Best Pepper Powder in India Buyers Guide

Pepper powder is also called Kali Mirch powder in India. It is a term used to refer to Indian spices & it is commonly used in Indian and Southeast Asian dishes. Pepper powder is made of chilli peppers. To make the mix of the pepper powder, the peppercorn is fine grind into powder form.

Black pepper is beneficial for health. It has the active compound piperine, which is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Kali Mirch powder is used during the cooking as well as sprinkled over after the dish has been cooked.

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Many laboratory studies conducted suggest that black pepper improves blood sugar control, cholesterol levels, and gut and brain health.

Top 10 Best Pepper Powders in India

List of pepper powders

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1. Keya Authentic Malabar Black Pepper Powder PET Bottle Pepper-Preservative
2. Keya Malabar Black Pepper Powder Keya-Mck
3. Everest Black Pepper Powder 50g Pouch Everest-Powde
4. Pure and Sure Organic Black Pepper Powder Pure-Sure
5. 24 Mantra Organic Kali Mirch Powder 100g 24-Mantra
6. Seeds and Hands Tellicherry Black Pepper Powder Seeds Tellicherry
7. Truebrew Natural Black Pepper Powder 475 gm Aromatic Spice
8. Ciba Taaza Kali Mirch Powder Kali Mirch Powder Rexez-Portable
9. Urban Platter Organic Black Pepper Powder Urban Fairtrade
10. Tradifeast Organic Black Pepper Powder Tradifeast-Black

Buyers Guide – Pepper Powder

There are many factors that you must consider before finalizing your decision. First of all, you must keep in mind the colour of the black pepper. The uniform colour of the black pepper is indicative of high quality. You must also bear the fact in mind that darker black pepper tends to be rich in flavour and taste.

  • If you are buying the Kali Mirch powder for use in curries, you must use strong, highly aromatic, and flavorful black pepper.
  • However, when you are intending to buy the black pepper for use as a seasoning, you must go on to choose the milder black pepper.
  • The black pepper is grown in different countries.
  • Depending on your taste, you may pick up a black pepper product based on its origin.
  • The Tellicherry and Malabar black pepper of Indian origin is a world-class and world-famous black pepper.
  • The Vietnamese, Indonesian, Brazilian, etc. are some of the other origin places of black pepper. There are different types of black pepper.
  • You may choose the colour of the black pepper that your buds love.
  • Lastly, there are higher-grade as well as low-grade peppercorns.
  • Higher-grade peppercorns are more expensive than lower-grade peppercorns.
  • So, you may choose the product that you are capable of purchasing.

Features of Pepper Powder

There are various features of the black pepper, which is why it is a popular spice among easterners as well as westerners.

  • The black pepper powder is made from cultivated peppercorns.
  • It is dried and used as spice and seasoning in varieties of dishes.
  • The taste of the Kali Mirch powder is not as hot as the chilli powder. But it has a sharp and pungent flavour.
  • When the black pepper is ground, 3 per cent essential oil is added so as reduce the pungency of the black pepper and absorb the aromatic flavour of capsicum peppers.
  • It is sourced and prepared organically to ensure the nutritional value of the products.
  • The black pepper products are being prepared in a sustainable and safe manner.

Types of Pepper Powders or Kali Mirch

There are different types of peppercorns.

They are detailed below:

Black peppercorn

  • This is the most common variety of peppercorns.
  • Originally, it is a green peppercorn.
  • When it is dried out, it becomes black.

Green Peppercorn

  • These are the under-ripe peppercorn, which tastes tart and fresh.

White Peppercorns

  • The white peppercorns are black peppercorns, whose skins have been peeled off.

Red Peppercorn

  • They are fully ripened peppercorns.
  • When the green peppercorn is left on the vine to fully ripe, it gets the fully red brilliant shade.

Pink Peppercorns

  • They are not peppercorns but are termed a peppercorn.
  • These are berries that come from the South American shrubs.

Use of Pepper Powder?

There are many ways in which black pepper is used.

  1. Black pepper is an ingredient that is used in varieties of dishes to enhance their flavour, taste, and aroma.
  2. The black pepper is essentially used in the meats, fish, soups, stir-fries, scrambled eggs, beverages, and dipping sauces.
  3. Stocks, marinades, pies, stocks, etc. have an essential ingredient, which is the black pepper.
  4. There are also many other dishes in which they are used for adding a superkick.
  5. For instance, black pepper can be used in salad dressings such as vinegar, salt, and olive oil.
  6. The black pepper is also added to fruits such as strawberries, avocado, pineapple, and more.
  7. In Desi Indian dishes, the whole black pepper is used instead of its powder. On the contrary,
  8. Chinese, Southeast Asian, Japanese, European, and American cuisines use Kali Mirch powder.
  9. This is how; black pepper is used in varieties of cooked food, fruits, and marinades.

List of Top 10 Best Pepper Powders in India Buyers Guide

1. Keya Authentic Malabar Black Pepper Powder PET Bottle, 100 g:

Prepared in the house of the VKL seasonings Private Limited, Keya Authentic Malabar Black Pepper is a world-class product in terms of flavour, aroma, purity, and freshness.Keya Authentic Malabar Black Pepper Powder PET Bottle


  • Handpicked and ethnically source pepper powder.
  • Ingredients are taken in the right proportion by chef experts.
  • The pepper is finely ground to ensure a better aroma and taste.


  • Some users have said that it has a strong flavour.


2. Keya Malabar Black Pepper Powder, 100g:

This is the best black pepper product, which offers value for the money. It comes packed and tightened in a jar, which preserves its flavour and freshness.Keya Malabar Black Pepper Powder


  • Has excellent taste, which improvises the taste of the entire cooked dish.
  • It has holes at the cap, which makes it easy to pour this product.
  • The container is made of plastic material, which lasts longer.


  • This is not an organic product.

Keya Powder

3. Everest Powder – Black Pepper, 50g Pouch:

Everest is a well-known Indian spice brand, which offers the purest and finest quality of black pepper. It is a highly aromatic black pepper, which makes every bite of the dish flavorful and tasty.Everest Black Pepper Powder 50g Pouch


  • Sourced from the famous Allepay southern district of Kerala.
  • Powder of the black pepper is the best in quality.
  • It has a strong characteristic aroma of black pepper.


  • It comes packed in a box – not a bottle.

Everest Pepper

4. Pure and Sure Organic Powder, Black Pepper, 100g:

The best-quality 100-gram black pepper powder is offered by the pure and sure Company. The peppers are grown without using any chemicals or such products.Pure and Sure Organic Black Pepper Powder


  • It is a 100% organic Kali Mirch powder.
  • Made of finest peppercorns, sourced from the organic farms across India
  • No additives or artificial ingredients are used.


  • It comes packed in a plastic wrapper – not even a pouch or bottle.

Pure Powder

5. 24 Mantra Organic Black Pepper Powder 100g:

24 Mantra goes back to the Indian traditional roots and produces the amazing black pepper powder commodity. This is 100% Indian black pepper.24 Mantra Organic Black Pepper Powder 100g


  • 24 Mantra black pepper is a 100% organic product.
  • The product is certified as per European, USA, and Indian standards.
  • Grown under experts’ supervision.


  • Users have complained that it is a tasteless Kali Mirch powder.


6. Seeds and Hands Tellicherry Black Pepper Powder Coarse Ground 75g:

Seeds and Hands Tellicherry offers this vegetarian product right from the farms of Pulpallay. This is known as “the land of black gold.”Seeds and Hands Tellicherry Black Pepper Powder


  • The product does not contain any artificial flavour or colour.
  • It is a GMO-free product.
  • It has a soothing and beautiful aroma.


  • It comes in a plastic bottle. So, you have to buy the pepper shakers separately.

Seeds Pepper

7. Truebrew All Natural Black Pepper Powder Aromatic Spice Pack – 475 gm:

Sourced from the premium estates of Kerala, the black pepper is handpicked by farmers. We ensure that healthier farming practices are followed to enhance the taste of the black peppers.Truebrew Natural Black Pepper Powder 475 gm Aromatic Spice


  • It gives the authentic flavour of black pepper.
  • It comes in a clean and healthier packaging.
  • Packs are hygienically packed to prevent contamination in bags.


  • The product comes in a zip pouch, which has to be transferred to another container.
  • So, it takes a lot of work before you can use it.


8. Ciba Taaza Black Kali Mirch Powder 100g:

It is a premium-quality range of black pepper powder. This freshly ground Kali Mirch brings a delicious taste to the dish.Ciba Taaza Black Pepper Powder Kali Mirch Powder


  • This is a sustainable and safe product.
  • It is rich in antioxidants, which makes it full of nutritional value.
  • And it reduces health concerns with its organic purity.


  • Users have complained that it does not taste good.


9. Urban Platter Organic Black Pepper Powder Fairtrade & USDA Certified:

Urban platter black pepper steam-sterilized, which comes in a handy glass bottle. The product is packed with rich nutritional value. This improves your overall health.Urban Platter Organic Black Pepper Powder


  • The Urban Platter black pepper has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties.
  • It is a steam-sterilized organic product.
  • It is used in the preparation of a wide variety of dishes.


  • Users have said that it has a strong flavour.


10. Tradifeast Black Pepper Powder Organic Kali Mirchi 100gm:

Black pepper is known as the king of spice. Tradifeast brings you the taste of Indian traditional divine taste of kali Mirchi (black pepper).Tradifeast Organic Black Pepper Powder


  • It tastes divine, which is the best for health.
  • The product is rich in minerals as well as vitamins.
  • The tradifast black pepper keeps your platter fresh with its aroma.


  • It is a more expensive product than the others listed here.

Tradifeast Pepper


Many brands are offering a premium range of black peppers. We recommend you to use the Keya Authentic Malabar Black Pepper Powder PET Bottle, 100 g. Our second vote goes to the Everest Powder – Black Pepper, 50g Pouch.

Both of the products have the finest and purest black pepper. The black pepper has a strong flavour, aroma, and taste so also used in the beverages.


What is pepper powder?

Pepper powder is a finely ground powder of peppercorn seeds.

Is Kali Mirch or pepper powder good for your health?

Yes. Kali Mirch powder is good for health because of its active ingredient piperine anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidant properties.

What are the side effects of black pepper?

Black pepper is generally considered safe. However, if you are on meds, you must take caution. Otherwise, it may increase the absorption of some drugs.

Is black pepper good for the liver?

Yes. Black pepper is the best for the liver.

What does black pepper taste like?

The black pepper has a sharp, pungent, and balanced aroma and taste.