Best Scientific calculator in India-Buyers Guide

We all are well aware of calculators because they are the need of every student. Every shopkeeper, house lady, student, and anyone uses calculators for their calculations. But today we will talk about scientific calculators. When we were in junior classes and used to do the questions of simple addition and subtraction we used simple calculators. As we moved to higher classes we used advanced calculators. Those advanced calculators are scientific calculators. Also, Check the Buyers Guide for the Best Graphing Calculator in India.

There are many special features in scientific calculators that can easily solve different types of mathematical sums. Here are many questions in high-class mathematics that cannot be solved without a scientific calculator. So it is the need of every student. As many companies are selling scientific calculators but some are not long-lasting. So in this article, we will give all the possible information about a scientific calculator.

Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Brands in India

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1. Casio FX-991ES Plus Scientific Calculator Casio-FX-991ES-Plus-2nd-Scientific-Calculator Casio-FX-991ES-Plus-2nd-Scientific-Calculator
2. Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator
3. Casio FX-82MS Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator Casio-Non-Programmable-Scientific-Calculator Casio-Non-Programmable-Scientific-Calculator
4. Casio FX-991EX Classwiz Scientific Calculator Casio-Non-Programmable-Scientific-Calculator Casio-Non-Programmable-Scientific-Calculator
5. Casio FX-82ES Plus Scientific Calculator Casio-Non-Programmable-Scientific-Calculator Casio-Non-Programmable-Scientific-Calculator
6. Casio FX-991MS Scientific Calculator Casio-Non-Programmable-Scientific-Calculator Casio-Non-Programmable-Scientific-Calculator
7. Casio FX-100MS Scientific Calculator Casio-Non-Programmable-Scientific-Calculator Casio-Non-Programmable-Scientific-Calculator
8. Bambalio BL-991MS Scientific Calculator Bambalio-BL-991MS-Scientific-Calculator Bambalio-BL-991MS-Scientific-Calculator
9. Bambalio BL82MS Scientific Calculator Bambalio-Scientific-Calculator Bambalio-Scientific-Calculator
10. Flair Scientific Calculator FC-991 MS Flair Scientific Calculator FC-991 MS Flair Scientific Calculator FC-991 MS

Types of Scientific calculators

The calculators have many types that we are discussing here.

Handheld calculators

  • These are the basic calculators that can perform simple mathematical sums.
  • They have the functions of subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division.
  • Small businessmen use them or their calculations.

Basic scientific calculators

  • These are the calculators that can perform simple scientific functions like power, log, and trigonometry, etc.
  • These calculators are suitable for college and engineering students but not for professionals.

Advanced scientific calculators

  • These calculators have some additional features, they can do programming along with general mathematical solutions.
  • They have 2 line display to show the result.

Graphing scientific calculators

  • These calculators are for higher-level studies.
  • They are expensive from the other types.
  • The graphing calculators can plot graphs on different expressions and variations.

Financial calculators

  • These are the advanced calculators having extra functions of calculating payments, interest, and mortgage.
  • These calculators are not for common use and students.

Buyer’s guide for Scientific calculator

You have to see very few things before buying a scientific calculator. Must check these things before buying a calculator.

  • All calculators have a different number of functions they can perform.
  • You cannot take many calculators to school.
  • Firstly, check your need and go for the calculator having a maximum number of functions.
  • It must perform the function of trigonometry, algorithm, calculus, probability, hexadecimal, and binary calculations.
  • Check its size and weight.
  • It must be portable and easy to carry.
  • It should be small enough to fit into your bag having maximum functions.
  • Check the power supply of the calculators.
  • All the calculators operate on batteries or cells but some also charge on solar energy.
  • Those calculators have long battery life, but that can be expensive. So go to the one that is suitable for you.
  • The building material of the calculator is also important because it will determine its durability.
  • Its keys material is also important.
  • Do check these things before buying a calculator.
  • Its screen should be clear and large and the resolution must be good to show clear results.
  • And another most important thing is to go for a budget-friendly calculator.

How to use a Scientific calculator?

  • Using a scientific calculator is a little tricky because it has many functions.
  • So it is difficult for a new person to use it.
  • But the companies provide manuals with calculators that make it easy to use these calculators.
  • Read that manual and practice it and understand it before taking it on a test.
  • You will enter your equation in it and the programming software in it will calculate it and will show the results on the screen.

List of Top 10 Best Scientific calculator Brands in India

1. Casio FX-991ES Plus-2nd Edition Scientific Calculator

This is a redesigned edition of this calculator that has many improved features. You will be amazed to know that this scientific calculator has 417 different functions. It can do mathematical, statistical, and basic trigonometry equations. This can display 2 mantissa and 10 exponential digits. It is available in black colour and has a plastic body. The company is providing 3 years warranty for this calculator.

Casio FX-991ES Plus-2nd Edition Scientific Calculator


  • It has amazing functions that are suitable for mathematics and engineering students.
  • The keypad has a different colour display that makes it easy to use keys. And one other good thing is that you can adjust the brightness of the screen.


  • The built-in quality is not very good.


2. Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

Texas is another amazing company that is manufacturing scientific calculators. This is one of the best products by Texas that you will love. It has the functions to perform general maths sums and some finance equations. You can also save your worksheet in is memory and can use it later. Its modes include depreciation, compound interest, amortization tables, and bonds.

Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator


  • The keys are soft and easy to use.
  • It is beneficial for finance students and other students for their tests.
  • It can do quick calculations.


  • Some customers claimed that the keys are missing typing some numbers.


3. Casio FX-82MS 2nd Gen Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

Casio Calculator is the 2nd edition of Casio FX-82MS with the same features and improved design. It has a good sleek and curvy design and is lightweight. It can perform 240 functions including algorithm, trigonometry, permutation, and many maths problems. The keypad has different colour codes to differentiate the keys. It has a high-resolution display to show the results. Its originality is in Thailand and has a warranty of 3 years.

Casio FX-82MS 2nd Gen Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator


  • This is good for college and higher-level students at a reasonable scientific calculator price.
  • It is very easy to use and a user manual also comes with it.


  •  It has limited functions as it doesn’t have statistical functions.


4. Casio FX-991EX Classwiz Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

It is a non-programmable scientific calculator from Casio having 552 functions. Its resolution is better than many other models of the same brand. You can put logarithms, roots, squares, decimals, and symbols as given in the book. It has a QR code feature that helps generate a graphic view. The company is providing 3 years warranty for it.

Casio FX-991EX Classwiz Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator


  • It has a very good look and has metallic keys.
  • Another good thing about it is that it works on solar energy as well as battery. So you don’t have to worry about its working time.
  • It is good for engineering students, engineers, and maths students.


  • The display of the calculator is dark.


5. Casio FX-82ES Plus 2nd Edition – Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

This is a stylish and smart-looking scientific calculator having about 252 functions. It has a 2-digits exponential and 10-digits mantissa display it can perform well the functions of trigonometry and statistics.  It has another ability to replay your previous work and formulas multiple times. You will get 3 years warranty for this calculator.

Casio FX-82ES Plus 2nd Edition - Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator


  • It is a very good calculator at a very reasonable price.
  • It has a very good dot matrix display.
  • This calculator has a textbook display and it can easily solve fractional equations.



  • It is a basic scientific calculator so it cannot solve complicated questions.
  • It has limited functions.


6. Casio FX-991MS 2nd Gen Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

Casio Calculator is another amazing model of a scientific calculator from Casio. It is a non-programmable calculator having 401 functions. It has a dot matrix display and a high-resolution screen that shows graphs and results very clearly. This can perform all the easy operations as it has a super visually perfect algebraic method. It has an additional feature that you can replay and edit your previous work.

Casio FX-991MS 2nd Gen Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator


  • It is a good-looking and lightweight calculator that is recommended by many teachers.
  •  It has many functions so it is suitable for engineering and other higher-level students.


  •  Operating this calculator is a little complicated.


7. Casio FX-100MS 2nd Gen Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

Casio Calculator is the 2nd edition of Casio FX-100MS with some improvements in design and display. It has a 2 lines display and can show 2 exponential and 10 mantissa digits. This calculator can perform up to 300 functions including regression, statistics, integration, and much more. The user can easily differentiate the keys because they have different colour patterns. He can also replay his work multiple times and can edit it.

Casio FX-100MS 2nd Gen Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator


  • You will get 3 years warranty for the calculator.
  • Its screen is large.
  •  It is an affordable calculator for high school students.


  • You cannot use it for professional purposes.


8. Bambalio BL-991MS Scientific Calculator

Bambalio Calculator is also a good scientific calculator on our list from Bambalio. It can do fast calculations of complex numbers.  It has multiple keys having many symbols that are for professional use. this has a large screen and a 2-line display. The company is also providing 3 years warranty.

Bambalio BL-991MS Scientific Calculator


  • It is lower in price than the other brands.
  • Its performance is very good.


  • It is not a durable calculator.


9. Bambalio BL82MS Scientific Calculator

Bambalio Calculator has a large and clear LCD screen to show calculations. It has 10+2 digits and 2 lines display. It can perform about 401 functions. This is operated by dual batteries and has a dot matrix display. It is a high-performance calculator having 2 years warranty period.

Bambalio BL82MS Scientific Calculator


  •  It is a very good calculator having dual batteries.
  • ·The display is also big and clear.
  • It also has a sliding cover to protect the screen.


  •  It cannot perform complicated and matrix calculations.


10. Flair Scientific Calculator FC-991 MS

Flair Calculator is the last product on our list of top scientific calculators. It has 401 functions and can perform 40 scientific calculations. It has a dot matrix display and a slide cover. You can get it at a good scientific calculator price.

Flair Scientific Calculator FC-991 MS


  • It is a very good calculator at a very reasonable price better than many other calculators.
  • The company is providing a 1-year warranty for it.


  • We haven’t found any bad thing about the calculator.



Calculators are the basic need of students along with many other things. If you were confused about buying a good scientific calculator then we hope this article has helped you. We tried our best to give you all the information regarding scientific calculators.


Is a TI 84 a scientific calculator?

Yes, TI 84 is a scientific calculator. But it will not be bad if you call it a graphing calculator because it has many additional functions.

What is ln on a scientific calculator?

It denotes the natural log in scientific calculators. You can put the value of the base in a logarithm equation by pressing this key.

What is the difference between a standard and a scientific calculator?

A standard calculator is a basic calculator that can perform only addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Junior class students use them for their work. But scientific calculators have many other functions as logarithm, trigonometry, regression, and much more. Scientific calculators are used by professionals.

What do you use a scientific calculator for?

scientific calculators are used to performing, mathematics, engineering, statistics, science, and many other equations and problems.