Best Roller Comb online in India-Buyers Guide

Roll combs are a great accessory for hair. Their purpose is to style, maintain or detangle your hair. Roller combs contain a handle and a round brush. The handle is usually made up of different materials. These can be anything ranging from wood, plastic, metal, etc. Bristles, or tines, are then attached to the roller at the end of the handle. The purpose of the roller is to hold, comb and detangle hairs. They are a great accessory for young people, celebrities, or models who give priority to their hairdressing. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Hair Combs, Beard Combs, Hair straighteners, Hair Curlers, Hair Dryers, Hair Shampoos, Anti-Hair fall shampoos, Spray bottles, spray pumps, Hair sprays for Men, Hair spray for Women, Makeup Kits, Makeup Brushes Set, Face Razors, Bathroom mirrors, Beard Wax in India.

Top 10 Best Roller Combs in India-Buyers Guide

List of Roller Combs

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1. Vega round brush Vega round brush
2. Roots round hair brush Roots round hair brush
3. Gubb round brush Gubb round brush
4. Miniso round brush Miniso round brush
5. Rozia pro comb brush Rozia pro comb brush
6. FOK roller brush FOK roller brush
7. Scarlet line hot round brush Scarlet line hot round brush
8. Divo thermal core round brush Divo thermal core round brush
9. Ayusicreationa hair dressing brush Ayusicreationa hair dressing brush
10. Kai radial hair brush Kai radial hair brush

Features of Roller Comb

  • The features that matter in a roll comb are the material and quality of their tines and bristles.
  • Roll combs can have bristles if their purpose is to tame frizzy hair and distribute natural oils evenly in your hair strands.
  • In this case, the bristles must be thick and medium-hard.
  • Roll combs with tines are used for styling such as backcombing.
  • The tines must be soft, flexible and rounded for a comfortable and smooth flow.
  • Moreover, the quality of the material also matters.
  • The handles of the brush must be able to withstand hard impact and hard strokes to last longer.

Types of Roller Combs

  • Roll combs are available in many types.
  • Ceramic roller combs, for example, is one of the types of roller combs.
  • They contain bristles, which ensures that frizziness is minimised.
  • Heated roller combs are another type of roller combs available.
  • They are used to style your hair, particularly to straighten hair strands and give them a shiny look.
  • On the other hand, some types of roll combs are made from tines which are rounded at the end.
  • These types of roll combs are perfect for curly and wavy hairs.
  • Their purpose is to detangle hairs in an effective way.
  • All of these are important accessories for long, curly and wavy hairs

How to use Roller Comb?

  • Roller combs are perfect for styling purposes.
  • To style your hair, first use the roll comb to grab the hair strands from their roots, or in easy words, start from your scalp.
  • Next push the comb upwards and lock your hair by twisting the roll comb.
  • The movement of the comb must be in the direction in which you want your hair to settle.
  • Next, use a hairdryer to create volume in your hair and a lustrous look.

Buyer’s guide for Roller Comb

  • When buying a roller comb, many factors should be considered.
  • Firstly, the quality of the comb must be ensured.
  • You need to ask yourself whether the comb is comfortable to use.
  • Does it fulfil your styling or massage requirements? Is the material of the comb good enough? The price of the roller comb must then be compared with these factors.
  • Products with good quality are likely to last longer and work efficiently but the roll comb price might be expensive.
  • You must make your decision depending on your affordability and your demand for product quality
  • Moreover, in the case of electric or heated roller combs, it must be ensured that the heating element is working properly.
  • Also, it is better than the comb and the heating element are not too sensitive.

List of Top 10 Best Roller Combs in India-Buyers Guide

1. Vega round brush

This brush comes with a roll comb with ball bristles. The bristles are flexible and make sure they easily penetrate the hair for hair styling

Vega round brush


  • This is suitable for almost all hair types
  • It is handy and easily fits in handbags and backpacks
  • Ball tipped bristles ensure comfortable and smooth massage on your scalp


  • Very delicate and sensitive to use
  • Not useful for other purposes such as detangling


2. Roots round hair brush

This round comb contains a ceramic barrel. The barrel emits negative ions that protect your hair from damage and distribute heat evenly

Roots round hair brush


  • It is very lightweight and has a rubber grip
  • The ceramic barrel makes your hair look shiny and silky
  • Has nylon bristles that holds the hair perfectly


  • The bristles are hard and not comfortable to use
  • Not usable for everyday brushing


3. Gubb round brush 

This round brush comes with a comfortable grip and is a perfect accessory for styling and detangling your hairs

Gubb round brush


  • Comfortable to use
  • Not very expensive
  • Has heat resistant bristles


  • Made from plastic which is not very durable
  • Distance between bristles is great which means it might not grab your hair effectively


4. Miniso round brush

This round brush has a cone type shape with a wider handle and relatively narrow roll brush. It comes with a mirror and has stiff bristles

Miniso round brush


  • Has exhaust holes that enhance air circulation
  • It is very comfortable on the scalp
  • Has an anti-bacterial design that keeps your hair healthy


  • Only suitable for short and medium length hair
  • Has wide bristles, making it difficult to hold the hair


5. Rozia pro comb brush

This boar bristles round comb has thermal, ionic tech properties which ensure proper hair styling and healthy hair

Rozia pro comb brush


  • The thermal property ensures straight hair or curls
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Eliminates frizz and distributes natural oils in the scalp


  • constant exposure to heat might cause damage to hairs
  • Relatively expensive


6. FOK roller brush 

This roller brush measures 24*4*4 (cm) and has a sturdy body with flexible and soft rounded bristles. It is most suitable for styling purposes.

FOK roller brush


  • Nylon bristles easily penetrate the hair
  • Ball tips stimulate the scalp and provide massage
  • Helps reduce snags and tangles


  • Made of plastic, which is not durable in the long term
  • Small bristles which might not be useful for long hair


7. Scarlet line hot round brush 

These are high-quality roller combs. Thermoceramic material is used in their manufacture. They distribute heat evenly amongst the hair which ensures maximum hair volume and root lift

Scarlet line hot round brush 


  • Ceramic bristles are comfortable on the scalp
  • Its thermic property quickly sets style and can straighten or curl hairs
  • Much cheaper than other roll combs of the same type


  • Regular usage might reduce moisture in your hair
  • Very delicate to use as heating element might get faulty


8. Divo thermal core round brush 

This is a rounded radial hairbrush and is thermal from the roller. It is available in many materials and colours

Divo thermal core round brush 


  • Could be used to style your hair with or without a hairdryer
  • It has temperature control for balancing temperature during hairdryer
  • Has hand made a wooden handle which ensures longer durability


  • Relatively expensive
  • Delicate to use due to temperature control system


9. Ayusicreationa hairdressing brush 

This type of roll comb has a ceramic barrel which ensures comfortable combing and styling. It also has vents that allows air to flow freely

Ayusicreationa hairdressing brush 


  • Reduces frizz and adds shine to hairs
  • Has soft gel grip and silicone design
  • It has anti-static bristles which protect hair from damage


  • Much expensive than other roller combs of the same type
  • Suitable for only medium-long hair length


10. Kai radial hairbrush 

This is a high-quality roller comb. It can be used for many purposes. It is best suited to the style, maintain, or just comb your hair for everyday purposes

Kai radial hairbrush 


  • Nylon bristles which are kind to hair
  • Made up of good quality material ( metal, nylon)
  • Inbuilt partition stick for easy handling


  • Good for only curly hairs
  • Relatively expensive



From the above analysis, we can conclude that roller combs are a great tool to maintain your hair. They come in great varieties, each of them having its own speciality and pros and cons. When buying a roller comb, you must think about the purpose you are buying the roller comb for, and the affordability and value of money for the roller comb


Which roller comb is best? 

It depends on the purpose for which you are using the roller comb. If you are using to style your hair, then roller combs with ceramic barrels and thermal properties will be best. If you are using it for everyday brushing purposes, then roller combs such as Vega round combs are best for you.

How do you use a rolling comb? 

Roller combs are perfect for styling purposes. To style your hair, use the roll comb to grab the hair strands from their roots. In easy words, start from your scalp. Next push the comb upwards and lock your hair by twisting the roll comb. The movement of the comb must be in the direction in which you want your hair to settle. Next, use a hairdryer to create volume in your hair and a lustrous look.

What is a round comb used for? 

Round combs can be used for many purposes. They can comb, massage, style, or even just maintain your hair for everyday purposes.