Best Metal Polish in India-Buyers Guide

Metal polish makes it possible for you to remove tarnish, discoloration, rust, and water stains from metal surfaces. Therefore if you have metal surfaces that have lost their original shine/luster, the polish can help you greatly. With this polish, you can make objects that had started to look old and dull regain ‘newness’. A good metal polish restores the shine and luster of metal surfaces without scratching. It can be used on antiques, metal signboards, certain musical instruments, almost all metal fittings, and so on.

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Top 11 Best Metal Polish in India-Buyers Guide

List of Metal Polish Products

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1. Autosol 75gm Polish Autosol-01001000-Metal-Polish
2. Waxpol 200ml Polish Waxpol 200ml Metal Polish
3. Pidilite Brite-O Polish Pidilite Brite-O Metal Polish
4. Silvo Tarnish Guard Silver Polish Liquid Silvo Tarnish Guard Silver Polish Liquid
5. Brasso 175ml Polish Brasso 175ml Metal Polish
6. Turtle Wax All Polish Turtle Wax All Metal Polish
7. Fa Duca Lub Bike Polish Fa Duca Lub Bike Polish
8. Wavex® Chrome and Polish Wavex® Chrome and Metal Polish
9. BlueOxy Polisher BlueOxy Metal Polisher
10. CarPro Metallic Polish CarPro Metallicut Metal Polish
11. DARA Allied Brass Polish DARA Allied Brass Metal Polish

Features of a Metal Polish

  • The most important feature in a polish is efficacy.
  • This should be genuinely capable of restoring smoothness and shininess to a metal surface.
  • Whether a polish is able to do this depends on its chemical composition and working mechanism.
  • Another important feature in a polish is safety.
  • This should be capable of removing tarnish and/or rust without scratching the metal surface where it is applied.
  • Others important aspects of safety include non-toxicity and nonflammability.
  • Yet another important feature in a polish is eco-friendliness.
  • The ease with which a polish can be used matters.
  • So does the number/variety of metals where polish can be used.

Types of Metal Polish Products

  • There are metal polishes that are gentle on the surfaces they are applied on.
  • Then there are metal polishes that are quite harsh on surfaces.
  • There are metal polishes that are suitable for use on a broad range of surfaces.
  • Then there are metal polishes that are suitable for use on a narrow range of surfaces.
  • We have metal polishes that have restorative capability.
  • Then we have others that only have the polishing capability (with no restorative features).

How to use Metal Polish?

  • First of all, you need to thoroughly clean the metal surface you wish to polish.
  • Secondly, you need to apply polish to the metal surface.
  • This you can typically do using a rug cloth or cotton ball.
  • Often, you need to apply the polish through circular or linear motions.
  • The next step is to remove the polish from the surface, to leave it looking smooth and shiny.
  • The removal of the polish is best done using another piece of cloth, through a buffing approach.

Buying guide

  • Ensure that the polish you buy is suitable for use on the type of metal surface you have in mind.
  • Otherwise, you could get very bad results if you use a metal polish on a surface it is unsuitable for.
  • Further, go for a polish with proven efficacy, and one that is easy to apply.
  • Also, check the polish safety profile. It should be safe/gentle on the surface where it is applied.
  • It should also be safe for the person applying it. Check the metal polish price.
  • If you have to buy a costlier polish, there should be something in it that warrants the higher price.

List of Top 11 Best Metal Polish in India-Buyers Guide

1. Autosol 75gm Metal Polish

Autosol polish is Suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces. Low-cost product with a good safety profile.

Autosol 75gm Metal Polish


  • Quite easy to apply
  • Doesn’t leave the surface with scratches
  • Price is affordable by almost everyone


  • The packaging is rather underwhelming
  • Some may find quantity too modest


2. Waxpol 200ml Metal Polish

Waxpol Polish is another low-cost yet reasonably effective polish. Has proper tarnish and discoloration removal capability.

Waxpol 200ml Metal Polish


  • Gives instant results
  • Quantity is enough for most needs
  • The cost is reasonably low


  • The application can be time-consuming
  • Unsuitable for use on metalized plastic


3. Pidilite Brite-O Polish

What you get here is a pack of 6 tubes. Each of those tubes is 25 grams.

Pidilite Brite-O Metal Polish


  • Quite gentle on surfaces
  • Suitable for use with almost all major metals
  • A single application is often enough for good results


  • You have to buy the whole 6 tubes package
  • The total price is on the higher side


4. Silvo Tarnish Guard Silver Polish Liquid – 175 ml

Silvo Tarnish Guard Polish is one of those polishes that also work with metals like aluminum. Available in liquid (rather than pure cream) form.

Silvo Tarnish Guard Silver Polish Liquid - 175 ml


  • Has reasonably good safety profile
  • Gives lasting shininess and smoothness
  • Easier application to surfaces


  • Price is relatively high
  • You have to use more liquid on a small surface to get proper results


5. Brasso 175ml Polish

Brasso is another polish that is in global usage (meets global quality standards). It is a liquid form of metal polish.

Brasso 175ml Metal Polish


  • Polish application is quite simple
  • Packaging is top-notch
  • Quantity is adequate for normal needs


  • Some may find price high for the quantity
  • It May be somewhat rough on certain metal surfaces


6. Turtle Wax All Polish

What you get here is 300ml of polish. Suitable for use with a rather broad array of metals.

Turtle Wax All Metal Polish


  • The low price has given the quantity
  • Versatile (suitable for use with numerous surface types)
  • Gives almost instant result


  • The application requires some effort
  • Has the somewhat aggressive effect


7. Fa Duca Lub Bike Polish/Treadmill Lubricant Oil

Fa Duca Lub bike polish is a dual-purpose product: bike polish and treadmill lubricant. As a bike polish, it has decent efficacy.

Fa Duca Lub Bike Polish/Treadmill Lubricant Oil


  • Gives surfaces some dust resistance capability
  • Comes inadequate quantity
  • Doesn’t expire fast


  • Relatively high price
  • Unsuitable for use on many metals


8. Wavex® Chrome and Metal Polish

Wavex chrome is one of the bigger polish packages: at 1 kg. Suitable for use on chrome as well.

Wavex® Chrome and Metal Polish


  • Low price for a given quantity
  • Works well with many metals, including chrome and nickel
  • Has both cleaning and polishing effect


  • The application procedure can be time-consuming
  • Some may find 1kg amount superfluous


9. BlueOxy Metal Polisher

One of the polishes with a high protective effect. Quite good at restoring luster to surfaces experiencing oxidation effect.

BlueOxy Metal Polisher


  • Relatively easy to use
  • Results are seen instantly
  • Cost is quite low for quantity


  • Can be slightly rough on certain surfaces
  • Shelf life is not particularly long


10. CarPro Metallicut Metal Polish

CarPro Polish is one of the metal polishes that are based on diamond abrasive powders. It is effective yet not too rough.

CarPro Metallicut Metal Polish


  • The application routine is simple
  • Works well even on the softer metals
  • Yields a long-lasting shine


  • Modest quantity at 150ml
  • The product is quite expensive


11. DARA Allied Brass Metal Polish

What you get here is a small bottle of highly effective polish. If you apply it correctly, you can get instant results.

DARA Allied Brass Metal Polish


  • Quite gentle on metals
  • Gives a lasting result
  • Offers some protection to applied surfaces


  • Packaging is too basic
  • It is not suitable for use on certain common types of surfaces.



With a proper metal polish, you can easily restore the shininess and smoothness of a surface that had become dull. The information in this guide should be helpful to you in selecting a proper polish for your needs.


What is the best metal polish?

The best metal polish is one that is effective, gentle on applied surfaces, and gives lasting shininess/smoothness results.

What can I use to polish metal?

You need a metal polish cream/liquid and a piece of cloth with which to apply it.

What is the price of the metal polish?

Metal polish price ranges from 170 to 1,800 Indian rupees.