Best Soft Toys in India-Buyers Guide

Explore a wide range of soft toys online in India. These are adorable animal-looking toys, made with clothes by filling them with soft materials. While soft toys are typically adjoined with kids, they also have many other uses. These toys and plushies make for the best gifts for kids and adults as well. Be it the birthday of your young ones, a little brother-sister, or even of your cute partner, this present works well for everyone.

If you’ve forgotten to buy a gift for the anniversary of Valentine’s day, then don’t panic. A cute and magnificent teddy bear will solve all your problems. Also, you can put these plushies into showcases, bed headboards, sofas, and cars to decorate their homes and vehicles. Also check the buyers guide for the best Toy Trains, Kitchen sets, Doctor Sets, Teddy Bear & Scooter for Kids in India

Top 10 Best Soft Toys in India

List of Soft Toys

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1. SCOOBA Giraffe Soft Toy SCOOBA-Kids-Favourite
2. OSJS Soft Toys- Teddy Bear OSJS Soft Toys- Teddy Bear
3. Amazon Brand- Jam & Honey Soft Toys Jam & Honey Soft Toys
4. Tickles Dog Soft Toy Tickles Dog Soft Toy
5. MINISO Unicorn Soft Toy MINISO Unicorn Soft Toy
6. CLICK4DEAL Monkey Stuff Toys CLICK4DEAL Monkey Stuff Toys
7. DEALS INDIA Soft Toys- Mother Elephant with Babies DEALS INDIA Soft Toys
8. Maurya Soft Toys- Teddy Panda Maurya Soft Toys
9. Kanthan Plush Toy- Racoon Kanthan Plush Toy
10. VIRSAA Soft Toy- Teddy VIRSAA Soft Toy

Features of Soft Toys

  •  Have you ever wondered why stuffed toys are one of the most agreeable toys for kids? Well, different colors and the soft touch surely make them the most favorite to children. But, there are several other scientific benefits of a soft toy.
  • Plushies help children to engage in pretend play in which they mimic animals or their favorite characters.
  • This helps them to develop social, language, and comprehension skills.
  • Kids form a bond with these toys and try to talk with them. Not for kids only but adults also feel comfortable with having soft toys around them.
  • Studies show that cuddling or holding a plushie help adults to release stress and to sleep better.

Types of Soft Toys

  •  The collection and variety of soft toys are tremendous.
  • You’ll find everything you want in the market of soft toys.
  • While we can differentiate these toys based on their sizes, the range is still huge.
  • The teddy bear and the stuffed dolls being the most celebrated ones, find themselves in almost every house.
  • Coming next, the soft-ball, plush animals, and stuffed Disney characters are popular.
  • Wait! You can’t forget those hanging monkeys and finger puppets.
  • Other types include interactive toys and soft character pillows.
  • These were some of the most common types of plush toys that you can get online.

Buyers Guide for Soft Toys

  •  Buying soft toys is easy. Still, you need to consider some points before you buy one for your kid or loved ones.
  • If it’s for a kid, get a colorful and attractive one that will keep your little one engaged.
  • Beautiful colors and various designs help kids to recognize and learn new colors.
  • Make sure that the toy is of high quality.
  • Toddlers love to throw and pull toys, and if you give your kid a low-quality toy, they will tear and split it soon.
  • Consider the size. A very big one might scare your children rather than impressing them.
  • Always check if the toy is washable and doesn’t discolor as that won’t be okay for the kid’s hygiene as well.
  • Lastly, make sure that your kid likes the character.
  • Kids can be a little picky in everything, and getting the perfect toy of their likes might seem difficult.
  • Now, if you’re looking forward to buying toys for older fellows or decoration purposes, choose the one that strikes you.
  • Do keep in check the price, size, color, quality, and likeness factor.
  • Count on our top 10 soft toy recommendations and acquire the best one.

How to Play with Soft Toys

  • There are many ways to use your plush toys.
  • You can give your littles a playing buddy and make your kids learn various things with them.
  • You can also decorate your cars and other vehicles.
  • Hang little plushies on the rear-view mirror or put plush pillows and toys in the back seat area, and they will keep elevating the atmosphere in your car.
  • You can also keep them inside your showcases and at dressing tables to decorate the interior.
  • Besides, gifting stuffed toys to expecting parents is considered to be thoughtful and courteous.

List of Top 10 Best Soft Toys in India Buyers Guide

 1. SCOOBA Giraffe Soft Toy

 This 30 cm cute and bright squishy Giraffe animal plush toy is made with high-quality material and is a wonderful playmate for your little champs.

SCOOBA Giraffe Soft Toy



  • Washable and easy to dry
  • Durable and safe
  • Ideal for stimulation of child’s vision




  • Asymmetrical shape
  • Some users find it not that appealing as shown


2. OSJS Soft Toys- Teddy Bear

 OSJS Soft toy is 4 feet long and big, this teddy bear makes a suitable gift for both kids and adults. It is made with the superior quality of polyester fabric that is very soft and skin-friendly.

OSJS Soft Toys- Teddy Bear



  • Safe for the skin
  • Durable material
  • Very soft




  • Insufficient filling
  • Users complain of thread shredding


3. Amazon Brand- Jam & Honey Soft Toys

 Jam 7 Honey soft toy Made with polyester fabric, this 33 cm long cute teddy bear is extremely adorable and huggable. This is a certified stuff toy that is recommended for children above 3.

Jam & Honey Soft Toys



  • Non-toxic
  • Machine and hand washable
  • Firm stitching




  • Some buyers complain of receiving a smaller one than the mentioned size
  • Nothing as much


4. Tickles Dog Soft Toy

 Tickles dog soft toy is perfect for kids, this is made with high-quality cloth and is filled with delicate fiber. It is a 28 cm fun gifting option for any kind of occasion.

Tickles Dog Soft Toy



  • Hand or machine washable
  • Good material quality
  • Ideal size for kids




  • A bit costlier for the material quality
  • Weak stitches


5. MINISO Unicorn Soft Toy

 This very delightful and attractive baby blue unicorn soft toy is composed of high-quality soft fabric material and is an expert in hyping up the vibes of your surroundings. It is 50 cm tall in height and safe for your kid.

MINISO Unicorn Soft Toy



  • Non-toxic material
  • Washable
  • Agreeable for both kids and grown-ups




  • Buyers complain of receiving products from old stocks
  • Different from the displayed product


 6.  CLICK4DEAL Monkey Stuff Toys

This happy monkey is a 55 cm tall and big soft toy that is very cuddly and huggable. You can use it to decorate your room or gift it to a loved one.

CLICK4DEAL Monkey Stuff Toys



  • Easily washable
  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Perfect for decoration




  • Not enough filling
  • Improper stitches


7. DEALS INDIA Soft Toys- Mother Elephant with Babies

 Filled with soft materials, this mama elephant soft toy comes with her two adorable babies. It is 32 cm in height and suitable for both girls and boys.




  • Skin-friendly
  • You do not need to about washing issues
  • Lightweight




  • Inferior product quality
  • Not as shown in the picture


8. Maurya Soft Toys- Teddy Panda

 Made with premium quality plush material, this lovable teddy panda is 3 feet tall and big. That makes it best for a cuddly and ornamental toy.

Maurya Soft Toys



  • Spongy and plushy
  • Loved by kids
  • Value for money




  • Some users claimed of getting the different product from the shown image
  • Poor product quality


9. Kanthan Plush Toy- Racoon

 One of the ideal gifts for your dear ones, this is made with good product material and worth buying.

Kanthan Plush Toy



  • Easily wash
  • Safe for the skin
  • Non-toxic




  • A little smaller than the displayed picture
  • Not as such


10. VIRSAA Soft Toy- Teddy

 Soft and captivating this cut cat is made with high-quality polyester and fur. It is 42 cm in size and possesses the ability to make you feel elated only by looking at it.




  • Non-toxic & safe for your kid
  • Very attractive & engaging
  • Washable




  • Bad fur quality
  • Expensive for the quality of the product



 Fun, interesting, and a great way to learn new things and skills, soft toys are a must for a kid. Kids find a friend and playmate in these toys thus, choosing an excellent and appropriate stuffed toy is very significant. Meanwhile, grown-ups also love to have soft toys. It makes them feel delighted and nostalgic. Therefore, take a moment to look at our best soft toy recommendations and buy some happy and fun experiences.


What are soft toys called?

 Soft toys are animals and dolls that are stuffed with soft materials. They are commonly known as stuff toys, plush toys, plushy, squishy toys.

Which brand is best for soft toys?

 Picking the best soft toy brand is a bit of a tough task. However, Jam & Honey, Hamleys, Miniso, and Scooba brands are so far the best brands for toys in India.

What is the price of soft toys?

 Soft toys in India can range from approx 200 INR to 800 INR.