Best Pedestal Fan Brands in India-Buyers Guide

Pedestal fan is one of them. Pedestal fan is an oscillating fan attached with adjustable stands. The most unique feature of this fan is that the fan is portable and it starts working just by plugging in.

We are always looking for some cool breeze during the hot summer days. Technology gifted us with many blessings to solve this issue. Now there are many appliances like ceiling fan, exhaust fan, air cooler, air-conditioner to solve this issue.

Fan already became an inevitable part of human life and now we are trying to fill the blank spaces in this feature. It blows air in any directed direction and that is its greatest power. Also check the buyers guide for Best Exhaust Fans, Best Table Fans, Ceiling fans & Rechargeable Table Fans

The pedestal fans are really cheap in price and also it doesn’t make any serious changes to the electricity utilization of a household.

Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans in India

List of pedestal fans

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1. Usha Maxx Air Pedestal Fan Usha-Ma axx-lade
2. iBELL CHROME10 5 Leaf Pedestal Fan iBELL-CH ibell fan
3. Crompton Plastic Hiflo Fan Crompton h-flo-4
4. Havells Swing Pedestal Fans Havells swing-40d
5. Bajaj Victor Pedestal Fan Bajaj-Victor ctor-vne
6. Orient Electric Pedestal Fans Orient-Elec land-foods
7. Starvin Happy Home Mini Pedestal Fan
Starvin-Appr enamic-uk
8. Orient Pedestal Fan 450 MM Electric-Ped ectric-tore
9. Usha Striker Hi 3 Blade Pedestal Fans Usha-Strik 0-mmla
10. Luminous SpeedPRIME Pedestal Fan Luminous 0-mm-esta

Buyers Guide – Pedestal Fan

To get the best pedestal fan for you in India, you have to determine your terms and conditions. The mainstream choices are popular amongst the people.

Because they may feel safe using the one which they have been using for a long time. But also, the different feature can introduce you to some different dimensions.

  • Basically while buying a pedestal fan, it has to match your taste of design.
  • Then you have to check its engineering. Check if it smoothly plug-ins.
  • Then you have to check the speed of the fan. Depending on the design, the speed of the fan may vary.
  • Now you should check if there is some abnormal vibration or sounds the fan is producing while operating or oscillating.
  • If these things go right then the fan is alright.
  • Then you have to check for the other features like a rechargeable battery or remote control.
  • You have to keep in mind that having some extra features may result in lacking some remaining features.
  • For example, you may get less speed of air if you go for a rechargeable pedestal fan.
  • If you buy a five-bladed one, you have to very careful.
  • Because the design is a very sensitive issue in cases of a five-bladed pedestal fan.
  • Though as the physical law it will generate airflow in more speed and amount
  • But a well-designed three-bladed fan works much better than a poorly designed five-bladed on.

Features of Pedestal Fan

  • There are many options available for buying a pedestal fan.
  • They may come with large blades and shapes for use in larger spaces.
  • Also, they often come with very lightweight and size for moving here and there with you.
  • It may also come with a battery to serve you when the power is gone.
  • This has been very useful in developing countries where load-shedding is a regular issue.
  • Pedestal fan may also have remote controlled to reduce the effort.
  • One can use it as an exhaust fan too.
  • The fan consumes less energy and the effort to maintain a pedestal fan is much less than a ceiling fan.
  • The fan costs less money when buying and will be costing less while using.

Types of Pedestal Fans

In India, you get a huge range of variety to select from in cases of pedestal fans. It’s up to your need which is your type of best pedestal fan in India.

The types generally could be listed as:

  • Rechargeable fan, these fans have a battery included. Serve you during the power cut.
  • Remote Control, an option available to control the speed from distance.
  • Table fan takes much less space and serves small spaces.
  • Some fans come with wheels added in the base, very friendly to port
  • It can also come with five blades and it has the potential to blow much air for extra blades.
  • Energy saver pedestal fans save much more energy than the regular one.
  • Low noise feature is also a principle one in some types.

How to Use a Pedestal Fan?

In general cases the seller will give you the pedestal assembled but though if you have to install it, that is not a matter of worrying. The fan is very easy to assemble.

  1. First, you have to place the base, there will be a hole in the base where you will put the stand and rotate it.
  2. In a certain position, the stand will be locked.
  3. The motor is added to the stand, there is a height adjustment knob in the stand which will help you to fix your suitable height for operating the fan.
  4. Then you will just have to add the blades to the motor and after putting the blade guards together, you are all set.
  5. Though, it is a plus point for you if you have to assemble the fan yourself because this experience will help you later to clean the fan.
  6. The fan uses a single-phase AC induction motor which helps the fan to operate and oscillate.
  7. There is a knob attached to the motor by using it you can control its oscillation.
  8. In the body, there are some switches to control the speed which can also be controlled from a distance if it has a remote control.
  9. The angle between the stand and motor is also adjustable.
  10. You may have some more switches in case it is a rechargeable one & they control the battery recharging.

List of Top 10 Best Pedestal Fan Brands in India

Here we have a list of the top ten pedestal fans in India

1. Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan

A high performing Usha pedestal fan with regular configurations. Weights 7.3 kg, low noise production. Made in India.Usha Maxx Air Pedestal Fan


  • Firstly, it has a strong motor along with hi air throw.
  • It is very light weighted.
  • Also, the fan has thermal overload protection.
  • Adding to that the product comes with includes a 2 years warranty.
  • The fan has a plastic body also a pure copper winding.


  • Firstly, it doesn’t include the remote controlling feature.
  • Secondly, the fan has a timer.
  • Finally, it is not rechargeable.


2. iBELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan 5 Leaf High Speed with Timer Switch

This fan is a heavy-duty iBell pedestal fan. Made in China. 5 bladed with 55W motor. The material is powder-coated metal.iBELL CHROME10 5 Leaf Pedestal Fan


  • This has a 1-year warranty.
  • Meanwhile, it comes with 5 blades.
  • Adding to that it has a 2-hour timer.
  • Above all, the fan is having a strong motor and also a strong body.


  • While operating it creates a bit of vibration and noise.
  • In addition, it has no remote control.
  • The fan is not rechargeable.
  • Most importantly, the fan is much heavier in weight.


3. Crompton Hiflo 400 Mm Pedestal Fan Lg

A light-weighted plastic made Crompton pedestal fan of 50W power. Made in India.Crompton Plastic Hiflo Fan


  • Firstly, it is very light weighted.
  • In addition, it comes with a 2 years warranty.
  • During operation, it creates no noise.
  • In conclusion, it includes a copper made motor.


  • However, it’s having no remote controlling feature.
  • After that, it has no timer.
  • Subsequently, it is not rechargeable.
  • Finally, the body material is mostly plastic so not much durable.


4. Havells Swing 400mm Pedestal Fan

A 6.84 kg weighted Havells pedestal fan made in India. The motor power is 55W and can produce speed as much as 1350 rpm.Havells Swing Pedestal Fan


  • The fan is super light-weighted.
  • This pedestal can perform during low voltage & 2 years warranty.
  • Its motor is made of pure copper adding to that it includes thermal overload protection.
  • Finally, it has a 2-hour timer.


  • Firstly it has no remote controlling feature.
  • Secondly, it’s not rechargeable.


5. Bajaj Victor VP-R01 400mm Pedestal Fan

This Bajaj Pedestal fan comes with a 55W motor, and 7.3 kg weight and operates at 1300 rpm. Made in India.Bajaj Victor Pedestal Fan


  • Firstly, it comes with a 2 years warranty.
  • Secondly includes pure copper materials
  • On the other hand, it is remote controlled.
  • In conclusion, it has a timer available.


  • It’s not rechargeable.
  • While comparing to power, the fan’s operating rpm is less.


6. Orient Electric 400mm Pedestal Fan

A 6.1 kg weighted fan empowered by 53W motor, Made in India.Orient Electric Pedestal Fan


  • It’s very light.
  • Also, it has a 2 years warranty.


  • There is no remote controlling feature.
  • Adding to that it has no timer.
  • It’s not rechargeable also.


7. Starvin Happy Home IS Laurels Mini Pedestal Fan

This is a 1.3 kg weighted table fan made in India. It comes with ISI approved copper motor.Starvin Happy Home Mini Pedestal Fan


  • Most importantly, is the only table fan on the list.
  • Secondly, the fan is super light.
  • Finally, the fan comes with 100% copper winded and 1-year warranty.


  • The fan has lower speed while rotating
  • Adding to that it has no remote controlling feature.
  • Further, it includes no timer.
  • Moreover, it’s not rechargeable.


8. Orient Electric Fan 450 MM Tornado Pedestal

A made in India Orient pedestal fan weighted 8.58 kg, motor power 90W and speed is 1325 rpm.Orient Pedestal Fan 450 MM


  • Mainly it is a heavy-duty fan.
  • After that, the fan is metal-bodied.
  • In the end, it comes with copper winding.


  • Similarly, it has no remote controlling feature.
  • In addition, it includes no timer.
  • And also, it’s not rechargeable.
  • Most importantly the product doesn’t come with any warranty.


9. Usha Striker Hi-Speed 400 Mm 3 Blade Pedestal Fan

This is a 7.66 kg weighted Usha pedestal fan which operates at 135W and 1900-2100 rpm. And this product is made in India.Usha Striker Hi 3 Blade Pedestal Fan


  • Firstly, it’s a very light weighted.
  • Secondly, it’s copper winded.
  • Most importantly it has a much higher rpm.
  • Further, it comes with auto thermal overload protection


  • Firstly, it has no remote controlling feature.
  • Secondly doesn’t have any timer.
  • Adding to that, it’s not rechargeable.
  • Above all, it doesn’t offer any warranty.


10. Luminous Speed PRIME 400MM Pedestal Fan

A high performing Luminous pedestal fan weighed 7.3 kg and made in India.Luminous SpeedPRIME Pedestal Fan


  • It has a strong motor while performing with hi air throw.
  • Most importantly, it is very light weighted.
  • The fan has thermal overload protection.
  • Meanwhile, the product comes with includes a 2 years warranty.
  • In conclusion, the fan has a plastic body also a pure copper winding.


  • Firstly, it doesn’t include the remote controlling feature.
  • The fan has a timer.
  • Finally, it is not rechargeable.



Pedestal fans are getting more and more popular day by day. Though, before buying the best pedestal fan for yourself, you have to be sure about the need.

First, you have to be sure about your purpose of buying. Then you go to the market and buy the one after checking. Thus, you can find your best pedestal fan in India.


1. Which brand is best for pedestal fans?

Havells, Orient, Usha, Panasonic, Luminous, Starvin, Bajaj, Ibell, Crompton, V-Guard, Flipkart these are considered the best pedestal fan brands in India. However, it depends upon you which is best for

2. Are tower fans better than pedestal fans?

Generally, pedestal fans are much powerful than tower fans as well as they can also be rotated and ported to different places. A tower fan is a good option, though it’s not as good as pedestal fans.

3. Where to use pedestal fans?

Pedestal fan has the greatest feature of porting a fan. One can use it wherever he wants. He can move it to his balcony also he can direct it towards the points where ceiling fans can’t reach. It can also be used as an exhaust fan, where it can be used to outlet smoke and inlet fresh air.