Best Sound bar Brands in India-Buyer’s Guide

A soundbar is a single electronic device built to contain several speakers incorporated in a single casing. These speakers in the bar are arranged accordingly to attain a surround sound effect. Soundbars are lengthy in the shape of about 35.43 inches wide (90cm) and even greater. It is manufactured in various colors and designs to be aesthetically pleasing, complimenting the television and room’s decorations.

A soundbar, just like any good home theatre speaker improves your TV’s sound without the need for excess speakers and wires. Some soundbars have an in-built subwoofer while others can make use of an external subwoofer box. The essence of a subwoofer is to amplify the bass sound and any other low-frequency sound coming from your television providing the illusion of a movie theatre. Also check the buyers guide for Ahuja Amplifiers, Ahuja Speakers, Sony home theatre, Home theatres, 5.1 Home theatres, Karaoke System & Ahuja Amplifier speakers in India.

List of Top 10 Best Sound bar Brands in India

List of Soundbars in India

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1. MI soundbar with 8 speaker Drivers MI soundbar with 8 speaker Drivers MI soundbar with 8 speaker Drivers
2.  boat AAVANTE BAR 1160 60W soundbar boat AAVANTE BAR 1160 60W soundbar boat AAVANTE BAR 1160 60W soundbar
3. Mulo Arena 5000 soundbar Mulo Arena 5000 soundbar
4. Infinity (JBL) sonic B20wl soundbar Shivram-Peshawari
5. Blaupunkt SBW100 wired soundbar Blaupunkt SBW100 wired soundbar Blaupunkt SBW100 wired soundbar
6. Zebronics  multimedia soundbar Zebronics  multimedia soundbar Zebronics  multimedia soundbar
7. boAT AAVANTE BAR 1250 80W soundbar  boAT AAVANTE BAR 1250 80W soundbar  boAT AAVANTE BAR 1250 80W soundbar 
8. JBL cinema SB261 soundbar  JBL cinema SB261 soundbar 
9. iBall Cinebar 200DD- 120watts Dolby digital Bluetooth with subwoofer iBall Cinebar 200DD- 120watts Dolby digital Bluetooth with subwoofer iBall Cinebar 200DD- 120watts Dolby digital Bluetooth with subwoofer
10. realme 100W Bluetooth soundbar  realme 100W Bluetooth soundbar realme 100W Bluetooth soundbar 

Features of Soundbar

  • Due to the soundbar single nature, it can be carried about conveniently.
  • Another feature of a soundbar offer is its surround sound capabilities.
  • This feature is available from the 5.1 version and higher as it progresses.
  • Also, they are wi-fi or Bluetooth-enabled devices. Soundbars have good connectivity options, this helps to connect your device to another device.
  • In this day and era, sound bars are HDMI compatible with the Audio return channel (ARC).
  • The size of subwoofers is in the range of 8-15 inches, the larger the sub, the better and deeper the bass.
  • Soundbars produce a very clear and loud sound because it has a centre channel.
  • Centres channels are seen from the 3.1 channel soundbar and above.
  • In addition, sound bar supports the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, multi-room technology, and also come with remote controls.

Types of Soundbars

Soundbar with internal subwoofer (sound bases). These soundbars have an in-built sub.

Soundbar with an external subwoofer. This soundbar comes with an external sub. or you can buy it separately.

Passive soundbar. It requires a receiver to function as it has no in-built power amplifier.

Active soundbar. It comes with a built-in power amplifier and requires no external receiver to function.

Soundbars are classified according to channels. Soundbar channels range from 2.0 to 9.2.4. Where the first number specifies the number of speakers available. Also, the second number acknowledges the presence (1) or absence (0) of a subwoofer. Again, the third number, if present specifies the number of speakers hitting the ceiling. Hence, a 2.0 soundbar has 2 channels and no subwoofer.

Buyer’s guide – Best Soundbars

  • Sound bar comes in, whenever you’re looking for an alternative to home theatre speakers.
  • Moreover, most individuals do not like bulky speakers positioned all around the room.
  • Soundbars will not only help to save space but also help save few pennies
  • Additionally, quality soundbars provide the same quality sound as a good surround sound speaker would.
  • Since this unique amplifier technology works in such a way as to give the feel that the sound is coming from behind.
  • Thus, consider these few specifications when buying a soundbar.
  • Consider the size of the room.
  • Next, you consider the size of the subwoofer either internal or external.
  • Also, check for Bluetooth soundbars, HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) ports, or optical digital audio port.
  • Finally, look out for more soundbar channels, minimum of at least 3 channels.

How Sound bar works?

  • To get your soundbar working properly, it has to be positioned at the centre of your television.
  • It is either above or below the television, mounted on the wall, or placed on your television stand.
  • There is no hassle when it comes to the connection and set up of this device, it could be done in two ways:
  • Firstly, if you are connecting external devices to your TVs like a game console, Blu-ray player, or cable box, for instance.
  • You’ll have only one optical audio cable from the soundbar connecting to the TV.
  • The TV in this connection serves as a hub for the audio-visual devices with all cables connected to it.
  • The next step is to set up the soundbar for the audio signal to flow from the TV into it.
  • Go to the audio settings menu on your TV, select the “external speaker” option or “off” for the built-in speaker.
  • Secondly, in the case where you connect your external device to the soundbar.
  • The soundbar becomes the hub with only one cable going to the TV.
  • For example, this scenario occurs when the TV is mounted on the wall and the soundbar sits on a stand.
  • This connection is done using an HDMI cable on the ARC port then, set it up at the audio setting menu on the TV using a remote or manually.

List of Top 10 Best Soundbars in India-Buyers Guide

1. MI soundbar with 8 speaker Drivers

MI sound bar is lightweight, designed moderately to blend in any environment either, mounted either on the wall or table-top. It provides quality sound and can be connected to the TV with multiple connectivity options. For instance, S/PDIF, optical cable, AUX-in, and line-in ports.

MI soundbar with 8 speaker Drivers


  • It is a Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Supports 8 speakers
  • Colour: black
  • Enhanced bass and premium sound


  • No remote control



2. boat AAVANTE BAR 1160 60W soundbars

This wireless boat soundbar is beautifully designed with multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, Aux, USB. It is very compatible with multiple devices and has EQ modes like 3D, music, and News.

boat AAVANTE BAR 1160 60W soundbars


  • supports wired and wireless connection
  • It comes with a remote control
  • 4 speakers with great sound quality
  • Bluetooth functions properly


  • No subwoofer
  • No HDMI or optical cable to connect to the TV.
  • Provides auto-switch feature which turns the device off after 10-15 mins of idleness.



3. Mulo Arena 5000 soundbars

This Mulo soundbar is amazing! It provides quality sound, easy to set up and the sound bass can be adjusted directly from the remote. Additionally, it comes with an AUX to RCA and an AUX to AUX cable.

Mulo Arena 5000 soundbars


  • Multiple connectivities: Bluetooth, AUX, and USB.
  • A remote control is available
  • Wall mounting accessories are provided
  • Great product design
  • It has a powerful subwoofer


  • No HDMI or optical connector available
  • No LED displays.



4. Infinity (JBL) sonic B20wl soundbars

This Infinity soundbar has a powerful output wattage of 80W and provides premium bass quality to meet the need of a home theatre.

Infinity (JBL) sonic B20wl soundbars


  • Multiple connectivities like Bluetooth, AUX, optical input.
  • Provides full-function remote.
  • Wireless subwoofer available


  • No LED indicator.
  • Does not support HDMI ports.
  • No Dolby digital feature available.



5. Blaupunkt SBW100 wired soundbars

This soundbar provides different entertainment modes and apart from its quality sound experience, it also supports optical audio connectivity. Alongside Bluetooth, USB, and AUX.

Blaupunkt SBW100 wired soundbars


  • It has various connector types like Bluetooth, HDMI-ARC, AUX, and USB.
  • Good sound experience.
  • It has a LED display.
  • Good quality design.


  • No mounting accessories are provided.



6. Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 5 with multimedia soundbars

This Zebronics soundbar has a subwoofer of about 5-inches also, it provides good quality bass and sound clarity.

Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 5 with multimedia soundbars


  • It is a Bluetooth device.
  • It has an LED display.
  • The design is simple and yet very classy.


  • No HDMI connector.
  • The Bluetooth connection is not so powerful.



7. boAT AAVANTE BAR 1250 80W soundbar with wired subwoofer

This boAT soundbar comes with a boat signature sound that is loud and clear. It also offers entertainment modes like 3D, movies, and music.

boAT AAVANTE BAR 1250 80W soundbar with wired subwoofer


  • The soundbar has a Premium build quality.
  • It has a quality subwoofer.
  • Good bass and superb sound.
  • The remote quality is excellent.


  • No HDMI connector.
  • The Bluetooth connection is not powerful enough.



8. JBL cinema SB261 soundbars with wireless subwoofer

This JBL soundbar has a 220 watts sound output with multiple connections. This device is compatible with various devices and it comes with a wireless subwoofer.

JBL cinema SB261 soundbars with wireless subwoofer


  • It supports Dolby Audio.
  • It supports HDMI ARC and optical ARC port.
  • The remote works perfectly.
  • Bluetooth connection is fast


  • The bass of the subwoofer is not adjustable.



9. iBall Cinebar 200DD- 120watts Dolby digital Bluetooth with subwoofer

This iBall soundbar has key features like the Bluetooth speaker, a 2.1 channel (i.e. 2 channel, and a subwoofer). This channel’s power output is 120 watts and it is very compatible with various devices. For example, phones, TV, Mp3 players, and laptops, etc. it also supports HDMI, AUX-in, and USB connectors.

iBall Cinebar 200DD- 120watts Dolby digital Bluetooth with subwoofer


  • The multiple connections of the soundbar work very fine.
  • Remote control functions properly.
  • It has a 120watts power output.
  • It provides a theatre-like sound experience.
  • The bass level is adjustable to suit your mood.
  • It has different entertainment modes like music, movies, news, and 3D.


  • No cons are recorded yet on this device.



10. realme 100W Bluetooth soundbars with wired subwoofer

Experience great quality theatre-like audio with realme 2.1-channel surround sound system. In addition, it has a multi-connectivity option and high range of 60W speakers. Due to the sleek design and colour of this product, the soundbar blends so well with any interior decoration.

realme 100W Bluetooth soundbars with wired subwoofer


  • The Bass and sound clarity are perfect.
  • Remote functions properly.
  • High-quality connectivity.
  • Quality lightweight subwoofer.


  • No LED display.
  • The bar is too long for those using small inches TV like 32inches.



This will help you get started in your home theatre journey.


Which is the best soundbar?

Each soundbar comes with its unique feature. Therefore, go for a soundbar that matches the feature you are looking for.

What does a sound bar do?

Generally, soundbars help amplify sounds to replicate a surround sound effect that can’t be achieved alone from a TV speaker.

Do soundbars work?

Yes, they do.

What is the difference between the 5.1 and 2.1 soundbar?

5.1 soundbar has 5 channels and a subwoofer while a 2.1 soundbar has 2 channels and a subwoofer.

How much should I spend on a soundbar?

The price of a soundbar depends on the features it carries. The latest versions of soundbars have more features and will increase in price compared to its previous versions.