conditions. It has zero calories or cholesterol, nor does the powder has added sweeteners, therefore zero glycemic indexes. Also, it’s gluten-free with a fantastic taste.

Naturals Stevia Powder (1x100PKT )


  • Natural
  • Sweet
  • Zero glycemic index


  • Quite expensive
  • Not a pure stevia


2. Steviocal Sweetener All Natural Stevia – 200 g

Steviocal sweetener is in powder form and it is completely natural. Therefore, the powder has zero calories. It has been produced naturally, and it prevents the formation of dental caries keeping your teeth safe from dental infections. The powder is safe and anyone can use it regardless of age group. The sweetener is possible to use in certain areas like baking, cooking and boiling. It comes with an instruction pamphlet; where one gram of the Stevia powder is equivalent to two teaspoons of table sugar.

Steviocal Sweetener All Natural Stevia - 200 g


  • Purely natural
  • Prevents dental caries
  • Zero calories


  • Bad odor
  • Counterfeit products are available


3. Zivic Stevia Sugar-Free White Powder – 200 g

The Zivic stevia sugar-free white powder comes in a 200gram packet. The Zivic stevia powder is not purely natural since it has added sweeteners like Erythritol. Stevia powder is mostly prescribed for vegetarians. The powder has zero calories and is partially natural; recommended for individuals who are diabetic, healthy, and weight conscious. The Powder Zivic stevia powder does not have added sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame, dextrose, and any other artificial sweetener. The sugar is heat stable and does not spike the insulin. Keep it in a cool dry place.s

Zivic Stevia Sugar-Free White Powder - 200 g


  • Natural sweetener
  • Zero calories
  • Sugar-free


  • Bitter aftertaste
  • Quite expensive


4. Zindagi Stevia Sachets – Pure Stevia White Powder – Natural Fat Burner – Sugar-Free Sweetener,100 Sachets(Pack of 1)

Zindagi Stevia sachets are in powder form with zero added sugars and it is 100% natural. The natural sweetener is convenient for diabetic people and helps reduce calories. The Stevia sachets have a pure powder that is purely natural. The Zindagi Stevia powder blends easily with beverages and sweet dishes- This powder is the best substitute for refined sugar.

The powder does not contain added artificial chemicals and sweeteners like Aspartame, Sucralose, and Lactose. The powder is safe to be used by children and pregnant women on daily use. Also, vegetarians can use sweetener. The sweetener has a shelf life of 24 months and the best substitute for satisfying sweet cravings.

Zindagi Stevia Sachets - Pure Stevia White Powder - Natural Fat Burner - Sugar-Free Sweetener,100 Sachets(Pack of 1)


  • Free from added artificial sweeteners
  • Natural sweetener
  • The sachets are pre-measured


  • Counterfeit products
  • The sachets have little stevia extract


5. Bliss of Earth 99.8% REB-A Purity Stevia Powder, Natural & Sugarfree, Zero Calorie Keto Sweetener, 200GM

The bliss of earth is an organic, natural; therefore gluten-free sweetener, mostly preferred by vegetarians. It is a healthy alternative with its sugar having the highest purity of 99.8%. This powder is convenient for use in sweetening drinks and desserts with zero added calories. Due to its high concentration, a full jar can last for 2 months and even more.

The Bliss of earth Stevia powder is 12 times sweeter than artificial sweeteners and 120 times the normal sugar. The powder is chemically free since it is purely natural. Thus a good sweetener for general health like bones, skin, and brain functionality.  Also, helps in weight loss and regulates blood pressure, and good for diabetes.

Bliss of Earth 99.8% REB-A Purity Stevia Powder, Natural & Sugarfree, Zero Calorie Keto Sweetener, 200GM


  • Purely natural
  • Intense sweet taste
  • Regulates blood pressure


  • Bitter after-taste
  • Counterfeit products


6. Sugarfree Green Natural Stevia – 200 g, Pouch

Sugarfree Green natural Stevia comes packed in a 200gram pouch. This powder is extracted from the Stevia leaves called Meethi Tulsi; therefore, 100% natural. The powder has zero calories compared to the usual table sugar. There are a variety of uses such as in beverages, whether hot or cold, and convenient for baking and cooking. This powder is user-friendly. Kids can use it freely.

Sugarfree Green Natural Stevia - 200 g, Pouch


  • Has zero calories
  • Purely natural
  • God for dieting and a healthy lifestyle


  • Quite expensive
  • Counterfeit products


7. Organic India Natural Sweetener Stevia 25N Sachets 75g (Pack of 3)

The organic India natural sweetener Stevia comes in three packs containing 25n sachets. The powder is convenient for limiting sugar intake and therefore; convenient for a healthy lifestyle.

Organic India Natural Sweetener Stevia 25N Sachets 75g


  • Purely natural
  • 100%organic
  • Convenient for a healthy lifestyle


  • Not very sweet
  • Unbearable after-taste


8. So Sweet Stevia Powder 1Kg Sugar-Free 100% Natural Sweetener

So Sweet Stevia powders are 100% sugar-free and is purely natural; best for vegetarians. The body absorbs powder is slowly and metabolizes occurs directly changing insulin levels. The natural sweetener has potential health benefits for people who are weight conscious or diabetic. The powder has no sucralose, aspartame, lactose, dextrose, and other artificial sweeteners; thus, the powder is heat stable. It has a deliciously sweet taste with zero calories since the glycosides in the Stevia do not harm the body. A sweetener is a good option in sweetening, baking, boiling, or cooking.

So Sweet Stevia Powder 1Kg Sugar-Free 100% Natural Sweetener


  • Purely natural
  • Naturally sweet
  • Anti-plaque


  • Quite inexpensive
  • Has no good taste


9. Nutriorg Certified Organic Stevia Leaf Powder – 150g

The Nutriorg certified organic Stevia leaf powders are a better replacement for the table sugar. These are  200 times sweeter than sugar. The stevia powders help in keeping blood pressure at a healthy rate. The sweetener helps in maintaining skin, oral, and bone health. The Nutriorg certified organic Stevia leaf powders help in relieving and protecting from respiratory infections.

Nutriorg Certified Organic Stevia Leaf Powder - 150g


  • Helps maintain skin
  • Keeps the bone healthy
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • Has a remnant sediment


10. Magic leaf Stevia Sugar-Free Powder (250g Spout Pack, Sweetens 125 cups) I Natural Sweetener I For Diabetics & Weight Loss I Zero Calories

Magic Leaf Stevia is a sugar-free powder; extracted from the leaves of a Stevia plant. The powder has no added chemicals and therefore, is recommended for people on the diet, diabetic, and weight conscious. The sweetener does not affect blood sugar levels in the body; besides been sweet 120 times than sugar. The powder has zero calories since it is purely natural and with no added chemicals no preservation additives. The sweetener can be used in several applications; like baking, beverages, and desserts.

Magic leaf Stevia Sugar-Free Powder


  • 100% natural
  • Non-GMO
  • No aftertaste


  • The sweetness concentration has reduced
  • Quite expensive



People consider Stevia powder as a great ingredient that can protect health in general. It’s an incredible substitute for refined sugar and a favourite sweetener for vegetarians.  The main drawback of Stevia items is the taste. Other than Stevia, Erythritol is the best substitute as a characteristic sugar.


Is powdered stevia bad for you?

Powdered Stevia is considered safe and a great substitute for refined sugar.

Why was Stevia banned?

Stevia was banned since it was considered to cause cancer.

What is the downside of Stevia?

The main downside of Stevia products is the taste.

Is Stevia bad for kidneys?

It is advisable to use powder moderately since there is no proof for that assumption.

What is the healthiest sugar substitute?

Besides Stevia, Erythritol is the best substitute as a natural sweetener.

Does Stevia cause belly fat?

No. It’s the opposite; it is great to use in weight management.