Best Room Heaters in India-Buyers Guide

The best room heater is a perfect home appliance to keep you comfortable during cold winters. And this is a must-have appliance if you live in north India where winters are to be quite chilly.

There are many room heaters available in the Indian market and it can become difficult for you to select the best choice to meet your requirements. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Instant water heaters, Gas Geysers, Crompton Geyers, Electric Heaters, Bajaj Geysers, Havells geysers in India.

This article provides insights into different types of room heaters available in the Indian market, the suitability of these heaters for different situations, and reviews some of the best room heaters in India.

Best 5 Room Heaters  in India-Buyers Guide

List of the room heaters

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1. Orient Electric 11-Fins Oil Filled Radiator OF1104F 2900 Watts Orient-Electric-OF1104F-11 orient-of0906f-oil-fill
2. Havells PTC Fan Heater OFR – 9Fin with 2500-Watt Power Havells-OFR-2500-Watt havells-ofr-9f-ptc-oil
3. Orpat Fan Heater OEH-1220 with 2000-Watts WHITE-ORPAT-OEH-1220 orpat-oeh-1220-fan
4. Morphy Richards Oil Filled Radiator OFR 09 with 2000-Watts Morphy-Richards-OFR-09 morphy-richards-ofr-09-oil
5. Usha 812 T Heat Convector with 2000-Watt & Instant Heating Feature Usha-Convector-2000-Watt usha-heat-convector-812

Is Fan Heater Better Than a Convection Heater?

There is a wide variety of options available in the market for both these types of heaters which you can choose from.

Convection heaters heat a room by using the natural movement of air which rises when it becomes warm and drops when it cools. As the air passes over a heated coil, it becomes warm and starts rising upwards which heats the room.

A fan heater, on the other hand, uses a fan to blow into the hot plate or coil and this causes the hot air out into the room. As these heaters are plugged in, electricity passes through the heating element which converts the electrical energy into heat energy.

These heaters warm a room more evenly and they can be placed anywhere in the room for heating and are almost noiseless. Compared to the electric baseboard heaters, convection heaters are more energy efficient by at least 10%.

  • This can create issues particularly for people suffering from dust allergies.
  • The fan sucks the air inside and pushes it towards the heating element to get hot air quickly.
  • This warm air is blown out of the room which heats the room.
  • Fan heaters are known to be noisier compared to the convection heater due to the presence of a fan. The noise in some models can be high also.
  • It is also widely believed that fan heaters tend to dry out the room in which they are heating.
  • This could cause potential breathing problems for people in the room.
  • It can also cause some form of cold and flu which is not the case with convection heaters.

The drawback of using convection heaters is that they don’t contain any air filters and hence regular usage can cause disturbances in the room. Overall, the choice between a fan and a convection heater depends on personal preferences and comfort.

Which Type of Room Heater is Good for Health?

While room heaters can provide you with warmth and comfort during chilling winters, they can also lead to various health problems. People who suffer from dust allergies or respiratory problems like asthma are the worst affected.

  • Fan heaters make use of electricity for heating the room and are much faster and efficient than gas heaters.
  • However, they can make the room air very dry which can cause health problems to asthma patients. It can also cause skin irritation and problems.
  • These kinds of heaters are not recommended for people suffering from respiratory problems and skin allergies.
  • Oil-filled heaters, on the other hand, are much more energy-efficient and provide better heating than ceramic heaters.
  • These are best suited for large rooms and the heater can retain heat for a long time even after being switched off.
  • Also, these heaters are best for your health. They do not circulate air or emit particulates that can pollute the indoor air inside the room.

Oil-filled heaters do not dry the air inside the room and let the air maintain its moisture which can provide comfort to people suffering from respiratory problems. Oil-filled heaters are though much costlier compared to other types of room heaters.

What Type of Room Heater is Best for Large Room?

There are 3 different types of room heaters- fan room heaters, infrared room heaters, and oil-filled room heaters. Among these, oil-filled room heaters are best suited for large rooms and spaces. These room heaters have an oil chamber inside which absorbs the heat and acts as a heat reservoir and thereby circulates the heat inside your room.

These heaters are almost noiseless and can heat up large spaces much quicker than other types of room heaters available in the market. The major drawback of oil-filled room heaters is their price as they are quite pricey compared to fan heaters and infrared heaters.

Do Fan Heaters consumes Much Electricity?

One of the biggest perceived benefits of buying a fan heater for most consumers is their cheap prices compared to oil-filled heaters. You can get them at a fraction of the price of oil-filled heaters.

  1. However, it is important to understand the energy efficiency of these fan heaters to understand their long-term benefits.
  2. When compare with other different types of heaters, fan heaters are considered the most energy inefficient.
  3. A typical fan heater will consume nearly 2000 watts of energy while an infrared or halogen room heater will consume 400-800 watts of energy only.
  4. Hence, it can be seen that these fan heaters are very expensive to run over long time periods as they consume greater electricity than most other heater types.
  5. All the initial savings made on the low price of fan heaters are compensated against higher electricity bills.
  6. To provide you a reference, a fan heater can consume more than 3 times the electricity as a 4 to 6-star reverse cycle air conditioner heater.
  7. This makes them one of the most energy inefficient heating options available in the market.
  8. These heaters produce lesser heat at the bottom which leads to a waste of energy.

Disadvantages of Room Heaters

Room heaters can cause certain side effects which you should carefully assess before understanding their suitability for yourself. Prolonged use of room heaters burns oxygen in the room and increases the dryness of the indoor air.

  • This is more the case with fan heaters and infrared room heaters.
  • Burning oxygen can cause suffocation, hence you should ensure to keep the door a little open while using room heaters for longer time periods.
  • These also reduce the humidity of the indoor air which can cause nasal blockage and dryness in your eyes.
  • It can create a particularly discomforting situation for people suffering from dust allergies or respiratory problems like bronchitis or asthma.
  • While using room heaters, you can place water bowls in a corner of the room to overcome this problem to some extent.
  • These, in particular, fan heaters, can be noisy and lead to disruption in your sleeping habits and patterns.
  • Room heaters cause fire hazards if left unattended.
  • You should ensure that you do not cover the room heater’s outlet as doing so can lead to it catching fire.
  • These can also turn out to be dangerous for children and pets in your home, hence you should never leave them alone while the room heater is still working.

What is the recommended Heater Temperature?

When you buy a room heater, it is important to use it for regulating the temperature in your room and other indoor areas. People suffering from asthma can be allergic to colds and face more breathing difficulties.

However, heating the room beyond a certain temperature can also increase the humidity which can cause growth in bacteria, mold, and other micro-organisms which can also trigger an asthmatic attack.

Ideally, you should maintain a temperature in the range of 18-21 degrees Celsius in your room for at least 9 hours a day by using your room heater.

List of Top 5 Room Heaters online in India

Studies have established that people who live in this controlled and regulated temperature range are found to be healthier than people living in uncontrolled temperatures.

You can consider buying any of the following room heaters for meeting your heating requirements:

1. Orient Electric 11-Fins Oil Filled Radiator OF1104F 2900 Watts

This oil-filled room heater from Orient does a good job of heating the room for long periods of time. It also offers excellent safety features like triple overheat protection and cord shortage.

Orient Electric 11-Fins Oil Filled Radiator OF1104F 2900 Watts
Orient Electric OF1104F 2900 Watts 11-Fins Oil Filled Radiator


  • Orient electric oil-filled room heater made with 11 fins which ensures better and uniform heat distribution throughout the room.
  • It comes with an additional 400-watt PTC heater and fans which provides much better performance compared to similar heaters in the market.
  • This has advanced S-shaped fins that dissipate heat faster and are also energy efficient at the same time.
  • Also, this has caster wheels that make it portable and convenient to move around from one place to another in your home.
  • It has an adjustable thermostat for setting temperature and an inbuilt humidifier also.
  • The room heaters come with a warranty of 2 years.

Orient Electric Room Heaterorient oil filled room heater

2. Havells PTC Fan Heater OFR – 9Fin with 2500-Watt Power

This is from the Havells brand & this fan heater works on 2500-Watt of power. And this is an excellent performing room heater. The heater and the fan together consume around 400 watts of energy. It comes with excellent safety features that are mentioned below.

Havells PTC Fan Heater OFR - 9Fin with 2500-Watt Power
Havells OFR – 9Fin 2500-Watt PTC Fan Heater


  • Havells Room Heater is made with castor wheels which increases its portability and lets you move it around conveniently in your house.
  • It can work in 3 different power settings- 1000 watts, 1500 watts, and 2500 watts.
  • This heater has cord storage and rear safety covers also these greatly reduce the chances of any mishaps from the use of this room heater.
  • Also, this has a unique and innovative automatic tip-off feature which ensures that the room heater automatically switches off if tilted beyond a specific angle.
  • The thermostat feature lets you control the temperature according to your comfort.
  • This lets you control the temperature based on your requirements.

Havells OFR Room Heaterhavells oil filled room heater

3. Orpat Fan Heater OEH-1220 with 2000-Watts

This fan heater from Orpat is a basic and effective fan room heater. And it is one of the best heaters in the price range of below 1000 INR.

Orpat Fan Heater OEH-1220 with 2000-Watts
Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater


  • Orpat room heater has a sturdy build quality & the body made of good quality materials that do not get heated up while the room heater is being used.
  • It comes with a thermal cut-off feature which ensures no wastage of electricity when switched off.
  • Also, it comes with 2 heat settings – 1000 Watts & 2000 Watts also this is an ideal room heater for a small to medium-sized family.
  • This is a compact and portable room heater which can be kept in small rooms also.
  • Orpat pure copper wire motor is powerful and durable which should last for a long time.

ORPAT ROOM HEATERorpat oeh 1220 room heater

4. Morphy Richards Oil Filled Radiator OFR 09 with 2000-Watts

This oil-filled radiator room heater from Morphy Richards is one of the best room heaters available in the Indian market. It is a clear winner and front runner among different room heaters.

Morphy Richards Oil Filled Radiator OFR 09 with 2000-Watts
Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator-room heater


  • Morphy Richards room heater comes with a thermostat that helps you to adjust the temperature.
  • It comes with a tip-over switch that prevents any mishaps in your home.
  • And this heater works at 2900 watts power.
  • The cord winder is another safety feature that prevents people from tripping over.
  • This room heater comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It has a power selection knob which allows you to use the radiator at various power combinations.

Morphy Richards Best Room Heatermorphy richards oil filled heater

5. Usha 812 T Heat Convector with 2000-Watt & Instant Heating Feature

Usha known for producing innovative and thoughtful products for the Indian market. This convection room heater comes with a 2-years of warranty.

Usha 812 T Heat Convector with 2000-Watt & Instant Heating Feature
Usha Heat Convector (812 T) 2000-Watt with Instant Heating Feature


  • Usha Room Heater made with adjustable height and night light indicator which increases its utility.
  • It has a power consumption of 2000 watts which makes it perfect for quickly heating a room.
  • The adjustable height feature allows you to direct the air to a specific area in the room.
  • It also comes with a thermostat for effective temperature control. The temperature regulated by choosing the fan speed.
  • The side vents on this room heater help in the suction of air which provides greater air circulation within the room.
  • The room heater has an operating voltage of 230 volts.

Usha 2000-Watt Room Heaterusha 812 room heater


Finally, you have successfully reviewed the Top 5 Best Room Heaters available online. So, it should be easy for you to determine which one best suits your requirements. The quality always guarantees the usage of the product.

First of all, you need to check the features of the most popular room heater online before purchase. Above all options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best room heater along with valuable benefits.