Best sofa cum bed in India-Buyers Guide

Due to great opportunities for education and jobs, the urban population is increasing. Due to which new houses are being constructed. In urban areas, small apartments are very common to facilitate more population. So, it is impossible to fit heavy luxurious furniture in small apartments. And for students and job persons it is also difficult to buy expensive furniture. Also check the buyers guide for the best sofa set covers, L-Shaped Sofa sets, Teakwood sofasets & diwan set covers in India.

So will it not be a good idea to get furniture that acts as a bed as well as a sofa at the same time? Yes, sofa cum beds are the best options for small apartments. You can convert them into sofa, beds, and loungers and they will also save your space. Keep reading the article if you want to know more about sofa cum beds.

Top 10 Best sofa cum beds in India- Buyers Guide

List of Sofa cum beds

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1. Coirfit SofaCum Bed Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed
2. Adorn India aspen sofacum bed  Adorn India aspen sofa cum bed 
3. Uberlyfe SofaCum Bed Uberlyfe Sofa Cum Bed
4. Springtek SofaCum Bed Springtek Sofa Cum Bed
5. Royal Interiors Metal SofaCum Bed Royal Interiors Metal Sofa Cum Bed
6. Urban Wood SofaCum Bed Urban Wood Sofa Cum Bed
7. FURNY Wood sofacum bed FURNY Wood sofacum bed
8. Dr Smith SofaCum Bed Dr Smith Sofa Cum Bed
9. Sleepyhead fabric SofaCum bed Sleepyhead fabric Sofa Cum bed
10. Padam Shree SofaCum Bed Padam Shree Sofa Cum Bed

 Features of sofa cum bed

  • Usually, these sofas are 3-seater but double and single-seater sofas are also available for a single person.
  • They cover very less space, you can use them as a sofa during day time and easily convert them into a bed at night.
  • Many sofa cum beds can be transferred to a lounger for your movie or game time.
  • Some of these sofas have wooden portions but many of them are just made up of fabric and foams.
  • The sofa cum beds are also embellished with cushions to give a decent look.
  • They are light in weight so you can easily move them from room to room.

Types of sofa cum beds


  • As their name indicates, these sofas will convert into a bed with a single click.
  • They are just like a simple sofa having a back, click the upper portion, and lay down the back portion to make a bed.

Sleeper sofa

  • These sofas take a little more space than other sofacum beds.
  • They have a mattress attached with their frame that you can unfold to make a bed.

Foam fold-out

  • These sofas don’t have any wooden frame but are just made by folding different sections of foam.
  • You have to unfold them to make a bed.
  • They are very lightweight and easily assembled sofa.

Trundle sofa

  • These sofas have a hidden sleeping space, you have to slide the base to make a flat sleeping bed.

Buyer’s guide for sofa cum bed

  • You should buy it by checking its size. If your house is often visited by guests or have kids, then buy a big sofa.
  • The thickness of the foam is also important. Many people cannot sleep well on a thin mattress so buy accordingly.
  • Check the material and hardness of your sofacum bed.
  • Its design should also be good to give a good look to your room.

How to use sofa cum bed

  • Sofacum beds are very easy-to-use and convenient pieces of furniture for your home.
  • You can easily make a bed from a sofa by simply sliding or unfolding the foams.
  • As there are different types of sofa cum beds so unfolding may be different for each type but not difficult.

List of Top 10 Best sofa cum beds in India Buyers Guide

1. Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed

Coirfit sofacumbed is a beige color 2 seater fabric sofacum bed that will look good in your house. The dimensions of the sofa are 60*27*30. When turns to mattress, it has 72 inches length, 60 inches width, and 8 inches thickness. The mattress is very soft that gives a comfortable sleep.

Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed


  • Its foam and fabric have a high quality.
  • The foam is safe and repellent for mites, dust, and allergens.
  • It also has an extra, washable cover.


  • The foam is hard.
  • Its finishing is not very good, the threads are coming out.


2. Adorn India aspen sofa cum bed 

Adorn India aspen sofa cum bed is a beautiful sofa cum bed of grey and black combination to give a decent look to your room. This is a 3-seater sofa having the dimensions 75*49*39 inches. It is a wood-made sofa that has a good quality foam. The sofa is very comfortable and is also good for sleeping. The good thing about the product is that it has a 3-years warranty on the foam.

Adorn India aspen sofa cum bed


  • It is a lightweight and easy convertible sofa cum bed.
  • The sofa is very comfortable.


  • Its quality is not very good.


3. Uberlyfe Sofa Cum Bed

Uberlyfe sofa cum bed is a zigzag pattern dark grey beautiful sofa for your living room. The length has 5*6 feet dimensions that are enough as a 3-seater sofa. This sofa cum bed converts into a double bed after conversion. A good-quality soft, EPE foam is used in the sofa. The basic material of the sofa is jute and the sofa comes with 2 cushions and their covers. It also has a 1-year warranty.

uberlyfe Sofa Cum Bed


  • It is a lightweight and easily transferable sofa.
  • Its material is sturdy and of very good quality.


  • Those people who like very soft mattresses will not find them comfortable.


4. Springtek Sofa Cum Bed

Springtek sofa cum bed is a king-size sofa bed having dimensions 72*72*7 inches. This is a seater sofa in dark brown color that will go with any color furniture. Good-quality jute and foam are used in its manufacturing. You will also get a zipper cover to protect the sofa from dirt. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Springtek King Size Sofa Cum Bed


  • Its foam is very comfortable and durable.
  • The unfolding and folding of the sofa are very easy.


  • Some customers find it hard as a bed.
  • You cannot wash its cover.


5. Royal Interiors Metal Sofa Cum Bed

Royal Interiors metal is another sofa cum bed on our list that you will like to buy. It is a metallic sofa that converts into a single bed. It is a 3-seater sofa that is made up of wrought iron. Its mattress has a high-quality foam that is covered with a good fabric. You will have to assemble it yourself after buying.

Royal Interiors Metal Single Size Sofa Cum Bed


  • The sofa comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Its design is very good to place in the living room.


  • The height of the seat is high in sofa form.


6. Urban Wood Sofa Cum Bed

This is a dark grey of 3*6 feet size. It is a single-seater sofa that turns into a bed for a single person. The sofa is suitable for a small apartment owned by a single person. A good-quality fabric and soft EPE foam are the materials of it.

Urban Wood One Seater Folding Sofa Cum Bed


  • The stitching and finishing of its leather fabric are very good.
  • It is an affordable sofacum bed.
  • Its cover is washable.


  • It doesn’t have any furniture parts.
  • The sofa turns into a small height mattress instead of a bed.


7. FURNY Wood sofacum bed

It is a beautiful and stylish sofa cum bed that is available in grey color. Its base material is timber wood with a good-quality fabric. You will have to assemble it with the help of a carpenter that the company will provide.

FURNY Wood 3 Seater Gaiety Sleeper Supersoft Sofa Cum Bed


  • It has a strong wooden framework that makes it durable.
  • Its seats are wide and the texture is so good to provide a good relaxation time.


  • Its fabric material is not good.


8. Dr. Smith Sofa Cum Bed

This sofa cum bed by Dr. Smith comes in size 4*6 feet and 7 inches is its height that is a 2-seater sofa. This sofa is made from high-quality jute fabric and EPE foam. The foam is covered with a great quality fabric so very suitable for daily use. It is a comfortable sofa that feels firm in sofa form while very soft in the bed form.

Dr Smith Sofa Cum Bed


  • It comes with a machine washable cover.
  • Its color is very coy and it looks very good in your room.
  • The leather’s quality is very good.


  • Its finishing must be improved.


9. Sleepyhead fabric Sofa Cum bed

It is another 3-seater sofa cum bed having the dimensions 75*48*10 inches. Its material is high-quality, extra soft, and luxurious foam that has high density.

Sleepyhead Foldable Fabric Sofa Cum Bed


  • The product has a 5-years warranty.
  • It is covered with a removable zip cover that is easily washable.
  • The thickness of the mattress is very good.


  • Its design is not very good.


10. Padam Shree Sofa Cum Bed

It is a 2-seater sofa cum bed in brown color. The sofa has all the good qualities that are necessary. It is made up of EPE foam and the fabric used for its covering is poly-cotton. You will get 2 cushions having the same color covers as the sofa.

Padam Shree 2 Seater EPE Foam Sofa Cum Bed


  • It is an affordable sofa for a small apartment.
  • Its design is good that will give an elegant look to the area.


  • The quality of its removable covering is bad.



Sofacum beds are very convenient things to buy for your home to save your space. If you have a small apartment or a large house, you will need it to accommodate your guests. So, find the best sofa bed for yourself.


Which type of sofa cum bed is good?

All types of sofacum beds have the same function and are good. You just have to check its quality and material to buy a good sofa bed.

What will be the cost of a sofa cum bed?

Their price starts from 15000 rupees that can increase according to the size and quality.