Best Quality Square Pipe online in India-Buyers Guide

Are you ready for your next challenge? Find a new project to work on around the house! Or maybe you are an engineer thinking wisely about your new task. You will need a square pipe in each of these cases. Square pipes are also called “tube steel” so, if you had tube steel on the buying list you received from your coordinator, you will need to purchase a square pipe.

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Top 6 Best Square Pipes in India

List of Square Pipes

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1. Aviation Metal & Alloys Stainless Pipe Aviation Metal & Alloys Stainless Pipe
2. Infinite Tech Stainless Steel Square Rod Pipe Infinite Tech Stainless Steel Square Rod Pipe
3. Jain Empire Stainless Pipe Jain Empire Stainless Pipe
4. Yodaoke Metal Square Tube Yodaoke Metal Square Tube
5. Advancedestore Fitting Pipe Advancedestore Fitting Pipe
6. Generic Aluminium Square Tube Box Generic Aluminium Square Tube Box
6. ENGARC Rectangular pipe ENGARC square pipe

Features of Square Pipe

  • One important feature of a square pipe is the way it is cut. You will need to make sure its cuts are smooth and easy to maneuver.
  • Another key point to consider is the fact that you will need multiple square pipes for your project, so you will need to look into some advantageous packages.
  • The finishing of the pipe is also to be considered. The square pipe needs to have a smooth finishing as well to be fit for your project.

Types of Square Pipes

  • Square pipes can differ from the material’s point of view. Some of them are made from aluminum, while some are made from PVC. You will also find square pipes made from stainless steel.
  • One other thing to keep in mind is that there are square pipes of different sizes. The pipe’s thickness can also differ from one pipe to another.
  • Another thing is the length of the pipe, which is very important to be in perfect accordance with your project.

How to use Square Pipe?

  • Square pipes are ideal for projects where water is involved and you want to avoid corrosion since they are made from stainless steel or other materials. This being said, you can use square pipes for gardening projects, crafts, or boat building.
  • Also, thanks to their thickness, you can use square pipes for buildings or railways. They are also easy to put together since they have a rectangular shape.

Buyer’s guide for Square Pipe

  • To pick the right square pipe for you, keep in mind its length, first of all. If it’s too long you can cut from it, but if it’s too short there won’t be anything you can do to fix it.
  • Second of all, try and buy multiple square pipes to save some money on delivery and to make sure you will have enough of them to finish the job.
  • Moreover, in perfect agreement with your project, you will need to look at the square pipe’s material, so that you can decide if it’s appropriate for your specific task.

List of Top 6 Best Quality Square Pipes in India-Buyers Guide 

1. Aviation Metal & Alloys Stainless Pipe

The first square pipe on our list today is the square pipe from Aviation and Alloy. It is made from stainless steel and has 25 x 25 x 305 Millimeters and weighs only 450 grams.

Aviation Metal & Alloys Stainless Pipe


  • It has a price of only 428 Rs;
  • You can return it within 10 days if it doesn’t suit your needs;
  • It is a quality certified product, so you should expect it to work properly.


  • It is only suitable for light and medium projects, so you won’t be able to use it for some bigger, heavier ones;
  • The item has no retail packaging, so it can come with scratches.

Aviation Metal & Alloys Stainless Pipe

2. Infinite Tech Stainless Steel Square Rod Pipe

Infinite Tech is meeting their customers’ needs with a square pipe that has a smooth finish. Furthermore, it is made from Material SS 202, which the producers say it’s made especially for better strength.

Infinite Tech Stainless Steel Square Rod Pipe


  • It can be used for multiple purposes, such as hanging or structural;
  • You can choose if you need a 1 foot, a 2 feet, 3 feet, or a 4 feet square pipe;
  • You will have 10 days to return the product.


  • There are no reviews for this product;
  • It’s only 450 grams, which means that probably you won’t be able to use it for heavy-duty projects.

Infinite Tech Stainless Steel Square Rod Pipe

3. Jain Empire Stainless Pipe 

This Jain Empire Square Pipe made from stainless steel and weighs 1 kilogram. Also, it was first available in 2016, which means that the producer is well known on the market.

Jain Empire Stainless Pipe


  • This square pipe is 20 feet long
  • It is suitable for heavier projects
  • The producer is experienced and knows the market well.


  • No reviews for this product
  • There aren’t many details from the producer.

Jain Empire Stainless Pipe

4. Yodaoke Metal Square Tube 

This square tube made from aluminum and only comes in packages of one product. It has a length of 9.8”.

Yodaoke Metal Square Tube 


  • Made especially to use when building walls
  • The material of the pipe is sturdy and durable
  • It’s great for structural projects.


  • There aren’t any customer reviews for this product;
  • The producers didn’t give lots of details about it.

Yodaoke Metal Square Tube 

5. Advancedestore Fitting Pipe

The square pipe from Advancedestore comes with different length variations. Also, you can buy them in packs of 4, 8, or 12.

Advancedestore Fitting Pipe


  • The variety of choices you have for this product will help with customizing your purchase;
  • It is made from PVC & suitable for water fillings;
  • The pipe is very light, only 100 grams.


  • You can only use it for plumbing;
  • It is a bit pricey.

Advancedestore Fitting Pipe

6. Generic Aluminium Square Tube Box

This square pipe, according to the producer, is suitable for a large variety of projects. It is also waterproof and heat resistant.

Generic Aluminium Square Tube Box


  • It comes well-packed, so it won’t deteriorate on delivery;
  • The pipe is durable, being waterproof and mold-proof;
  • You get it replaced within 7 days.


  • Some clients noticed the description is wrong;
  • It has dents on both sides so you will need to cut it.

Generic Aluminium Square Tube Box

7. ENGARC Rectangular pipe

This rectangular tube from ENGARC also comes with different size variations. Pipe made from both aluminum and low-carbon steel.

ENGARC Rectangular pipe


  • You can choose the size you need;
  • The 1 foot one is costs only 340 Rs;
  • You can use it nicely in your garden.


  • The product isn’t well cut and isn’t smooth;
  • For the 4 feet one you will pay 630 Rs.

ENGARC square pipe


The first step to a great project is purchasing the materials. If your project needs a square pipe, you can find some great ones on Amazon.

Most of them have a good price & tailored to your needs.


What a square metal pipe called?

As mentioned, a square metal pipe also called tube steel or box section.

What is the length of the straight pipe?

The length varies, most square pipes are 1 or 4 feet.

Which is the best square pipe?

You will find some great suggestions in the list above.