Buy Best Preethi Mixer online In India-Buyers Guide

Preethi is one of India’s most reputable kitchenware brands. Among the kitchenware items under the Preethi, the brand is mixers. The Preethi mixer serves the purpose of stirring, grinding, and whipping food. It can also help with some aspects of kneading. Usually, the Preethi mixer is also capable of blending food ingredients and it can help with extraction: for instance, in getting juice out of various fruits.

This mixer is a very helpful appliance to have in your kitchen. It can save you a lot of trouble: for instance, the energy you may otherwise have spent stirring foodstuff. Further, the mixer can help you improve your kitchen output. For instance, it can help you get better-quality cooking results. That is because it does things like stirring, grinding, and whipping better than you would otherwise do them manually.

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Top 10 Best Preethi Mixers in India

List of Preethi Mixers

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1. Preethi Zodiac (MG-218) Mixer/Grinder Preethi Zodiac (MG-218) Mixer
2. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond (MG-214) Mixer/Grinder Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond (MG-214) Mixer
3. Preethi’s Steel Supreme (MG-208) Mixer/Grinder Preethi Steel Supreme (MG-208) Mixer
4. Preethi Eco Plus Mixer/Grinder Preethi Eco Plus Mixer
5. Preethi Popular (MG 142) Mixer/Grinder Preethi Popular (MG 142) Mixer
6. Preethi’s Galaxy (MG225) Mixer/Grinder Preethi Galaxy (MG225) Mixer
7. Preethi Xpro Duo (MG 198) Mixer/Grinder Preethi Xpro Duo (MG 198) Mixer
8. Preethi Crown (MG-205) Mixer/Grinder Preethi Crown (MG-205) Mixer
9. Preethi’s Peppy (MG-245) mixer/grinder Preethi Peppy (MG-245) mixer
10. Preethi Lavender Pro (MG 185) Mixer/Grinder Preethi Lavender Pro (MG 185) Mixer

Features of Preethi Mixer

  • In a Preethi mixer, one feature that matters greatly is the motor power rating. It is important to understand that the mixer does all things it is capable of through the motor. Therefore the mixer’s efficacy and efficiency depend on the motor’s power rating.
  • Another key feature of Preethi mixers is the number of jars. This tells you how many things the mixer is capable of.
  • Yet another key feature in Preethi mixers is the capacity of the respective jars in them. This tells you how much food you can process with the mixer at one time.
  • The bigger the respective jars’ capacities, the more food you can process with the mixer at once.
  • Further, in the Preethi mixers, the noise level matters. An ideal mixer is one that makes as little noise as possible.
  • Otherwise, a mixer that is too noisy can soon become intolerable to the ears.

Types of Preethi Mixers

  • There are Preethi mixers that come with 3 jars. Then there are those that come with 4 jars.
  • We also have others that come with a total of 5 jars. (Note that the Preethi mixer’s price tends to depend to some degree on the number of jars. Thus those with more jars tend to cost more).
  • There are Preethi mixers whose working is anchored on 750-watt motors.
  • Then there are those whose working is anchored on 550-watt and 1300-watt motors.
  • We have 3-speed Preethi mixers. Then we have 5-speed Preethi mixers.

Buying Guide for Preethi Mixer

  • The key consideration to make is the main application for which you need the Preethi mixers. So the focus is on whether it is mainly for blending ingredients, extracting fruit essences, kneading, and so on.
  • Insight into the main application for which you need a Preethi mixer tells you which mixer is best for you.
  • Further, take a good look at the Preethi mixer’s warranty conditions. Only purchase a mixer if its warranty seems to be satisfactory. You never know, the mixer may develop issues, and then you find yourself needing the warranty.
  • As for the Preethi mixer price, make a side-by-side comparison of it against the respective mixers’ features. Ultimately select a mixer for which the price is good in comparison to its core features.

How To Use Preethi Mixer?

  • You may use the Preethi mixer to blend and stir food ingredients. Thus after putting the ingredients together, instead of stirring them by hand, you stir them with the mixer.
  • It is also possible to use the Preethi mixer to grind things up. It may even help with things like meat mincing. And if you have fruits from which you wish to get juice, the mixer may help with that too.
  • Usually, all you have to do is get the food you wish to process into the mixer’s appropriate jar.  Then you select the appropriate mixer function. Thereafter, you turn on the mixer, after which the mixer processes the food as required.
  • Since the mixer is a food processing appliance, it requires frequent and thorough washing. Ideally, the moment you finish with the mixer, you should wash it at least with some warm water.

List of Top 10 Best Preethi Mixers in India-Buyers Guide

1. Preethi Zodiac (MG-218) Mixer/Grinder

This mixer has 5 jars. It comes with a 750-watt motor.

Preethi Zodiac (MG-218) Mixer


  • This mixer has the capacity to process quite a lot of food at a single time
  • It includes a highly effective overload protector
  • This is a versatile mixer (for things like blending, juicing, grinding, and so on)


  • This mixer makes quite a bit of noise
  • The first time one uses it, it may have some slight burning smell (due to motor varnish heating)

Preethi Zodiac (MG-218) Mixer

2. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond (MG-214) Mixer/Grinder

This is a 3-jar mixer. It comes with machine ground blades which have superior performance.

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond (MG-214) Mixer


  • Inside the grinder are highly effective nylon couplers
  • The operating noise level is quite low
  • It has a PVC-insulated core


  • Jar capacity is quite modest
  • This mixer uses quite a bit of electric energy to operate

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond (MG-214) Mixer

3. Preethi Steel Supreme (MG-208) Mixer/Grinder

What you get here is a 4-jar mixer. It works using a W5 Vega motor.

Preethi Steel Supreme (MG-208) Mixer


  • The handles for this mixer have the solid sturdiness
  • Its exterior has anti-fingerprint mark coating
  • It has protections against overloads and voltage fluctuations


  • The price for this mixer is quite high
  • Cleaning some parts of this mixer can present a bit of a challenge

Preethi Steel Supreme (MG-208) Mixer/Grinder

4. Preethi Eco Plus Mixer/Grinder

This mixer works on a 550-watt motor. It comes with 3 jars.

Preethi Eco Plus Mixer


  • Its jars and blades are food safe, as they are made from stainless steel
  • It comes with a high-quality polycarbonate dome
  • The capacity for this mixer’s jars is adequate for most people’s needs


  • Some may at first find the price to be a little high for a 3-jar mixer
  • This is a somewhat noisy food mixer

Preethi Eco Plus Mixer/Grinder

5. Preethi Popular (MG 142) Mixer/Grinder

This is a modern 3-jar mixer. Serves roles like fine grinding, stirring, and making chutneys.

Preethi Popular (MG 142) Mixer


  • Its ABS body is fully shockproof
  • It comes with oil-filled bronze bushes
  • This mixer’s dome is fully transparent


  • This mixer requires somewhat considerable electric power
  • Some may find the mixer’s handle design a bit too simple

Preethi Popular (MG 142) Mixer/Grinder

6. Preethi Galaxy (MG225) Mixer/Grinder

What you get here is a pink, 3-jar mixer. It works with power from a 750-watt motor.

Preethi Galaxy (MG225) Mixer


  • It comes with jars that are fully leakproof
  • This mixer blades have quite sharp edges
  • The coupler in this mixer is of a durable variety


  • Sometimes, the mixer may seem to heat up quite a bit
  • The blades may not be easily removable

Preethi Galaxy (MG225) Mixer/Grinder

7. Preethi Xpro Duo (MG 198) Mixer/Grinder

This is a powerful mixer with a 1,300 watts motor. It works on 230 volts of Alternating Current (AC) electricity.

Preethi Xpro Duo (MG 198) Mixer


  • It comes with a heat-sensitive cutoff
  • Its nylon couplers make usage smooth
  • The body is shockproof (as it is built with ABS)


  • This is a relatively costly (but quality) mixer
  • Learning how to use some of its advanced functions make takes some time

Preethi Xpro Duo (MG 198) Mixer/Grinder

8. Preethi Crown (MG-205) Mixer/Grinder

Comes with 3 jars. The motor power rating is 500 watts.

Preethi Crown (MG-205) Mixer


  • This mixer/grinder has high-precision performance
  • The price for this mixer is relatively on the lower side
  • The mixer is made from highly hygienic steel (stainless)


  • The motor may trip often if overloaded
  • The noise level for this mixer is around 80 decibels

Preethi Crown (MG-205) Mixer/Grinder

9. Preethi Peppy (MG-245) mixer/grinder

This mixer is powered by a Vega W5 750-watt motor. It is a 3-speed mixer.

Preethi Peppy (MG-245) mixer


  • Electric power usage efficiency for this mixer is quite good
  • The motor has 3D guided airflow, which keeps it cool and hence durable
  • Its ABS body can withstand heavy usage


  • There are several important limits in its 5-year warranty
  • The motor’s handle can be a bit tiring

Preethi Peppy (MG-245) mixer/grinder

10. Preethi Lavender Pro (MG 185) Mixer/Grinder

What you find here is a 4-jar mixer. It includes a super extractor juicer.

Preethi Lavender Pro (MG 185) Mixer


  • This is a 5-speed mixer
  • All its jars come with flow breakers
  • The mixer’s handles have an ergonomic design which enhances the convenience


  • Some parts of the mixer may be a bit hard to access for cleaning purposes
  • The noise level may initially require some time to get used to

Preethi Lavender Pro (MG 185) Mixer/Grinder


A Preethi mixer can help you perform functions like grinding, stirring, and juice extraction efficiently. This guide can help you to get Preethi mixer shopping right.


Which is the best Preethi mixer?

One that works in an efficient manner, is easy to handle, makes modest noise, and is easy to clean.

Is Preethi a good brand for mixers?

Yes, Preethi is one of the more reliable mixer brands.

What is the price of the Preethi mixer?

Preethi mixer price range is mostly between 2500 and 9500 Indian rupees, depending on features.