Best MIDI Keyboards in India Buyers Guide

A MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) keyboard is commonly called the controller keyboard. Also, it’s a piano-styled musical keyboard. It is an electrical keyboard that has numerous buttons, sliders, and wheels.

It sends the information – through keys and buttons – to another device that is capable of producing the sounds. You can use the electrical keyboard to send MDI commands or signals through a MIDI 5-pin cable or a USB to other devices or computers. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Keyboard Piano, Electric Drum pads, drum sets, Drum sticks, Snare Drum, Acoustic Guitars, Flutes, Dholaks, Damru, Mouth organs, Chimatas, Ghungroo, Keyboard Pianos, Keyboard adapters, Casio Keyboards, Harmoniums, Karaoke Mics, Karaoke Systems in India.

The MIDI keyboard is not capable of producing the sounds itself. Hobbyists and professionals who work in the Digital Audio Workstation(DAW) industry or the Software Instruments use these. Also, professionals are keen on working on concert stages or recording studios.

Top 11 Best MIDI Keyboards in India

List of MIDI keyboards

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1. Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII LE Portable MIDI Keyboard Akai-Professional
2. M-Audio 61MK3 Keystation USB MIDI Controller M-Audio-Keys
3. Alesis Q49 Desktop MIDI Keyboard Alesis-Q49-49-Key
4. Nektar Impact LX25+ MIDI Keyboard Controller Nektar-IMPACT
5. Arturia Mini Lab Controller MK II with 25 Slim-Keys Arturia-MiniLab
6. Novation Launchkey 49-Note USB Keyboard Controller Novation-Launchkey
7. IK Multimedia iRig Keys MINI Universal Controller
8. Native Instruments Komplete MIDI Kontrol M32 Native-Instruments
9. Samson Carbon 61 USB MIDI Controller Samson-Carbon
10. Kadence Midiplus MIDI Controller Kadence-Midiplus

Buyers Guide – MIDI Keyboard

There are many factors that you must consider before buying a MIDI keyboard. There are MIDI keyboards available that have a single-octave and full 88 keys.

You can also go for the additional controls on keyboards if you have space and the budget. This would increase the efficiency of your MIDI keyboard.

  • You can choose the number of keys depending on your expertise and skills.
  • The next important consideration is the action.
  • You may choose realistic actions that resonate with the actual piano keys.
  • The size of the keys on a MIDI keyboard is another important consideration.
  • The weighted action controllers usually are full-size keys.
  • The semi-weighted & non-weighted keys come in various sizes.
Also, consider:
  • The MIDI keyboard must have all of the features like after-touch/pressure, velocity, and pedals.
  • Pitch bend and the ModWheel are other important features of this keyboard.
  • Pitch bend wheels have a range of positive and negative pitches, and the ModWheel sends a stream of continuous data on its position.
  • You should choose both of these incredibly useful options if you happen to choose between the two options.
  • However, some digital pianos do not encompass these options.
  • You should at least opt for one between the pitch bend and ModWheel.

Features of a MIDI Keyboard

Most the digital MIDI keyboards are equipped with visual feedback features. There are the keys, commonly referred to as the keybed, that can be used for composing the music.

  • There are various valuable features in the MIDI Keyboards.
  • Also, there are various sizes and styles of key-beds in the mini controllers.
  • The keyboard has controllers along with the DAW software.
  • The USB connects the DAW software and the key-beds most effectively.
  • Pitch and modulation are the two basic performance controls on the keyboard.
  • The pitch and modulation wheel are important features that should be present in every mini controller.
  • Encoders, faders, wheels, and buttons are the controls of the keyboard, which are used to dial the filter sweep with the fingers.

Types of MIDI Keyboards

There are two main types of keyboards. They are mentioned below.

Traditional Keyboards

  • The traditional keyboards have keys that resemble the large piano, pipe organ, or synthesizer keys.
  • The traditional keyboard keys are designed differently from the other keys to give a particular feel for a certain action.

Non-traditional Keyboards

  • Non-traditional keys have been designed that give variations over the traditional keys.
  • The most common example of a non-traditional keyboard is the Continuum Fingerboard.
  • Another example of the MIDI keyboard is the tonal plexus keyboard.
  • Tonal plexus keyboard is capable of producing 1266 different pitches.

How Does a MIDI Keyboard Works?

MIDI keyboard controller is a virtual way of sequencing music and playing virtual instruments on the MAC or computer. It sends the commands to another MIDI-equipped device.

  1. MIDI keypad works by sending the musical information from one device to another device.
  2. When you press a key or pad, one message is created.
  3. This message is sent to another connected device.
  4. The device is connected to the MIDI keyboard through a USB or MIDI cable.
  5. Then, the connected device receives the signal and creates the sounds.
  6. Thus, you can use the MIDI keyboard for sending virtual signals to the connected device, which is commonly a synthesizer or a computer.
  7. Then, the connected device plays the sent music.

List of Top 10 Best MIDI Keyboards in India Buyers Guide

1. Akai Professional MPK Mini Portable Keyboard with USB Backlit Pads:

This is a portable MIDI keyboard that has 25 keys and backlit pads. It is a high-quality and affordable MIDI keyboard.Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII LE Portable MIDI Keyboard


  • Akai Professional MIDI keyboard has sensitive synth-action keys with octave up and down buttons.
  • It has four-way thumbstick modulation and pitch features.
  • Also, it has a built-in arpeggiator, which has adjustable modes, range, and resolution.
  • This has a compact design, so you can carry it easily.


  • It lacks the latest features.

Akai MINI Ultra

2. M-Audio 61MK3 Keystation USB Controller with 61-Keys, Pitch Modulation, App for Lessons & Software Production Suite:

This is a 61-key USB high-quality keyboard controller. This product offers exceptional features to the users. These features give the user easy control over the software.

M-Audio 61MK3 Keystation USB MIDI Keyboard Controller


  • M-Audio MIDI Keyboard has great control features such as faders, directional buttons & transport.
  • It has ergonomic modulation wheels and pitch options.
  • You can easily plug this into the Mac or computer and play.
  • Also, it has a versatile design and premium-quality appearance.


  • This is a bigger MIDI controller. So, it can be problematic to fit it on the desk.

M-Audio Keyboard

3. Alesis Q49 Desktop MIDI Controller with AIR Music Technology & 49 Velocity Sensitive Keys plus Ableton Live Lite:

This is another amazing MIDI controller, which has 25 keys. It is high-quality as well as an affordable mini controller.

Alesis Q49 Desktop MIDI Keyboard Controller


  • Alesis MIDI Controller is ideal for the composition and performance of music.
  • It has a single USB cable option, which delivers both the power & data.
  • Also, it has pitch, modulation wheels, and musical expression.


  • It is quite an expensive product.

Alesis 49-Key Keyboard

4. Nektar Impact LX25+ MIDI Keyboard Controller:

This is a 49-key keyboard controller, which offers exceptional features to the users. The DAW software integration features support various major DAWs, which include Bigwig Studio, Cubase, Digital Performer, Garage band, Logic X, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason, SONAR, and Studio One.

Nektar Impact LX25+ MIDI Keyboard Controller


  • Nektar MIDI Keyboard offers intelligent mapping for all of the major DAWs.
  • This is lightweight, portable, and affordable.
  • It has eight hypersensitive light touchpads that can easily be assigned to the message or MDI notes.


  • If you are on a budget, this product is expensive.

Nektar Impact

5. Arturia Mini Lab MIDI Controller MK II with 25 Slim-Keys:

This is a unique white-colored Mini Lab MIDI-Controller, which is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. When you receive the MIDIcontroller, it is fully mapped.

Arturia Mini Lab MIDI Controller MK II with 25 Slim-Keys


  • Arturia MIDI Keyboard is a portable and compact device so that it can fit well on any type of desk.
  • The keyboard has 5 presets, 17 keyboard instruments, and synthesizers.
  • Also, it has 16 assignable encoders for controlling your DAW.


  • Customers have complained that some keys are uneven on the keyboard.

Arturia Controller

6. Novation Launchkey 49MK2 49:

This is another amazing MIDI controller that has 49 keys. It is capable of working without power cables or drivers.

Novation Launchkey 49-Note USB Keyboard Controller


  • Novation MIDI Keyboard is a fully USB-powered and class-compliant keyboard.
  • This is a 49-note USB keyboard for the Ableton Live Digital Audio WorkStation.
  • Its software works on both Mac and PC.


  • Some consumers have complained that the drum sensitivity is low.

Novation Keyboard

7. IK Multimedia MINI Universal Keyboard Controller with 25-keys for iPhone iPad Android & MacPC:

This offers a high-quality MIDI controller keyboard. It is a universal keyboard for the Mac, iPhone, Android, and PC.

IK Multimedia iRig Keys MINI Universal Keyboard Controller


  • IK Multimedia Keyboard has assignable data or volume knob.
  • It gets powered by your device, so it requires no batteries.
  • Also, it has free apps for Android, iOS, and PC/Mac.


  • Some users have found it difficult to operate the keyboard.

IK universal keyboard

8. Native Instruments Komplete MIDI Kontrol M32:

This is one of the most efficient and powerful MIDI keyboards. That is durable, high-quality, and stylish in appearance.

Native Instruments Komplete MIDI Kontrol M32


  • Native MIDI Keyboard has 32 compact keys that can control all your effects and instruments.
  • This has a stylish, sleek, and powerful body.
  • Also, this has a powerful software package as well.


  • This is quite expensive for beginners.

Native Komplete Keyboard

9. Samson Carbon 61 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller:

This is the latest model of the MIDI controller that offers awesome features to the end-users.

Samson Carbon 61 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller


  • Samson MIDI Keyboard has an integrated iPad slot.
  • It has a semi-weighted keyboard that has 61 keys velocity-sensitive.
  • Also, it has an assignable data encoder and slider.


  • Some consumers have complained that the keys do not function well.

Samson- MIDI-Controller

10. Kadence Midiplus MIDI Keyboard Controller with 49 Keys:

This is a mini MIDI keyboard that has 29 weighted keys. It comes with 3 segments of backlit LED, and capacitive touch sensors to control PITCH & MODULATION.

Kadence Midiplus MIDI Keyboard Controller


  • Kadence MIDI keyboard supports hotplug.
  • The keyboard has three segments of the backlit LED.
  • Also, it has four customizable knobs.


  • Some customers have complained that the keys are prone to scratching.

Kadence MIDI Keyboard


What is the best MIDI controller keyboard?

ArturiaMiniLab MK II 25 Slim is the best MIDI controller keyboard.

How does a MIDI controller keyboard work?

The MIDI Controller works by sending signals to the connected device via USB or cable. Then, the connected device plays music.

What’s the best MIDI controller for beginners?

Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII LE Black is the best MIDI controller for beginners.

Should I get a keyboard or MIDI controller?

If you are interested in learning music, you should get yourself a keyboard. The MIDI controller has too many complicated features for a beginner. So, the keyboard is a good choice.

Should I get a 25 or 49-key MIDI keyboard?

Depending upon your skills, you may choose either a 25 or 49-key MIDI keyboard.

Can MIDI keyboards play without a computer?

Yes. Another compatible connecting device is chosen to play the MIDI keyboards. It would just need a power adaptor and a MIDI cable.

What are MIDI keyboards used for?

The MIDI keyboards are virtual musical instruments. You can use it for playing music on a Mac or computer.

What is the difference between a MIDI keyboard and a MIDI controller?

This is a keyboard that sends and receives the information, having no built-in sound system.

On the other hand, it is an instrument that plays the music and gives you the feel of the piano.

How do I choose a MIDI controller?

There are various features that you must consider while buying a MIDI controller such as the number of keys, keys size and design, the pitch and ModWheel, velocity, actions, pedals, after-touch, and more.