Best Scooter for kids in India Buyers Guide

Gifting a kid’s scooter is perfect in this situation for your child. And Kids Scooter or Scooter for kids is the trendiest topic on the internet. Every kid wants to ride a scooter and though it is good for health as well. Kids nowadays play computer and mobile games and you as a parent don’t want that.

Your kid can ride a scooter both inside and outside of the house without any worry. Riding a scooter will engage your kid and help them to grow self-confidence and balance. Based on the age of the kids parents love to buy appropriate cycles for them.

And your child will remain fit as well and it keeps them engaged for hours. Kids’ scooters are of many different kinds so before buying just make sure your kid will love them. In this article, we are providing the best scooters for kids along with a comprehensive buying guide. Kids also like to have the best kitchen set, the doctor set & many more toys for playing.

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Top 10 Scooters for Kids in India

List of the kid’s scooters

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1. NIYAMAT Kids Scooter Road Runner for Kids  NIYAMAT-Scooter-Adjustable
2. R for Rabbit Road Runner Kids Scooter  Rabbit-Road-Runner
3. Smoby Battle Kids Scooter  Smoby-Mighty-Battle
4. Toyhouse Kitty Kids Scooter  Toy-House-Kitty
5. TOYHOUSE Kids Scooter  TOYHOUSE-Wheeled-Folding
6. Luvlap Ranger Jeep Kids Scooter  Luvlap-Jeep-Ride-On
7. Toyzone Kids Scooter  Toyzone-Panda-Wheel
8. Zest 4 Toyz Kids Scooter  Zest-Toyz-Position
9. Goyal’s Tuk Tuk Kids Scooter  Goyals-Senior-Wheel
10. LuvLap Kids Scooter  LuvLap-Sunny-Baby

Buyers Guide – Kids Scooter or Scooter for Kids

Nowadays we are seeing a lot of kids’ scooters in different styles and colors in the market along with many useful features. So before buying a scooter for your kids, you need to take care of a lot of things.

Some points which you need to take are as follows:

The Purpose of the Scooter:

  • The scooter can build children’s physical confidence and develop motor skills.
  • Also, these will enhance the function of each organ system and the ability of gastrointestinal digestion.

Understand your Kid:

  • As a parent, you have to decide whether your kid can kick the scooter or if they need a big wheel scooter or a three-wheel scooter.
  • Which scooter best suits your child you have to decide.

Physical Appearance of your Child:

  • Understand the physical condition of your children such as their height and weight.
  • According to the height and weight of the child, you will buy the scooter.


  • Many scooters are made of plastic whereas many are made of metal.
  • But sometimes plastic scooter lasts longer than metallic scooter so you need to make sure which type of scooter is long-lasting and durable.
  • It also represents the safety of your child.

Additional Features:

  • Many scooters come with musical horns and fancy lights which attract kids and keep them engaged for hours.

Features of a Kids Scooter: 

The main feature of a kid’s scooter is that it will increase the kid’s physical confidence and increases the height as well. A kid’s scooter is light weighted and easy to carry. They are very compact and comfortable for toddlers. The handles of a scooter are very soft and easy to hold, the kid can’t slip easily and fall.

Some features of a good scooter for kids are as follows:


  • Kids scooters can easily get folded and carried anywhere.
  • It also facilitates storage as it won’t take many spaces.


  • There are many different steering scooters on the market.
  • Steering help the kid to give direction to the scooter.
  • Round steering is the easiest for a kid to handle.

Electric vs Kick Scooter:

  • A kick scooter needs a kick to run a scooter.
  • Proper engagement is required in this type of a scooter whereas an electric scooter is much of a remote controller.

Types of Kids Scooters

You can find multiple types of scooters in the market for your kid. The features depend upon the quality and functionality of the scooter for kids. That’s why we need to focus on the different types of kids’ scooters in India.

There are mainly three types of scooters which are:

Kick Scooter:

  • A kick scooter is a scooter that requires kids’ total effort to ride.
  • The kid has to kick the scooter in the backward direction so friction moves it in the forward direction.

Electronic Scooter:

  • These scooters are fully electronic and are run via remote.
  • Parents have control of the scooter as It will increase the security and safety of the child.

Plasma Scooter:

  • This scooter neither requires any effort nor any electronics to move.
  • It requires nature forces that move it with itself.
  • Kids just have to give direction to the scooter.

How Does a Kids Scooter Works?

It is very easy to understand the real working of a kid’s scooter. These are mainly working on battery power or electric power. These scooters are basically easy to use and improve the motor skills of your kid.

The working mechanism of Scooter for Kids: 

  1. A scooter for kids consists of steering and seat.
  2. Steering helps a kid to give direction and the seat will make him comfortable and safe.
  3. Most scooters require a kick to move so in that case a kid needs to kick the scooter with his legs in the backward direction.
  4. Scooter then moves in the forward direction opposite to the kick.
  5. The electronic scooter can be used as a remote control.
  6. Parents have control over the scooter so their kid’s safety is not prioritized.
  7. Both hand and legs coordination is required in kick scooters also it helps improve motor skills in kids.

List of Top 10 Best Kids Scooters in India Buyers Guide

It’s very important to know the importance and usage of kids’ scooters in order to get full advantages. That’s why below we are providing the list of 1 best kids’ scooters along with their features, pros, and cons.

1. NIYAMAT Kids Scooter Road Runner for Kids or Baby with Adjustable Height & Foldable:

This scooter comes easily fold with a three-level adjustable handlebar. It’s biz sized metallic scooter for kids along with 3 wheels and a height-adjustable feature. You can adjust its height as per the comfort of your kid.NIYAMAT Kids Scooter Road Runner for Kids or Baby with Adjustable Height & Foldable


  • Material: Steel & Aluminum
  • Weight: 3.0 KGs


  • NIYAMAT Kids Scooter made with the t-tube aluminum aircraft-grade which is super-strong.
  • Its rear brakes are very powerful when pressed bringing the scooter to a speedy secure stop, easy to use for quick and firm breaking fast.
  • They keep upgrading the quality of the product to make sure the safety of children and the security of parents.
  • This scooter is easy to carry & folded as well.


  • The bottom base is made up of weak metal which gets bend when a 5-year-old steps on it.
  • Wheels make some sound which makes it quite irritating.

NIYAMAT Kids Scooter

2. R for Rabbit Road Runner Kids Scooter with 3 Adjustable Heights, LED PU Wheels, Foldable, & Weight Capacity 75 KGs:

This scooter can be used by children of 3 to 14 years of age. It is certified with EN71 certification. And it has a weight capacity of 75 kg even parents can ride this scooter as it is very strong and safe.

R for Rabbit Road Runner Kids Scooter with 3 Adjustable Heights, LED PU Wheels, Foldable, & Weight Capacity 75 KGs


  • Dimensions: 58.4 cm x 29.8 cm x 15.8 cm
  • Material: Aluminium Frame
  • Weight: 3.12 KGs


  • R for Rabbit Road Runner Kids Scooter comes with an innovative design and the child can easily control its turning and balance by physical inclination.
  • It is a smart kick scooter for kids and easy to learn model available in fluorescent colors
  • Your kid feels smooth and fast ride and also it uses ABEC 7 which bears for a fast ride and ultra-smooth experience while riding a scooter.
  • Easy to fold and compact storage and you can also push and pull upside.


  • The mechanism to unlock the scooter was defective in many cases which seems to be a big drawback of this scooter.
  • And the product doesn’t have the turning feature.

R for Rabbit Kids Scooter

3. Smoby Battle Kids Scooter with 2 Wheels & Multicolor:

This is a smooth gliding wheel scooter with an ABEC bearing. Its frame construction is made from strong metal and it is foldable, lightweight, and compact. This product is available in multicolor and the maximum carrying capacity is 50kgs.Smoby Battle Kids Scooter with 2 Wheels & Multicolor


  • Dimensions: 63.8 cm x 22.4 cm x 10.0 cm
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 2.38 KGs


  • Smoby Battle Kids Scooter is a trendy & stylish and scooter.
  • Included rear brakes are very powerful when pressed with the leg. It has a comfortable foam grip on the handles.
  • This scooter is nontoxic and trendy with a wide footboard that enhances hand and eye coordination.
  • The maximum carrying weight is around 50 kg and aged 2 to 12 years old kids can ride this scooter.


  • Easily get rusted which represents it is made from cheap metal.
  • Wheels are not durable as it comes out after heavy use of 2 to 3 months.

Smoby Mighty Kids Scooter

4. Toyhouse Kitty Kids Scooter for 2 to 4 Years Kids Scooty Ride-on Bike:

This is fully automated as you have to charge it fully before using it. It takes 8 hours to charge the bike and it will run for 90 minutes straight. And it contains exciting sounds effect which kids love the most.Toyhouse Kitty Kids Scooter for 2 to 4 Years Kids Scooty Ride on Bike


  • Dimensions: 72 cm x 37 cm x 60 cm
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 4.8 KGs


  • Toyhouse Kitty Kids Scooter is EN 71 certified European Standards & BIS Certified product.
  • It is battery operated with a powerful motor and foot accelerated.
  • This is easy to start with a push of a single button.
  • Suitable for kids aged 2 to 4 years and it has a maximum weight capacity of 20 kg.
  • This Kitty Scooter for kids is simple for your child to drive under parent supervision or for the parents to operate by remote control.


  • This is electronic which has a high chance to get damaged in rain or with water.
  • If the charger got misplaced then it will get difficult to charge the scooter.

Toy House Kitty Kids Scooty

5. TOYHOUSE Kids Scooter with Two Wheels & Metal Folding Skate:

This is fully made from metal and handles consist of soft bar pads which make it more comfortable.ust as your child grows. It has an adjustable handlebar that you can adjust according to a growing height of your child.TOYHOUSE Kids Scooter with Two Wheels & Metal Folding Skate


  • Dimensions: 71.1 cm x 10.2 cm x 82 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 2.6 KGs


  • TOYHOUSE Kids Scooter comes with a cool design & LED lights that attracts your kids.
  • The rear brakes are very powerful which increases its safety and security.
  • And the recommended weight of this product is up to 50 kg.
  • You will also get 6 months replacement warranty on this product.
  • Mostly made of plastic and metals and any kid of age 3 to 12 years can ride this scooter.


  • You have to install this scooter on your own which is another difficult and irritating job.
  • Lightning will stop within 3 months of usage and wheels also start ripping off from the scooter.

TOYHOUSE Kids Scooter

6. Luvlap Ranger Jeep Kids Scooter Ride-On:

This scooter is made up of unbreakable ABS plastic with music and light function which attract kids. No external batteries are required for music and light though. The red color makes it attractive and stylish.Luvlap Ranger Jeep Kids Scooter Ride On


  • Dimensions: 67.1 cm x 30.5 cm x 40.6 cm
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 3.0 KGs


  • Luvlap Kids Jeep is made with unbreakable plastic material and comes with an under-seat utility storage box.
  • It comes with a back and leg rest feature which makes baby more comfortable and easier for them to ride it.
  • Zig-Zag’s movement of steering moves the car forward which makes a perfect balance for a kid to maintain.
  • Both boys and girls can ride this bike and the recommended age is 12 to 36 months.


  • Most people complained about poor product quality because the plastic quality is very cheap.
  • It is quite difficult to install this scooter.

Luvlap Ranger Kids Jeep

7. Toyzone Kids Scooter Baby Panda Magic Car for Kids Above 3 Years Old:

This is a very unique design scooter for kids. In this scooter, the front wheel has not touched the ground. Used plastic material is BPA free, strong, sturdy, and durable.Toyzone Kids Scooter Baby Panda Magic Car for Kids Above 3 Years Old


  • Dimensions: 81 cm x 37 cm x 39 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 4.14 KGs


  • Toyzone Kids Scooter is made with a plastic material that is strong & BPA-free.
  • It has no pedal, no gears, no electricity required, and can carry up to 70 kg.
  • Kids can improve some skill sets which are Creativity and Imagination.
  • Even parents can ride this scooter as well.
  • It also improves hand and eye coordination.
  • Any kid age 3 to 8 years can ride this bike as it is very safe for kids to ride it.


  • It takes 20 minutes to install and assemble all the parts of the bike. Which gets irritating sometimes.
  • This product is mostly made of plastic which is not durable and not safe for a kid to ride in the long term.

Toyzone Panda Kids Scooter

8. Zest 4 Toyz Kids Scooter with Skate, 3 Wheels & 3 Position Adjustable Height:

This is a premium choice for children as kids love it and parents trust it. You can easily fold it and lock it for transport as it weighs around 3 kg and it is easy to carry. Easy to install with the help of a well-written manual.Zest 4 Toyz Kids Scooter with Skate, 3 Wheels & 3 Position Adjustable Height


  • Dimensions: 65.3 cm x 17.6 cm x 14.2 cm
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 3.20 KGs


  • Zest 4 Toyz Kids Scooter is equipped with a low to the ground, it is grippy and extra wide back that is large enough to fit both feet.
  • It is a combination of sturdy construction, safety, and modern features
  • Also, it provides a smooth and quiet ride as the 3 wheels provide self-balancing which results in a quiet and smooth ride.
  • And it has lean to steer technology which means the scooter is controlled by leaning rather than turning.


  • Its base is made up of aluminum which gets bend or cracks when a heavier kid tries to ride it.
  • And it has no safety parameters and has very poor finishing all over the body.

Zest 4 Toyz Kids Scooter

9. Goyal’s Tuk Tuk Kids Scooter Musical Magic Car with Back Rest:

This scooter is made with plastic material which is unbreakable. No external batteries are required for music and light though. It is suitable for kids from 2 to 6 years of age groups.Goyal's Tuk Tuk Kids Scooter Musical Magic Car with Back Rest


  • Dimensions: 69 cm x 22 cm x 16 cm
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 5.0 KGs


  • Goyal’s Tuk Tuk Kids Scooter is made with ABS plastic material along with lights & Music functionality.
  • It comes with a backrest and leg rest feature which makes babies more comfortable and easy for them to ride it.
  • Zig-Zag’s movement of steering moves the car forward which makes a perfect balance for a kid to maintain.
  • Both boys and girls can ride this bike and the recommended age is 2 to 6 years.


  • Most people complained about the poor product as plastic quality is very cheap.
  • It is quite a hassle to install this scooter.

Goyals Kids Scooter Magic

10. LuvLap Kids Scooter Sunny Baby Ride On with Music:

This scooter is certified as per European Standard EN 71 which ensures the safety of this product for little ones. It helps the baby to develop gross motor skills in the most fun way.LuvLap Kids Scooter Sunny Baby Ride On with Music


  • Dimensions: 51.8 cm x 24.6 cm x 19.4 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 2.15 KGs


  • LuvLap Kids Scooter contains a wheel and musical horn that keep the baby indulged in active play all the time.
  • It has a spacious seat and back support for better protection and comfort for a child.
  • Also, it ensures safety for a kid & can carry up to 27 KGs.
  • Wheels are big and grippy as it gives extra stability and support to the kid.
  • It’s a certified product as per the EN 71 European Standard.


  • Mostly made up of plastic which is not more durable as a metallic scooter.
  • The actual scooter is very small when delivered so make sure your kid’s height meets the scooter height.

LuvLap Sunny Baby Scooter

How do kids drive a scooter?

There are many different types of scooters in the market. If the kid is driving a kick scooter then he has to push himself against the ground. Kicking backward makes the scooter go forward.

What is the kid’s scooter price?

On average a kid’s scooter costs you around $15 to $30. The normal plastic scooter will cost you less whereas electronic and remote-control scooter price is high.

Can a 2-year-old ride a scooter?

Yes, a 2-year-old can easily ride a scooter. Under adult supervision, a 2-year-old can ride an electronic scooter which requires less effort.

What is a kid’s plasma car?

The Plasma Car is a mechanical marvel that a kid-power by harnessing the natural forces. It’s so easy to operate that all you need to do is a driver and a smooth, flat surface.

What is a Joybay swing car?

Joy by started with USC with one goal in mind to make unique innovative toys that delight and connect families. After months of researching and testing Joybay Swing Car was born.

Are scooters safe for 3-year-olds?

Yes, scooters are safe for 3 years old. Parent, supervision kid can easily ride any scooter without any worry. All the scooters are applicable for 3 years old.

What age is a micro scooter for?

The micro scooter can be used by 2 to 5 years of age kids as it is small and compact. Its maximum capacity is also very less.

How do you balance a scooter?

To balance a scooter, you have to make sure it is running at a good speed and its handle is straight. You have to make sure the center of gravity is at the center of the scooter otherwise it will roll your bike.

Which scooter is best for beginners?

Any scooter is best for a kid. It will help develop responsibility and grow stability and balance in kids’ life. A kick scooter is good for 5 to 6-year-old kids whereas electronic and remote control is good for 2 years old kids.


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the list of the top 10 best scooters for Kids. So, it should be easy for you to determine which scooter will be best for your needs. The quality guarantees you durability which may take over years.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best kids scooter for kids you along with valuable benefits.