Best Shoe Rack in India-Buyers Guide

A shoe rack serves as a space where you can store your shoes in an organized manner. Rather than keeping your shoes on the floor, you can keep them (more elegantly) on a rack. Storing your shoes on a rack helps to keep your house more orderly. It also helps to minimize the chances of shoe damage. Such damage would be very likely if the shoes stayed on the floor. Further, it helps minimize incidents of shoes getting lost within the house. You, therefore, don’t find yourself having to spend time looking for shoes that you can’t locate on the floor. Although primarily designed for shoe storage, the rack (also known as a shoe cabinet) can be used to store other items.

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Top 10 Best Shoe Racks in India

List of Shoe Racks

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1. Ebee Shoe Cabinet Ebee-Store-Shoe-Shelves
2. Cello-NOV_SHOERACK_B/G Novelty Shoe Racks Cello-NOV_SHOERACK_B/G Novelty Shoe Rack
3. Benesta (Multi-Purpose) Steel Shoe Racks Benesta (Multi-Purpose) Steel Shoe Rack
4. Nilkamal Freedom Shoe Racks Nilkamal Freedom Shoe Rack
5. AYSIS DIY Shoe Racks Organizer AYSIS DIY Shoe Rack Organizer
6. DeckUp Bei 2-Door Shoe Racks DeckUp Bei 2-Door Shoe Rack
7. LookNSnap 4 Shelves Shoe Racks LookNSnap 4 Shelves Shoe Rack
8. TNT THE NEXT TREND Shoe Racks Cabinet Organiser TNT THE NEXT TREND Shoe Rack Cabinet Organiser
9. FLIPZON Premium Shoe Racks FLIPZON Premium Shoe Rack
10. STAR WORK Shoe Racks STAR WORK Shoe Rack

Features of Shoe Rack 

  • One key feature in a shoe rack is the number of shelves on it.
  • These determine how many shoes you can keep on the rack.
  • The shelf dimensions are also important: as they determine the maximum shoe sizes you can store on the rack.
  • Another important feature in a shoe storage rack is the quality of joinery.
  • From this, you can tell how durable the rack is likely to be.
  • Yet another key feature in a shoe cabinet is its stability.
  • The last thing you want is a rack that keeps on falling over due to a lack of stability.
  • The shoe rack’s color is important too. So is the presence of air vents on it (if it is of the closed variety).
  • The vents can help in keeping the shoes from developing odors.

Types of Shoe Racks

  • There are metallic shoe racks.
  • Then there are wooden racks.
  • We also have plastic racks and those made from natural materials like rattan and bamboo.
  • We have open-design shoe racks.
  • Then we have closed design racks (which come with doors).
  • There are shoe racks that come with decorative finishes.
  • Then there are others that are plainer in appearance.
  • We have portable shoe racks, some of which even come with wheels.
  • Then we have others that are meant to be used from one place (non-portable).

How to use Shoe Rack?

  • Upon receiving the shoe storage rack, you will first need to unpack it.
  • Don’t be too rough while doing this: otherwise, you will break the rack’s parts.
  • Once you unpack the rack components, the next step is to assemble them.
  • Most of these packs come with manuals that have proper assembly instructions.
  • In most cases, you simply need to set up the base, then add the shelves to it.
  • After assembling the rack, you can move it to the spot from where you will be using it.
  • Then arrange the shoes on the rack, for proper organization.

Buyers guide for Shoe Rack 

  • You firstly need to ensure that the rack you buy is big enough to accommodate the shoes you have.
  • Secondly, you need to consider how easy to assemble the shoe cabinet you buy will be.
  • This is particularly important while buying the shoe cabinet online: meaning you will have to assemble it on your own.
  • Go for a shoe cabinet whose design allows for easy assembly.
  • Also, go for one with a proper assembly manual.
  • Thirdly, consider the shoe cabinet price.
  • This is a key consideration, whether you are buying the shoe cabinet online or in a local store.
  • If you have to pay a higher shoe cabinet price, ensure that you are getting commensurate features.
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List of Top 10 Best Shoe Racks in India-Buyers Guide

1. Ebee (4 Shelves) Shoe Cabinet

This is a highly stylish shoe storage rack. The color is maroon.

Ebee (4 Shelves) Shoe Cabinet


  • The rack is rather sturdy
  • It is foldable
  • Price is quite low


  • Assembly may be slightly challenging
  • Rack size is quite modest


2. Cello-NOV_SHOERACK_B/G Novelty Shoe Rack

This is a blue and grey rack. It has the capacity for storage of at least 8 shoe pairs.

Cello-NOV_SHOERACK_B/G Novelty Shoe Rack


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Comes with air vents to prevent odor
  • Appearance is elegant


  • Some may find it to be slightly expensive
  • Clearance from the ground is quite low


3. Benesta (Multi-Purpose) Steel Shoe Rack

What you get here is a 4-tier rack. It is made using carbon steel.

Benesta (Multi-Purpose) Steel Shoe Rack


  • It is highly durable (being a steel rack)
  • The open design prevents ‘suffocation’ of shoes
  • It has good stability


  • Appearance is basic
  • It requires assembly


4. Nilkamal Freedom (Mini 09) Shoe Rack

This is a plastic shoe storage rack. The color is brown.

Nilkamal Freedom (Mini 09) Shoe Rack


  • Compact design (which saves on space)
  • The rack has good stability
  • Easy to set up


  • It is quite costly for a plastic rack
  • Can’t properly hold shoes bigger than UK size 10 (US size 11)


5. AYSIS DIY Shoe Rack Organizer

This is a highly portable rack. It has 5 layers.

AYSIS DIY Shoe Rack Organizer


  • It has an elegant appearance
  • Can hold many shoes at the same time
  • Easy to move about


  • Requires assembly
  • Price may be out of reach for some


6. DeckUp Bei 2-Door Shoe Rack

What you get here is a rack made using engineered wood. It has an attractive matte finish.

DeckUp Bei 2-Door Shoe Rack


  • This is a highly durable rack
  • Appearance is classy
  • It has a good ground clearance


  • Assembly can be slightly challenging
  • Size is quite modest


7. LookNSnap 4 Shelves Shoe Rack

Can accommodate up to 12 shoe pairs. The color is black and silver.

LookNSnap 4 Shelves Shoe Rack


  • Price is quite low
  • The rack design is compact
  • It has good stability


  • It does require assembly
  • It May need careful handling (as it has plastic parts)


8. TNT THE NEXT TREND Shoe Rack Cabinet Organiser

This is a foldable, multipurpose rack. It has four shelves.

TNT THE NEXT TREND Shoe Rack Cabinet Organiser


  • Quite easy to assemble
  • Versatile (can be used for many other things, besides shoe storage)
  • Appearance is decent


  • Size is quite modest
  • It has an open design (which may not protect the shoes from the elements)


9. FLIPZON Premium (5-Tiers) Shoe Rack

Comes with a dustproof cover. The color is maroon.

FLIPZON Premium (5-Tiers) Shoe Rack


  • The appearance is quite stylish
  • Offers plenty of shoe storage space
  • Price is reasonably low


  • Doesn’t offer much ground clearance
  • It requires assembly


10. STAR WORK Shoe Rack

This is a plastic rack. It has 4-tiers.



  • Quite easy to set up
  • Open design allows for proper aeration of shoes
  • It has good stability


  • The rack size is quite modest
  • Price is somewhat high for a plastic rack



A proper shoe rack can help you to store your shoes in an organized and elegant manner. This guide has the information you need while shopping for such a proper shoe rack.


Where should the shoe rack be kept?

Ideally, keep it in an accessible location but somewhat out of sight.

Which is the best shoe rack?

One that offers plenty of shoe storage space, has a nice appearance and is durable.

What is the price of the shoe rack?

It can range from as low as 240 rupees to as much as 2,500 rupees depending on features.