Best Quality Pista Dry Fruits in India-Buyers Guide

Pista also called Pistachio in the English language, is the family member of the cashews. It is a small tree, which originates from the Middle East and Central Asia.

The tree of pistachio produces the seeds that are eaten raw as food. Pistachio is best for weight loss. It contains monounsaturated fats that are soluble fats. When someone goes on a diet, it is very important to consume low-calorie food to lose weight. Also, check the buyer’s guide to buying the best Dryfruits, Walnuts, Badam Oil, Green Cardamom, Khus Khus, Black Cardamom, Cardamom, Elaichi or Green Cardamom, Cardamom Powder, Pepper Powder, Kalonji Seeds, Dry coconut, Cocoa Powder, Cumin powder, Cheese Powder, Turmeric Powder, mulethi powder, mulethi sticks, ginger powder, Dalchini Powder, Eliachi Powder, Dalchini sticks, Cloves, Elaichi, Peppercorns, Black Peppercorns, Cumin powder, masala tea powders, Amla Juice, Giloy Juice, Triphala Churna, Tulsi Drops, Aloe Vera Juice, Mishri, Ginger Powder, Anjeer, Mamra BadamWalnut, Dry dates, coconut powder, Kishmish, Pista, and Long Peppercorns in India.

Pista is expensive because there is a shortage of water in the Middle East. Farmers water their crops by exerting a lot of effort and draining a good amount of money. This expense passes on to the cost of the Pistas.

Top 10 Best Pista in India

List of Pista

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1. Happilo Californian Roasted & Salted Pistachios Happilo
2. Ziofit Roasted & Salted Pistachios Ziofit-Roasted
3. Gourmia California Roasted Pista Gourmia Roasted
4. Sapphire Nuts Roasted Pistachios Sapphire
5. Nutraj California Roasted & Salted Pista Nutraj-California
6. Happilo Premium IR Pistachios Happilo-Premum
7. Tulsi Roasted California Pistachios
8. Pehchan E Shahi Pure & Natural Pista Pehchan-Shahi
9. Rostaa Iranian Pistachios Rostaa-Pistach
10. WONDERLAND FOODS Roasted Pista Wonderland-Roast

Buyers Guide – Pista

When you are intending to buy the Pistas, you must keep the following factors in mind:


  • There are various types of Pistas available in the market.
  • They include Iranian variations of Pistas,
  • Turkish variations of Pistas, and Syrian variations of Pistas, etc.
  • You may also consider buying the Noble and Sicily Pistachio.

Pistachio with Shells

  • If you are purchasing the pistachio with the shells, make sure to buy the Pistas that are partially open.
  • They are easy to open up.

Lightly Roasted and Salted

  • Pistachios, which are lightly salted and roasted, have enhanced taste and flavor.
  • So, you should select lightly roasted and roasted Pistas.

Fresh and Natural

  • You should ensure the quality of the pistachio by checking its freshness and 100% naturalness.
  • Rotten pistachio would have fungus and worms inside it.

Brand of the Pistachio

  • You may choose a brand that manufactures the product sticking to food safety standards.
  • The brand should also have popularity and acceptance among consumers.
  • You can check the credibility of the brand by going through its reviews and ratings.

Features of Pista

  • The tree of the Pistas is 10m high & it contains the fruit that has an elongated seed.
  • Its seed is the edible portion of the Pistas.
  • The fruit consists of a hard outer shell, which has creamy color.
  • This dry fruit seed has a mauve-color. It consists of light green color flesh, which is the edible Pista.
  • When the fruit ripens fully, it hardens and changes its color.
  • Upon ripening, it opens apart.
  • Though the shell of the pistachio has a cream color, sellers color it with red or green for commercial purposes.
  • Pistachio has a sweet and unique flavor.
  • It also has an aroma, which increases the overall flavor and taste of the Pistas.
  • This offers a great many health benefits & one of the biggest benefits of Pistas is that they augment weight loss.

Types of Pista

  • Pistachio is categorized and classified according to its color, origin, and size.
  • The main kinds of pistachio are Sicily and Noble pistachio.
  • They are small and green pistachios.
  • Every country of Pistachio has its own unique flavor, size, color, qualities, and harvesting time. Iranian Pistachio is most appreciated worldwide.
  • In Iran, various kinds of Pistachio, such as Wahidi, Revzine. Momtaz, Murwahy, Sefiden-Montaz, Imperiale de Dameghan, and Bademi, are cultivated – they are female cultivators.
  • Syria is also the main cultivator of Pistachio.
  • They include the Alemi, Lazouradi, Batouri, and Achouri.
  • Uzun, Abiad Miwahi, Jalale, Aintbay, and Ayimi are famous variations of the Pistas.
  • In Turkestan, other variations such as Kouchka, ChorTchechime, and Akart-Techecme are famous.

How to eat Pistachios?

  1. Pistachios have a variety of uses. They are best for baking and snaking.
  2. These are also the best ingredient for sweet dishes.
  3. They also enhance the taste of the stews, curries, rice dishes, and kebabs.
  4. There are many authentic Indian curries that use Pistachio as the ingredient.
  5. Pistachio flavored ice creams are also popular.
  6. They have a balanced sweet taste, which goes well with sweet as well as spicy dishes.
  7. These are also popularly added to milk.
  8. Pistachio milk offers a great many health benefits to youngsters, elders, and kids alike.

List of Top 10 Best Quality Pista in India Buyers Guide

1. Happilo Premium Californian Roasted and Salted Pistachios:

Happilo offers premium-quality, fresh and roasted pistachios at affordable rates.Happilo Californian Roasted & Salted Pistachios


  • Happilo Pistachio improves heart health.
  • Manufactures salt the Pistas that enhances its quality.
  • They are the best energy booster.


  • Users have said that the nuts came with hard shells inside the package.


2. Ziofit Roasted & Lightly Salted Pistachios 200g:

This brand packs wonderful, delicious, and tasty Pistas. The packaging of the product is super and high-quality.Ziofit Roasted & Salted Pistachios


  • Ziofit Pistachios are gluten-free, zero-cholesterol, zero fats, and non-GMO.
  • Fitness enthusiasts admire the Ziofit roasted Pistas.
  • If you buy 1, you will get 1 free.


  • Users have complained that some Pistas had mold.


3. Gourmia California Roasted Pistachios Extra Large:

These are the extra-large and best-quality Pistas. They are flavorful and tasty.Gourmia California Roasted Pista


  • Gourmia Pistachios are slightly salty, which adds to the flavor of Pistas.
  • They come packed in hygienic and fresh packaging.
  • These are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.


  • Users have complained that some of the Pistas had a bitter taste.


4. Sapphire Nuts California Roasted Pistachio (250 Gm):

Sapphire Nuts California Pistachios are naturally healthy, packed with great vitamins and health benefits.Sapphire Nuts Roasted Pistachios


  • Manufacturers salt and roast the Pistas before packing them.
  • They have excellent taste and aroma.
  • These are fresh and pure.


  • Users have said that Pistas are very salty.


5. Nutraj California Roasted & Salted Pistachios 500g:

Nutria offers the two packets of roasted and salted Pistas at quite a reasonable rate.Nutraj California Roasted & Salted Pista


  • These are supremely fighting diseases and improve your health.
  • They are a great source of fiber, proteins, and anti-oxidants.
  • These are packed in airtight packaging.


  • Users have asserted that they received packages that had fungus and rotten Pistas.


6. Happilo Premium IR Roasted & Salted Pistachios:

These are the best-quality Iranian Pistachios. They are delivered fresh and 100% natural at your doorstep.Happilo Premium IR Pistachios


  • These have authentic Iranian taste.
  • They are fresh and pure pistachios.
  • Also, these have a reasonable price.


  • Consumers have complained that they received infected pistachios.


7. Tulsi Roasted California Pistachios 200g:

Tulsi has packed the lightly salted and roasted pistachio. They are the best-quality pistachios.Tulsi Roasted California Pistachios


  • Each pistachio is hand-picked, which is why they have top-quality.
  • The pack of Pistas is rich in iron and minerals.
  • This is a vegetarian Pistas product.


  • Users have said that the Pistas were over-friend.


8. Pehchan E Shahi Fresh & Natural Roasted & Salted Pista:

This is a pack of 200-gram Pistas that are delivered to you 100% fresh and natural.Pehchan E Shahi Pure & Natural Pista


  • These are excellent-quality Pistas with fresh taste and aroma.
  • Also, these have hygienic packaging.
  • They have a reasonable price for the value offered.


  • Users have said that they received less quantity of Pistas.


9. Rostaa Iranian Pistachio Value Pack 750g:

High in antioxidants and vitamin E. And it offers the best-quality Iranian Pistachio.Rostaa Iranian Pistachios


  • The Rostaa Pistas are Non-GMO and gluten-free.
  • Its packaging meets food safety standards.
  • They are the best for baking and snacking.


  • Users have said that the Pistas had moisture.


10. WONDERLAND FOODS Roasted Pistachios:

Pistachio offers the best-quality pistachios that are rich in nutrients.WONDERLAND FOODS Roasted Pista


  • These are the best source of protein.
  • These are premium-quality roasted and salted pistachios.
  • This is a healthy and low-calorie snack.


  • Consumers have said that the Pistas had average quality.



Pistachio is a dried fruit, which is a low-calorie and highly nutrient. Pistachio augments weight loss. Pista benefits are great.

Pista has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities, which fight cardiovascular diseases. If you have 1 or 2 handfuls of Pistas on a daily basis, it will benefit you a lot.


How many pistachios should you eat a day?

Though Pistas are low-calorie, you should only eat 1-2 handfuls of pistachios a day.

Why Pista is so expensive?

Pistachio is expensive because of the shortage of water in the farming areas. Farmers spend a lot watering the crops Pistas. So, Pistas are expensive.

Can you eat raw pistachio?

Yes. Most commonly, dried pistachio is eaten raw.