Best Soya Bean in India-Buyers Guide

Soybean, also known as soja bean or soya bean, is a nutritious and edible seed. It is retrieved from an annual legume in the pea family (Fabaceae). The soybean is the world’s largest most commercially significant bean. The soya bean aims at providing plant protein to thousands of people as well as components for dozens of chemical goods. Also, check the buyers guide for the best almonds, Kaju & walnuts in India

Top 10 Best Soya Bean Brands in India

List of Soya Beans

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1. Organic Delight Store Soyabean  Organic Delight Store Soya Bean 
2. Natureland Natural Soybean Natureland Natural Soya Bean
3. FarmUp Soybean FarmUp Soya Bean 
4. Jai Jindra Soybean Jai Jindra Soya Bean
5. Urban Platter Soybean Urban Platter Soya Bean
6. Ronak Soybean Ronak Soybean
7. SPS Natural SoyBean SPS Natural SoyBean
8. Swabhiman Soyabean  Swabhiman Soyabean 
9. Kiran’s Organic Soyabean Kiran’s Organic Soyabean
10. Pink Deligh Natual Soyabean Pink Deligh Natual Soyabean

Features of Soya Bean

  • There are different features of the Soybean.
  • They are packed with vitamins and essential nutrients.
  • It is a great source of protein.
  • It is an economical protein choice for consumers.
  • You can select the best-quality Soybean for adding lots of protein to your health.
  • You can make different soups and stews with the Soybean.

Types of Soya Bean

  • The Soybean is available in different forms.
  • For instance, there is a polished and non-polished organic Soybean.
  • We also categorize them according to the brands.

Buyer’s Guide for Soya Bean

  • Many factors should be considered while selecting the excellent-quality Soybean.
  • First of all, you should check the quality of the beans.
  • They must be organic, natural, and super-quality soya beans.
  • We recommend you opt for the natural Soybean that provides lots of compounds and protein in your diet.
  • You must also check the kilograms and price.

How to use Soya Bean?

  • There are many recipes for the Soybean available.
  • You can make different types of recipes such as tofu, stews, soups, and other dishes.
  • You can also choose to make salads out of the soya beans.
  • So, it will help you lose a good many unwanted kilograms.

List of Top 10 Best Soya Bean Brands in India-Buyers Guide

1. Protein and All Natural Soya Bean by Organic Delight Store

Are you planning to gain a few healthier pounds? Soya bean is the perfect source of vitamins, nutrients, and compounds for gaining healthier pounds. It is a premium-quality brand that offers fresh and natural soya beans.

Protein and All Natural Soya Bean by Organic Delight Store


  • This is a great source of protein for vegetarian people.
  • It contains lots of health benefits for vegans.
  • It is filled with vitamins, folates, and other essential compounds.



  • This is not an organic product.


2. Natureland Super-Quality and Whole Natural Soya Bean

Natureland is a well-known and established soya bean product. It is a whole natural soya bean that is not polished. It is a whole food that has anti-inflammatory and adulterant-free properties.

Natureland Organics Soybean Whole 500 Gm (Pack of 4) Total 2 Kg


  • This is a natural and organic product.
  • It is packed with omega-3 fatty acids.
  • It makes you feel and energetic throughout the day.



  • It is an average quality product.


3. FarmUp Soya Bean Premium-Quality Soyabean

Farmup Soya bean offers organic and good-quality soybean products. The FarmUp packs the whole soya beans that pack the goodness of the natural soybeans. The soya bean offers the best value for the money paid.

FARMUP Soyabean - 500 Gm


  • It has higher protein content than milk, cream, or yogurt.
  • It enhances the bone’s health as well as digestibility.
  • You can make lots of different dishes with the soya beans.



  • It is an expensive product.


4. Jai Jindra Grocery and Food Premium Quality and Affordable Soya Bean

Jai Jinendra offers a super-quality, affordable and polished soybean. You can also make different foreign soups and stews with this product. If you are on a diet, make sure to make salads of soya beans along with sprouts.

Jai Jinendra Food & Grocery Product Soyabeans


  • It helps in improving the metabolism rate of the body.
  • It provides lots of essential nutrients to the body.
  • This is the best premium-quality food for the body.



  • The packaging of the product is not satisfactory.


5. Urban Platter Good-Quality and High-Protein Soya Bean

If you want to purchase the highest-quality soybeans, you should purchase the UrbanPlatter high-protein soya bean. It is a Non-GMO soybean brand.

Urban Platter Soybeans


  • It helps in maintaining blood pressure.
  • Soya bean also controls the cholesterol problem.
  • It is a rich source of higher protein.



  • Urban Platter is a costly product.


6. 01 KG Super-Quality Ronak Soybean Brand

Ronak is a premium-quality brand that follows international standards of packaging. It is a certified brand. So, you can utilize the Ronak without any doubt.

Ronak Soyabean


  • It improves the HDL in a significant manner.
  • Ronak is a great source to add fiber and good fats into the diet.
  • It is a certified brand of premium soybeans.



  • The price of the premium-quality brand is quite higher.


7. SPS Natural and Organic Pack of 1KG SoyBean

Are guests coming over? If they are vegetarian, do not think much and go for the SPS soybean package. It is a great treat for vegan people. You can make different stews and soups as well as salads.

SPS All Natural High Protein Soyabean


  • It is a hygienically packed soybean product.
  • You can also lose weight with soybean salads.
  • It is a great substitute for chicken or other non-veg protein sources.



  • It does not have any reviews.


8. While High Protein Swabhiman Soyabean Product

If you are bulking up and undertaking all the powerful exercises, you should go with the Swabhiman soybean product. It will help you in gaining weight in no time.

Swabhiman33 Organic Soyabean


  • This is a natural and organic product.
  • It is sourced from the local farmers.
  • It is a non-polished and excellent quality soybean product.



  • Since it is a premium-quality brand, it offers products at higher prices.


9. Kiran’s Organic, Whole, and Super Quality Soyabean Brand

Kiran is a retailer of organic and natural soybean products. It offers over 2 KG soybean packed in a cloth bag,

Kiran's Soyabeans


  • It contains zero preservatives or artificial elements.
  • This is rich in antioxidants.
  • It is filled with the goodness of the mineral and healthful compounds.



  • You cannot prove its claims with reviews as zero reviews are available.


10. Pink Deligh Natual and Large Soyabean Product

Pink Delight offers a large and organic soybean product. It is a cholesterol-free and enriched soybean product.

Pink Delight SoyaBean


  • It contains a higher amount of saturated fats.
  • Pink Delight is an allergen-free brand.
  • It packs premium-quality and large brans of soya beans.



  • You cannot return the product if you are not satisfied with it.



Soya bean is a bean that contains lots of nutritional vitamins and compounds. It has a richness of protein. You can consume soya beans if you are a vegetarian. It is the biggest source of vitamins, proteins, and other essential nutrients for vegetarians. You can check the top 10 list of the best soya bean in India. So, choose a product for yourself that meets your requirements.


Q: Is Soya Bean good for health?

A: Yes. Soya bean is the best food for health. It contains lots of minerals, vitamin C, and other essential nutrients. It is also rich in protein and antioxidants.

Q: What is the price of a 1KG soya bean?

A: The price of one KG soya bean ranges between 300rs and 400rs.