Best Nokia Keypad Mobile Phones in India-Buying Guide

Samsung or Nokia keypad Mobile phone is still actually sold in huge numbers every day. And these companies are still manufacturing and upgrading those kinds of phones. But these days, smartphones are more commonly used than old keypad phones.

Even if phones with buttons are not in style now, a good keypad phone can for sure come in handy for multiple reasons. In this article, we shall be presenting you with some of the keypad phones, and Samsung Keypad mobiles that Nokia has released through the years.

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Top 10 Best Nokia Keypad Mobile Phones in India-Buyers Guide

List of the Nokia keypad mobiles

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1. Nokia 216 Keypad Mobile Phone Nokia-216
2. Nokia 105 2019 Nokia-SS
3. Nokia 3310 in Warm Red Nokia-MT000735
4. Nokia 150 Dual SIM Mobile Nokia-150
5. NOKIA 105 SS Keypad Nokia-SS
6. Nokia 110 Dual Nokia Dual
7. Nokia 5310 Dual Sim in Black Nokia-5310
8. Nokia 515 Dual SIM Nokia-515
9. Nokia 130 DS Keypad Phone Nokia-130
10. Nokia C5-00 3G Cell Phone Nokia-C5

Buyers Guide – Nokia Keypad Mobile Phone

If you are going keypad mobile phone shopping, and you are sure that you want to own a Nokia keypad phone, you should pay attention to these things.

  • First of all, take the phone into your hand and see if it fits well.
  • You do not want to buy a phone that is too small, or whose screen is tiny.
  • The buttons are important too.
  • Some people have bigger hands and cannot easily use keypad phones with small keypads.
  • Make sure that you can type and use the phone without any interruptions.
  • The weight of the phone is also very important.
  • Two decades ago, keypad phones were quite heavy, nowadays, they are not that heavy.
  • Since we are living in the modern age, having a camera on a keypad phone might be essential for you.
  • To meet this need, newer keypad phones now have a selfie camera and a back camera too.
  • Of course, the resolution of these cameras is not great.

Types of Nokia Keypad Mobile Phones

Nokia phones are not really separated into types, although, there are two types of keypad phones. There are two types of keypads that a basic phone can have.

QWERTY Keypad Phones

  • These kinds of keypads are used on Android phones as well, except you do not have to press any actual buttons.
  • QWERTY keypad consists of numbers, the letters of the alphabet and basic signs.

Tactile Keypad Phones

  • Most of the keypad phones have this kind of keypad.
  • This keypad contains physical buttons, the letters of the alphabet, and the numbers too.

How Does a Nokia Keypad Mobile Phone Works

Nokia keypad phones work like any other keypad phones. You use your phone by pressing the buttons on the keypad.

  1. Some keypads have arrows that help you navigate through the phone easily.
  2. If you want to call someone, you will have to either open contacts or enter their number by pressing the number keys.
  3. Generation Z always has trouble when trying to use these kinds of phones because they are used to touch screen phones.
  4. Depending on the type of keypad, you may have to long-press a letter to get the number, but there may be various other ways to use the keypad, which you should check out in the manual.
  5. However, as an example, if you want to type the word ‘Hi’, you will need to press the number four two times and then the number four three times fast.
  6. And that is the basic principle of using keypad phones. It is very easy when you get the hang of it.

List of Top 10 Nokia Keypad Mobile Phones

Some of the keypad mobile phones are even so upgraded that they can be connected to the internet and you can also download apps.

1. Nokia 216 Keypad Mobile Phone

The Nokia 216 phone can connect to the internet and you can also download applications like Facebook.  Another amazing thing is that it has a 0.3MP selfie camera, and a back camera too.

The size of its screen is just perfect that is 2.4 inches and you can even play video games on it.  The company offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty for the device.Nokia 216 Keypad Mobile Phone


  • Nokia 216 Keypad Mobile has an Opera Mini default browser that can enable you to browse through the web.
  • Its battery can last up to 18 hours on a full charge.
  • You get all of the necessary accessories with this phone


  • Limited colours available

Nokia Bluenokia 216 mobile

2. Nokia 105 2019 Single SIM

This is a single-SIM mobile phone. The size of this phone is just perfect, and the phone is very lightweight(165g). Now, this phone is available in three colours like blue, pink, or black.Nokia 105 2019 Single SIM


  • Nokia 105 Keypad Mobile battery can last for 25.8 days when on standby
  • You can listen to FM radio on this phone


  • Does not have a front or the back camera

Nokia Singlenokia ss

3. Nokia 3310 Keypad Mobile in Warm Red

This phone is available in four colours (grey, black, yellow, orange). When on standby mode, this phone’s battery can last up to one month without needing another charge. And, like the old version of this phone, you can play the classic Snake game.Nokia 3310 Keypad Mobile in Warm Red


  • Nokia 3310 Keypad Mobile Phone has a 2MP camera with a LED flashlight
  • It supports Bluetooth technology


  • You cannot access the internet on this device

Nokia 3310nokia ds

4. Nokia 150 Dual SIM Mobile

This phone maintains its colour even if it has been scratched, due to the polycarbonate shell. It can support two SIM cards. Also, it supports Bluetooth, so, you can share those photos with your friends. The company offers a one-year warranty if you buy this device.Nokia 150 Dual SIM Mobile


  • Nokia 150 Keypad Phone contains a back camera with a LED flash & can take great pictures.
  • The phone can support external additional memory.
  • Also, it uses a micro-USB universal charger, which is amazing.


  • A bit overpriced


5. NOKIA 105 SS Keypad Phone

This phone has an anti-dust keypad. Same as the previous phone, due to the polycarbonate shell, the back colour of the phone cannot be scratched off. And it has a flashlight built into it that can help you see in the dark.NOKIA 105 SS Keypad Phone


  • Nokia Keypad Mobile Phone uses the universal micro-USB charger.
  • It comes with a LED torchlight
  • The display of the screen is 1.8-inches-long


  • Does not feature a back camera

Nokia 105nokia-10ss

6. Nokia 110 Dual SIM Phone

This phone is very practical, it weighs around 75g, and due to its size, it can fit in your pockets and hands perfectly. The size of the display is 1.77 inches, which makes the screen of the phone is just perfect. Like any other phone in this category.Nokia 110 Dual SIM Phone


  • Nokia 110 Keypad Mobile Phone supports two SIM cards so you can use two different sim cards.
  • You will receive all of the necessary accessories like the micro USB charger and the user guide
  • It has a back camera.
  • Also, it has a LED torchlight at the back.


  • Does not support Bluetooth
  • Earphones do not come in the box with this phone

Nokia-SIMnokia 110

7. Nokia 5310 Dual Sim in Black & Red

The design of this phone is very retro and vintage and reminds us of the older version from the 2000s. Its battery can last for weeks when on standby. You will get a one-year manufacturer warranty on this product. So, you do not have to worry about the damages to your phone.Nokia 5310 Dual Sim in BlackRed


  • Nokia 5310 Keypad Mobile Phone has two big speakers in front.
  • So you will be able to hear all of your calls very clearly & you can play your music loud.
  • This phone supports Bluetooth sharing
  • Super lightweight, it only weighs around 90g


  • The screen could have been a bit bigger

Nokia 5310 Simnokia-53

8. Nokia 515 Dual SIM

This phone has a Panorama mode for taking great panorama pictures. Its features are really amazing, keypad phones usually do not support any kind of additional camera settings. Let’s not forget to mention that the Noki 515 supports GPS. You will get a one-year manufacturer warranty on this product.Nokia 515 Dual SIM


  • Nokia 515 Keypad Mobile has a 5-megapixel camera so you can zoom in & even you can recognize faces.
  • Its battery can last for 432 hours when the standby mode is turned on.
  • Also, this phone supports Bluetooth.


  • You do not get all of the necessary gadgets with this phone in the box

Nokia 51 SIMnokia515

9. Nokia 130 DS Keypad Phone

You can input two SIM cards into this phone. Also, you can also share these photos with your friends because it supports Bluetooth technology. The size of the phone is okay, it is not too small, but the screen could have been bigger. If you are bored, there is an option to listen to the radio anywhere you go.Nokia 130 DS Keypad Phone


  • Nokia 130 Keypad Mobile Phone has a 0.5MP back camera that can take excellent photos.
  • It supports additional external memory up to 32 +GB
  • The battery can last for days before needing another full recharge


  • For a phone with these kinds of features, this device is a bit overpriced

Nokia DSnokia130

10. Nokia C5-00 3G Cell Phone with 5MP Camera

This phone has one back camera with 5MP resolution that means it can take awesome photos. The product weighs around 240g, and it has a 2.2-inch LCD transmissive display. It is only available in one colour, black.Nokia C5-00 3G Cell Phone with 5MP Camera


  • Nokia C5-00 Keypad Mobile works on a 3G network.
  • This phone has a 5MP back camera.
  • Also, it has a LED flashlight that is located right next to the camera.


  • The manufacturer does not offer any warranty for the device
  • Also, the device does not support Bluetooth technology

Nokia C5 Cellnokia-c5


We hope that we have helped you find the Nokia keypad phone that suits you the best. If you have read our buyer instruction carefully, you will for sure find a keypad phone that is great for you.


Which is the best keypad mobile in Nokia?

If we would have to choose the best one, we would for sure say that that is the Nokia 2720 that was released in 2019.

How can I know my Nokia mobile keypad model?

You can check the box of the phone, it should be labelled. Or, in order to see information about your Nokia phone, you can type in *#0000#, and the information will show up on your screen.

Which is the best 4g keypad phone?

This is a very hard question since there are plenty of good 4G keypad phones. However, if we must choose, then our answer is the Nokia 8110 4G phone.

Which is the best Nokia basic phone?

If you are looking for a basic phone that has a single SIM, then the Nokia 105 that came out in 2019 is the best choice for you. But, if you want a dual SIM phone, the Nokia 5310 is the best one.