Best Plastic Tables in India-Buyers Guide

A table is probably the most important and necessary piece of furniture in our house or office. It is as needed as a bed or a chair. In the old days, most of the furniture was made of wood. But time has changed. Now metal and plastic have entered into the material catalogue. The invention of plastic has revolutionized its way to every aspect of industries and the furniture industry is one of them.

Plastic tables have made their debut in the furniture industry for more than a decade now. And for its style and conveniences, it has become very popular very quickly. Another reason for plastic tables being popular is that they are a lot cheaper than wooden or metallic tables. So, for people who are moving to their new places but have a limited budget for buying furniture, plastic tables will suit them perfectly.

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Top 10 Best Plastic Table Brands in India

List of Best Plastic Tables

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1. Cello Eden Four Seat Dining Table Cello-Seater-Dining-Table
2. Cello Presto Dining Table Cello-Presto-Seater-Dining-Marble
3. National Jaipur Rectangular Four Seater Dining Table National-Jaipur-Rectangular-Seater-Dining
4. Supreme Olive 4 Seater Plastic Dining Table for Home Supreme-Olive-Dining-Table-Seate
5. Cello Magna Dining Table for Home Cello-Magna-Dinning-Table-Brown
6. A to Z Hub Height Adjustable Multi-Purpose Plastic Table Hub-Adjustable-Multi-Purpose
7. Cello Proline Dining Table Cello-Proline-Seater-Dining-Table

Features of Plastic Tables

  • As technology has made its progression, so has production design.
  • And for plastic tables, so many new attractive features have been added.
  • But let’s talk about the most basic features that make plastic tables so convenient.
  • First of all, like all plastic furniture and other plastic products, plastic tables are very light in weight which makes them very easy to rearrange and transport.
  • Plastic tables are washable with water and soap.
  • So, you do not have to worry about food stains, ink marks, or anything.
  • It is very heat resistant and has no effects on weather changes.
  • You do not have to worry about rusting, corrosion or woodlice.
  • Plastic tables come in various colors – in any color you want.
  • About some modern features of plastic tables, folding/foldable tables are the new trend.
  • Now you can fold a plastic table and put it away when you do not need them.
  • It saves space. Some of the newly designed tables can be folded into something else like a chair or a tool.
  • You can also add drawers to the table if you want.

Types of Plastic Tables

All the types of wooden tables can be made with plastics too. Dining tables, tea tables, coffee tables, bedside tables, picnic tables, kitchen tables— all kinds of tables can be made out of plastics.

As plastic has different variations, plastic tables have too.

PVC tables

  • PVC plastic tables are the most affordable ones.
  • They have great hardness and strength which makes them hardly breakable.

PMMA tables

  • PMMA tables are the most durable and these tables have the most stylish design and great quality.

Nylon plastic tables

  • Well, not all parts of a table can be made out of nylon.
  • But Nylon can produce a transparent property which gives an alternative to glass.
  • Nowadays nylon glasses are a thing.
  • Nylon glass is more durable than normal glass and they do not break easily.
  • Even if they break, they do not produce very sharp shards.

Polycarbonate table

  • Polycarbonate plastic tables have the highest quality.
  • They are also very eco-friendly and easily recyclable.

Buyer’s Guide – Plastic Tables

  • The plastic table price is really low.
  • And compared to wooden or metal tables, plastic tables are a lot cheaper.
  • There are a lot of companies that produce plastic companies.
  • You can go to their showroom and choose the table you like.
  • These shops generally offer fixed prices.
  • So you do not have to go through any haggling.
  • Many mainstream furniture shops and companies also make plastic furniture nowadays.
  • And there is always online shopping.
  • Sites like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba have available plastic tables with reasonable pricing to meet your needs.

Uses of  Plastic Table

  • Using a plastic table is no rocket science.
  • The maintenance is very easy because it does not need any extra care or caution like wooden tables.
  • When you buy a plastic table, it generally comes into pieces.
  • So when you buy one and bring it home, you have to assemble the table yourself.
  • You don’t need to worry though.
  • The table will come with assembling instructions.
  • Just follow that and make sure the pieces are placed correctly and firmly.
  • About using a plastic table, you do not normally have to worry about any stain. But do not scratch it. Otherwise, it is all good

List of Top 7 Best Plastic Tables in India Buyers Guide

1. Cello Eden Four Seat Dining Table

A simple dining table for four-seaters. The table requires assembling and comes in four colors— ice brown, granite, marble beige, and red.

Cello Eden Four Seat Dining Table


  • It is polypropylene made which makes it lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
  • The four legs make the table stable.
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • Also, comes with a one year warranty


  • Can not support anything weighing more than 15kg.
  • It also may feel a little crowded if four people are using it at the same time.


2. Cello Presto Dining Table

Cello Presto Dining Tables are round-shaped and four-legged tables. These tables come in 6 colors— beige, granite, matte brown, red, rosewood, and sandalwood brown. The Rosewood table has a slightly different design but it is as good in quality as the other ones nonetheless. This kind of table is perfect for a tea or coffee table.

Cello Presto Dining Table


  • Its round shape makes it look very fashionable.
  • The assembling process is very easy.
  • Very light in weight and can be transported anywhere very easily.


  • The table is quite small in size. Not suitable for a dining table.


3. National Jaipur Rectangular Four Seater Dining Table

A four-seater dining table is perfect for a micro-family consisting of four or fewer people. These tables come in several colors— beige, brown, mango-wood, red, rosewood and teakwood.

National Jaipur Rectangular Four Seater Dining Table


  • Very fashionable and stylish.
  • Perfect for a dining and a kitchen table.
  • Also, Very easy to rearrange.


  • Not suitable for use in a living room.
  • There is a round hole in the middle which some may find inconvenient.


4. Supreme Olive 4 Seater Plastic Dining Table for Home

This marvellous-looking table is available in six colors— beige, granite, ice brown, red, rosewood, and sandalwood brown. The leg design is different compared to other items.

Supreme Olive 4 Seater Plastic Dining Table for Home


  • The cross-legged design provides a shelf that gives space for additional items.
  • Long durability and long-lasting.
  • Unique and convenient design.


  • Costlier than other similar products.
  • The table legs do not have any gripper added. So there is a possibility of sliding if the floor is too slippery.


5. Cello Magna Dining Table for Home

With a unique and eye-catching design, Cello Magna presents you with a dining table with metallic legs. You will be able to buy this table in 7 colors— black, coke red, globus brown, Mehandi green, orange, and wenge.

Cello Magna Dining Table for Home


  • The legs are made of metal. This feature will provide firm support to the tabletop.
  • Very convenient and suitable in outdoor environments.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.


  • As legs are made of metal, there could be a chance of rusting and corrosion.
  • Slightly heavier than other plastic tables.


6. A to Z Hub Height Adjustable Multi-Purpose Plastic Table for Study, Dining & Outdoor (Folding Table, Rectangular and brown)

This table is rectangular in shape and only available in dark brown color. The color is very eye-catching. The design of this table is also very attractive.

A to Z Hub Height Adjustable Multi-Purpose Plastic Table


  • The joints and hinges of this table are strong and stable.
  • Perfect for a laptop or study table.
  • Foldable, which will save space.


  • Considerably more expensive than other similar products.


7. Cello Proline Dining Table

The Cello Proline Dining table is rectangular in shape. The design is very simple. This table is available in four colors— black, brown, green, and red.

Cello Proline Dining Table


  • Very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Very lightweight and rigid.
  • Also, the assembling and rearranging process is very easy.


  • The design might be too simple for your liking.
  • Not suitable for placing heavy objects on it, like TV or micro-oven.




Plastic tables are a wonder of modern technology no doubt. Using a plastic table has a lot of advantages. Also, it reduces the use of wood which leads to a decrease in deforestation. But plastic has its own demerits as well. So, we hope you buy eco-friendly and recyclable plastic furniture that will not only be serving you well but also be friendly to the earth’s environment. So, recycle and save planet earth.


How much do plastic tables cost?

Simple plastic tables with plastic legs cost about 1500 to 5500 Rs. If the legs are made of metal (aluminium or stainless steel), the price starts from 3500 or 4200 Rs. Round-shaped tables are normally more expensive than rectangular ones. The price of a folding table starts from 5250 Rs and the price can be up to 16000 or more considering the material, design, shape, and features. Nylon plastic tables cost the most. The price of a nylon plastic table starts from 10000 Rs and onwards.

How much is a plastic table and chair in Nigeria?

Considering sizes, children’s plastic table price range is 1500 to 5000 Naira. Medium-sized four-seater dining plastic table price ranges from 4000 to 7000 Naira. And big-size plastic table prices (for six-seater or more) start from 8500 Naira and onwards.

Foldable tables are obviously costlier. Foldable plastic table prices start from 2000 Naira. A Nylon plastic table could cost 100000 Naira or more.

What shape table is best for a small space?

Square or rectangular-shaped tables are most preferable for small spaces. Because when needed, square or rectangular tables be pushed right away into a corner and the table will perfectly fit in that space. If only two people are living in the house, the table can be pushed into a corner to save space. Round tables do not provide that privilege. Also, in some cases, round tables cost more than rectangular or square tables. 

Is a round or square table suitable for small spaces?

Definitely, a square table because a square or non-circular table gives you the benefit of fitting perfectly into a corner. It saves space. Also, if you are serving your guests, a square table will let you arrange an intimate setting. In round tables, the sitting positions may seem too far away and distant. So it is always better to get a square or rectangular table if you have limited space.