Best Safety Goggles in India-Buyers Guide

Safety Goggles are a type of protective gear, they are generally worn on the eyes so as to get proper protection from any harmful substances. They fit in the eye tightly with suction and are also sometimes come with a strap that is placed on the back of the head. People working with chemicals, construction materials, water, and glare use it to prevent the particle from entering the eyes.

There are various types of safety goggles according to the needs of different people; some might use them for protection from heat and sparks, from chemical splashes, or impact from pieces of machinery. Also check the buyer’s guide for the best Fastrack sunglasses, Cooling Glasses, Safety Hand Gloves in India.

Top 10 Best Safety Goggles in India-Buyers Guide

List of Safety Goggles

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1. KleenGuard Reusable Face Shied and Safety Goggle Jackson-Safety-Shield-Protection
2. Oriley Safety Goggle Oriley Safety Goggles
3. Cubby  Protective Safety Goggle Cubby  Protective Safety Goggles
4. Cindy Enclosed Safety Goggle Cindy Enclosed Safety Goggle
5. Jackson Polycarbonate Safety Goggles Jackson Polycarbonate Safety Goggles
6. Woolike Safety Goggles Woolike Safety Goggles
7. MAGIX Safety Goggles MAGIX Safety Goggles
8. THUNDERSTORM Premium Safety Goggles THUNDERSTORM Premium Safety Goggles
9. Vast Safety Goggles Vast Safety Goggles
10. Pacificdeals Anti Fog Clear Lens Goggles Pacificdeals Anti Fog Clear Lens Goggles

Features of Safety Goggles

  • Safety Goggles are generally worn to protect your eyes from certain damages.
  • They are available in various types of lenses like that anti-fog, indoor or outdoor lenses, clear lenses, filtered lenses, and many more.
  • Protective Eyewear is in use as protection for your eyes from hazards like solid debris, heat as well as fire sparks from welding, liquid chemical splashes, etc.
  • Made of nylon and come with side shields. People working in hazardous industries must use this because it is of immense importance that our eyes are properly protected.

Types of Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles are available in various types and in various sizes and shapes. The following are some of the types of Goggles. Four types of Goggles are mentioned here so when you choose your Googles to try to keep these types in mind

Directed Vented Goggles

  • These are goggles that have ventilation holes on both inside and outside the frame and are useful when working with a lot of fine debris as it prevents these particles from entering your eyes.

 Indirect Vented Goggles

  • These are mainly in use as protection from any chemical splash that can damage your eye.
  • The vents are at an angle and opposite to the front lens; hence the person wearing it can clearly see through it.

Non-Vented Goggles

  • These are in use as protection for the eyes from flying debris as well as from chemical splashes.
  • These have absolutely no venting thereby don’t allow any type of air to enter your eyes.

How to Use Safety Goggles?

  • You should try to wear safety goggles in such a way that it fits the side of your head. Try to make sure it is not pinching your nose.
  • Make sure to wear it in such a way that it does fit close to your face without hitting your eyelashes.
  • Also, ensure that your eyelashes stay in place even when you move your head back and forth.
  • Protective Eyewear does not go with a one-size approach, so make sure the glasses you are using fit you properly.

Buyer’s Guide for Safety Goggles

When you are choosing the best Protective Eyewears, you should make sure of the following points.

  1. The eyewear should adequately fit you, and it is comfortable to wear
  2. Ensure that the eyewear provides proper vision and allows movement.
  3. Make sure that the eyewear is sturdy as well as can be cleaned.
  4. Also, do ensure that when you are wearing the safety goggles, they must not interfere with the other protective gear.

 List of Top 10 Best Safety Goggles in India-Buyers Guide

1. KleenGuard Reusable Face Shied and Safety Goggle 

It is a clear anti-fog and splashes protection face shield and goggle made of polycarbonate that fits mostly all prescription eyeglasses.

KleenGuard Reusable Face Shied and Safety Goggle


  • It comes with a face shield, so the buyer doesn’t need to pair up with a separate face shield
  • Anti-fog lenses help the buyer see in humid working conditions


  • Since the product has dual usage – goggle and face shield – it may feel a bit heavy to some users


2. Oriley Safety Goggles for Medical & Lab

It is a panoramic design 360-degree eye protection safety glass. It is made of clear polycarbonate and is really suitable for medical field.

Oriley Safety Goggles for Medical & Lab


  • An elastic band allows snug wear that completely seals the eyes from the external environment.
  • Extremely clear HD lens that is anti-dust, anti-splash, and lightweight, perfect for those who wear prescription glasses.


  • Being a bit big in size, some users may not like the look of it.


3. Cubby Protective Safety Goggles with Clear lens and Wide Vision

It is a lightweight spacious safety goggle that blocks splash, dust, and fog, ideal for indoor and outdoor activities

Cubby Protective Safety Goggles


  • It is spacious and fits other eyeglasses inside
  • It has a wraparound construction with a soft nose piece providing comfort and perfect fit.


  • Its wraparound feature takes a few days to perfectly align with your facial structure.


4. Cindy Enclosed Safety Goggle with clear lens

It is a splashproof, dustproof, and anti-fog clear lens made out of military-grade explosion-proof material ideal for daily travel and working in a high-risk environment.

Cindy Enclosed Safety Goggle


  • Extremely comfortable and clear – can be worn all day long without any discomfort
  • The elastic band design makes it convenient to fit the circumference of the wearer’s head, making it suitable for adults as well as teenagers


  • Whether or not it can be worn with a prescription lens will depend on the size of the frame of the wearer’s glasses


5. Jackson Polycarbonate Safety Goggles with elegant design

It is a sleek, sporty design with extremely lightweight safety glass made out of polycarbonate.

Jackson Polycarbonate Safety Goggles


  • It has a sleek and stylish design ideal for driving and riding
  • It has a wraparound design for comfort, and anti-glare feature make it suitable to be worn under bright sunlight


  • Its sleek design may not make it suitable for use in highly risky working environments


6. Woolike Safety Goggles with Adjustable frame

It possesses double-coated untainted lenses with anti-fog, anti-glare, and scratch-resistant properties.

Woolike Safety Goggles


  • It comes with an adjustable temple, which is possible to stretch and adjust to the size of your shape
  • It protects your eyes from 90-100% of harmful radiation.


  • It might be uncomfortable to wear for a longer period of time since it is a bit bulky.


7. MAGIX Safety Goggles with Anti-Scratch Properties

It is a high-performance anti-scratch, anti-fog glasses that work really well with any kind of outdoor environment.

MAGIX Safety Goggles


  • It is really easy to use and has a very comfortable fit.
  • A real value for money considering its price.


  • With prescription glasses might seem a bit bulky.


8. THUNDERSTORM Premium Safety Goggles

It is a protective eye shield providing a wide field vision and made from polycarbonate polymer ideal for hospitals, laboratories, construction sites, etc.

THUNDERSTORM Premium Safety Goggles


  • It protects your eyes from wind and sand particles or any other types of splashes or droplets.
  • Possess a strong impact resistance.


  • The plastic is a bit delicate so should be used carefully.


9. Vast Safety Goggles

It is made of polycarbonate and is ideal for biking and driving.

Vast Safety Goggles


  • A real value for money considering the price.
  • It provides essential comfort and can be used for a long duration.


  • It is not a free size, so do check the size before purchasing.


10. Pacificdeals Anti Fog Clear Lens Goggles

It is a safe eyeglass that is used to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and flying dust particles. It comes in a set of 2.

Pacificdeals Anti Fog Clear Lens Goggles


  • It is really comfortable to wear as it comes with a soft thickening nose piece.
  • It provides overall protection from any kind of harmful particles.


  • The size is a bit smaller hence may not fir properly sometimes.



Goggles come in various types and shapes. So, make sure you do your research before you purchase one. We hope that this guide will be useful for you when you are buying safety goggles.


What are safety goggles used for?

Safety Goggles are a protective gears which are generally in use as protection from harmful UV rays, dust and sand particles, droplets, splashes and other flying machinery.

Which are the best safety goggles?

The safety goggles provide holistic protection and come with anti-scratch, anti-glare and anti-fog properties, and are available at a reasonable price range.

What is the price of the safety goggle?

The price of safety goggles starts from Rs 80 for a pair.