Best Quality Dhaga Mishri in India-Buyers Guide

Mishri is a natural sweetener or crystalline sugar. Here are many names for mishri such as rock sugar, misri, sugar candy, and rock candy. It is made by making a supersaturated solution of rock sugar with water and then allowed to crystalline. It doesn’t contain chemicals or reined substances so it is not dangerous for health. When processing the sugarcane for making sugar a stage comes when raw sugar or dirty-looking sugar is formed. Now, a specific bit is eliminated to make mishri. The crude sugar is blended in with water and milk and afterward filled in enormous drums in which strings are hung. These drums are shrouded and put away in basements where the mishri takes shape on the strings as the arrangement dries out.

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List of Top 10 Best Mishri Online in India-Buyers Guide

List of Mishri

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1. NatureVit Dhaga Mishri NatureVit Dhaga Mishri
2. Organic Purify DHAGA MISHRI Organic Purify DHAGA  
3. SFT Mishri Dhaga SFT Mishri Dhaga  
4. Being Marwari Mishri Crystal Being Marwari
5. Indiana Sugar Thread Misri Sweet Candy ndiana Sugar Thread  
6. VGBNP Natural Dhaga misri VGBNP Natural Dhaga
7. Pro Organic Life Dhaga Misri Pro Organic Life Dhaga
8. Nature Purify DHAGA MISHRI Nature Purify DHAGA
9. FARM 2 YOU Dhaga Mishri FARM 2 YOU Dhaga
10. Pmw – Chips Mishri Dhaga Pmw - Chips Mishri

Features of Mishri

  • It is a white-colored, clear, and crystalline solid.
  • Its nature is cold and contains different minerals.
  • As it is an unrefined form of sugar and contains minerals, it is good for health too.
  • When you buy pure misri from the market, you will see small threads in it.
  • The threads ensure that it is the original thread misri.

Types of Mishri

Misri doesn’t have many different types but is just categorized based on the size and its method of preparation, it has the following types.

  1. Threaded crystallized misri
  2. Machine-made small crystals misri
  3. Large crystallized lumps without any thread

Buyer’s guide

  • The color of the misri is just like the refined sugar that we use daily.
  • So, to make sure that you are buying the original rock sugar buy the large crystals.
  • Usually, crushed misri is a mixture of sugar and misri and it also contains dirt particles so avoid buying that.
  • Taste it before buying it, its taste will be less sweet as compared to the sugar.
  • If you find some threads, then don’t wait to buy them, it shows that it is the original one.
  • It will be more helpful if you go with an authentic and trustworthy brand to buy organic products to be safe from scammers.

How to use Mishri?

  • Commonly, people use it in home remedies and many Ayurveda medicines.
  • As it is sweet so people also use it in desserts, juices, and tea.
  • It is a healthy substitute for sugar.
  • Use it as normal sugar in your desserts or tea.
  • For ayurvedic or medicinal purposes you have to mix the misri with other ingredients to take its benefits.
  • If you have a breathing problem, mix 1 spoon of misri with 2 spoons of milk cream, and a pinch of black pepper and eat.
  • For cough, mix it with black pepper, it will give you relief. You also can use it to soothe stomachache.
  • Just take a few leaves of neem and mix misri in them and eat. For mucus, just put a small piece of misri in your mouth and ingest its liquid.
  • You also can mix it in fennel seeds and put it in your mouth, it will help in digestion and will also act as a mouth freshener.

List of Top 10 Best Mishri in India-Buyers Guide

1. NatureVit Dhaga Mishri

NatureVit Dhaga is a thread or dhaga misri that you can use in many home remedies and Ayurvedic medicines.  The motive of the brand is to bring the world close to nature so they provide organic material.

NatureVit Dhaga Mishri


  • It is good for health because it is an organic product.
  • The misri is free from chemicals.


  • It contains some contaminants in the package.
  • The price is too high.


2. Organic Purify DHAGA MISHRI

Organic Purify dhaga is the organic and purest form of rock sugar that you can get. As the name indicates, the brand provides pure and organic dhaga misri to its customers.

Organic Purify DHAGA MISHRI


  • It’s a genuine organic product that you can find online.
  • You can clearly see the pieces of thread in it.


  • The packaging is not good.
  • It contains many contaminants.


3. SFT Mishri Dhaga

SFT mishri is organic rock sugar or misri that is obtained directly from agronomists. It is then processed and packed in a proper way to retain its nutrients and quality. SFT believes in trust and quality so collects the best quality misri.

SFT Mishri Dhaga


  • The quality of this product is up to the mark.
  • Its packing is very good having an oxygen absorbent pouch in it.


  • The price is high.
  • Some customers felt a little smell in the mishri.


4. Being Marwari Mishri Crystal

Being Marwari misri is small crystals or powder form of organic mishri. It is pure rock sugar that you can use as an alternative to common sugar. You can use it in different Ayurvedic medicines as well.

Being Marwari Mishri Crystal


  • It is clear and contaminant-free misri.
  • The packaging of the product is very good.
  • The crystals are small and easily dissolvable.


  • Some people found black mold in the package.


5. Indiana Sugar Thread Mishri Sweet Candy

Indiana has the best quality and hygienic thread mishri. They believe in providing good quality products because according to Indiana, love for good food is above all loves.

Indiana Sugar Thread Mishri Sweet Candy


  • The taste is very good and easily replaceable with chemical sugar.
  • It is purely organic and high-quality rock sugar.


  • Some people claimed that it doesn’t have threads so it can be sugar.


6. VGBNP Natural Dhaga mishri

VGBNP Natural Dhaga misri is another brand that is selling pure and clean misri in India. This misri is effective against cough, sore throat, digestive issues, and stomach pain. It is organic mishri free from any chemicals and artificial flavors.

VGBNP Natural Dhaga mishri


  • The quality and smell of this misri are very good.
  • It doesn’t contain any chemicals.
  • Its packing is also very good.


  • This misri contains some rock or sand-like taste.
  • Its price is a little high.


7. Pro Organic Life Dhaga Mishri

Another brand that you can trust for buying the best rock candy in India is Pro Organic Life misri. They collect high-quality misri from different parts of the country, process and pack it in high-quality packaging. It is not an Ayurvedic misri but you can use it for regular use and in some home remedies.

Pro Organic Life Dhaga Mishri


  • The quality of the product is good.
  • Its packaging is also good.


  • It is not pure rock candy sugar.


8. Nature Purify DHAGA MISHRI

It is natural rock candy that you can buy for regular as well as ayurvedic use. They collect natural misri and supply it at your doorstep without the addition of any chemical and flavor.

Nature Purify DHAGA MISHRI


  • The product contains threads that ensure its authenticity.
  • The taste of the mishri is good and original


  • Their customer service is not good.


9. FARM 2 YOU Dhaga Mishri

This is also an authentic rock candy that you will like to buy. It helps relieve sore throat, cough, oral cavity problems, and stomach issues.

FARM 2 YOU Dhaga Mishri


  • This crystalline misri is pure and authentic.
  • Its crystals are big, clear, and easily dissolvable.


  • The packaging is not good.


10. Pmw – Chips Mishri Dhaga

This is the last product on our list that you can check. It is original threaded sugar candy. The best quality rock sugar is collected from different parts of India and processed in a proper way to supply you with the original and organic thread candy at your doorstep.

Pmw - Chips Mishri Dhaga


  • Its taste is very good.
  • The quality is also good.


  • This thread candy is very costly.



Leave refined and artificial foods in your life and go with the pure things to keep you healthy. So the first step is to replace the dangerous white sugar with mishri. Select the best product from our list and be healthy.


What is the difference between sugar and Misri?

Sugar is reined form of sweetener that is made from the extract of sugarcane. While misri is an unrefined sweetener or rock candy so it is a natural source of sweetness.

What is the price of the mishri?

You can get 1 kg of misri in the price range between 200 to 350 rupees.

Which is the best mishri?

Here are a lot of brands that provide the best natural misri. You can check the list in this article.