Best Nikon Cameras in India Buyers Guide

Nikon is a Japanese global company. Koyata Iwasaki founded it in 1917. Its head office is in Minato, Tokyo. They originally named the company in Japanese. The meaning of it was “Japan Optical Industries Co., Ltd.”  They renamed it Nikon Corporation in 1988. It is a member of the Mitsubishi group.

However, they started their operations in 2007 in India. They produce many things. Cameras, microscopes, binoculars, etc are few examples. They produce hundreds of camera models. Further, they also produce lenses such as camera lenses, ophthalmic lenses, and imaging lenses. Moreover, in the past few years, they are venturing into other areas. For example, they diversified into 3D printing and regenerative medicine.

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In India, they are becoming very famous in the last ten years. At present, it’s one of the top-rated camera brands. To be particular, they are one of the top three camera brands in India.

List of Top 12 Best Nikon Camera Prices in India

List of Nikon Cameras

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1. D3500 DX-Format-3-5-5-6G-70-300mm
2. D5600 D5600
3. D5300 D5300
4. D5600 Plus Af-P 18-55 D5600 Plus Af-P 18-55
5. W300 W300
6. D7500 D7500
7. Z6 FX Z6 FX
8. Coolpix P90 Coolpix P90
9. Coolpix B600 Coolpix B600
10. Z7 Z7
11. D850 D850
12. Z50 Z50

Features of Nikon Camera

  • Nikon cameras have a wide range of features. Users should select the model that is suitable for them.
  • However, it may not be as easy as it may appear. Pros and cons are there for every camera in every brand.
  • There are few key features to ponder. Firstly, there are various processors for images and various sensors.
  • These define the clear quality of the photos. In addition, the weight and the options to transfer videos and photos are crucial.
  • For example, some cameras have WiFi enabled. Some have Bluetooth enabled.
  • So, it is easy to transfer photos. The video resolution is another main factor.
  • In addition, the battery should not get discharged fast. Instead, it should charge fast.
  • The shutter speed varies per model. Similarly, the process to focus the images is not the same for every model.
  • Usually, all the models contain a mike to record audio. Only some have a wind filter for audio, though.

Types of Nikon Camera

  • Nikon cameras can be classified into three types. Digital SLR cameras are the first type.
  • Then, mirrorless cameras are the second type. Thirdly, there are digital compact cameras.
  • Further, there are over 40 models of DSLR cameras.
  • For example, D3, D5000, D80, etc. are of this type.
  • There are 6 models in the second type. Z5, Z6, and Z7 are examples of this type.
  • Finally, there are more than 170 models in the digital compact type.
  • Coolpix is the name of this series of cameras of this type.
  • We can also classify the types based on the users.
  • For example, some models are ideal for beginners.
  • Next, there are cameras for professionals.
  • Also, there are cameras for mid-range users.
  • Some of the models suit different types of users.
  • DSLR cameras are suitable for professionals.
  • The compact cameras are good to capture daily moments.
  • The mirrorless cameras combine new technology and also retain the legacy.

Buyers’ Guide for Nikon Camera

There are some ways to choose the camera to buy.

  • Firstly, if you are buying from any online platform, it is relatively very easy.
  • If budget is your priority, filter the models based on price from low to high.
  • The lowest-priced model would not have all features.
  • However, it will be a good choice for beginners.
  • You can choose the camera with the next higher price on the list.
  • Similarly, check the next higher-priced model one by one.
  • Finally, you would have selected the camera for your budget.
  • The second approach is to filter the models based on user ratings.
  • The model with the highest rating usually has the most popular features.
  • However, you may need more features.
  • So, add filters for the needed features.
  • Thus, you will end up choosing a suitable camera.
  • Finally, if you can afford any budget, choose the model with the highest price.
  • Further, it is good to double-check the features to see if it is worth the cost.
  • Based on it, move on to the next lower-priced model.
  • This way is opposite to the first way mentioned earlier.
  • This is a good way for professional photographers.
  • It would help them meet all the expectations of their customers.

How to use a Nikon Camera?

  • Everyone is delighted when buying a new camera.
  • Especially, for people who buy a camera for a profession, it is a key need.
  • Some may be very happy with the available features.
  • On the other hand, some may feel confused with the various modes. This is common for any model.
  • All the cameras include a user manual. These are very useful to know the available features.
  • Also, they contain what and what not to do for the specific model.
  • It needs the patience to go through the entire manual.
  • However, it is nice to read it in full.
  • As another option, the internet contains a lot of related videos.
  • These help the users to learn easily and quickly.
  • Be careful to not spill any fluid on the camera even by mistake.
  • Also, take a backup of the data from the camera as often as possible.
  • Further, it’s always great to have enough memory available.
  • In addition, an extra battery would be very handy at times.

List of Top 12 Best Nikon Cameras in India -Buyers Guide

1. D3500

Nikon launched this model in 2018 itself. It has a CMOS of 24.2 MP. Expeed 4 is the image processor in this model.



  • It is a feather-light camera.
  • The picture quality is awesome.
  • It has very good durability.


  • The 4K videography option is missing.
  • The battery doesn’t last long.


2. D5600

Nikon camera introduced this model in the November of 2016 itself. However, it also has a 24.2 MP CMOS sensor compared to the previous one. The image processor in it is Expeed 4.



  • It has an awesome picture quality.
  • The product is lightweight and compact.
  • The battery life is very impressive.


  • While recording video, the autofocus feature is not good.
  • It is highly priced for its available features.


3. D5300

It is a relatively old model launched in 2017 itself. It has a CMOS 24.2 MP sensor. Expeed 4 is the image processor in this model also. this Nikon camera price is low



  • The image quality is top-notch.
  • It is easy to use. Hence, it is perfect for beginners.
  • The battery life is remarkable.


  • Though it performs well in normal light, it is poor in dim light.
  • A headphone jack is not provided in this model.


4. D5600 Plus Af-P 18-55

This is a 2018 model. It comes with a 24.2 MP sensor. However, the image processor in it is also Expeed 4.

D5600 Plus Af-P 18-55


  • It is easy to use. Also, it has a good grip.
  • The clarity of photos is notable.
  • It is compact and small in size.


  • The battery life could have been better.
  • Weighing 1 kg it is a bit heavy.


5. W300

Nikon launched this model in 2017 itself. It has a 16 MP sensor. More importantly, it is a water-proof model.



  • The camera is freeze-proof. Also, it is easy to use.
  • It is a top choice for taking underwater photos.
  • It weighs only 231 grams. So, it is easy to carry.


  • 16 MP is very low compared to the previous models on the list.
  • Fogging can occur sometimes on the lens.


6. D7500

In February 2019, Nikon launched this model. It has a 20.9 MP CMOS sensor. Expeed 5 is the image processor in this model.



  • It has fast autofocus. Further, it is highly accurate.
  • The battery lasts very long.
  • The 4K video quality is amazing.


  • It has only one slot for an SD card. Hence, you would need to take the backup often.
  • The touch screen would have been smoother.


7. Z6 FX

Nikon launched this model in 2019. 24.5 MP is the sensor in this model. The image processor in this model is Expeed 6.



  • The build quality is great.
  • Even in very low light, the autofocus feature works well.
  • 4K video quality is also remarkable.


  • Similar to the previous model, it has a single slot for an SD card.
  • It is very expensive.


8. Coolpix P950

This camera came to use in January 2020. It has a 16MP resolution. Expeed 6A is the likely processor in this model.

Coolpix P90


  • Weighing a mere 454 grams, it is very light.
  • It has a good quality of images and 4K videos.
  • The zoom feature is splendid.


  • There are few limitations to video recording. For example, the noise cancellation could have been better.
  • For objects moving fast, the autofocus does not work well.


9. Coolpix B600

Nikon launched this model in January 2019. The sensor in this model is 16MP CMOS. Further, it has a 60x optical zoom.

Coolpix B600


  • 60x optical zoom is awesome.
  • The picture quality is good.
  • It weighs less than a half kilogram. So, it is another feather-light model.


  • There is some lag in autofocus.
  • A touchscreen would have been a better option.


10. Z7

Nikon launched this model in the last month of 2018 itself. The sensor in this model is 45.7MP CMOS. Moreover, it has an Expeed 6 image processor.



  • 7MP resolution enables a great picture quality.
  • The battery life is notable.
  • Even in low light conditions, it works well.


  • The autofocus feature could be a bit faster.
  • It is a very high-cost camera.


11. D850

Nikon launched this model in 2017 itself. The resolution in this model is 45.7MP similar to the previous model. It has an Expeed 5 image processor.



  • As stated earlier, it has a 45.7MP screen resolution. Hence, it ensures an awesome photo quality.
  • The battery life is outstanding in this model also.
  • It has 2 card slots.
  • This Nikon camera price ranges between 2 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs


  • An inbuilt flash is missing in this model.
  • There are some limitations to video recording. For example, 30 minutes is the limit for video.


12. Z50

Nikon launched this relatively new model in 2020. The resolution in this model is 20MP. Expeed 6 is its image processor. and this Nikon camera available at a low price.



  • The image quality is good though it has only a 20MP resolution.
  • The design is nice. Moreover, it is very user-friendly.
  • It weighs just 450 grams. So, it is another lightweight model.


  • An inbuilt method to make images stable is missing in this model.
  • Similar to the previous model, there is a 30-minute limit for video.



As mentioned earlier, Nikon is attracting users with various models in various categories. In addition, we can foresee Nikon introducing more models in the future. Hence, depending on your need, you can select the ideal model on our top 12 list.


Is Nikon an Indian brand?

No, it is a Japanese brand. Further, they do not make any of the models in India. However, they may make it to India in the future.

Which Nikon camera is best?

As earlier stated, different cameras are suitable for different users. So, it depends on the individual priority of the user.

Is any warranty provided for Nikon cameras?

The warranty period is not the same for each model. More importantly, some models don’t have any warranty. Hence, while buying a Nikon camera, check the warranty for the model.

What is the price of a Nikon camera? 

The lowest price of a Nikon camera is 13,898 INR. However, the highest has a price of 2,86,500 INR.