Best Oxy Bleach in India-Buyers Guide

Oxy bleach makes the skin look fairer. It can also improve skin radiance. And it can help get rid of dark spots on the skin. What sets oxy bleach apart from other skin bleaching products is the presence of active oxygen molecules in it. Thanks to the presence of these oxygen molecules, applying the bleach leaves the skin with an active oxygen boost. Also, check the buyers guide for the best Bleach Creams, Face massagers in India.

It tends to be gentler on the skin, in comparison to other bleaches. And because of the active oxygen boost, it gives to users’ skins, it tends to work faster, with stronger impact. Besides making the skin look fairer, it is also capable of fighting the effects of suntan.

Top 10 Best Oxy Bleach in India

List of Oxy Bleach Products

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1. Oxylife Natural Creme Bleach Oxylife-Natural-Radiance Oxylife-Natural-Radiance
 2. VLCC Insta Glow Oxy Bleach VLCC Insta Glow Oxy Bleach VLCC Insta Glow Oxy Bleach
4. Nature’s Essence Oxygen Bleach Nature's Essence Oxygen Bleach Nature's Essence Oxygen Bleach
5. Vania Oxygen Bleach Cream Vania Oxygen Bleach Cream Vania Oxygen Bleach Cream
6. Fem Oxy Bleach 25g Fem Oxy Bleach 25g Fem Oxy Bleach 25g
7. Sky Beauty Organic Bleach Sky Beauty Organic Oxy Bleach Sky Beauty Organic Oxy Bleach
8. Herbia Aroma Bleach Herbia Aroma Oxy Bleach Herbia Aroma Oxy Bleach
9. Vedicline Oxy Bleach Vedicline Oxy Bleach Vedicline Oxy Bleach
10. Lilium Herbal Bleach Lilium Herbal Oxy Bleach Lilium Herbal Oxy Bleach

Features of Oxy Bleach

  • The main distinguishing feature of oxy bleach is its ability to give the skin an active oxygen boost.
  • This translates to better and longer-lasting bleaching results.
  • The best bleach products come with pre-bleach creams.
  • Some also come with post-bleach serums.
  • Almost all come with free activator powders.
  • A few even come complete with spatulas for application.
  • An important feature is gentleness.
  • This is important because people are wary of the irritation that sometimes follows skin bleaching procedures.
  • Yet another important feature in oxy skin bleach is the ease of application.
  • The best oxygen bleach products are easy to apply, with no complicated procedures & are not only capable of making the skin fairer, but also getting rid of dullness.

Types of Oxy Bleaches

  • There are some oxy face bleach products that are only suitable for a single application. Others are suitable for multiple applications.
  • It contains ammonia. Others are ammonia-free. These are suitable for use on sensitive skin.
  • Others are unsuitable for use on sensitive skin (and their makes state so explicitly).
  • We have some bleach products that have rich fragrances.
  • Then there are others with strong metallic/chemical smells, which can be somewhat off-putting.

How to use Oxy Bleach?

  • The first step in using it is that of cleaning the area where the bleach is to be applied.
  • The cleaning needs to be thorough. After cleaning, you should ideally pat dry the area.
  • Where pre-bleach cream is provided, you need to apply it next.
  • Then apply the actual bleach product. Massage it in until it gets fully absorbed.
  • Usually, before applying the
  • bleach product, you need to mix it with an activator powder.
  • This is done using a given ratio. In most cases, you have to leave the bleach on the skin for some time, for it to work.
  • Then rinse it off thoroughly.
  • Where post-bleach serum is provided, apply it at this stage – to complete the bleaching process.

Buying guide for Oxy Bleach

  • The bleach you buy should be one that genuinely gives your skin an active oxygen boost.
  • It should be a product that is capable of making the skin fairer, more radiant, and less sunburnt.
  • It should be easy to use, and reasonably gentle on the skin.
  • The bleach products that are sold together with pre-bleach and post-bleach creams will tend to be better.
  • You also have to consider the oxy bleach price. If you have to pay extra for any product, there should be something to justify paying more.
  • You will need to choose between buying the bleach online or at a local beauty products store.
  • Buying online may mean that you get more face bleach products to choose from & also mean that you get to shop faster and possibly pay less.

List of Top 10 Best Oxy Bleach in India-Buyers Guide

1. Oxylife Natural Creme Bleach

This oxy bleach product contains truly active oxygen molecules. Its scent is good and it doesn’t cause too much irritation.

Oxylife Natural Creme Bleach


  • Starts to work within 15 minutes
  • Is quite gentle on the skin
  • Has an attractive aroma


  • The application procedure is quite elaborate
  • Price is higher than average


2. VLCC Insta Glow Oxy Bleach

This is one of the cheapest yet still reasonably effective oxy bleach products. It can be used for all skin types.

VLCC Insta Glow Oxy Bleach


  • Very low price
  • Easy application instructions
  • Has a positive effect on facial hair as well


  • Low quantity (you get only 54 grams in a pack)
  • You have to avoid sunlight after use


3. SARA SOUL OF BEAUTY Oxy skin Bleach

At 300 grams, this is one of the bigger skin bleach packages. It is enriched with herbs and flower extracts.



  • Big enough package, at 300 grams
  • Quite easy to apply
  • Has a soothing/calming effect with almost no irritation


  • Considerably higher price
  • Packaging is very basic


4. Nature’s Essence Oxygen Bleach

This comes in a 268-gram package – hence quite big. Besides bleaching, it also hydrates the skin.

Nature's Essence Oxygen Bleach


  • Reasonably gentle on the skin
  • Starts showing results within the day
  • Reasonably big package, at 268 grams


  • The price is relatively high
  • Application routine requires patience


5. Vania Oxygen Bleach Cream

At 1000 grams, this is definitely a bigger-than-average oxy cream package. It is also one of those oxy skin bleach formulations that don’t leave your skin dry.

Vania Oxygen Bleach Cream


  • Has good fragrance
  • Almost no irritation after application
  • Big package, at 1,000 grams


  • A higher price (but with more quantity to justify)
  • Application is subject to patch test


6. Fem Oxy face Bleach 25g

Here are another one of the smaller and hence cheaper oxy face bleach packages. Easy to use and seems to work reasonably fast.

Fem Oxy Bleach 25g


  • Low price (almost everybody can afford it)
  • Application is easy
  • Gives some degree of glowing effect as well


  • Very low quantity (at 25 grams) – but with low price to justify
  • Packaging is rather basic


7. Sky Beauty Organic Oxy skin Bleach

This is a bigger than average (800 gram) oxy face bleach package, sold at a reasonably low price. Comes with a free 200-gram activator.

Sky Beauty Organic Oxy Bleach


  • Very easy to use
  • Has some degree of anti-aging property
  • Value for money (given quantity vs price comparison)


  • Maybe a little rough for people with very sensitive skin
  • It May take a few days for full bleaching effects to be seen


8. Herbia Aroma Oxy Bleach

This is one of the oxy bleach products formulated for all skin types. At 275 grams, it is big enough for most people’s needs.

Herbia Aroma Oxy Bleach


  • Has good fragrance
  • Takes only 15 minutes to work
  • Works with almost any skin type


  • Price is somewhat high compared to the quantity
  • After application, the user shouldn’t be exposed to soap or sunlight for 5 hours


9. Vedicline Oxy Bleach

What you get here is 300 ml of oxy cream bleach. Very effective at ridding the skin of dullness.

Vedicline Oxy Bleach


  • Comes with pre-bleach lotion and an activator
  • The package is reasonably big, at 300 ml
  • Results show up quite fast


  • Usage procedure is quite elaborate
  • There may be a small degree of irritation


10. Lilium Herbal Oxy Bleach

Here is one of the genuinely herbal oxy bleach products. It is a small package at a price everybody can afford.

Lilium Herbal Oxy Bleach


  • Affordable for everyone
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a free activator


  • Extremely small package
  • Only suitable for ‘normal’ skin type



Oxy skin bleach can make your skin more radiant, fairer, and free from dark spots. When shopping for oxy bleach in India, the information in this guide can come in handy.


Is oxy bleach good for skin?

Yes, if you follow the usage instructions carefully, bleach can be very good for your skin.

Which oxy bleach is best?

The best oxy face bleach is that it delivers results fast, is gentle on the skin, and is easy to use.

What is the price of the bleach?

Oxy face bleach price ranges from as low as 50 Indian rupees to as much as 800 Indian rupees. That is mostly depending on package size.