The Room Spray or Room Air Freshener typically emits fragrance which absorbs bad odor smells from your home, office or in your car. Many companies in the market sell different fragrance room spray but most of them use chemicals in it. These chemicals not only absorb the odor from the air but also affect the health of the person. The fragrance is highly volatile which means that it converts from liquid to gas very quickly.

Room air freshener sprays are used for odor elimination but most people use it for their good smell which they emit. In the 1980s air fresheners are shifted away from aerosols due to the increase in ozone layer depletion. Many different methods are getting popular after that which are scented candles, heat release products, reed diffusers, etc.

Sometime we may get the cheap and low-quality room freshener spray out of various room sprays. That only waste your money but also cause health problems.  But this article will provide the top room sprays along with a proper buying guide and features of good room freshener spray.

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Best 10 Room Spray Fresheners in India

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1. Amazon Brand Presto Room Spray Freshener Pocket with Fresh Citrus Flavor 10 g Pack of 6 Amazon-Brand-Freshener
2. AirRoma Room Freshener Spray Combo with Rose Original & Cream Wood Fragrances 200 ml Quantities Each AirRoma-Original-Fragrance airroma-rose-sandal
3. Godrej aer Room Spray Air Freshener for Home & Office with Fresh Lush Green Flavor Godrej-aer-Home godrej-aer-fresh
4. Airwick Freshmatic Room Spray Life Scents Air-freshener Complete Kit Summer Delights 250 ml Airwick-Freshmatic airwick-summer-delights-spray
5. Odo-Rite Room Spray Natural Air Freshener 200ml Quantity Odo-Rite-Natural odo-rite-air-freshener
6. Ambipur Air Freshener Effect Lavender Bouquet 275 g Ambi-Effect-Lavender ambipur-bouquet-spray
7. Premium Rajanigandha Room Freshener Spray 125g Premium-Rajanigandha-Freshener premium-spray
8. AirRoma Room Spray Freshener with Atlantic Breeze Flavor 200 ml AirRoma-Freshener-Spray airroma-atlantic-breeze
9. Amazon Brand Solimo Room Spray Freshener with Morning Jasmine Flavor Amazon-Brand-Presto-Pocket
10. Odonil Room Freshener Spray with Lavender Mist Flavor 550g Odonil-Room-Spray odonil-room-freshener-spray

Buyers Guide – Room Spray or Air Freshener

What type of room freshener is best for you and what fragrance you like? These are the few questions which an individual has to ask himself. We have answered a few of them for your reference. It all depends on you, what type of fragrance you like and what size of spray you want as per your requirement.

Check the type of room spray along with the intensity of the scent, match with your style or not, and natural fragrances or essential oils included or not. So, choose revitalizing and delightful room spray fresheners and create a relaxing atmosphere in every room of your house or office.

You need to consider below the main points before going to purchase room spray or air fresheners: 

  • Many room sprays are manufactured by adding chemicals in the spray to add more and more fragrance but we users don’t know the consequences of these chemicals.
  • These chemicals can cause serious health problems for humans.
  • So before buying a room fragrance just check if the product is organic and environmentally friendly or not.
  • Many room fresheners are too costly but when it comes to lasting it fails there.
  • If the fragrances are long-lasting then you should go for it.
  • Check for leakage before buying a room freshener.
  • Many sprays leak in the initial phase and it leaks all its fragrance and your money will go into the water.
  • Buy some smaller sprays first just to check its fragrance if you don’t like it then you can change it anytime.

Features of Room Spray Freshener: 

Best and quality room spray or room freshener sprays are not only removing bad smell from your rooms or offices but also purify the air. So branded room spray fresheners are not harmful to your health and have non-toxic ingredients. So get a good quality Room Spray and concentrate on your work at home or office with peace of mind.

Features which a room spray must follow are as follows:

  • There are several fragrances in the room freshener spray which you can use to remove bad odor from your room.
  • It gives a very attractive and refreshing smell when you spray it inside the room which makes people more comfortable and confident.
  • Much different variety of room fresheners are there which will provide different functionality for different uses.
  • The smell of the room fresheners is long-lasting and the product is leak-free in most of cases.
  • They are valued for money and you don’t have to pay more to get the good quality of a spray for your room.

Types of Room Spray

Now it’s time to learn about the different types of room freshener spray to enlighten your mood. There are several types of room air fresheners that are available in the market. But these are categorized based upon the design, usage, fragrance, and convenience. Most of them use canned sprays at home to remove unpleasant smells from their rooms.


  • This is the most common type of room freshener.
  • Most people prefer to spray whenever it is required, they don’t want to smell the fragrance all the time.


  • It is a jelly-like substance which when placed at some part of the room it starts smelling with the fragrance.
  • It’s not long-lasting but it is quite effective.


  • Plugins are developed in the late 1980s when a person named Glade developed it.
  • We plug it into the socket which sends out the wave of a fragrant scent into the environment and kills all the odor.

Scented Candles:

  • This is the easiest and cheapest way to spread fragrance inside a room.
  • You just have to light a scented candle and when it starts to melt it releases a fragrance in the environment.

How Does Room Spray Freshener Works?

It’s very important to know the working process of a room spray first. Room spray or room air fresheners are aerosols, means dissolves in the air. Most of the room sprays come with usage instructions. As the name itself indicates that room spray works on the spraying mechanism like the paint spray or perfumes.

Most of the people love to visit the houses which have fresh and clean smelling. If you were aware of the working mechanism of room spray then you can easily create a nice and refreshing environment in your home.

  1. Whenever you want to use a room freshener you need to spray it all over the room so that the fragrance particle will absorb all the bad odor from the room and smells refreshing.
  2. The liquid inside the room freshener is mostly aerosol which means it gets dissolved in the air very easily and rapidly.
  3. The molecules inside the room freshener get spread all over the room and absorb the bacteria and sweat smell and release the fragrant inside the room.
  4. These fragrant smells will last for a couple of hours depending upon the quality of a room freshener.
  5. Some room freshener uses organic material and some uses activated charcoal for eliminating the bad odor from your room.
  6. It is advisable to leave the room for five to ten minutes after the use of a room freshener because mostly room fresheners contain toxic chemicals.

Top 10 List of Room Freshener Spray in the Market:

There are many room sprays or air fresheners available in the market. But its difficult to find the proper one to keep your surroundings with good fragrances. Also, you need to consider the ingredients of air fresheners. Because some room sprays may cause serious health problems especially asthma and allergies.

Always check the ingredients of room freshener sprays. Stay away from the spray that has an unpleasant smell along with toxic ingredients. That’s why we have listed some best products from the market after considering their cost, features, ingredients, fragrances, cons, and pros.

Here is the list of top 10 Room Spray Fresheners:

1. Amazon Brand Presto Room Freshener Pocket with Fresh Citrus Flavor 10 g Pack of 6:

Amazon comes up with a new product in the category of room freshener spray. It contains a fresh citrus smell which helps in eliminating the bacteria from the air and releasing the fresh fragrance in the air. Also, it is quite handy and easy to carry. You can also choose other fragrances like lavender mist, daffodil, rosebud and jasmine dew.Amazon Brand Presto Room Spray Freshener Pocket with Fresh Citrus Flavor 10 g Pack of 6

  • Presto Room Spray is very easy to use. There is no concept of spray just like other room spray freshener.
  • You only need to put the fragrant bag wherever you want to use its fragrance.
  • In a pack of 6, you will get 10 gm air freshener blocks which are quite a good deal from amazon.
  • It neutralizes the odor and releases a good fragrance in the air and makes a person comfortable and happy.
  • It didn’t even last for 15 days which means the liquid inside the bag is aerosol and easily dissolves in the air.
  • Contains harmful and toxic chemicals which are bad for asthma patient and those people who have an allergy from citrus smells.

Amazon Freshener Jasmine

2. AirRoma Freshener Spray Combo with Rose Original & Cream Wood Fragrances 200 ml Quantities Each:

This product comes with a combo pack of two fragrances which is a rose original and a sandal sweet fragrance. AirRoma took care of the smell very seriously as they come with quite a different fragrant smell in the market.

This air freshener also available in other 5 fragrances combo packs like Rose Original & Cream Wood, Jasmine Flower & Sandal Sweet, Mogra Magic & Sandal Sweet, Rose Original & Jasmine Flower Rose Original & Mogra Magic.AirRoma Room Spray Combo with Rose Original & Cream Wood Fragrances 200 ml Quantities Each

  • AirRoma Combo of Rose Original & Sandal Sweet room spray offers a scent of nature in a room freshener which is hard to achieve.
  • It is long-lasting and easy to use.
  • You can use it in fabrics also such as pillows, bedsheets, cupboards, etc
  • This product comes in a pack of 2 with 200ml quantities each.
  • Contains a chemical of rose and sandal which is not good for health for some patient.
  • Leakage and spillage issues are very common with this product.

AirRoma Originalairroma rose spray

3. Godrej aer Room Spray Air Freshener for Home & Office with Fresh Lush Green Flavor:

This air freshener spray comes with Fresh Lush Green fragrance in a quantity of 240ml. It has a very new and easy concept of easy push and spray. This product also comes with six different fragrances like Musk After Smoke, Cool Surf Blue, Petal Crush Pink, and Morning Misty Meadows.Godrej aer Room Spray Air Freshener for Home & Office with Fresh Lush Green Flavor

  • Godrej Aer Room Spray is very easy to use you just need to push the button and spray the fragrance around the room.
  • You can use this spray anywhere such as office, bedroom, toilet and even in your car.
  • This spray has a long-lasting fragrance.
  • The smell of fresh green grass and green valleys attract most of its customer.
  • Not a value for money because you need to spray 2-3 times a day to make it last.
  • It contains a large number of toxic chemicals which is quite risky for customer health.

Godrej Home Freshenergodrej fresh spray

4. Airwick Freshmatic Room Spray Life Scents Air-freshener Complete Kit Summer Delights 250 ml:

This spray comes with a quantity of 250ml along with melon, floral and vanilla flavors. It contains a fragrant spay of 2400 sprays per refill and 1 refill fills the room for 60 days which is quite impressive. This air freshener also available other flavors like Turquoise Oasis, Cosy by the Fire, Hills of Munnar, Aromas of Kashmir and Orange Blossom.Airwick Freshmatic Room Spray Life Scents Air-freshner Complete Kit Summer Delights 250 ml

  • Airwick Freshmatic Room Spary neutralizes the odor from the room as well as fragrant it.
  • It acts as a dual nature which is good.
  • Also, it can be operated with three manual settings which are high-intensity fragrance, medium intensity fragrance, and low-intensity fragrance.
  • This product comes with a 1 gadget that releases the fragrance, 2 batteries which help in releasing the smell and 1 refill spray which is used when your refill goes out of fragrant.
  • The smell is not long-lasting which sometimes irritates the customer.
  • It’s weird sounds make people uncomfortable and irritated.

Airwick Complete Kitairwick automatic spray

5. Odo-Rite Room Spray Natural Air Freshener 200ml Quantity:

This air freshener comes with a natural fragrance in a quantity of 200ml. It contains a strong microbial action that is completely free of toxic chemicals and propellants. And it is safe for every living being such as animals and humans.Odo-Rite Room Spray Natural Air Freshener 200ml Quantity

  • Odo-Rite Room Spray has a unique two in one feature by which it can destroy the bacteria which is causing the odor and releasing the fragrant behind.
  • One usage will last up to 24hrs which is quite impressive.
  • This removes the bad odor and replaces bad bacteria with beneficial bacteria.
  • It can be used to remove biological smell such as the smell of toilet, bad socks, etc
  • The fragrant quantity is less inside the bottles that’s why it will be empty within a week.
  • Also, the leakage problem is very common with this product.

Odo Rite Air Freshenerodo rite odor remover spray

6. Ambipur Room Freshener Spray Air Effect Lavender Bouquet 275 g:

This air freshener comes with lavender flavor in a quantity of 275g. Its powerful fragrance eliminates odor very easily and it is available in a lot of different fragrances such as sweet berries, sandalwood, exotic jasmine, rose & blossom, vanilla & spice.Ambipur Room Spray Freshener Air Effect Lavender Bouquet 275 g

  • Ambipur Room Spray amazing technology traps the unwanted particles and leaves a delightful and refreshing smell.
  • It’s nonflammable and mostly water in it makes it safer than much another room freshener in the market.
  • You can create a relaxing ambiance in every corner of your house with the mildly powered bouquet
  • It lasts longer than other sprays because it disperses fragrance slowly in the air.
  • Easily get leakage and break from the tip.
  • Its spraying mechanism is not that good which is expected.

Ambi Effect Lavender Freshenerambipur lavender spray

7. Premium Rajanigandha Room Freshener Spray 125g:

This is a Rajnigandha premium product which is unique in the market and also makes a lot of impact in the Indian market in recent year. It comes with a different fragrance as well.Premium Rajanigandha Room Freshener Spray 125g

  • Premium Rajanigandha Room Spray creates a blissful environment and makes every comfortable with its smell.
  • It has a long-lasting fragrance which is around 2-3 hours in one spray.
  • This product comes with a premium quality Rajnigandha fragrance.
  • It creates a blissful and peaceful environment in your rooms.
  • It contains some of the most harmful chemicals which cause the human body some serious health problems.
  • The quality of a product is very cheap and sometimes used items are delivered to the customer which is indeed disappointing.

Premium Rajanigandha Room Sprayrajnigandha Room freshener spray

8. AirRoma Room Air Freshener with Atlantic Breeze Flavor 200 ml:

This air freshener comes with Atlantic Breeze fragrant in a quantity of 200 ml. But it is also available in Lemon Grass fragrance too. You can use this anywhere in your home, cars, toilets, etcAirRoma Room Spray Freshener with Atlantic Breeze Flavor 200 ml

  • AirRoma Room Spray fragrance is long-lasting which means you can use it for a month without worrying about the fragment quantity inside a spray.
  • Atlantic Breeze fragrant makes you more comfortable and refreshed and increase your alertness during some task.
  • It offers special natural scents to refresh your home 24×7.
  • This product can be used as a bathroom freshener or car air freshener also.
  • It comes with a plastic bottle which sometimes turns to be very delicate and leakage issues are very common with this product.
  • The spray is quite cheaper and delicate and, in most cases, it is not working properly.

AirRoma Atlantic Breeze Sprayairroma room spray

9. Amazon Brand Solimo Room Air Freshener with Morning Jasmine Flavor 300ml:

This product comes from the Amazon brand with Morning Jasmine in 300 ml quantity. It helps you to eliminate the bad odor and freshen up your room. Solimo Air freshener also comes with many different fragrances such as fresh citrus, Vanilla spices, classic musk, ocean breeze, lavender mist, earthy sandalwood, and rose petal.Amazon Brand Solimo Air Freshener Room Spray Morning Jasmine 300ml

  • Solimo Room Spray is free from Chlorofluorocarbons and environment-friendly.
  • It is also free from CFCs which is environment-friendly.
  • Easy to use and convenient for household purposes.
  • Enhances the quality of your room environment with jasmine fragrant.
  • The fragrance smell is very cheap and not up to the mark. It smells just roadside garbage.
  • And the nozzle and spray are of bad quality which gets jammed after a couple of use.
  • Also, it lasts for almost 20 minutes which is again very disappointing.

Amazon Presto Freshener Spray

10. Odonil Room Freshener Spray with Lavender Mist Flavor 550g:

This room freshener comes with lavender flavor in a quantity of 550g. It will make you more comfortable in your room. And if people coming from outside, they too will love the fragrance of this spray. This product is also available in other flavors like Jasmine, Sandal, Rose, Citrus, Floral Bliss and Ocean Breeze.Odonil Room Freshener Spray with Lavender Mist Flavor 550g

  • Odonil Room Spray is an all-natural scent that is quite refreshing and inspired. You can choose 7 different fragrances which increase the variety for the use.
  • It comes with three sizes which are 108g, 360g, and 153g.
  • With the premium fragrance, you can keep your living rooms and bedrooms fresh
  • It lasts less than a few hours which makes it difficult for buyers too but it.
  • Not a value for money product as it sometimes comes with a broken cap.

Odonil Room Freshener Lavenderodonil spray freshener 550g

Finally, you have successfully reviewed the Top 10 Best Room Spray. So, it should be easy for you to determine which room spray or room freshener spray will meet your requirements. The quality guarantees you durability which may take over years.

First of all, you need to check the features of the most popular room sprays in the market before purchase. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the room fresheners spray along with valuable benefits.