Quantum Dot generally known as QLED is a technology incorporated in display devices that uses Quantum dots. Now, let’s break it down for a better understanding. Quantum dots are formed from small microscopic particles that can’t be seen with the human eye. This particle emits color when a light source strikes them.  Furthermore, the color they emit depends on their size which is 2 – 10 nanometers. Particles with higher sizes emit red light while particles with smaller sizes emit green light.

If you still think QLED is not important then, imagine what your TV will be without color? Not great, of course. Therefore, the quantum dot has a lot of roles to play.  As a result, produces clear and Vibrant colors that we see on the screen.

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Top 10 Best QLED TVs in India

List of QLED TVs

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1. Hisense 65U7QF (2020 Model) Hisense 65U7QF (2020 Model) Hisense 65U7QF (2020 Model)
2. OnePlus Q1 series 55Q1IN-1 (2020 Model) OnePlus Q1 series 55Q1IN-1 (2020 Model) OnePlus Q1 series 55Q1IN-1 (2020 Model)
3. TCL 50C715 (2020 Model) TCL 50C715 (2020 Model) TCL 50C715 (2020 Model)
4. Samsung QA55Q60TAK (2020 Model) Samsung QA55Q60TAK (2020 Model) Samsung QA55Q60TAK (2020 Model)
5. HOM HOM550QQ (2018 Model) HOM HOM550QQ (2018 Model) HOM HOM550QQ (2018 Model)
6. TCL 55C815 TCL 55C815 TCL 55C815
7. Samsung QA43LSO1TAKXXL (2020 Model) Samsung QA43LSO1TAKXXL (2020 Model) Samsung QA43LSO1TAKXXL (2020 Model)
8. TCL X4 65X4US TCL X4 65X4US TCL X4 65X4US
9. Samsung QA65Q60RAKXXL (2020 Model) Samsung QA65Q60RAKXXL (2020 Model) Samsung QA65Q60RAKXXL (2020 Model)
10. Samsung QA65Q70TAXXL (2020 Model) Samsung QA65Q70TAXXL (2020 Model) Samsung QA65Q70TAXXL (2020 Model)

Features of QLED TV

  • This article will run you through several features of the QLED.
  • Firstly, the main change in this third-generation QLED is that the quantum dot is covered in a new metallic case.
  • Secondly, it is less open to oxidation, making this TV very durable.
  • Thirdly, quantum dots are being placed in different ways in the TV structure. So, making the production of color and light very efficient.
  • Fourthly, is its ability to present more visible and accurate colors at peak brightness. Thus, with QLED, you will appreciate more, the benefits of high definition range (HDR) content.
  • Fifth, the performance – Since, the third generation of quantum dots is concerned, they are no chances for performance deterioration.
  • Sixth, also, it has a great viewing angle.
  • Seventh, it has a color filter, and Finally, another important feature is its immunity to screen burn.

Types of QLED TVs

  • Quantum dot can be Photoluminescent or Electroluminescent.
  • Photoluminescent, due to the fact, that it uses external light to energize the Quantum particles.
  • Generally, these types are the ones present on all TVs out there.
  • While, the electroluminescent technique uses electricity just as the name implies, to energize each quantum particle to self-emit images.
  • Electroluminescent technology is not ready for commercial purposes yet.

Buyers guide for QLED TV

  • At this point, you might want to go for any TV with HDR compatibility apart from QLED.
  • Since, HDR is the key to brightness and color, as we know.
  • But, it is very important to note, before buying any TV, that the HDR will not function actively.
  • Therefore, QLED delivers more HDR color and brightness, making images look lifelike.
  • It would interest you to know, that with all the benefits 4K QLED TV offers, QLED Prices are affordable.
  • Why is that? This is because this technology is applied to displays in various ways.
  • For instance, the quantum dots are placed in tubes, and also, those placed in films.
  • In each way the technology is applied, its performance efficiency will determine its cost.
  • This means that whatever budget you are on, you will always find a QLED TV to match your need. 

How to set up & use QLED TV?

  • Quantum dots LED are placed in films that are attached in front of the LED panels.
  • The film is layers of minute particles where each emits its color.
  • When these films are placed in front of the LED backlight illuminates the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
  • When light passes through the LCD and hits the films of quantum dots, these particles then amplifies the LCD.
  • As a result, making it produce an even more enhanced color would have not been possible with LCD.
  • QLED and OLED may seem quite similar as they are the leading technology in display devices out there.
  • But, QLED has some advantages over OLED. One is its ability to still produce rich color in any light.
  • On the other hand, OLED suppresses its color in times where full brightness in the screen is required.
  • Two, QLED has no issue of screen burn unlike, OLED which has a risk of screen burn.

List of Top 10 Best QLED TV Models in India-Buyers Guide

Hence, all these below are 4K Ultra HD smart Certified Android QLED TV.

1. Hisense 65U7QF (2020 Model)

This QLED TV uses Dolby’s vision to provide the best view for Indian users. It offers advanced features such as full array dimming, Hi-view Engine, 700-nits peak brightness, Chromecast, Google Assistance, etc.

Hisense 65U7QF (2020 Model)


  • The TV is good-looking due to its sleek design.
  • Great upscaling.
  • Good picture quality.


  • Not enough speaker efficiency.
  • Doesn’t have Smooth motion always.

Hisense 65U7QF (2020 Model)Hisense 65U7QF (2020 Model)

2. OnePlus Q1 series 55Q1IN-1 (2020 Model)

OnePlus introduces Gamma color magic to its viewers.  Also, with Dolby Vision and Atmos, Google Assistant, Oxygen Play, Easier Remote Control, etc.

OnePlus Q1 series 55Q1IN-1 (2020 Model)


  • Not expensive.
  • Rechargeable remote.
  • Fast internet connectivity.
  • Good Audio quality.


  • No table-stand.
  • No Airplay 2.

OnePlus Q1 series 55Q1IN-1 (2020 Model)OnePlus Q1 series 55Q1IN-1 (2020 Model)

3. TCL 50C715 (2020 Model)

TCL is here again with its Magic content feature and Hands-free Voice control. In collaboration with OTT provides non-stop content for its viewers. Also, with its Google play feature, you can have access to play music, games, movies, and even books.

TCL 50C715 (2020 Model)


  • The TV is very large and has a slim design.
  • No issue of overheating.
  • Chromecast works great


  • Speaker has no bass.
  • RAM OS is 2 GB.

TCL 50C715 (2020 Model)TCL 50C715 (2020 Model)

4. Samsung QA55Q60TAK (2020 Model)  

This TV also, has an AI Google Assistant (Bixby), Mirroring, Alexa, Airplay 2, and others. Especially the amazing Multi-View Option. This Multiple Viewing allows the viewing of different contents at the same time.

Samsung QA55Q60TAK (2020 Model)  


  • Very durable with no burn-in risk.
  • Not Expensive.
  • Top-notch picture and sound quality.


  • As per-review, there is no issue with the product yet.

Samsung QA55Q60TAK (2020 Model)  Samsung QA55Q60TAK (2020 Model)  

5. HOM HOM550QQ (2018 Model)

This Tv has features like App Store, E-share, USB-USB file transfer, Eco Vision, 3D filter, Native Soundbar, and more.

HOM HOM550QQ (2018 Model)


  • User-Friendly.
  • Very Affordable.
  • Excellent picture and sound quality.


  • Applications are a bit slow.

HOM HOM550QQ (2018 Model)HOM HOM550QQ (2018 Model)

6. TCL 55C815

TCL supports Dolby Atmos Audio, Multiple Languages, a built-in Subwoofer, Google play.  Every moment is fun as they are in alliance with OTT partners.

TCL 55C815


  • Frameless Screen with a sleek design.
  • Good clarity and sound output.
  • High Video quality with rich colors.


  • The RAM sizes.

TCL 55C815TCL 55C815

7. Samsung QA43LSO1TAKXXL (2020 Model)

Provides a range of choices to customize your screen, to match your screen décor, all thanks to Ambient Mode. Also, it has multiple Voice Assistant, Live Cast, and more.

Samsung QA43LSO1TAKXXL (2020 Model)


  • Supports Multi-view
  • Color (cloud white) is so classy.
  • High Stand, easy to move around.
  • The design all around is great.


  • No Magic Remote

Samsung QA43LSO1TAKXXL (2020 Model)Samsung QA43LSO1TAKXXL (2020 Model)

8. TCL X4 65X4US

This Tv has a Harman Kardon sound system, Local Dimming. Micro Dimming, Google App store, Voice Search, Chromecast, and more.



  • TV is ultra-slim
  • High Refresh rate.
  • It has an edgeless design.


  • No Multi-Viewing at the same time.


9. Samsung QA65Q60RAKXXL (2020 Model)

No more black screen with Ambient mode. Also, this TV provides features like AI Upscaler, Multiple Voice Assistant, Airplay 2, Mirroring, etc.

Samsung QA65Q60RAKXXL (2020 Model)


  • Excellent Video quality.
  • Improves room décor.
  • The tv’s sleek design is great.


  • No Multi-Viewing at the same time.

Samsung QA65Q60RAKXXL (2020 Model)Samsung QA65Q60RAKXXL (2020 Model)

10. Samsung QA65Q70TAXXL (2020 Model)

Provides the Ambient mode feature, a lot of voice assistance, Airplay 2, etc.

Samsung QA65Q70TAXXL (2020 Model)


  • Enough number of HDMI port
  • Color (Titan Grey) is unique.
  • The quality of pictures, audio, and video is nice.


  • No magic remote.

Samsung QA65Q70TAXXL (2020 Model)Samsung QA65Q70TAXXL (2020 Model)


Now you know what QLED TV. Make your choice from the top 10 lists of QLED TVs.  Begin to experience a whole new level of technology QLED.


What is the meaning of QLED TV?

QLED is a Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode that provides color and brightness to the screen.

Is QLED or OLED better?         

These two are the leading technology in the TV market. The major difference between QLED is that large screen sizes are affordable. Also, the color volume is greater than any OLED model.

Is QLED better than 4K TV?                           

QLED is also 4K TV. It is just a technology built into 4K TV to enhance its display.