Best Spring Mattress in India-Buyers Guide

Spring Mattress is made with multiple metal springs ( also known as inner springs ) or coils wrapped with multiple layers of fiber that provide extra support to you and make you feel comfortable. This Mattress is usually 20-25 cm. thick and is great to maintain a good body temperature by maintaining fruitful airflow to increase comfort and to provide a calm and relaxing sleeping surface.

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Spring mattresses are available in different ranges from 3000 INR to 50000 INR or above. The quality of the fabric, the thickness of the layers, and the types of springs can greatly influence the comfort and feel of the mattress.

Top 10 Best Spring Mattresses in India

List of Spring Mattresses

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1. WAKE-UP Pocket Spring Mattresses WAKE-UP Pocket Spring Mattress
2. AMORE Medico Bonnell Spring Mattresses AMORE Medico Bonnell Spring Mattress
3. Springtek Ortho pocket spring Mattresses Springtek Ortho pocket spring Mattress
4. Comfort Hybrid Memory foam mattresses Comfort Hybrid Memory foam mattress
5. Mattress Sleepables multilayered mattresses Mattress Sleepables multilayered mattress
6. Coirfit Ortho Bonnell spring mattresses Comfit Ortho Bonnell spring mattress
7. Solimo Soft pocket spring mattresses Solimo Soft pocket spring mattress
8. Cozy coir pocket spring foam mattresses Cozy coir pocket spring foam mattress
9. Springkoil Bonnell spring mattresses Springkoil Bonnell spring mattress
10. Repose Eyelid firm spring mattresses Repose Eyelid firm spring mattress

Features of Spring Mattress

  • One of the most important features of a spring mattress is natural fiber material and airflow quality as the coils allow airflow between them and provide better sleep.
  • Another feature of spring mattresses is their strength as they can be used for a very long time.
  • Spring mattresses are less expensive than Form mattresses and are easily affordable for people who have less Budget.
  • This mattress provides great back support to old age people and people with a heavyweight.
  • Spring mattresses are available in different sizes.

Types of Spring Mattress

There are generally four types of Spring mattresses:-

Pocket Spring mattresses

  • Pocket spring mattresses have modern types of springs inside them that do not pop out of the mattress with a heavy load.

Bonnel Spring mattresses

  • Bonnel spring is the oldest and widest used spring type which is used in the Bonnell spring mattresses reliability.

Coil Spring mattresses

  • Coil springs are made with metal coils to connect to create better support and to provide better sleep to the user.

Double Spring mattresses

  • Double springs are inserted inside the mattresses with a combination of upper and lower springs.
  • The double spring can handle more weight.

Buyers Guide for Spring Mattress

  • First of all, it is most important to choose the right size mattress according to the size of your bed.

How to choose the right mattress size?

  • Firstly, Measure the inner edges of your bed in inches ( Length×Breadth×Height )
  • Then choose the right mattress size according to your bed measurement.

There are four available sizes of Spring Mattresses

  1. Single Size
  2. Double Size
  3. Queen Size
  4. King Size
  • The second thing you need to know to buy a good mattress is that for what purpose do you need a mattress.
  • Are better sleep and long-lasting comfort your concern? Or is it your poor back health? Either your problem could be your poor blood circulation or your budget too.
  • These are the most important considerations you need to do before you buy spring mattresses.
  • Consider how comfortable the spring mattress you wish to buy is.
  • Also, consider how easy it is to clean and maintain it.

How to use a Spring Mattress?

  • Once you buy a new mattress, give it some time to expand to its normal size. Wait until it expands to the exact inches that are indicated in the box.
  • First of all, place the new mattress in a room.
  • The room should have a hot climate because it will help the mattress to expand faster.
  • You can also apply some weight to the mattress to help it to expand.
  • Take care that the heavy load does not break the mattress.
  • You should also wait for 24 hours to use your newly buy mattress as it prevents you from dissatisfaction.

List of Top 10 Best Spring Mattresses in India Buyers Guide

 1. WAKE-UP 8-inch Pocket Spring Mattress

Soft and Comfortable cotton knitted fabric with quilted foam. Tungsten carbide pocket spring with High Resilience (HR) Foam.

WAKE-UP 8-inch Pocket Spring Mattress


  • Provides you with better comfort and support and maintains good airflow.
  • Good for lower back pain, sore muscles, and joint pain, etc.
  • Available in an affordable range and can last long.



  • It is not too soft and too firm.
  • It is not as good with motion isolation.


2. AMORE Medico 8-Inch Bonnell Spring Mattress

Breathable soft fabric and high-density cotton felt over Bonnell springs. It provides you with better insulation quality.

AMORE Medico 8-Inch Bonnell Spring Mattress


  • An Anti-dust, Germ-free, and mite fabric material give you healthy sleep.
  • The breathable soft fabric improves airflow quality.
  • It provides better support to your back.



  • It does not provide pain relief quality.
  • It has motion transfer issues.


3. Springtek Ortho pocket 6-inch spring Mattress

Springer Mattress has a premium quilted knitted top with better form and felt support.

Springtek Ortho pocket 6-inch spring Mattress


  • Zero disturbance pocket spring system.
  • Good for back pain sufferers.
  • Medium bounce and motion isolated.


  • Weight is a little high.
  • No waterproof cover.


4. Comfort Hybrid 8-Inch Pocket Spring with Memory foam mattress

Comfort hybrid pocket spring mattress combines the pressure-relieving comfort of memory foam and adapts according to your sleeping style.

Comfort Hybrid 8-Inch Pocket Spring with Memory foam mattress


  • The Independent coil system provides great back support.
  • Best for undisturbed sleep.
  • 3D air mesh fabric for improved air circulation.


  • Lower quality motion isolation.
  • It is expensive.


  5. Mattress Sleepables 6-inch multilayered mattress

The multilayered pocket spring mattress is a sleepable rollback mattress with knitted fabric and a quilted cover.

Mattress Sleepables 6-inch multilayered mattress


  • Superior breathable airflow.
  • Zero disturbance pocket spring.
  • An anti-microbial shield is provided.


  • It is not so good with motion isolation.
  • It can be a little noisy.


6. Comfit 6-inch Ortho Bonnell spring mattress

Comfit Ortho Bonnel spring mattress has high-density foam with Bonnel spring base and quilted knitted premium fabric.

Comfit 6-inch Ortho Bonnell spring mattress


  • Dust and mite-free fabric.
  • Sanitized before dispatched.
  • Superior comfort with zero disturbance.



  • The top layer made with polyurethane is thin.
  • It may be a little noisy.


7. Solimo 6-inch Soft pocket spring mattress

Solimo pocket spring mattress is made with a high count pocketed spring with high-density foam and 180 GSM knitted fabric.

Solimo 6-inch Soft pocket spring mattress


  • Maintain good air circulation within the mattress.
  • long-lasting mattress with a 5-year warranty.
  • 180 GSM knitted fabric will provide you with a soft feel.



  • No bounce
  • Hard stuff does not provide enough relaxation.


8. Cozy coir 6-inch pocket spring cotton layer foam mattress

A cozy coir-pocket spring mattress provides you with a high count of finely tempered steel springs with 40D foam and cotton felt.

Cozy coir 6-inch pocket spring cotton layer foam mattress


  • Reversible i.e. usable with both sides.
  • Provides adequate bounce and discomfort.
  • Zero disturbance technology.



  • Short durability
  • They are prone to sagging.


9. Springkoil Bonnell 6-inch spring mattress

Springkoil Bonnell spring mattress is built of PP/PE woven fabric which provides extra life to the mattress.

Springkoil Bonnell 6-inch spring mattress


  • It is reversible.
  • This is available with a 5-year warranty.
  • It provides sufficient comfort to the body.



  • Pressure point discomfort.
  • Motion transfer issues.


10. Repose Eyelid 8-inch firm spring mattress

Repose Eyelid spring mattress has an upholstered pocket spring unit and Ring-spun knitted quilt.

Repose Eyelid 8-inch firm spring mattress


  • PU form offers great support to the body.
  • The Repose material has breathable material which provides a cool effect.
  • The cotton felt material is super soft.


  • Can attract dust mites.
  • Less comfortable as compared to another mattress.



Are Spring Mattresses Good?

Spring Mattresses are made with natural material, provide improved blood circulation, decent airflow quality, and are good for people with a heavyweight.

Which is the best spring mattress?

Comfort Hybrid 8-Inch Pocket Spring with Memory foam mattress will be a great choice for all people.

What is the price of a spring mattress?

Spring mattresses are available in different ranges from 3000 INR to 50000 INR or above.


By choosing a suitable mattress according to your need and budget can provide you a good quality sleep and improve your blood circulation. This guide can help you while shopping for a good-quality spring mattress.