Best Sanyo AC in India-Buyers Guide

Sanyo AC is among the most notable air conditioner brands out there. It offers a wide variety of air conditioner models. The air conditioner models of the Sanyo ACs should have the best features and qualities. One of the best qualities it offers is its material. It consists of a hundred percent copper condenser coil. The Sanyo AC is perfect for buyers who want their low-maintenance yet high-quality ACs. This way, the users can enjoy the product without the constant need to clean. So, Sanyo AC owners do not have to change necessary parts of the air conditioner, unlike the other high-maintenance air conditioners sold out there.

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Top 5 Best Sanyo ACs in India-Buyers Guide

List of Sanyo ACs

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1. Dual Inverter Wide Split Sanyo AC Dual Inverter Wide Split Sanyo AC
2. Inverter Split Sanyo AC Inverter Split Sanyo AC
3. Inverter Split Sanyo AC – Offering Great Features Inverter Split Sanyo AC - Offering Great Features
4. Dual Inverter Split Sanyo AC Dual Inverter Split Sanyo AC
5. Dual Inverter Split AC (2) – Offering Good-Value Product Dual Inverter Split AC (2)

Buyer’s Guide for Sanyo AC

When buying such expensive and huge items such as these air conditioner models, a buyer must keep in mind every feature of all its aspects, from the price to its qualities, and many more things to consider. To give the user a broad understanding of what to consider upon purchasing such items, such as:

Material of the Product

  • First of all, buyers need to consider the material quality of the product.
  • The Sanyo AC consists of 100% cooper material.


  • The Sanyo AC must have greater durability.
  • It should long last due to its body and good performance.


  • Sanyo ACs have varying features.
  • You must check the features, and then purchase the product.
  • For instance, you must look for the glacier mode as well as other modes.

Size of the AC

  • The size of the AC must also be considered.
  • For instance, you should purchase ACs keeping in mind the size of the room.

List of Top 5 Best Sanyo ACs in India-Buyers Guide

1. Dual Inverter Wide Split Sanyo AC

Wide and super-quality Sanyo AC offers a great many features. The Dual Inverter air conditioner offers good performance. It also does not cost a lot on the electricity bill. This is a 2020 dual inverter-wide split Sanyo AC.

Dual Inverter Wide Split Sanyo AC


  • This air conditioner is perfect for medium-sized rooms. They are as big as 190 square feet.
  • It offers a glacier mood. This is perfect for instant cooling.
  • This is perfect for low-maintained users as it consists of a hundred percent copper condenser coil.


  • If this Sanyo AC isn’t cleaned at least once a week, it may produce unpleasant sounds from the inside.
  • It only has a short warranty year, which is one year.


2. Inverter Split Sanyo AC – Offering Best Value for the Products

This is another super-quality inverter Sanyoa AC. If you have been finding a product for a small room, it is the finest solution. This 2020 Star Inverter Split Sanyo AC that offers a 3.95 seasonal efficiency.

Inverter Split Sanyo AC


  • This Sanyo AC model acquires the newest inverter compressor that allows the adjustment of power depending on the heat load.
  • It is perfect for compact-sized rooms that have a 120 square feet size.
  • This AC acquires the PM 2.5 filter. It purifies and improves the air quality is released.


  • It may offer different types of filters, but these filters are part of the maintenance. Meaning, if these filters aren’t cleaned regularly, the air conditioner might cough up dust and other unpleasant things and odor.
  • If the room has a few yet low outlets, the power source – cord, may not reach the outlets. It means it is impossible to start the air conditioner.


3. Inverter Split Sanyo AC – Offering Great Features

There are air conditioner units that make a lot of noise. It causes disturbance in sleep. However, Inverter Split Sanyo AC consists of amazing quality features. This 2020 model of the Star Inverter Split AC comes in one color – white.

Inverter Split Sanyo AC


  • This model offers the lowest-noise operation. Meaning, the air conditioner won’t be making any noise, unlike others.
  • This Sanyo AC offers a one-year warranty on the air conditioner itself, a one-year warranty on the condenser, and a five-year warranty on the compressor.
  • It has features that work on the interior part of the overall air conditioner. It improves the quality of the air it releases.


  • This air conditioner model may be considered low-maintenance, but it must be cleaned at least once a week to prevent any form of dirt from developing from the inside.
  • If not taken care of properly, it may function unwell.


4. Dual Inverter Split Sanyo AC

Sanyo AC offers high-quality features. One of the best features of the AC is energy efficiency. It uses less energy and gives more output. This dual inverter split model of the Sanyo Air conditioner brand has a limited warranty type.

Dual Inverter Split Sanyo AC


  • This brand of an air conditioner is completely safe because has absolutely no ozone depletion and low global warming potential. Meaning, it’s totally economically friendly.
  • Inside the box, there are tons of other materials included in the purchase. It consists of the AAA Batteries, piping assembly, remote, indoor, and outdoor power supply cord. It also includes an indoor to main power supply cord. Most importantly, the box consists of a warranty card.
  • The cooling capacity this air conditioner model offers is 62000W and the noise level it reaches is only up to 43 DB.


  • This air conditioner model may be a bit high-maintenance.
  • The warranty card is only valid until after a year after the purchase of the air conditioner itself.


5. Dual Inverter Split AC (2) – Offering Good-Value Product

Dual Inverter Split AC offers a Split AC with a lot of useful and functional features. This 1.5 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Split Sanyo AC brand offers cool features. The product is suitable for low-maintenance users.

Dual Inverter Split AC (2)


  • This air conditioner model is a low-maintenance product. It does not need cleaning every day. However, at least once every week to prevent all sorts of problems.
  • Unlike other brands and models of other air conditioner products, this air conditioner brand can produce cold air until up to 52 degrees in the environment.
  • It has a unique feature that happens to cool the room instantly once you activate the feature: Glacier mode.


  • As the above-stated information says that this air conditioner model is low-maintenance. It still has to be cleaned at least once a week. You must avoid molds and dust coming out with the cold air from the inside of the air conditioner.
  • The one-year warranty card of the air conditioner may is not satisfactory.



With all things considered in the above-stated information about the brand and the different models of Sanyo AC, we can conclude that this information is indeed truly helpful upon planning to purchase an air conditioner for the buyer’s home. All this information will serve as a guide to those who are unfamiliar with the features and great qualities an air conditioner must acquire to last.


1. Is Sanyo ac a good brand?

Upon careful consideration, the Sanyo Air Conditioner brand offers one of the best qualities and features an air conditioner must acquire. Therefore, the answer is yes, Sanyo AC is indeed a good brand.

2. Which is the best Sanyo ac?

The best Sanyo Air Conditioner brand is one that has the most quality features. One of the justifiable arguments to determine the best one is to look at the different features it offers. With that, we can say that the best qualities it must have are the following: Durable, easily cleaned, low-maintenance, not that pricey – or if it is, it must vary in accordance with the features it offers to make it worth buying and worth investing in.

3. What is the price of the Sanyo ac?

The price of the Sanyo ac varies depending on the qualities and features it offers. Hence, its price ranges between ₹25,000 up to ₹32,000       (Indian Rupees).