Best Sports Jackets online in India-Buyers Guide

A sports jacket can be worn during actual sporting activities. They are also suitable for wearing casual outfits. Thus sports jackets can be good outfits for people who are going to gym sessions. They can also be good outfits for people who are venturing for jogging sessions, yoga sessions, and so on. What makes them ideal for these purposes is the fact that they are usually made from elastic fabrics. Therefore the people wearing them can stretch and engage in vigorous sporting/exercise activities, without tearing the jackets.

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On the other hand, what makes sports jackets ideal as casual outfits is their stylish trendy design. Consequently, one can wear a sports jacket while going to a party. One can also wear it as an after-work outfit, while going for a walk, riding a bike, and so on.

Top 10 Best Sports Jackets in India

List of Sports Jackets

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1. Scott International Men’s Plain Regular Jacket Scott-International-Regular
2. AWG Men’s Spectra Cotton Sports Jacket AWG Men's Spectra Cotton
3. Scott International Men’s Wind Cheater Jacket Scott International Men's
4. OJASS Men’s Regular Jacket OJASS Men's Regular
5. CHKOKKO Men’s Solid Track Jacket CHKOKKO Men's Solid Track
6. CHKOKKO Solid Wind Cheater Jacket CHKOKKO Solid Wind Cheater
7. The CHKOKKO Self-design Sweatshirt CHKOKKO Self-design
8. Amazon Brand Lightweight Sports Jacket Amazon Brand Lightweight Sports
9. Campus Sutra Hooded Sports Jacket Campus Sutra Hooded Sports
10. FINZ Sports Full Sleeves Zipper Jacket  FINZ Sports Full Sleeves Zipper

Features of Sports Jacket

  • Breathability is an important feature of sports jackets.
  • The best sports jackets are made from fabrics that allow good air circulation.
  • Without proper breathability, the wearer of the sports jacket can end up having a suffocating feeling.
  • Weight is another important feature of sports jackets. The most ideal sports jackets are those that are sturdy yet lightweight at the same time.
  • Elasticity is important in a sports jacket as well. It determines the extent to which the jacket can stretch without tearing during sporting activity.
  • Size also matters, when it comes to sports jackets. It can be uncomfortable wearing a sports jacket that is too small.
  • On the other hand, a sports jacket that is too big can end up looking grotesque.
  • Elastic wrist bands, front closure zips, high-neck collars, side pockets, and interior linings are other important features in sports jackets.

Types of Sports Jackets

  • Sports jackets can be classified based on what they are made from.
  • This is how we end up with polyester sports jackets, cotton sports jackets, nylon sports jackets… and so on.
  • It is also possible to classify sports jackets on the basis of their features.
  • On this basis, we end up with hooded vs un-hooded sports jackets or we end up with zip closure vs button closure (or Velcro closure) sports jackets.
  • Or yet again we end up with sports jackets with pockets vs those that have no pockets.
  • Further, it is possible to classify sports jackets on the basis of their design.
  • This is how we end up with slim-fit, regular-fit, and modern-fit sports jackets.
  • Yet another basis for sports jacket classification is that of the purpose they are designed to serve.
  • Here, we have those whose main use is in sportswear & casual wear.

Benefits of a Sports Jacket?

  • Upon receiving your sports jacket from the vendor, it is important to first inspect it carefully.
  • This you do to ensure that it is of the right color and size and that it has no stitching defects.
  • You may consider washing the jacket first, before starting to use it.
  • When it comes to actual wearing, there is normally an expectation for you to wear a t-shirt underneath.
  • But you can also opt to wear a polo shirt underneath the jacket.
  • If you are in cold weather, you can opt to fasten the jacket’s zip.
  • The same would apply if you don’t want people to see the t-shirt (or whatever else) you are wearing underneath.
  • Alongside the sports jacket, you can wear jeans trousers and a pair of sporty shoes to complete ‘an active-wear look.
  • Alternatively, you can find a pant that matches the jacket, to create a tracksuit illusion.

Buying guide for Sports Jacket

  • First of all, you need to enquire about the fabric the sports jacket you want to buy is made from.
  • This will determine how comfortable the jacket will be under various weather conditions.
  • It will also determine how easy it will be to clean, iron, store, and otherwise care for the jacket.
  • Secondly, you need to enquire about the jacket’s fit type.
  • Is it a modern-fit jacket? Or does it fall into either of the traditional fit types: namely regular-fit or slim-fit? This will play a huge part in determining how good you will look (and feel) in the jacket.
  • Thirdly, you need to find out which convenient features the jacket has.
  • Does it have pockets? How big are they? Do they have a zipper, button, or Velcro closure? Does it have a hood?  Such considerations are important.
  • Of course, you also have to consider the sports jacket price.
  • You don’t necessarily have to go for the cheapest sport jacket.
  • But at least get the one with a good value for money proposition: considering its quality versus its price.

List of Top 10 Best Sports Jackets in India-Buyers Guide

1. Scott International Men’s Plain Regular Jacket

The fabric for Scott’s international jacket is polyester. It comes with a high neck collar.

Scott International Men's Plain Regular Jacket


  • Quite easy to keep clean
  • Has decent breathability
  • Jacket is lightweight


  • The pocket size is somewhat modest
  • The zipper may be slightly delicate


2. AWG (ALL WEATHER GEAR) Men’s Spectra Cotton Sports Jacket

Regular-fit cotton sport AWG jacket. Suitable for wearing in various weather conditions.

AWG (ALL WEATHER GEAR) Men's Spectra Cotton Sports Jacket


  • Has good breathability
  • Price is quite low
  • Can match many trouser colors and designs


  • Color may eventually fade
  • Takes some time to dry after washing


3. Scott International Men’s Wind Cheater Jacket

Premium quality yet low price jacket. Fabric is a micro-polyester.

Scott International Men's Wind Cheater Jacket


  • Doesn’t get dirty easily
  • Has the solid stylish look
  • Very light in weight


  • Comes with reversible zip (which some may be uncomfortable with)
  • A high neck collar may require frequent straightening

Scott-International-Weight4. OJASS Men’s Regular Jacket (Solid)

The fabric is polyester. Has considerable elegance.

OJASS Men's Regular Jacket


  • Takes little time to dry after washing
  • Doesn’t fade easily
  • Has stylish look


  • Some may find wrist elastic slightly uncomfortable
  • It may not be entirely weatherproof


5. CHKOKKO Men’s Solid Track Jacket

Has a stylish appearance. Comes with a zip front closure.

CHKOKKO Men's Solid Track Jacket


  • A high neck collar offers extra cold protection
  • Doesn’t tear easily even under strain
  • The Interior has a good smooth texture for the wearer’s comfort


  • Breathability may have a slight limitation
  • Side pockets size is quite modest (for some users)


6. CHKOKKO (Men’s) Solid Wind Cheater Jacket

CHKOKKO solid windcheater jacket is a regular-fit sweatshirt. Suitable for use both as casual wear and in the course of exercise/sporting activity.

CHKOKKO (Men's) Solid Wind Cheater Jacket


  • Has elegant design
  • The price is reasonable for this jacket’s quality
  • Quite easy to clean


  • Getting properly matching pants for it may sometimes be a challenge
  • Some may find fabric rather thin


7. CHKOKKO (Men’s) Self-design Sweatshirt

Here is another low-cost yet quite elegant sports jacket. Design is for a regular fit.

CHKOKKO (Men's) Self-design Sweatshirt


  • It is a highly breathable jacket
  • Zip is rather sturdy
  • Weight is reasonably low


  • Zip only covers halfway (not full-zip)
  • A high neck collar may need frequent straightening


8. Amazon Brand (Symactive) Lightweight Sports Jacket for Men

Lightweight yet quite sturdy jacket. The fabric is polyester.

Amazon Brand (Symactive) Lightweight Sports Jacket for Men


  • Doesn’t attract dirt easily
  • Has lasting color (doesn’t fade easily)
  • The jacket weight is low


  • Some may find this sport jacket’s fabric quite thin
  • The Interior may not be soft enough for some people


9. Campus Sutra Hooded Sports Jacket (for men)

Comes with a hood. The front has slant pockets.

Campus Sutra Hooded Sports Jacket


  • Provides great warmth
  • Has reflective trims for wearer safety
  • Weight is reasonably low


  • Slant pockets can feel cumbersome
  • Detaching the hood may be hard


10. FINZ Sports Full Sleeves Zipper Jacket for Men

Very lightweight and breathable jacket. The design is for a slim fit.

FINZ Sports Full Sleeves Zipper Jacket for Men


  • Side pockets have reasonably good zips
  • Jacket weight is low
  • Fabric offers good breathability to the wearer


  • Jacket color may eventually start to run off/fade
  • Zip is somewhat delicate in this jacket



Buying a high-quality sport jacket can help you attain an active/physically fit trendy look. This guide can help you in identifying the top-quality sports jackets in India.


How do I get a good sports jacket?

You can either shop for one online or in a brick-and-mortar sportswear shop. Ordering online gives you the advantage of more jackets to choose from and usually reduced prices.

How do you wear a sports jacket?

Ideally, you should wear it with a t-shirt underneath. You can then match it with jeans, sports pants, or even khaki pants, complete with sneakers.

Which is the best sports jacket?

The best sports jacket is one that fits the wearer well, can stretch without tearing, and has an elegant design.