Best Reed Diffuser Brands in India-Buyers Guide

Do you want your house to smell like home? Reed diffusers are perfect household items to disperse fragrances into the air. A Reed diffuser set contains reed sticks immersed in the essential oil of your choice. A good scent can help you get in the mood, whether you are about to clean, work, study, or bed. Moreover, it uses oils that are easier to use than wax and can be used for a longer duration. As a matter of fact, reed diffusers are also relatively easy to use, without the need for heat or electricity.

Top 10 Best Reed Diffusers in India

List of Best Reed Diffusers Check at Amazon
1. Cocod’or Rose Flower Reed Diffusers Cocod'or Rose Flower Reed Diffusers
2. NEST Fragrances Reed Diffusers NEST-Fragrances-Reed
3. Home Centre Serene Bouquet Reed Diffusers Home-Centre-Serene
4. Paddywax Apothecary Collection Reed Diffusers Paddywax-Apothecary
5. IRIS Stoneware Reed Diffusers Lavender Fragrance Stoneware-Diffuser
6. Cocod’or Mini Flower Reed Diffusers Cocodor-Flower
7. MINISO Elegant Series Reed stick Scent Diffuser MINISO-Elegant-stick
8. IRIS Lavender Reed Diffusers IRIS-Iris-Lavender-Reed
9. Rosemoore Green Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime Scented Reed Diffusers Rosemoore-Eucalyptus
10. Maxime Candles Ceramic Jasmine Scented Reed, Oil Diffusers and Sticks Maxime-Candles-Jasmine

Features & Types of Best Reed Diffuser

  • A Reed diffuser set simply contains the following items: a vessel, an essential oil, and its reed sticks.
  • The reed sticks are the thin, wood-like pieces that then would soak the essential oil.
  • Although most of them are made from rattan, there could also be bamboo and fibre variations.
  • On the other hand, there are a lot of choices for essential oils.
  • They could be floral scents, herbs, or fruit-like fragrances.
  • The vessels in diffuser sets usually vary from plastic, ceramic, or glass.
  • In the same fashion, most brands customize their packaging to match the scent or their brand image.


Buyer’s guide – Reed Diffuser

What Scent To Get?

  • Ask yourself the question: what do I want my house to smell like? Reed diffusers have a variety of scents such as lavender, peony, or citrus.
  • You can sample a fragrance to see if you like it. Other reed diffusers set offer fragrances mixed of two particulars such as eucalyptus and citrus.

What Size Do I Buy?

  • Reed Diffusers are available in different sizes measured in millilitres (ml) or ounces (oz). Comparatively, it can range from as little as 1.6oz to 16.09oz.
  • The latter can last you more than three months, depending on how much essential oil you consume.

Which Reed Sticks?

  • Reed sticks are made from either rattan, bamboo, or fibre.
  • Some stores offer them at different thicknesses and in different quantities.
  • The most common is 3mm and four (4) pieces of reed sticks in a package.

What Kind of Vessel?

  • The container differs depending on the brand.
  • It can be a glass bottle, ceramic pot, or a plastic container.
  • It is up to your decision which you think is best suitable to house your reed sticks.
  • Some reed diffusers have separate containers for the oil and the diffuser per se, while others do not.


How to use a Reed diffuser? 

  • Using Reed diffusers is relatively convenient.
  • With it, you would only need the reed sticks and the essential oil.
  • You can dunk around four to eight reed sticks in the vessel containing the essential oil of your choice.
  • It can generally last you one to two days.
  • You can flip the sticks to use the other side once the reed sticks have been infused wholly on one side.
  • Thus, reed sticks are conservative use.
  • You can order them as an individual without the diffuser if you need a refill.

Top 10 list of Best Reed Diffuser in India

1. Cocod’or Rose Flower Reed Diffuser, Lovely Peony Reed Diffuser, Reed Diffuser Set, Oil Diffuser & Reed Diffuser Sticks, Home Decor & Office Decor, Fragrance and Gifts, 6.7oz

The Cocod’or Reed Diffuser is a beautiful diffuser set that has essential oils available in different scents and sizes, as well as reed sticks and real preserved flowers.

Cocod'or Rose Flower Reed Diffuser


  • Has seven available floral scents
  • Available in different ounces
  • Very aesthetic with the real preserved flowers
  • IFRA standards and regulations approved
  • Reed sticks come in a different colour


  • Glass bottle may easily break
  • Does not come in a package box


2. NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser- Holiday, 5.9 fl oz by NEST Fragrances

Nest Fragrances Reed Diffuser is a simple yet complete package. Also, it is contained in an elegant box to ensure the product is safe and well-contained.

NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser


  • Complete features with essential oil, reed sticks, and vessel
  • 10 Days returnable
  • Encased in a simple yet stylish box


  • Only available in one size
  • Only one available scent


3. Home Centre Serene Bouquet Reed Diffusers – Set of 6 Pcs- White

Home Centre Store Reed Diffuser is a diffuser set with a pretty vessel and simplistic packaging. Uniquely, it makes sure the consumers see what is inside visibly.

Home Centre Serene Bouquet Reed Diffusers


  • Available in three colours
  • Essential oil is contained in a resealable bottle


  • Glass vessel may break
  • Package contains plastic barrier which may easily break
  • Only one available scent


4. Paddywax Apothecary Collection Reed Diffuser Set, 12 oz, Sea Salt & SAGE

Paddywax Reed diffuser set is a wholesome package that comes off as elegant. Moreover, it claims to have a long-lasting fragrance hand-poured in the USA.

Paddywax Apothecary Collection Reed Diffuser


  • Has eight available options and four styles to choose from
  • The packaging is simple and solid


  • The glass vessel is thin and tall which may easily fall over and spill
  • Has only one size


5. IRIS Stoneware Reed Diffuser Lavender Fragrance – with 100ml Oil & 8 Reed Sticks

Iris Stoneware Reed diffuser gives off a professional aromatherapy vibe. In addition, it is a complete package with visible spots to view what is inside.

IRIS Stoneware Reed Diffuser Lavender Fragrance


  • The ceramic pot is solid and has a good colour
  • The set comes with 8 reed sticks instead of 4
  • The package has its reed stick container
  • The package has instructions at the back


  • It only comes with one variation and one size


6. Cocod’or Mini Flower Reed Diffuser/ Black Cherry / 1.6oz (50ml) / 1 Pack/ Fragrance Décor for Cars Cubicles, Small Rooms, and Home, Diffuser Oil Sticks Gift Set

Cocod’or has brought to us another variation of its usual Reed diffuser set, a gift pack. It is an item not only for household use but in other areas like cars and cubicles.

Cocod’or Mini Flower Reed Diffuser


  • The set comes with mini flowers for aesthetic effects
  • The package looks expensive and elegant
  • The package contains instruction on how to use


  • The scent comes only in one type and one size
  • Essential oil does not come in a separate container


7. MINISO Elegant Series Reed stick Scent Diffuser Elegant Rose Fragrance, White

MINISO Elegant Series Reed Diffuser set is encased in a nature-themed package and the vessel comes in a clean white appearance. As a matter of fact, this reed diffuser is one of the best-selling diffusers on Amazon.

MINISO Elegant Series Reed stick Scent Diffuser Elegant Rose Fragrance


  • Available in three variations
  • Safe, clean, and non-toxic
  • Reed sticks are white, giving off a clean vibe


  • The vessel is plastic and may fall too easily
  • Essential oil is not contained in a separate vessel


8. IRIS Lavender Reed Diffuser

IRIS has brought to us another innovative Reed diffuser set in a varied vessel. The package gives a simple and pretty aura.



  • Essential oil is in a separate bottle
  • The package contains 6 red sticks rather than just 4
  • The package is also lavender themed


  • There is only one variation of scent in one size
  • Does not contain any instructions


9. Rosemoor Green Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime Scented Reed Diffuser for Living Room, Washroom, Bedroom, Office – 200 mL with 10 Reed sticks

Rosemoor Green Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime Scented Reed Diffuser is a diffuser compatible for use anywhere. Also, Roosemore Green is an English brand ensuring only high-quality fragrances are made.

Rosemoore Green Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime Scented Reed Diffuser


  • The glass container is very secured and has a solid foundation
  • Has 10 reed sticks
  • Packaging has detailed instructions
  • Can last approximately 2 and a half months


  • Does not contain any separate bottle for the oil
  • The packaging is fairly simple and made of plastic
  • Only one variation and one size


10. Maxime Candles Ceramic Jasmine Scented Reed, Oil Diffuser and Sticks (22.5cm x 12 cm x 7cm, Black)

Certainly, Maxime Candles Reed Diffuser is a beautiful set enclosed in a matching box. It is perfect for both personal use and gifting.

Maxime Candles Ceramic Jasmine Scented Reed


  • Five available scents
  • The ceramic designer bottle is elegant
  • Contains 8 rattan reed sticks


  • Packaging seems cheap
  • Does not seem to contain any instructions



If you want your home to smell and feel clean, then a reed diffuser is a suitable item for you. Surprisingly, it is an item you can use anywhere and everywhere. Thus, it is for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Moreover, it does not only give a single option to choose from but multitudes of scents. Additionally, you get to benefit from it, both in body and mind. Reed diffusers may seem very simple however it is very worth their price. Above all, you can use it not only for aromatherapy purposes but also for aesthetic decoration. In the same way, you can let people identify your home by the fragrances your reed diffuser brings.


What is the Benefit of Reed Diffuser?

Significantly, reed diffusers can give you an aromatherapy experience at home. Consequently, it can help you relieve your stress, relax your mind, and improve your focus. Furthermore, it can lift your mood and boost your well-being. Reed diffusers are safer to use than electric and/or candle diffusers which need the use of continuous energy and heat. Uniquely, it only needs little to no maintenance since you would just have to replace the reed sticks when they have been fully utilized.

What is the price of Reed Diffuser?

Reed diffusers are surprisingly easy to use and inexpensive to purchase and refill. Additionally, it can help you save in the long run. Accordingly, a set of reed diffusers can last you weeks or months, depending on your consumption of essential oil.

Who uses the reed diffuser more?

As a matter of fact, reed diffusers are for everyone. In particular, it is budget-friendly and available to students, workers, or even the elderly. Likewise, since reed diffusers have multiple benefits, it is good for use when you want to create a stress-free fragrant environment.