Best Pop Filters for Microphone in India-Buyers Guide

A Pop Filter reduces the background sound and enhances the original sound. Also, it reduces the air pressure on the speaker and clarifies the sound. Many singers and voice-over artists use pop filters while recording.

Pop filters are important for above mentioned two purposes. When a person utters plosive sounds like the letter “P” in the microphone which exerts pressure on it, and also when the microphone pops when the user laughs.

The windscreen pop filter is just a foam that is placed on the mic to filter the wind sound. It is suitable for outdoor recordings with the mic. Also, check the buying guide for Cordless Microphone, Lapel Mic or Collar Mic, Wireless Microphones, DJ Controllers, Bluetooth speakers, Amplifier Speakers, Ahuja Speakers, Audio Mixers, Karaoke Mic, Sony Home Theaters, Sound Bars, Public Address systems, Karaoke Systems, subwoofers, television, and mixing boards in India.

You may also have seen many people using pop filters in YouTube videos. But most of us don’t know what the main purpose of using pop filters is. So, we will discuss the details of pop filters in this article.

Top 12 Best Pop Filters in India

List of pop filters

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1. Generic Studio Microphone Foam Mic  Generic-Studio
2. Samson Microphone Pop Filter PS01 Samson-PS01
3. Juarez Pf-100 Shield Mask for Studio Microphone  Juarez-Microphone
4. Rode VMPR DeadCat Wind Cover for Videomic Pro-R Rode-DeadCat
5. Neewer Windscreen Pop Filter  Neewer-Microphone
6. Kadence Pop Filter for Microphones Kadence-Microphone
7. Samson Microphone Pop Filter PS04
Samson Pop Filter
8. Imported Fur Microphone for Lapel Lavalier Mic Black Windscreen
9. Rode Deluxe Shotgun Microphone Windscreen Filter Rode-WS6
10. Shure Popper Stopper Filter   Shure Stopper
11. ZRAMO Foam Windscreen Large Microphones Windscreen-Designed
12. Monoprice Microphone Pop Filter  Monoprice-Performance

Buyers Guide – Pop Filter

Below mentioned points are a few things that you have to check in a pop filter and a windscreen pop filter. It is important to know your need.

  • First, determine whether you need a filter or not.
  • If yes, then you need to decide whether you need a windscreen filter or a pop filter.
  • For a windscreen filter, the size is very important.
  • It must fit on the mic to stop the wind from entering and touching the mic.
  • Also, check the thickness of the foam because it is important for its efficiency.
  • For a pop filter, first of all, check the size of the screen of the filter.
  • The screen must be large so the user can move freely while recording.
  • And the mesh material is also important.
  • Nylon and metallic mesh are present in pop filters.
  • Metallic mesh filters are expensive but durable and good for high-frequency sounds.
  • While nylon filters are inexpensive but may tear because of high frequencies.
  • The gooseneck must be long and flexible.

Some filters have weak goosenecks and they cannot support the filter. It is important to check the material and then buy the product.

Features of Pop Filters

The following features are commonly present in any pop filter or windscreen pop filter:

  • The pop filters have a frame in which the mesh is present to filter the sound.
  • The mesh is made of nylon or a metal sheath to filter the sound and trap and disperse the extra sound.
  • And the metallic mesh is strong and durable as compared to the nylon mesh.
  • Then there is a gooseneck which can be of different lengths. The gooseneck is flexible to adjust to the filter.
  • The neck of a pop filter has a clasp that helps attach it to the mic stand.
  • The filter is attached to the mic stand by screwing it.

Types of Pop Filters

There are two main types of pop filters:

Nylon Mesh Pop Filters

  • A nylon pop filter has two layers of nylon fabric that are present around the border of the filter.
  • There is a small space between the two layers which is the air gap.
  • The air gap helps reduce the pressure of the “p” sound or plosives affecting the mic.
  • These filters are reasonable in price and very good for beginners.
  • Nylon fabric is delicate so high-frequency sound can easily damage it.

Metallic Mesh Pop Filters

  • These are the most popular type of pop filters having a thin metallic sheet.
  • There are some holes in the metallic sheets that relay the air.
  • These are strong filters but the problem with this is that the metallic sheet can bend.

Dual-layer Pop Filters

  • This filter has two layers – one is made of nylon and the other layer is metallic.

How Does a Pop Filter Work?

Pop filters help to reduce the impact of plosives and wind while recording. They are placed on microphones or the stand. They have clamps to attach it to the mic’s stand.

  1. Usually, plosives or “P” and “B” sounds have high frequencies and exert pressure on the mic.
  2. When a person speaks, the voice hits the mesh of the filter.
  3. It disperses the sound and filters the bad sound.
  4. Singers or voice artists use these filters when they are working indoors like in their studios.
  5. It has a long gooseneck which is flexible and you can adjust it with your microphone easily.
  6. Windscreen filters can easily fit on the mic.
  7. It just prevents the sound of the wind from reaching the microphone.
  8. They are best for outdoor shoots.

List of Top 12 Best Pop Filters for Mic in India Buyers Guide

1. Generic Studio Microphone Foam Mic Shield Cover 2 Pcs:

This is suitable for every normal microphone. It is light in weight and works very well against surrounding noises and wind. And its diameter is 2.17 inches and its thickness is 6mm.Generic Studio Microphone Foam Mic Shield Cover 2 Pcs


  • Generic Studio Pop Filter made with foam material.
  • It is a very affordable product
  • The material is good and durable
  • It is very effective in filtering plosives & wind sound


  • Small in size therefore not suitable for big mics

Generic Cover

2. Samson Microphone Pop Filter PS01:

This has a flexible neck which helps adjust it. It is amazing for vocal bursting and sibilance. The dimensions of the product are 36.83 x 22.23 x 1.91 cm and the weight is454 grams.Samson Microphone Pop Filter PS04


  • Samson Pop Filter comes with a nylon mesh.
  • And its nylon mesh is very good for reducing sound pops
  • It is suitable for different microphones


  • The threads of nylon mesh start coming off after some time

Samson Pop Filter

3. Juarez Pf-100 Pop Filter Shield Mask for 6-Inch Studio Microphone with Double Mesh Wind Screen, 360° Flexible Gooseneck & Quick Mount Clamp:

This has two layers of filters with some space in between them to scatter the air pressure. Also, this has an adjustable metallic gooseneck that keeps the filter in its place. The dimensions of this pop filter are 31 x 16.6 x 2.8 cm.Juarez Pf-100 Pop Filter Shield Mask for 6-Inch Studio Microphone


  • Juarez Pop Filter has a double mesh windscreen.
  • This is a reasonable product
  • Very effective filtering all extra sound
  • The metal stand is flexible so the user can easily adjust it


  • The filter is so soft that it cannot stand in its place easily
  • It is not a durable product


4. Rode VMPR DeadCat Wind Cover for Videomic Pro-R:

This is a very lightweight cover weighing only 13 grams. It is suitable for minimizing wind sound. This filter shield is specifically for Videomic Pro Rycote.Rode VMPR DeadCat Wind Cover for Videomic Pro-R


  • Rode VMPR Pop Filter is made up of artificial fur material.
  • This is a good product for reducing sounds & air pressure


  • Expensive one

Rode Cover

5. Neewer® Windscreen Pop Filter in Ball Type Foam for Condenser Microphone:

This is very effective in reducing background sound while recording. The color of this windscreen is black and the dimensions are 1.8″ x 1.8″ x 2.75″.Neewer® Windscreen Pop Filter in Ball Type Foam


  • Neewer Pop Filter is good at reducing the extra sounds
  • It saves the microphone from moisture and dust.


  • The price is slightly higher

Neewer Windscreen Filter

6. Kadence Pop Filter for Microphones:

This gooseneck holder is also long sporting a length of 14.5 inches. Its gooseneck is flexible and can rotate up to an angle of 360 degrees. The diameter of the windscreen filter is 5.9 inches.Kadence Pop Filter for Microphones


  • Kadence Pop Filter is suitable for all types of microphones.
  • It is as good as other famous brands of pop filters
  • Also, it protects the microphone from dust


  • Adjustment issues and doesn’t stand straight

Kadence Pop Filter

7. Samson Microphone Pop Filter PS04:

This is a nylon mesh pop filter that reduces sounds and balances the plosives. It has a gooseneck 8 inches in length. Also, it has a universal adapter for attachment with microphone stands.Samson Microphone Pop Filter PS04


  • Samson Pop Filter is a good product and works very well
  • The neck is flexible and easily adjustable


  • No negative reviews by existing customers


8. Imported Fur Microphone Windscreen for Lapel Lavalier Mic:

This is a lightweight and stylish windscreen specifically for Lapel Lavalier Mic. It is black and has a furry look and weighs only 10 grams. This is very good for neutralizing wind sound when recording outdoor.Imported Fur Microphone Windscreen


  • Imported Ful Windscreen is elastic and fits well on Lapel Lavalier Mic
  • The material is very good & has great efficiency in reducing wind sound


  • No negative reviews by existing customers

Black Windscreen

9. Rode Deluxe Shotgun Microphone Windscreen Filter WS6:

This is one of the best products on our list. It is good at reducing the sound of gushing wind during bad weather.Rode Deluxe Shotgun Microphone Windscreen


  • Rode Deluxe Pop Filter is suitable for Rode NTG2 and NTG1 microphones.
  • It is a good product and fits well in the microphones mentioned above


  • The only bad thing is that the fur layer sheds

Rode Shotgun screen

10. Shure Popper Stopper Pop Filter with Heavy Duty Microphone Clamp Stand & Metal Gooseneck:

This pop filter has a diameter of 6 inches and the weight is 341 grams. It comes with a metallic gooseneck so it is a strong and durable pop filter.Shure Popper Stopper Pop Filter with Heavy Duty


  • Shure Popper Stopper Pop Filter is very good for filtering “B” and “P” sounds.
  • This product is a quite effective one


  • No negative reviews by existing customers


11. ZRAMO Foam Windscreen Designed for Audio Technica, Blue Yeti, MXL, Yeti Pro Condenser Microphone & Other Large Microphones:

This is a large pop filter that is suitable for large microphones. It works well with many microphones. The dimensions of the product are 8.99 x 2.49 x 8.99 cm and the weight is 9 grams.ZRAMO Foam Windscreen Designed for Audio Technica


  • ZRAMO Windscreen Pop Filter fits best on all the large microphones
  • It works best with MXL, Blue Yeti, Audio Technica, and Yeti Pro condenser microphone


  • ZRAMO foam windscreen is a bit expensive

Windscreen Condenser

12. Monoprice Microphone Pop Filter with Vocal Performance Dual Screen, Goose Neck Flexible C Clamp & Double Semi-Transparent Nylon Screens:

This product is also a good choice. It has two nylon sheets on both sides of the frame and this gives double protection against unnecessary sounds. The diameter of the screen is 6 inches.Monoprice Microphone Pop Filter with Vocal Performance Dual


  • Monoprice Pop Filter has double nylon mesh, a gooseneck, and a C clamp.
  • The product is good at reducing sound and wind
  • And the size of the filter is also good


  • No negative reviews by existing customers

Monoprice Microphone Filter


If you are a singer or are making videos with voiceovers then this article is for you. Here we have explained in detail the importance and uses of pop filters and windscreen pop filters. Do check out the top products list to consider a good option for your needs.


Can you use a windscreen and a pop filter?

If you want to filter just wind sound, then you can use windscreen filters. It can easily filter all the surrounding sounds.

Do you need a pop filter if you have a windscreen?

This is used to reduce the vocal plosive sounds while windscreen filters filter the sound of the wind. So, windscreen filters are suitable for recording outdoors. They serve different purposes, so if you are a professional, you will need both.

What does a pop filter do?

Mostly, singers use pop filters in their studios. They help reduce the effect of surrounding sounds and plosive sounds by the singer.

Why do singers sing so close to the microphone?

When the singer sings close to the mic, they can hear their voice better. This helps them determine how will their voice sound to the listeners.

Can you wash a pop filter?

Yes, you can wash it with soapy water. Also, you can dip it in alcohol to clean it.

How much does a pop filter cost?

They have different prices. The price starts from a few hundred to thousands of rupees depending on their quality.