Best Quechua Shoes in India-Buyers Guide

Quechua is one of the leading brands in France. It provides hiking and camping apparel and equipment. the signature of the brand is its shoes. Quechua shoes are the number one choice for hiking, and camping purposes. With 20 years of experience, the brand provides shoes that are ideal for all weather conditions. These shoes are a complete package of comfort and luxury. They are tested in real-life conditions as well as in the laboratory to ensure that they provide maximum strength, comfort, and protection. Besides the protection and strength, Quechua shoes are lightweight, enabling free and natural stride.

A distinguishing feature of these shoes, that makes them superior to others, is the rubber guard stone. It is a unique structure of rubber that is present at the front of the shoe. The purpose of the rubber guard stone is to protect the front part of the feet. Also, a full-length foam is present to provide maximum cushioning, preventing injury through stones and pebbles. Hence, Quechua provides shoes that are best suitable for any tough and adventurous activity.

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Top 10 Best Quechua Shoes in India- Buyers Guide

List of Quechua Shoes

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1. Quechua Men’s Shoes Quechua Men's Shoes
2. Quechua NH100 Women’s Shoes Quechua NH100 Women's Shoes
3. Quechua MH 100 Women’s Shoes Quechua MH 100 Women's Shoes
4. Quechua MH500 Men’s Shoes Quechua MH500 Men's Shoes
5. Quechua NH150 Men’s boots Quechua NH150 Men's Shoes
6. Quechua Kid’s Hiking boots Quechua Kid's Hiking Shoes
7. Quechua Men’s NH150 boots Quechua Men's NH150 Shoes
8. Quechua Modern boots Quechua Modern Shoes
9. Quechua Kid’s Hiking boots Quechua Kid's Hiking Shoes
10. Quechua NH150 Women’s Boots Quechua NH150 Women's Boots

Buyer’s Guide for Quechua Shoes

Buying a good pair of shoes for hiking can be tough, as one may have to check different things.

However, the most notable features to look for before buying are listed below:


  • The ability of the shoes to walk smoothly over different surfaces without losing grip is adhesion.
  • The Quechua boots offer great adhesion at every point.


  • Another important feature to consider is the comfort of the shoes.
  • Always look for shoes that are comfortable to wear and hence allow walking or running without any stress.
  • Quechua boots are comfortable, the foam inside the shoes allows them to fit in slender and thin feet while its bi-stretch material is flexible to adapt the shoe for larger feet.


  • The most important feature of shoes is to provide protection to the feet.
  • Quechua boots are second to none giving ultimate protection to the feet.
  • It provides protection at three levels.
  • The front is guarded by the rubber stone guard.
  • The upper part of the shoes prevents any injury from rocks.
  • While a layer of form is present at the bottom along the length of feet.


  • A key feature of shoes is their lightweight.
  • The Quechua boots are made with a strategy to optimize the weight of every part.
  • Being lightweight, these shoes allow you to move freely, maintaining your natural motion.


List of Top 10 Best Quechua Shoes in India-Buyers Guide

1- Quechua Men’s Shoes

These Quechua boots are stylish and comfortable. They provide adhesion and maximum grip. They have hooks for proper lacing and a strap system at the front. Hence, are a desirable choice for hiking.

Quechua Men's Shoes


  • These shoes have a warranty period of 2 years
  • Provides strong adhesion due to cross-contact technology
  • Suitable for half-day hiking


  • These shoes cannot be used for full-day hiking
  • They will not give satisfactory results in wet or damp weather conditions, which means they are not waterproof


2- Quechua NH100 Women’s Shoes  

These hiking shoes are designed for women. They come with a warranty period of 2 years and are both comfortable and stylish.

Quechua NH100 Women's Shoes  


  • Offers good adhesion due to cross-contact technology
  • It has a strong and fit grip and is adjustable according to feet size
  • Protects the feet from injuries with the help of a rubber guard stone


  • Not suitable for full-day hiking
  • Made for hiking on easy and dry paths


3- Quechua MH 100 Women’s Shoes  

Quechua MH 100 shoes are a perfect choice for mountain hiking. The warranty period of these shoes is 2 years. It comes in a two-toned color and offers protection with a rubber stone guard.

Quechua MH 100 Women's Shoes  


  • These shoes are suitable even for full day hiking
  • These are designed with a waterproof technology
  • It protects the feet because of the full-length foam that provides cushioning


  • Some people may find it expensive
  • Are not suitable for everyday use


4- Quechua MH500 Men’s Shoes

This pair of use is essential to consider when thinking of hiking in wet and damp conditions. These men’s shoes offer both style and comfort.

Quechua MH500 Men's Shoes


  • These Quechua shoes have a waterproof exterior
  • Offers excellent grip in muddy, damp, or dry paths
  • Contains a rubber stone guard for protection


  • Some people may find it expensive
  • Not suitable for full-day or excessive hiking


5- Quechua NH150 Men’s Shoes  

This stylish-looking pair of Quechua boots are created in an environment-friendly way. As 30% of the outer sole is made by using recycled rubber.

Quechua NH150 Men's Shoes


  • Provides accurate grip due to the bi-stretch material
  • Protects the feet from injury with three mechanisms
  • Mesh front allows breathability


  • Suitable for half-day hiking only
  • Not suitable for hiking in damp or wet tracks


6- Quechua Kid’s Hiking boots

Well, who says hiking is only for adults? Kids are often more excited about hiking and ae more prone to injuries. Hence, they must need a good pair of hiking shoes. Quechua hiking boots for kids are there to serve the purpose.

Quechua Kid's Hiking Shoes


  • They provide protection to the delicate feet of children
  • Lightweight and hence allows children to run around carelessly
  • Provides accurate grip and adhesion


  • Are not up to the mark for tough hiking
  • Some people may find it expensive


7- Quechua Men’s NH150 boots

Quechua Men’s NH150 prevents the entry of water I the shoes. Hence, are waterproof in most cases. Also, they offer protection and comfort without looking dull and out of fashion.

Quechua Men's NH150 Shoes


  • A strong layer of foam at the sole prevents injury as well as provides comfort
  • Stone guard present at the front protects from toe injuries
  • Has a long warranty period of 2 years


  • Some may find it expensive
  • Excessive use will cause them to wear out quickly


8- Quechua Modern boots

These shoes are proved waterproof for over 8km walk in water up to mid-sole. They protect the feet with the help of a rubber stone guard, full-length cushioning, and the upper part.

Quechua Modern Shoes


  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Provides great protection
  • Lightweight and comfortable to allow fee stride


  • Not suitable for casual or formal use
  • Some may find it expensive


9- Quechua Kid’s Hiking boots

Quechua has designed MH100 for the kids who like and crave hiking. These youthful-looking shoes protect their feet and allow them to enjoy hiking.

Quechua Kid's Hiking Shoes


  • Protects the feet from injuries
  • Have a 2-year warranty period
  • Dual shade, stylish, and good-looking exterior


  • These Quechua shoes are not waterproof
  • not suitable for full-day hiking


10- Quechua NH150 Women’s Boots

The NH150 provides style and comfort together. A key feature of these shoes is their waterproof nature. They are proven to be waterproof even for a two-hour walk during rain. Hence, they are an excellent choice for hiking even in rainy days.

Quechua NH150 Women's Boots


  • Waterproof sole and membrane
  • The rubber sole makes it an excellent choice for off-road tracks
  • 2-year warranty period


  • Some people may find these shoes expensive
  • Available in only one color



To conclude, Quechua shoes are perfect for any kind of hiking or camping activity. They produce a variety of amazing shoes. Some of the Quechua shoes that are available in India are listed above. Therefore, anyone who plans to buy shoes will find the above guide helpful.


Are Quechua shoes good?

Quechua is one of the leading brands of France and an internationally known brand. They are experienced in producing products for hiking and other such activities and create high-quality products. In short, Quechua shoes are undoubtedly a good and wise choice.

Which are the best Quechua shoes?

Quechua creates several good shoes and it is difficult to tell which one is best. However, a list of some of the good Quechua shoes is given above.

What is the price of the Quechua shoes?

The price of Quechua shoes ranges from ₹1500 to ₹5000.