Best Ramraj Shirts in India-Buyers Guide

There are many factors to think of when buying clothes. Clothes are important because they represent the person and their values to the world in general. Typically, comfort is one of the factors when men buy shirts. In other words, they want something breathable, cooling does not wrinkle too much, and is still presentable. This generally means that clothes are traditionally made from cotton, linen, or silk.

Ramraj Cotton is a well-known brand in the Indian market. Since 1983, this company has evolved with the times to produce high-quality products. Now, there are wide choices of the men, whether shirts, pants, or dhotis categories as well as various collections. Moreover, there are several materials to choose from and all of these are in line with Indian culture. Also, Check the Buyers Guide for the Best Ramraj Dhoti, Dhotis, Dhoti salwar sets, Dhoti kurta for women, Lungi for menJockey T-Shirts, Jockey vest, Cloth Drying stand, Detergent Powders, Semi-Automatic washing machines & fully automatic washing machines in India.

Top 6 Best Ramraj Shirts in India-Buyers Guide

List of Ramraj Shirts

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1. Ramraj Men’s Linen Unstitched 1.60 m Shirt Fabric Ramraj-Linen-Unstitched-Fabric-White
2. Ramraj Men’s Regular Fit Shirt Ramraj Men's Regular Fit Shirt
3. The Ramraj Men’s Slim Fit Shirt Ramraj Men's Slim Fit Shirt
4. Ramraj Sammantham Full Sleeve Shirt Ramraj Sammantham Full Sleeve Shirt
5. Ramraj Vivega White Shirt Ramraj Vivega White Shirt  
6. The Ramraj Cotton Men’s Regular Fit Shirt Ramraj Cotton Men's Regular Fit Shirt

Features of Ramraj Shirts

The Ramraj Shirts segment has standard features like;

  • Do you want a full sleeve or half sleeve shirt? Full sleeves present a professional image but users can feel uncomfortable in non-air-conditioned offices.
  • Moreover, customers have choices of patterns, print or plain. All Ramraj shirts will look suitable in any situation.
  • Its shirts are collared with buttons up the front. Also, all shirts have a breast pocket.
  • Ramraj also provides an assortment of colors, in plain white or cream. Generally, white, cream, or solid colors are considered more professional.
  • Then there is the consideration of the materials. Naturally, this ties into the customer’s occasion for the shirt. Evening or special occasions could mean silk or something impressive whereas daily wear can use cotton.

Types of Ramraj Shirts

Now let’s deep dive into one of the more popular categories for Ramraj which is the men’s. If you search the Ramraj catalog, there is a dizzying array of colors, cutting, and collections.

Ramraj produces three main categories:


  • choice of white, color, or cream.
  • This category also enables the customer to select comfort or style.
  • For example, the user will feel comfortable with the Sammantham shirt.


  • choice of white or color. Here, the shirt is a high value for money since it is more long-lasting.
  • Moreover, Ramraj understands the importance of getting the shirt to fit its customer.


  • choice of color.
  • A Ramraj silk shirt will provide a sense of luxury to its user.

Buyers guide for Ramraj Shirts

As always, before ordering, it would be wise to take note of the following factors.

Type of Material

  • Silk is the preferred choice as it is extremely soft with its smooth, reflective appearance.
  • Certain metamorphosing insect larvae produce silk.
  • Hence, the process is more time-consuming.
  • This results in an end product that could be quite expensive.
  • On the other hand, we can get linen from a flax plant.
  • The fiber from a flax plant is long-lasting but unfortunately, can be a little on the rough side.
  • That said, your shirts would look crisp all day long.
  • Lastly, there is cotton.
  • The extraction process is short and cheap.
  • The material is ideal in all weather, hypoallergenic, and super comfortable due to its breathable quality.

The Cut or Fitting of the Shirt

  • Regular fit means it loosely follows your body shape and roomy armholes, giving you plenty of room for movement.
  • Meanwhile, a slim fit would fit your body silhouette, emphasizing the chest and shoulder.

Do You Go for Stitched Or Unstitched?

  • A finished shirt is also known as stitched.
  • This means you can wear it off the shelf.
  • An unstitched shirt, on the other hand, provides the flexibility to customize the shirt to better suit the user.

 How to use it?

  • The good news is that most of Ramraj’s collections are stitched.
  • As a result, the shirt is always ready to wear.
  • However, the discerning customer may opt for the unstitched collections for a better silhouette.
  • As always, please remember all shirts should be washed before use.

List of Top 6 Best Ramraj Shirts in India-Buyers Guide

Having said all that, there are 6 very popular products from the Ramraj collections.

1. Ramraj Men’s Linen Unstitched 1.60 m Shirt Fabric (White, Free Size)

This regular cut white linen shirt comes in a solid pattern. This shirt has a material length of 1.60m.

Ramraj Men's Linen Unstitched 1.60 m Shirt Fabric (White, Free Size)


  • In comparison to the rest, this shirt is free size.
  • Linen material makes this shirt more long-lasting than a cotton shirt.
  • Users can adjust to size since the shirt comes with 1.60m of material.



  • As this is unstitched, this means additional trouble to search for a tailor.
  • With only a solid pattern, it is quite plain.


2. Ramraj Men’s Regular Fit Shirt

This regular cut half sleeve collared shirt comes in a printed pattern.

Ramraj Men's Regular Fit Shirt


  • Choice of various sizes.
  • This shirt allows both hand and machine wash.
  • A printed pattern provides a nice contrast to the simple white shirt.



  • It does not show off the body shape.
  • The half sleeve would not be as presentable as a full sleeve shirt.


3. Ramraj Men’s Slim Fit Shirt

In comparison, this full sleeve collared shirt comes in a printed pattern.

Ramraj Men's Slim Fit Shirt


  • Similarly, customers can select various choices.
  • It is also slim fitting so it will flatter the user’s body shape.
  • The shirt’s printed pattern makes it more striking.



  • This stitched shirt may not be very flattering to all.
  • This full sleeve would not be as comfortable as a half sleeve.


4. Ramraj Sammantham Full Sleeve Shirt

This regular cut collared full sleeve shirt comes in a cream color.

Ramraj Sammantham Full Sleeve Shirt


  • Like the Men’s Regular Fit Shirt, this range provides different sizes.
  • Also, take note this range allows for both hand and machine washing.
  • The cream color of this shirt showcases a professional image.



  • The shirt is a regular fit. Hence, not suitable if the intent is to show off the body shape.
  • The longer sleeve may make the user feel hotter.


5. Ramraj Vivega White Shirt

This regular cut short sleeve collared shirt comes in white color.

Ramraj Vivega White Shirt


  • This range allows for various sizes.
  • In comparison to the above, the short sleeve of this shirt will feel cooler.
  • Its white color makes it an ideal office attire.



  • Unfortunately, the user has to dry clean the shirt.
  • Since the shirt is plain white, it would be easier to dirty.


6. Ramraj Cotton Men’s Regular Fit Shirt

This is a regular-fitting cotton short sleeve collared shirt.

Ramraj Cotton Men's Regular Fit Shirt


  • The Men’s Cotton Men’s Regular Fit shirt is machine washable.
  • Plus, it comes in multiple sizes.
  • Like the Vivega White Shirt, this is ideal to wear in the office.



  • Like the other regular cuts, this shirt may not be so flattering to the body shape.
  • Moreover, its cotton material makes it less long-lasting compared to a linen shirt.



Summarily, Ramraj provides value for money and comfort. Best of all, Ramraj has an extensive catalog for the customer to choose from.


 Why do most of them prefer Ramraj shirts?

Ramraj maintains high quality for all its shirts. Pricing for the shirts is also comparative within the market.

What is the price range of Ramraj shirts?

Ramraj shirts retail from INR665 up to INR1,175. However, some shirt ranges have promotions knockin down prices between INR5 to INR225.