Best O General window AC in India-Buyers Guide

As the pollution in the world is increasing, the earth’s temperature is increasing. In some parts of the world, the weather is becoming unbearable. India is among those countries whose temperature has increased. The people there need air conditioners to beat the heat. But the AC is very expensive and consumes a lot of energy that resulting in increased electricity bills. Middle to lower-class families cannot afford expensive air conditioners. But, man brands have introduced low prices and good quality window AC. They are not only affordable but also very effective. O general is the brand that has also introduced the best window air conditioners. It is an international brand having its manufacturing units in some parts of India. In this article, you will find different O general window ACs.

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Top 7 Best O General Window AC in India

List of O General window ACs

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1. O General AXGT18FHTC Window Air Conditioner  O General AXGT18FHTC Window Air Conditioner 
3. O General Window AC AXGT24FHTA O General Window AC AXGT24FHTA
4. O GENERL Window Ac, Axgt18Fhtb-B O GENERL Window Ac, Axgt18Fhtb-B
5. O GENERAL Window AC (24FHTB) O GENERAL Window AC (24FHTB)
7. O General Window AC 3 Star 2 Ton, AXGT24FHTB O General Window AC 3 Star 2 Ton, AXGT24FHTB

Buyer’s guide for O General window AC

  • The weightage of a window AC must be according to the area of your room. You can calculate the required weightage by a formula that you can find online, but according to that.
  • Check its features, whether they are matching your needs or not.
  • The condenser type, quality of body, condenser, and compressor are also important features to check.
  • An AC contains some refrigerant gas for cooling purposes, check what type of gas is present. The gas must be eco-friendly and easily available for refilling.
  • How much energy a window AC is consuming is also an important feature to check. It should be an energy saver.
  • Check the price of the AC at different markets and online sites to find the best option.

List of Top 7 Best O General window AC in India-Buyers Guide

1. O General AXGT18FHTC Window Air Conditioner 

It is a 1.5-ton window ac that has a 3-star window. This ac has many features including dust filters, turbo mode, sleep mode, and automatic restart. Its condenser has a copper coil that is very easy to maintain and allows uniform and quick cooling. The weight of this window AC is 58kgs and it measures 71*67*46cm.

O General AXGT18FHTC Window Air Conditioner 


  • Its efficiency is very good in limited energy usage.
  • The compressor has a 5-years warranty while other parts have a 1-year warranty.
  • Its design is very good and fits well with new modern ACs.


  • You will need an extra stabilizer with the AC.
  • The company is not offering its warranty.
  • Some people didn’t get the remote in the package.



It is a small window Ac of 0.75 for a small room. Its model number is AKGB09FAWA. This is a good choice for you if you are living in a small apartment or hostel room and searching for an economic option. It is 2-star AC having a rotary Bluefin compressor. The catechin filter is present in the AC. Its room cooling efficiency is very good and the filters provide clean and germ-free air to the room. Its strong compressor works well in the hot weather and cools the room uniformly. If we see its dimensions then it is 45*58*35 inches in size.



  • Its cooling power for a small room is very good.
  • The AC requires very low maintenance.
  • Energy consumption if the AC is also less.
  • It is a long-lasting air conditioner.


  • The AC produces a lot of noise when working.
  • Their customer service should be improved.


3. O General Window AC AXGT24FHTA

This is a 2-tons window AC that is very good for a large room, sitting area, or a drawing-room. This AC is a good option for a room of a maximum of 240 square feet. This AC has a mildew resistance filter and got a 3-stars rating. If we see its compressor, then, it is a hyper tropical rotary compressor having a fixed speed. This is an old-style window AC that has a copper condenser. The refrigerant gas used in this window air conditioner is R-420A. Its cooling capacity is 6300watts and the volume of its airflow is 559CFM.

O General Window AC AXGT24FHTA


  • Its compressor type ensures the high efficiency of the AC.
  • The AC can cool the room quickly, even in very hot weather.


  • The AC doesn’t have any rust-resistant or anti-corrosion coating.
  • It is not an inverter AC so the room temperature doesn’t remain constant.


4. O GENERL Window Ac, Axgt18Fhtb-B

This is also a 1.5 tons window AC from O-General. It is also a good choice for you if you are searching for a budget-friendly AC option. This is an old-style window AC, but its performance is very good. The AC even works at a high temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. It is suitable for a medium-sized room.

O GENERL Window Ac, Axgt18Fhtb-B


  • Its electricity usage is very low.
  • The AC is available at a reasonable price.
  • It works best in very hot climates too.
  • Its built-in quality is very good and the compressor is strong.


  • A few customers got damaged products.
  • They should improve their customer service.


5. O GENERAL Window AC (24FHTB)

It is a 2-ton window AC for a medium to a large room. Its overall quality is good and the compressor and condenser have good performance. It contains all the necessary features that are important in a good window AC. Its compressor type is a hyper tropical rotary compressor and the AC has auto-start and fresh-air intake features too. The AC has got a 3-stars rating for its energy consumption. The AC can automatically adjust the airflow and has a compressor insulation blanket too. You can further check its more features on their website.



  • The AC has mildew-resistant filters to prevent microbial growth.
  • It works well smoothly without the production of any noise.


  • Its remote quality and functioning should be rechecked.



It is a small 1.1 tons AC for a small room that has got a 4- star energy consumption rating. The AC has the dimensions 71*67*46cm. it has general features of auto-start and anti-mildew filters to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. The airflow volume of the AC is 640CFM. The AC contains an eco-friendly gas that is R410A as its refrigerant gas. It has a special feature of super-wave operation that adjusts the range of airflow in the room.



  • The cooling process of the AC is very fast.
  • It is a very economic AC in terms of buying, as well as power consumption.
  • The built-in quality of its parts and body is very good.


  • The bad thing about this AC is that it produces noise.


7. O General Window AC 3 Star 2 Ton, AXGT24FHTB

It is the last o-general AC on our top list that you must consider. It is a 2-tons AC that has a 3-stars energy consumption rating. The compressor of this AC is copper coiled and requires a little maintenance. It is a very energy-efficient product that has many good features. The AC has different modes including turbo mode and sleep mode. It has good quality, washable, anti-dust filters to provide clean air. The AC has a 1-year warranty in general and a 5-years warranty on its compressor.

O General Window AC 3 Star 2 Ton, AXGT24FHTB


  • It is an efficient AC that gives cooling in less time.
  • The AC consumes very few units per annum.


  • We didn’t find anything bad about this AC.



It is very hard to bear the very hot weather in India. Only fans cannot reduce the intensity of the weather. You have to buy an air conditioner. O General window AC is an affordable option for you. We have discussed the important things about window ACs in this article. We hope it will be helpful for you while buying a window air conditioner for you.


Is O General Window AC good?

O General Window ACs are good in every perspective. They have very good qualities, they are economic, energy savers, eco-friendly, and cool the room in less time.

Which window AC is best Voltas or O general?

As every AC has a different model, weight, size, and feature, we cannot say which one is the best. Even, there is no specific standard to measure the window AC that which one is best. You have set a level of the best window AC according to your desired features. But, we have compiled a list of the best O-General window air conditioners that have the best features.

What is the price of the O General AC?

Different O General window AC has different prices. You can buy a simple 1.5 tons window AC for 30 thousand rupees. But, as the features, size, and model differ, the price also differs.