Best Raincoat in India Buyers Guide

A raincoat serves the purpose of protecting the wearer from getting wet during rainy weather. With a proper raincoat, you can step out even when it is raining heavily. You would be doing so with the assurance that the coat will keep the rainwater from seeping in. As a matter of fact, people wearing raincoats can even ride bicycles and motorcycles in rainy conditions. That is because the raincoats protect them fully from getting wet.

Raincoats with pockets further protect the wearers’ valuables from ruin by water during wet weather. Some raincoats protect the wearers’ heads through hoodies. Raincoats are made from materials that offer water resistance. They are therefore capable of keeping most water from seeping in. Some are actually waterproof or water repellant: meaning that they allow absolutely no water to seep in. Umbrellas are also very much useful in rainy seasons.

Best Raincoats in India-Buyers Guide

List of Raincoats

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1. THE CLOWNFISH Raincoat for Men CLOWNFISH-Polyester CLOWNFISH-Polyester
2. FabSeasons Reversible Waterproof Raincoat FabSeasons Reversible FabSeasons Reversible
3. Amazon Brand – Solimo Polyester Long Rain Coat mazon Brand - Solimo  
4. Daelyn Raincoat for Men Daelyn Raincoat for Men Daelyn Raincoat for Men
5. ZEEL Raincoat ZEEL Raincoat ZEEL Raincoat
6. SHALIMAR Unisex Cross Laminated Rain Poncho SHALIMAR Unisex Cross SHALIMAR Unisex Cross
7. Zacharias Women’s Waterproof Raincoat Zacharias Women's Zacharias Women's
8. Wildcraft Rain Cheater Suit – Maroon Wildcraft Rain Cheater Wildcraft Rain Cheater
10. Duckback Men’s (Solid) Raincoat Duckback Men's Duckback Men's

Features of Raincoat

  • The hoodie is an important feature of a raincoat. Best raincoats come with hoodies that are adjustable. The hoodie protects the wearer’s head from getting wet.
  • The reflective strip is another important feature in a raincoat.
  • Best raincoats have reflective strips that make the wearers visible even under dark conditions, translating into safety.
  • Leak-proof stitching is yet another important feature in a raincoat.
  • It is this which is responsible for protecting the wearer completely from getting wet in rainy weather.
  • The best raincoats come with strong zippers, typically with overlaying flaps.
  • Double layering is also important in a raincoat, as is the pocket.

Types of Raincoats

  • Some raincoats are classified as trenchcoats.
  • These cover the entire body, usually up to the ankle level, in one piece.
  • Others fall into the category of rain jackets.
  • These reach up to wait for level. Often they come in matching pants.
  • There are also those that are known as ponchos.
  • There are water-resistant raincoats.
  • Then there are waterproof raincoats.
  • There are also those that are known as water repellants.
  • There are zippered raincoats.
  • Then there are non-zippered raincoats.
  • We have some raincoats that come with hoodies.
  • Then we have those that come without hoodies.

How to use a Raincoat?

  • Most raincoats have reversible use. This means that you can wear them with either of the sides inside.
  • If your raincoat is not of the reversible use variety, you should first identify the right side to wear it.
  • Normally, you put your hands into the raincoat first, before pulling it over the back.
  • After wearing the raincoat, you usually need to zip it up, in order to get proper wetness protection.
  • If the raincoat’s zip has overlaying flap buttons, you need to snap them on, to get full wetness protection.
  • After using the raincoat, it is important to dry it properly before storing it for next time use.

How to purchase the best Raincoat?

  • It is important to ensure that the raincoat you buy is one that will be comfortable to wear.
  • Whether a coat is comfortable to wear depends on the material it is made from, as well as its design.
  • Check the size carefully. Only go for a raincoat that is big enough for you.
  • Otherwise, if you go for a coat that is too small, it will be uncomfortable to wear.
  • And a coat that is too small may not offer full protection from wetness.
  • Further, check the coat’s zipper quality.
  • If the coat has a hoodie, take a good look at it too.
  • Ensure that it is a quality hoodie.
  • If you intend to be using the coat while riding/walking in low light conditions, ensure that it has reflective strips.
  • Consider the brand too. There are certain well-established brands in the raincoats niche, and their products tend to be of good quality.
  • For instance, any genuine Duckback raincoat or a Wildcraft raincoat is likely to be a quality product.
  • The same would apply to a Zeel Raincraft coat.
  • And this is with regard to both raincoats for men and raincoats for women.
  • If you have to go for the expensive raincoats, ensure that they have truly special features.

List of Top 10 Best Raincoats in India-Buyers Guide

1. THE CLOWNFISH Raincoat for Men

This is a reversible use coat. Comes complete with a pant.

THE CLOWNFISH Raincoat for Men


  • Has leak proof stitching
  • The zipper has to overlay flap with buttons
  • Includes a pocket to protect valuable stuff


  • There are only two sizes to choose from
  • It can get too warm for some users (possibly due to double layering)


2. FabSeasons Reversible Waterproof Raincoat

What you get here are a coat and pants. The set comes complete with a storage bag.

FabSeasons Reversible Waterproof Raincoat


  • It is a lightweight coat
  • The material is quite tough, hence not prone to tearing
  • Price is within good range


  • Pockets and hood are only on one side
  • Its elegance is basic


3. Amazon Brand – Solimo Polyester Long Rain Coat

This is a water-resistant coat. It covers up to the ankle.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Polyester Long Rain Coat


  • Includes pockets to protect essential stuff
  • The stitching is leak-proof
  • The fabric is 200 GSM polyester, hence fully protective


  • The elastic enclosure on the coat’s wrists may be uncomfortable to some
  • Zipper can be hard to replace in case it jams


4. Daelyn Raincoat for Men (Heavy Duty and Waterproof)

Here is a premium coat that is also windproof. It is a complete set: both top and pant.

Daelyn Raincoat for Men


  • Very smooth and comfortable to wear
  • Has genuine waterproof capability
  • The waist has elastic for adjustability


  • Doesn’t offer many size choices
  • Some may find pocket too small


5. ZEEL Raincoat (With Sealed Seams)

What is on offer here is an elegant coat and pants. The sealing on the seams prevents any water seepage.

ZEEL Raincoat


  • It has the windproof capability
  • Includes extra pockets
  • Has a stylish look


  • Price may be on the higher side for some
  • It is not a particularly lightweight coat


6. SHALIMAR Unisex Cross Laminated Rain Poncho

Can be used by both men and women. Very hard to tear.

SHALIMAR Unisex Cross Laminated Rain Poncho


  • Cost is within most people’s reach
  • There are no major size limitations (this being a free size coat)
  • It has UV (ultraviolet) protection


  • Some may find the sleeves rather short
  • It is not particularly elegant (but practical)


7. Zacharias Women’s Waterproof Raincoat

It is a low-cost coat. The design is specifically ideal for women.

Zacharias Women's Waterproof Raincoat


  • The material is truly waterproof
  • It is a free size coat
  • Includes a quality hood


  • Zipper requires careful handling
  • Pocket size may appear modest to some


8. Wildcraft Rain Cheater Suit – Maroon

What you get here is a nylon raincoat. It is ideal for wearing by men and women alike.

Wildcraft Rain Cheater Suit – Maroon


  • Pockets have zippers
  • The seams are all sealed
  • Offers many sizes to choose from


  • Price is relatively high
  • Waistband elastic can be somewhat uncomfortable for some wearers


9. SHAKUMBHARI FAB Men’s Rain Coat

Highly affordable coat. Has both water repellent and waterproof capabilities.



  • Stylish looking coat
  • Includes two big pockets
  • Price is quite low


  • Some may find the hoodie size too modest
  • It is not a very lightweight coat


10. Duckback Men’s (Solid) Raincoat

Comes with an adjustable hood for the head. Zipper seems to be very sturdy.

Duckback Men's (Solid) Raincoat


  • Doesn’t allow any water to seep in
  • All stitches have inner taping
  • Quite comfortable to wear


  • Offers few size choices
  • Elegance is basic



A good quality raincoat can protect you from getting wet even in the heaviest rain. While shopping for such good quality raincoats, the information in this guide should assist you considerably.


Which is the best raincoat?

The best raincoat is one that offers full protection from wetness and is comfortable to wear.

What is the price of a raincoat?

It can range from 250 to 1,800 rupees, depending on quality and brand.

What are the best waterproof raincoats?

The best are those whose stitches are sealed, and whose zippers have protective flaps.