A scrub pad an everyday product that we use for the cleaning in our kitchen and toilets. These commonly used in kitchens for removing food stains and grease stains from utensils. That can not be scrubbed off with hands or simply by rinsing with hot water.

Scrub pads available in different structures and materials making their use limited for cleaning certain types of objects only. Standard scrubs used for cleaning dishes, silverware, sinks, etc, made up of nonwoven polymers such as nylon, cellulose, and fibre.

Whereas, steel scrubs made of stainless steel are more suitable and effective for removing tougher stains or cleaning objects that require a sturdy structured scrub. Also, check the buyer’s guide of the best dish wash Liquids in India.

Top 10 Best Scrub Pad online in India

List of scrub pads

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1. Gala Super Scrub Pad Made with Steel Pack of 6 Gala-Super-Scrub gala-dispense-steel
2. Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad Pack of 3 Scotch-Brite scotch-3-pcs-set
3. Scotch-Brite Combo of Scrub Pads Scotch-Stainless-Steel scotch-brite-stainless
4. Scotch-Brite Bathroom Brush with Abrasive Scotch-Brite-Bathroom scotch-brite-bath
5. Brite Guard Cellulose Pack of 5 Cleaning Brite-Guard brite-cleaning-sponge
6. Cello Kleeno Stainless Steel Set of 6 Scrub Pads Cello-Stainless cello-large-scrub
7. Cello Kleeno Sponge Pack of 6 Scrub Pads in Green
Cello-Kleeno cello-green-yellow
8. Spotzero Milton Sponge and Scrub Pad Spotzero-Milton spotzero-sz-0011-scrub
9. Cello Kleeno Pack of 6 Heavy Duty Scrub Pads Cello-Heavy-Kleeno cello-heavy-scrub
10. Brite Guard Polyester Pack of 20 Sponge Scrubs Brite-Guard-Polyester brite-guard-sponge

Buyers Guide – Scrub Pad

Before purchasing a scrub pad, one needs to consider the material and type of scrub as well as on what type of utensils or surface it will be used.

Below is a guide to what type of scrub right fit for the job:

Plates and Dishes

  • There are many options to go with for cleaning dirty dishes.
  • However, if you have a collection of fragile dishes, a sponge scrub strongly recommended.
  • Otherwise, the abrasive scrubbing pads the best choice to go with.
  • The abrasive scrubs come in both, cellulose and synthetic form.

Pots and Pans

  • Pots and pans made of stainless steel known to hold on to stains.
  • The perfect scrubs for removing the dirt and stains from such utensils are stainless steel scrubs.
  • For ceramic and non-stick pans highly recommended using a non-abrasive scrub pad, as a normal abrasive scrub pad would damage the surface.


  • For water glass and stemware glass, a soft nonabrasive or microfiber scrub suggested for cleaning.
  • The fragile property makes them vulnerable and prone to scratches from other types of scrubs.

Windows and Cars

  • As suggested for glassware, a soft nonabrasive or microfiber scrub recommended for cleaning windows and cars.
  • Although the properties of windows and cars are not fragile, however, the use of an abrasive scrub could leave marks and scratches on the surface.

Features of a Scrub Pad

Scrub pads broadly used in every household as well as commercial kitchens regularly. The wide range available of this product makes them versatile for all-purpose deep cleaning.

Just consider below features while choosing a scrub pad:

  • Scrub pads are handy for regular scouring and everyday cleaning of pans, pots, silverware, tables, and also common surfaces.
  • The material of the product is soft and flexible yet effective and efficient for cleaning.
  • These srub pads water and chemical absorbent and easily rinsed, washed, and folded once used.
  • Scrub pads are also handy when it comes to cleaning kitchen/bathroom tiles or surfaces made of ceramic, vinyl, VCT, LVT, marble, concrete, sheet vinyl, rubber, terrazzo, and granite.
  • The material of scrub pads removes stains effortlessly without damaging the surface of the object.

Types of Scrub Pads

Utensils made of different materials, some have strong surfaces and some have a fragile scratch- sensitive properties. Therefore, it is important to ensure the right type of scrub pad used for cleaning the object. The different types of scrub pads are:

Sponge Scrub Pads

  • These made of synthetic sponge and a metal fibre layer.
  • The synthetic sponge is for absorbing the water and cleaning liquids and the metal fibre is for scraping off the dirt.
  • This is a common product for cleaning grease and food residue on utensils.

Abrasive Scouring Pads

  • These utensil pads made of synthetic fibre coated with mineral particles and resin formed into a nonwoven web.
  • The abrasive scouring pad is ideal for everyday cleaning and scrubbing of kitchen utensils and common area surfaces.

Steel Scrub Pads

  • These steel scrub pads made of stainless steel, which makes them durable and long-lasting.
  • These scrubs ideal for removing tougher stains compare to the other types of scrub pads.
  • However, they easily damage the surface of the object.

Non-scratch Scrub Sponges

  • These sponge scrubs specifically designed to clean pans and pots that are non-stick.

How Does a Scrub Pad Works?

Scrub pads are common items used daily in every house, commercial kitchens, and places where cleaning is a part of everyday routine.

  1. Surfaces and objects that retain grease and grime such as pans, pots, silverware, glassware, ceramic tiles, vinyl, VCT, LVT, marble, concrete, sheet vinyl, rubber, terrazzo, and granite can be easily cleaned with scrub pads.
  2. Scrub pads made with different materials, the most common ones are sponge scrub pads that made of synthetic sponge and a metal fibre layer.
  3. The scrubs for heavy-duty cleaning purposes made of stainless steel and are durable and long-lasting.
  4. And the application of using these products is simply with your hands.
  5. The additional requirements are water, preferably hot for softening and moistening the dirt, and a good quality chemical liquid that assists with the cleaning process.

List of Top 10 Scrub Pads Online

Scrub Pad available in a wide range of materials and types to assist in cleaning different types and grades of stains. Below we are providing the list of best scrub pads available in the market.

1. Gala Super Scrub Pad Made with Steel Pack of 6:

This is a stainless-steel scrub that comes with nylon, The product features an ultrasonic seal on the edges allowing it to retain the washing liquid while cleaning the dishes. The product is ideal for home kitchens, commercial kitchens, cleaning windows, tiles, and sinks.Gala Super Scrub Pad Made with Steel Pack of 6


  • Gala Super Scrub Pad designed with metal loops for effective scrubbing.
  • This pad effortlessly removes sturdy food residue, grease & rust.
  • It’s a durable product
  • Also, this has easy-grip too.


  • Scratches non-stick pans and pots

Gala Scrub Padgala-super-scrub

2. Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad Pack of 3:

This is practically the best scrub for cleaning utensils. It made with nylon fibre evenly coated with aluminium oxide particles and formed into an S-shape for a better grip. The material of the scrub makes it efficient and effective for removing grease and tough stains.Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad Pack of 3


  • Scotch-Brite Stain Cutter Scrub Pad comes in a Unique S shape for comfortable use
  • It is an inexpensive product.


  • Too soft

Scotch Brite Padscotch brite scrub

3. Scotch-Brite Combo of Scrub Pads & Stainless Steel Scrubs Pack of 3:

This two-in-one combo pack of stainless-steel scrubs and scrub pads is all you need for cleaning purposes. And this combo product helps you clean all types of kitchen utensils with hard and soft surface properties.Scotch-Brite Combo of Scrub Pads


  • Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad Combo made with nylon fibre and evenly coated with aluminium oxide particles
  • Its a combo pack of stainless steel scrub and scrub pad
  • This stainless-steel scrub features an intertwined design.
  • Also, it has an easy-grip


  • Steel scrub unwinds after a few uses

Scotch Brite Steel Scrubscotch scrub pad

4. Scotch-Brite Bathroom Brush with Abrasive Scrubber for Superior Tile Cleaning:

This bathroom brush manufactured by Scotch-Brite is an abrasive scrub brush ideal for cleaning floors and tiles. The product has a triangular shape with a top handle, which makes it easier to reach corners of the walls and floors with a firm grip.Scotch-Brite Bathroom Brush with Abrasive


  • Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad portion made of aluminium oxide and nonwoven synthetic fibre
  • That makes it stronger and durable for tough stains.
  • It comes in a triangular shape for reaching corners
  • Also, it comes with easy to use firm grip handle


  • Only ideal for cleaning tiles

Scotch Bathroom Scrubscotch-scrubber-brush

5. Brite Guard Cellulose Pack of 5 Cleaning Sponge Mop:

This wipe is a product of Brite Guard. It is light and wider in size that makes it easier to use for wiping all types of surfaces. The material of this product makes it efficiently easy for cleaning grease stains.Brite Guard Cellulose Pack of 5 Cleaning


  • Brite Guard Sponge Mop made with alveolar cellulosic, wood pulp, and polyester materials.
  • This is a light and wider mop.
  • And this mop has easy-grip.


  • Not suitable for tough stains

Brite Guard Spongebrite-guard-cellulose

6. Cello Kleeno Stainless Steel Set of 6 Scrub Pads:

This is a small yet heavy-duty cleaning scrub, very useful for cleaning stubborn stains. The small size of this scrub gives a better grip making it extremely easy to use. In addition to kitchen utensils, this product used for cleaning various hard surfaces.Cello Kleeno Stainless Steel Set of 6 Scrub Pads


  • Cello Kleeno’s Scrub Pad formed into a curly shape with intertwined wires finishing with smooth round edges.
  • It comes with a compact size along with easy-grip
  • This stainless steel pad is a durable and rust-free product.


  • Not suitable for non-stick pans and pots

Cello Steel Kleenocello scrub pad

7. Cello Kleeno Sponge Pack of 6 Scrub Pads in Green & Yellow:

This product by Cello Kleeno a two- in -one product, featured with a sponge and scrub pad. It is ideal for scrubbing stubborn stains. The product used for kitchen utensils as well as cleaning walls and floors.Cello Kleeno Sponge Pack of 6 Scrub Pads in Green


  • Cello Kleeno Sponge made with nylon fibre and aluminium oxide making.
  • he sponge side is thicker and softer than the scrub & the nylon scrub has a tough surface.
  • This is ideal for cleaning products with sensitive surfaces
  • It’s a multipurpose(scrub and sponge) product.


  • The scrub pad wears out after sometime

Cello Sponge Scrubcello-kleeno-sponge

8. Spotzero Milton Sponge and Scrub Pad:

This is a dual-purpose cleaning product featured with a scrub pad and sponge. The sponge side is soft, thick, and has a high tendency of absorbing liquid and water that makes it perfect for cleaning surfaces with delicate properties. It is ideal for cleaning kitchen utensils as well as floors and walls.Spotzero Milton Sponge and Scrub Pad


  • Spotzero Scrub Pad made with nylon fibres & aluminium oxide giving it a strong surface to work against strong stains.
  • This is a dual-purpose (sponge and scrub) product
  • Also, it is easy to use and clean as well.


  • Sponge and scrub detached after sometime

Spotzero Sponge Scrubspotzero milton scrub

9. Cello Kleeno Pack of 6 Heavy Duty Scrub Pads:

This is a heavy-duty scrub pad. It’s very strong that makes it efficient for scrubbing stains from utensils and other hard surface objects.Cello Kleeno Pack of 6 Heavy Duty Scrub Pads


  • Cello Heavy Duty Scrub Pad made with nylon fibres & aluminium oxide.
  • This is a durable product.
  • It is a long-lasting pad compared to the normal scrub pads,


  • Expensive one

Cello Heavy Scrubcello heavy duty pad

10. Brite Guard Polyester Pack of 20 Multipurpose Sponge Scrubs:

This a two-sided product equipped with a sponge and scrub pad. It is an ideal product for cleaning kitchens utensils with both, hard properties as well as scratch sensitive properties. And the package contains 20 pieces.Brite Guard Polyester Pack of 20 Sponge Scrubs


  • Brite Guard Scrub Pad a two-sided (sponge and scrub) product.
  • The sponge made of cellulose that gives it a soft smooth texture
  • And the scrub pad made of nylon fibres & aluminium oxide that gives it a more tough texture.
  • Also, this is easy to use and clean as well.


  • Not durable (scrub gets worn out)

Brite Guard Polyester Scrubbrite-polyester-multipurpose


Scrub pads are daily use products used for various cleaning purposes. Standard scrubs used for cleaning dishes, silverware, sinks, etc. So, it should be easy for you to determine which toothpaste is best for you. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best Toothpaste.


What is a scrub pad?

You can use a scrub pad for cleaning purposes. Scrub pads commonly used for removing grease and grime from kitchen utensils.

Which material used to manufacture it?

The common types of scrub pads made with an unwoven polymer such as fibre and cellulose, resins, titanium dioxide, and aluminium oxide.

What are the types of scrub pads available?

Scrub pads are stainless-steel scrubs.