Best Recliner Sofas in India-Buyer’s Guide

If you want to define a recliner sofa, then you may say that this is a fusion of a sofa and an armchair. The sofa reclines when the occupant lowers the chair’s back and raises its front. This sofa comes with a lot of features. You can recline it up to 180 degrees backward. The sofa has a lever and strong springs in it. It also has a backrest and front rests that you can easily pull out as your need and move as your need. A recliner is also known as a reclining chair, lounger, or armchair.

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List Top 9 Best Recliner Sofa in India

List of best Recliner sofas

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1. Royaloak Divine Three-Seater Recliner Royaloak Divine Three Seater Recliner
2. Forzza Ryan 2 Seater Recliner Sofa Black PU Forzza Ryan 2 Seater Recliner Sofa Black PU
3. AE Designs Rocking Recliner In Olive Brown Fabric AE Designs Rocking Recliner In Olive Brown Fabric
4. The Couch Cell Manual Recliner in Brown The Couch Cell Manual Recliner in Brown
5. Amazon Brand – Solimo Delphi Single Seater Leatherette Recliner Amazon Brand - Solimo Delphi Single Seater Leatherette Recliner
6. AE Designs Recliner In Dark Brown AE Designs Recliner In Dark Brown
7. FURNY Carson Fabric 3 Seater Manual with German Recliner Mechanism Sofa FURNY Carson Fabric 3 Seater Manual with German Recliner Mechanism Sofa
8. Home Centre Zurich One Seater Recliner – Brown Home Centre Zurich One Seater Recliner – Brown
9. Amazon Brand – Solimo Musca Two Seater Fabric Recliner Amazon Brand - Solimo Musca Two Seater Fabric Recliner

 Features of Best Recliner Sofa

  • A recliner sofa is a great carrier for relaxation.
  • The sofa itself can tilt in various directions providing comfort to the user.
  • You can feel the taste of an armchair on your sofa if you are using a reclining one.
  • Firstly, the sofa can bend about 180 degrees backward.
  • The soft fabric will treat you kindly.
  • Also, the sofa may come with a backrest where you can relax your back and a footrest where you can keep your foot on.
  • After that, the sofa will come with strong structural features and springs.
  • Finally, it will also allow you with other features such as a vibrator, massagers, heaters, etc.

 Types of Recliner Sofa

 There are many types of recliner sofas available in the market as below,

– First, traditional recliners are two-seaters and they are widely seen.

– There is also a single-seater and three-seater recliner sofa available.

– After that, a power reclining sofa is a sofa with a built-in headrest and footrest that recline with the push of a button.

– Then come rocker recliners which are an old favorite of nursing mothers and adults with young children.

– Also, there are types such as Glider Recliner, Push-Back Recliner, Swivel Recliner, Lift Recliners, and Wall-Hugger Recliners.

Buyer’s Guide – Recliner Sofa

  •  It’s a huge question what type of reclined sofa do you need?
  • Actually, it is defined through the interior and the arrangements of the room which defines the type.
  • Of course, your sofa has to suit the look of your living room.
  • But this doesn’t define your need. You may need the sofa for a different purpose.
  • There are some certain points that you can bring into consideration.
  • The points are the size of your room, the size of your body, the construction, and your preference for the style.
  • These points can find your sofa.

 How to use Recliner Sofa

  •  To use a recliner sofa, you need to assemble it first.
  • The sofa may come as unassembled or assembled.
  • If it is unassembled, then you can just place it in your desired position and start using it.
  • If you don’t get it assembled, then you may find a user manual with it and you can do it by yourself.
  • You just have to follow the instructions in the manual properly.
  • Sometimes, it is really tough to assemble the sofa especially if it’s a three-seater.
  • You need to call an expert for that.
  • After assembling it, you can just lay back on it.
  • There may remain some other features and for those, you’ll have different switches and levers.

List of Top 9 Best Recliner Sofas in India

1. Royaloak Divine Three-Seater Recliner

 This is mainly a Malaysian collection product and the product is made of fabric. The dimension of the product is Length- 78 inches, Width -29 inches, and Height 38 inches.

Royaloak Divine Three Seater Recliner


– Firstly, it rocks comfortably when the elevated footrest is not used.

– Secondly, the backrest reclines at different angles when the handle mechanism at the side is used to elevate the footrest.

– Thirdly, it is easy to clean and maintain.

– Finally, very soft material and comfortable padding are used.


– Firstly, getting up is a little difficult, especially for older people.

– Secondly, the footrest can jerk up uncomfortably and hit your lower legs if not used correctly.

– Finally, no instructions on how to use it properly are provided.

Royaloak-Divine-Three-Seater-Recliner2. Forzza Ryan 2 Seater Recliner Sofa Black PU

 This product promises comfortable and plush with generous cushioning and a classic shape. Also, this recliner sofa assures you of great quality and extreme comfort. This contemporary style product has a dimension of, Height (100 centimeters) Length (156 centimeters) Width (96 centimeters).

Forzza Ryan 2 Seater Recliner Sofa Black PU


 – Firstly, it gives a 30 days warranty for manufacturer defects.

– Secondly, no need to assemble.

– Thirdly, pocket coil construction for long-lasting comfort and a great deal its price.


– Firstly, the product is not much shiny.

 – Secondly, it doesn’t have wheels.


3. AE Designs Rocking Recliner In Olive Brown Fabric

 This chair mainly has fabric upholstery. Different mechanisms, to & fro rocking chair mechanism and swivel revolving mechanism installed. Also, this product is available in different colors at the request of the customer.

AE Designs Rocking Recliner In Olive Brown Fabric


 – Firstly, the rocking mechanism is great indeed it’s very smooth.

– Secondly, the swiveling feature is great too. As it is difficult to find both rocking and swivel features in a recliner.

– Finally, the sofa is pretty sturdy, the fabric looks durable, and the cushioning is firm.


– Firstly, the seating depth is a little short but It’s alright when you get the leg rest up.

– Secondly, the backrest height is too low – can’t rest the head on it.

– Thirdly, although the reclining mechanism is smooth, it is pretty tight as a result, you need to push them back hard for reclining back and need to push hard with your legs while releasing back to the original position.

– Overall, the reclining feature is not suitable for elderly or weak people but the rocking and the swiveling feature is really good for everyone including kids and for baby rocking.


4. The Couch Cell Manual Recliner in Brown

 It is mainly a contemporary-style recliner sofa that is mainly made of wood. The item dimension is 96.5 x 86.4 x 70 Centimeters per Length x Width x Height. Wood is used as frame material and to build up the body, hardwood is used.

The Couch Cell Manual Recliner in Brown


 – Firstly, 6 months warranty on any manufacturing defect.

– Secondly, easy to install and comes with a user manual.


– Firstly, the lever is hard to operate.

– Secondly, when inclined, tends to fall sideways.

AE-Designs-R-107-Recliner-Brown5. Amazon Brand – Solimo Delphi Single Seater Leatherette Recliner

 Solimo brings this beautifully designed fabric recliner that is great for home furniture needs. It is mainly made with durable and strong seams that ensure longevity. Also, this recliner’s fabric color does not fade with rubbing.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Delphi Single Seater Leatherette Recliner


 – Firstly, the reclining position is comfortable.

– Secondly, the product is much more durable.

– Finally, it meets the performance and safety standards.


– Firstly, This is a non-rocking recliner so elderly people can’t use it.

– Secondly, a sagging base causes discomfort.

– Finally, the material is not comfortable for humid weather.



6. AE Designs Recliner In Dark Brown

 This product comes redefining the definition of comfortable seating. Also, it provides a stunning design that makes it ideal for your room while it provides economical pricing too.

AE Designs Recliner In Dark Brown


 – Firstly, no need to install it.

– Secondly, gives 6 month’s warranty on any manufacturing defect.

-Finally, a great deal according to the price.


– Firstly, the cushions are not very soft.

– Secondly, the footrest is very tight.


7. FURNY Carson Fabric 3-Seater Manual with German Recliner Mechanism Sofa

 It is a recliner that has solid wood as the primary material and fabric as the upholstery material. In the case of seating capacity, it provides a three-seat assembly. It ensures comfortable and cozy seating with its enhanced seating of soft foam cushions. Finally, it comes in a contemporary style that is sure to update any room that is put in.

FURNY Carson Fabric 3 Seater Manual with German Recliner Mechanism Sofa


 – First, durable and high-quality materials have been used. They ensure a solid structure of the product.

– Secondly, breathable leather gives great comfort.

– Finally, a great mechanism comes with box springs and side paddles.


– Firstly, three-seaters are tough to install.

– Finally, the product is pretty heavy and it takes a huge effort if you are planning to move.



8. Home Centre Zurich One Seater Recliner sofa – Brown

 It is mainly a one-seater recliner that has polyester and laminated veneer lumber wood as a primary material. The product allows you to enjoy the best in relaxation as you pick it up and kick up your feet to watch TV, work on a laptop, or just hang out.

Home Centre Zurich One Seater Recliner – Brown


 – Firstly, it gives a one-year warranty.

– Secondly, can take a load of up to 122 kg.

– Finally, the soft and nice fabric makes it very comfortable.


– First, need to apply high force to get into a relaxing position.

– Secondly, it needs an expert for the installation of the product.


9. Amazon Brand – Solimo Musca Two-Seater Fabric Recliner

 This product is a comfortable two-seater recliner with high-quality fabric and an attractive design in chocolate color. The product meets the European Standard EN 1728 for performance and stringent European Safety Requirement Standard EN 12520.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Musca Two Seater Fabric Recliner


 – Firstly, it gives 3 years warranty on manufacturing defects.

– Secondly, it’s a lightweight recliner for easy shifting

– Thirdly, the fabric does not lose color with rubbing.

– Finally, the product is very high quality and passed many durability tests.


– Firstly, the seats don’t work the same sometimes and that’s really uncomfortable.

– Secondly, in some cases, the product is not long-lasting.



  A recliner sofa provides great comfort and relaxation to the user. They are of great use to elder people and pregnant women. You should try one if you never have used a recliner sofa.


 What are the materials used in sofa recliners?

     Many different materials like leather, cotton, natural-synthetic fiber combinations, or simply synthetic fibers keep it fire-resistant and clean. Other materials such as chenille fabric, plush, and artificial leathers are also

used for upholding, and for the body, metal springs and metal parts are used.

  1. Are recliner sofas good?

     Recliner sofas are a such sofa that provides great back and lumbar support. The sofas come with some additional features like heaters, massagers, and vibrators. Overall, the features and the materials play an important role to fix the price of a recliner sofa. Finally, if the price matches your considerations, then they are really good.

  1. Can you cover a reclining sofa?

     Yes, of course, you can cover a reclining sofa and you can find many options available in the market to do that. You can easily choose the most suitable one for you from those.

  1. How do I arrange my couch and recliner?

     The arrangement of the couch and recliner depends on the size of the room and the need of the user. You may place them face-to-face or at an inclined angle. Whether you do it you have to leave some space in the

back and forth of the incliner so that you can easily move with it.