Best Samsung Keypad Mobile Phones in India Buyers Guide

Samsung Keypad Mobile is so rare now that you only see it sometimes in old movies. Some of these phones have great features & can be used every day. Nowadays, keypad phones have been replaced by touchscreen smartphones.

Even though these kinds of phones may not be popular these days, some prefer to use phones with keypads and for them, there still are plenty of options available. Also, check the buyer’s guide on the best keypad phones, Nokia Keypad Mobile Phones, Portable Mobile Chargers, Fast Mobile Chargers, Solar mobile chargers, Samsung Mobile chargers, Bike mobile chargers, Car mobile chargers, Mi Mobile chargers, bike mobile chargers, Bike Mobile Holder, power bank brands, Mobile Holders for Cars, Waterproof Mobile Pouch, and Tempered Glass in India.

However, keypad phones are usually used by older people who cannot find their way with new technology. In this article, we will be sharing with you a full guide on how to find the best Samsung keypad phones.

Top 6 Best Samsung Keypad Mobile Phones in India

List of Samsung keypad phones

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1. Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E Mobile Samsung-Guru
2. Samsung Guru 1200 GT-E1200 Samsung-GT
3. Samsung Guru FM Plus Keypad Phone Gold Samsung-Gold
4. Samsung Metro 313 SM-B313E Samsung-Metro
5. Samsung Chat 527 GT-S5270 in Tech Silver Samsung-Chat
6. Samsung Chat 322 GT-C3222 Samsung-C322

Buyers Guide – Samsung Keypad Mobile

When you are going shopping for Samsung keypad phones, you have to pay attention to a few things. For example, make sure that the phone is not damaged in any way. Next, pay attention to the size of the actual phone.

  • If the phone is too small for your hands and you cannot see the screen clearly, the phone is not for you. Look for another one with a bigger display.
  • One of the most important things to check when you are buying a new phone is if that phone has a warranty.
  • It is better because you will feel more secure and you will not worry if something happens to your phone.
  • The warranty could cover the damage, or you could get a new phone, or fix the old one.
  • Please note that these phone cameras are generally not that great.
  • But, they do come in handy and are very practical if you need to take a photo of some moment or something.
  • Phones like these cannot have a good camera due to their operative system and other factors.
  • And finally, you should always pay attention to the memory of the phone.
  • If the memory is larger, you will have more space for your contacts, photos, and other things.

Features of a Samsung Keypad Mobile Phone

Usually, keypad phones can only perform basic functions, such as calling someone or texting. Touchscreen keypad phones are similar to smartphones and, therefore, have more features.

  • Some keypad phones are more advanced and can even be used for downloading apps or playing games.
  • Some keypad phones support different kinds of networks like 3G, 4G, etc.
  • And some even support two SIM cards.
  • Keypad phones with larger memory can even be used for gaming.
  • Another important feature that almost every keypad phone has is Bluetooth technology.
  • If the phone has a camera, sharing your pictures, or songs with your friend via Bluetooth will certainly make everything easier.

Types of Samsung Keypad Phones

Keypad phones are not very different from one another. Usually, they all have keypads and a small screen.

Keypad Phones with a Touch Screen

  • Samsung has a few models of these kinds of phones.
  • They are bigger because you will need to use your fingers to navigate the touchscreen portion.
  • While the functionality is similar to a smartphone it also has a keypad with actual buttons that takes up half of the phone’s display.

Tactile Keypad Phones

  • Tactile keypad phones are those phones that have a relatively small display and have a keypad.
  • That keypad usually contains numbers and letters of the English alphabet as well as the basic symbols.
  • These keypads usually contain the call and the hang-up buttons as well that making things easier.

How Does a Samsung Keypad Phone Work?

  • Samsung keypad mobile works like any other keypad phone.
  • You need to either navigate via buttons or through the touchscreen (if the phone has a touchscreen).
  • If the phone is not a touchscreen phone, then you will need to use the arrow buttons on the keypad to navigate through the phone.
  • As we have mentioned before, more advanced phones have different kinds of features.

List of Top 6 Samsung Keypad Mobiles in India Buyers Guide

Samsung keypad phones usually do not have cameras on them. But there are a few Samsung phones that do, and those even have a front selfie camera. Keypad phones with cameras cost more so, be prepared to shell out more money if you want your phone to have a camera, or two.

1. Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E Mobile:

This phone is one of the best Samsung keypad phones out there. You can expand this phone memory using an SD card (which can support 16GB of external memory). Another great thing is that this phone has an MP3 player, you can listen to music on it all the time. It offers a one-year manufacturer warranty if you buy this device.Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E Mobile


  • Samsung Guru Music Phone design is very basic, but it is attractive.
  • It has a large screen (5.08cm) and a display with vibrant colors.
  • Also, it can support two SIM cards at the same time
  • You will get all of the necessary things in the box like a battery, charger, headset, and user manual


  • Only available in one color

Samsung Music

2. Samsung Guru 1200 GT-E1200:

If you decide to buy this phone you will get a 10-day replacement warranty if you do not like the device. This phone supports MP3 & the phone itself contains an anti-dust keypad. That means you will not have to worry about some buttons getting jammed up due to dust.  Also, you will get a one-year manufacturer warranty.Samsung Guru 1200 GT-E1200


  • Samsung Guru 1200 Keypad mobile design is relatively modern.
  • Its battery can last up to 720 hours when the standby mode is turned on
  • This phone has a LED torch at the back that will help you see more clearly in the dark.
  • It has a 1.52 -inch TFT screen with a high resolution


  • You do not get headphones in the box

Samsung E1200

3. Samsung Guru FM Plus Keypad Phone in Gold:

If you decide to buy this phone, you can choose between 3 more colors – blue, black, and white. It can be easily changed because it charges via a micro USB universal cable. Also, you can connect any 3.5mm jack headphones to it and listen to your favorite music.Samsung Guru FM Plus Keypad Phone Gold


  • Samsung Guru FM Plus supports two SIM cards & FM radio
  • Available in four colors
  • You will get all of the necessary accessories if you buy this phone


  • This phone is a bit overpriced

Samsung Gold

4. Samsung Metro 313 SM-B313E:

This phone can accommodate two SIM cards, which is an amazing feature. However, you have to make sure that your SIM cards are working on the 2G network because the phone only supports 2G network SIM cards. Another great thing about this phone is that it contains a back camera. You can also share the photos you take with your friends via Bluetooth.Samsung Metro 313 SM-B313E


  • Samsung Metro Keypad mobile has a back camera & a 2-inch-wide screen.
  • It supports Bluetooth technology
  • This is especially good if you want to use different numbers for your personal & work purposes.


  • A bit overpriced


5. Samsung Chat 527 GT-S5270 in Tech Silver:

This phone is a lot more modern than most of the ones on this list because this phone can be connected to Wi-Fi. This enables you to download all kinds of online applications. Not only will you have the essential Samsung applications already installed on your phone. But you will also be able to download other kinds of applications.Samsung Chat 527 GT-S5270 in Tech Silver


  • Samsung Chat 527 Keypad Phone has a 2MP front-facing camera as well as 0.3MP back camera
  • This phone supports 2G and 3G networks
  • It has a touchscreen display


  • Its battery does not last as long as other keypad phones’ batteries


6. Samsung Chat 322 GT-C3222:

This phone is very similar to the previous one. But, this model keypad phone does have a lot of differences from the Samsung Chat 527. For example, Samsung Chat 322 can support two SIM cards.

Next, the display of this phone is a bit bigger than the display of the previous phone. The company does offer a one-year manufacturer warranty for this phone. However, Samsung Chat 322 has a slightly worse camera than Samsung Chat 527.Samsung Chat 322 GT-C3222


  • Samsung Chat 322 Phone has 2.2 inches display
  • You can transfer files very fast due to the micro-USB adapter


  • Has a worse camera than the Samsung Chat 527



Have you decided what Samsung keypad phone you like the best? Every single one of these phones is great in its way. We hope this guide will help you choose the right one based on your needs.


How do I know my Samsung keyboard mobile model?

If you want to find out the model of your Samsung phone, you can always check its box. The serial number, as well as the model, will be displayed on the box. If it is not displayed on the box, you can always open up the Settings of your phone and check that information there.

Which is the best 4G keypad phone?

If we had to choose the best keypad phone brand, it would be Samsung and Nokia. Nokia has a few keypad phones that support the 4G network.

Which is the best Samsung keypad phone?

The best Samsung keypad phone is the Samsung Guru Music 2. But many other Samsung keypad phones are quite good. The answer to this question would be quite subjective.

What is the basic Samsung mobile price in India?

It depends on your budget. If you are willing to pay more money for a keypad phone then you could maybe get Samsung Metro B350E. And, if you do not feel like paying a lot of money for a basic phone, then go with Samsung Guru Music 2 or Samsung Guru Plus B110E. It all depends on your requirements and budget.