Best Soya Chunks in India-Buyers Guide

Soya chunks are a vegetarian product. It is a leftover product. Whenever workers extract oil from the soya chunks, it leaves behind the flour. Then, workers make the soya chunks out of it. Soya chunk is a vegetarian dish that helps in providing a richness of protein and other essential mineral compounds to the body. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Soya Beans, almonds, Kaju & walnuts in India

Top 10 Best Soya Chunks in India-Buyers Guide

List of Soya Chunks

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1. Delicious and Fresh Everin SOYA Chunks Delicious and Fresh Everin SOYA Chunks
2. SOYA Chunks by Urban Platter, 500g SOYA Chunks by Urban Platter, 500g
3. Cook Made Natural SOYA Chunk Cook Made Natural SOYA Chunks
4. Delicious And Fresh Goshudh Soya Chunk Delicious And Fresh Goshudh Soya Chunk
5. SOYA WADI Chunks SOYA WADI Chunks
6. Vama SOYA Mini Chunks Vama SOYA Mini Chunks
7. Good-Quality and Reliable SOYA Chunk Good-Quality and Reliable SOYA Chunks
8. SOYA WADI Chunk Excellent-Quality SOYA WADI Chunks Excellent-Quality
9. Good-quality Soya Product by Nutrela Good-quality Soya Product by Nutrela
10. BLUE TRAIN High-Quality Soya Chunk BLUE TRAIN High-Quality Soya Chunks

Features of Soya Chunks

There are many essential features of the soya chunk available in the market.

  • Soya chunks are available in square and circle shapes.
  • There are also different sizes of chunks.
  • The taste of the chunks does not change unless it has a flavor.
  • There are varied types of soya chunk flavors.

Types of Soya Chunks

We can categorize the types of soya chunk according to their brands.

  • High-quality and well-known brands offer delicious and super-quality soya chunks.
  • But the average-quality soya chunk may not match the taste or texture of the higher-quality brand.

Buyer’s Guide for Soya Chunks

  • There are many elements that you should consider.
  • For example, you must consider the quality and freshness of the soya chunk.
  • The soya chunk should consist of high-quality soy flour.
  • You can check the reviews and ratings for ascertaining the taste of the chunks.
  • Then, you can go on and buy the product that is suitable for you.

How to use Soya Chunks?

There are multiple recipes of the soya chunk available.

  • People can make different meat-styled curries.
  • People also make snacks and fried-styled dishes with it.

List of Top 10 Best Soya Chunks Brands in India-Buyers Guide

1. 1kg of Delicious and Fresh Everin Nutri High Protein and Gluten-Free SOYA Chunks

Everin Nutri offers the best quality, reliable and affordable soya chunk. The product contains protein-dense and fat-free soya chunk. The soya chinks consist of an amazing-quality good Vegan protein source. The best thing about this product is that it may be used as a meat substitute and to provide extra protein and body to several meals.

Free SOYA Chunks


  • The soya chunk are Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free Storage.
  • They are high in Protein Natural Soya Flavour
  • It is the finest non-fish source of necessary omega-3 fatty acids.


2. SOYA Chunks (SOYA Wadi) by Urban Platter, 500g

Urban Platter is a well-known brand offering the best-quality soya chunk in town. The soya chunk of the Urban Platter are good for diabetics and heart sufferers. Our soya chunk melt in your tongue when marinated and cooked with your favorite spices and vegetables, leaving you with a rich and unique taste.

SOYA Chunks


  • Soya chunk from Urban Platter is a healthy and nutritious dish.
  • This soya maintains your energy levels at all times.
  • They are pure and fresh soya chunk.



  • The price of the urban platter soya chunk is high.


3. 1 kilogram of Cook Made Natural SOYA Chunks

Cook Made is a reputable company with positive reviews. Our Soya Chunk have a thick, spongy feel. All meat eaters can also enjoy the soft soya chunk. This product is also ideal for vegan people. The vegan diets will be able to consume a protein-rich meal guilt-free.

Cook Made Natural SOYA Chunks


  • It’s produced using farm-fresh soya bean flour that’s 100% natural.
  • Soya flavor is 100 percent real.
  • The product does not have any preservatives for extending its shelf life.



  • It is an average quality product.


4. 1-Kilo Good-Quality, Delicious, And Fresh Goshudh Soya Chunk

This is a genuine, one-of-a-kind product. Soft and flavorful pieces with a great taste.

Vegetarian people should consume the bulk of protein. So, soya is a good source of protein for vegetarian people. It contains more protein than an egg, a glass of milk, or a pound of meat.

Fresh Goshudh Soya Chunk


  • There are no chemicals used.
  • The Food Safety Standards Authority of India (Fssai) has given its approval.
  • It improves bone health as well as digestion.



  • Customer care services are not satisfactory.


5. SOYA WADI Chunks, Super-Quality, and Affordable Organic Purify

Organic Purify offers the best quality, affordable, and pure soya chunks. Soya chunk are made from defatted soy flour. It means that the soya chunk do not contain any oil. Soya pieces are also quite adaptable. So, organic Purify Soya Chunk may be prepared to resemble non-vegetarian curries in flavor.



  • You can cook different types of dishes with this soya chunk.
  • Organic Purify offers the best-quality soya chunk.
  • It is a 100% vegetarian product.



  • Organic Purify quality is not as higher as other products listed here.


6. Vama SOYA Mini Chunks – 100% Vegetarian Product – Best-Quality Gluten-Free – Healthiest

Vama Soya product is a high-quality vegetarian source of protein. If you want to lose a few unwanted pounds, this is the best way to lose a few extra pounds. 98 percent of soya chunk are a fat-free product. So, you can enjoy the gluten-free soya chunk for being full.

Vama SOYA Mini Chunks


  • It has a 50% of protein content.
  • There are lots of vitamins and minerals in this product.
  • There are three types of flavors of Soya mini chunks available in the market.



  • Vama Soya product is costly.

Vama SOYA Mini Chunks

7. 1.8kg Seven Star Healthy Good-Quality and Reliable SOYA Chunks

Seven Star is a reputable company with good reviews and higher ratings. Soya chunk are good for your health, and because of their high protein level, they’ve become a staple in vegetarian diets. It can be used as a protein source and to provide extra protein and body to several meals.

Reliable SOYA Chunks


  • It has large-sized soya beans.
  • The product does not contain any artificial flavors.
  • This is an excellent meat substitute.



  • It does not come in good packaging.


8. SOYA WADI Chunks Excellent-Quality and Cost-Effective FARM 2 YOU

LUE TRAIN Soya Chunk are strong in nutrition, nutrients, elements, and soluble fiber. Soy proteins and other soy-containing meals are beneficial in instances of constipation, heart problems, and Type-2 diabetes due to their high fiber content.



  • Soya chunks of Farm 2 You are a good source of protein.
  • This is a heart-healthy product.
  • Soya chunk of the Farm 2 You are protein-rich and fat-free.


  • It is not a high-quality soya chunk product.


9. Small 200g Good-quality Soya Product by Nutrela

If you live alone in a hostel or any other place, Nutrela offers the best solution. You do not have to buy a huge packet for wasting the remaining chunks of soya. So, get only 200g of soya chunk product from Nutrela. It offers good value to the users.

Small 200g Good-quality Soya Product by Nutrela


  • The soya chunk are pure and good-quality.
  • They are fresh, making them highly beneficial for health.
  • You can make different recipes with this product.


  • Nutrela Soya Chunks does not have a reasonable price.


10. 800 Gm BLUE TRAIN High-Quality and Affordable Soya Chunks

They’re also high in calcium and iron while containing no added sugar or salt. Blue Train offers the delivery of high-quality soya chunk at your doorsteps. It is one of the best ways to add protein to your diet if you do not eat or like to eat meat or chicken.

Affordable Soya Chunks


  • They are premium-quality soya chunk.
  • Chunks have a perfect size.
  • It has good eco-friendly packaging.


  • There are no customer reviews available for checking the information.



Soy chunks are a good source of protein, mineral compounds, fiber as well as many other essential nutritional elements. It helps in keeping the body in good health. Vegetarians, who do not consume protein-rich meat, should opt for the soya chunks. It will help them in developing good health in the long run. If you want to purchase a high-quality soya chunk, you should consider the high-quality soya chunk in the above top 10 lists. So, go through the above list and pick a product that suits you well.


Are soya chunk healthy?

Soya chunks are full of health benefits. For instance, it is a great source of fiber, mineral compounds, protein, and other essential nutrients.

What are soya chunk made of?

The soy chunks consist of soy flour. When people extract oil from the soy, it leaves behind the soy flour. Then, people turn the soy flour into soy chunks.

Can we eat soya chunk daily?

Increased intake of the soy chunk can cause you to experience increased uric acid. It also can affect your liver. So, the dietician only recommends eating only 20 to 30 soy chunks daily.