Best Massage Chairs in India Buyers Guide

Massage therapy has been an intrinsic part of human life since ancient Egyptian and Greek times. Massages help to address pain or injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, treat mild anxiety, and lower blood pressure. In recent times, the chair has become more and more advanced.

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They now have electronically-controlled rollers and can be adjusted to fit various sizes and intensities. The chair is designed to mimic the hand motions of a professional masseuse – facilitated through airbags or built-in rollers. Other massage chairs operate through vibrations.

Best Massage Chairs Online in India

List of Massage Chairs

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1. Robotouch Maxima Massage Chair buy Robotouch amazon india
2. SB MZ30 Massage Chair  SB MZ30 Massage Chair
3. SB MZ22 Massage Chair  SB MZ22 Massage Chair
4.HealthSense My-Sole Leg & Foot Massager  HealthSense massage chair
5. HOPZ Beige Small Sofa Electric Full Body chair HOPZ Beige massage chairs
6. SOBO Robotic Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair  SOBO A382 massage chairs
7. BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair 
BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair
8. Relife Candid Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair  Relife Candid massage chairs
9. ReLife Royale Solo Shiatsu Massage Chair  ReLife Royale Solo Shiastu Massage Chair
10. Robocura Cozier XS Body Massage Chair Robocura Cozier XS Body Massage chair

Features to keep in mind while choosing a massage chair

Different chairs offer various features; Below are some of the primary features of a typical relaxed chair.

  • The kneading massage function is performed by rollers that move to gently squeeze your back. The massage chair has a motor dedicated explicitly to performing the kneading massage.
  • Some chairs have an integrated heat therapy functionality that is convenient for muscle relaxation by reducing swelling and increasing blood flow. However, not all chairs emit heat in all areas.
  • Auto programs are suitable for the smooth operation of the relaxed chair for both the young and old. The electric massage chairs follow a set of programs designed by manufacturers. The auto program controls various massage techniques and durations.
  • Footrest extension is critical to offer precise thigh, legs, and calve relaxation.
  • Some massage chairs also have a built-in music system that helps to reduce stress. The chair moves with the rhythm of the music, providing a comfortable and relaxed massage session. The intensity of the massage depends on the tempo of the music.

Types of massage chairs

There are two main types of massage chairs:

Traditional relax chairs

These chairs are ergonomically designed to focus on the head, neck, shoulders, back, hands, and arms. This kind is convenient for therapists to offer on-site massage. The chair does not require the client to disrobe for a massage. The chair can be placed in offices and other public places.

Robotic massage chairs

These chairs are electrically operated and offer various massages depending on their design and specialty. The chair is designed with a controller for the individual to set the intensity and position of massaging. It offers deep relaxation, lowers the pulse rate, increases metabolism, and helps in blood circulation. The chair mimics the hand motion of a masseuse or therapist. They facilitate massaging through built-in rollers, air pressure, and heat; some use the application of vibrations.

Massage Chairs-Buying Guide

Here are some things you should keep in mind if you are planning on investing in a massage chair:

  • Different relax chairs offer either low-end or high-end massaging functions depending on their design. Therefore, identify the massage chair features like kneading, rolling, tapping, reflexology, vibrations, auto-program functionality, shiatsu, inversion therapy or zero gravity suspension, and heating option.
  • Decide whether you require that either uses rollers or airbags for massaging depending on your preference. Some chairs that use rollers can be easily customized. chairs with airbags offer powerful relief from stiffness and tension, thus, stimulating blood flow.
  • Most high-end chairs can be reclined and some even offer zero-gravity suspension. A recline function provides a deep massage experience and significantly boosts the benefits.
  • Familiarise yourself with the power of the chair, which depends on the number of motors. Therefore, the higher the power, the more long-lasting the massage will be.

How does a massage chair work?

The automated message chair is not complex to use and can be used by both the old and the young.

  • All you need to do is sit back on the chair, relax and set the chair to the positions you would like massaged and the intensity, or simply set automatic mode and let the machine perform its duty.
  • If your relax4e chair has an audio system, play the music of your choice for increased relaxation.
  • Depending on the design and type of chair, the rollers or airbags will deliver the precise pressure to massage away stress, pain, and tension.

List of Top 10 Nest Massage chairs in India Buyers Guide

1. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair is designed with a set of vertically movable and driven with four-wheeled muted intelligent hands design that has emulation massage methods of shiatsu kneading. The chair operates through flapping, knocking, simultaneous kneading, and a flapping set with an automatic shoulder detection and also, a location set customized with an auto massage function. Robotouch has an ache-improving comfort and is designed to offer a fast improved massage experience. It is built with a set of six different kinds of automatic functions M1 and M2 and has a memory.

Massages the upper body manually with three different options: fixed, partial, and overall message. The chair can be adjusted to various five levels of speed applicable in flapping, knocking, and shiatsu. Also, the width between the two kneading balls is adjustable on three different levels: narrow, medium, and wide.



  • Comfortable
  • Quality product
  • Quiet


  • Poor customer service
  • Quite expensive

Robotouch massage chair

2. JSB MZ30 Massage Chair for Home Full Body Relief from Stress

JSB MZ30 massage chair offers a full body massage applicable for both the young and old. It can be used at home or in office areas since it occupies minimal space. Relax chair is designed with zero gravity and soft rollers, facilitating a smooth blood flow throughout the body. The chair is convenient for pain relief of stressed muscles and is fitted with a foot roller that offers a relaxed experience.



  • Affordable
  • Customizable message type and speed
  • Comfortable


  • Quite difficult to use
  • Varying sizes

JSB MZ30 Massage Chair

3. JSB MZ22 Massage Chair Zero Gravity for Home Pain Relief Customizable with Heating Music Bluetooth

JSB MZ22 massage chair is designed with the concept of 3D technology and with an L Track massage. The massage chair has long-reaching rollers for the hip and back massage. The chair has an inbuilt heater and soft rollers to relax the neck, back, and hip muscles. The chair has an airbag massage for the hands, shoulder, feet, and calves; with a three-dimension rubbing and kneading massage on the calves. Relax chair improves the circulation of blood flow through the scrapping massage at the foot soles. RelaxChair has a combination of various massage techniques: kneading, shiatsu, Tapping, Rubbing, vibrations, and knocks. The chair is made with zero space-saving gravity design, with heating emitted from the back for soothing and an audio device connected via Bluetooth. JSB chair has a special x-twist massage for waist flexibility and a stretching massage to relieve tired muscles.

Jsb mz22 massage chair zero fravity for home pain relief
Job mz22 chair zero gravity for home pain relief


  • Full-body relaxation
  • Convenient for heavy-duty
  • Comfortable


  • Quite expensive
  • Requires convenient spacing

JSB MZ22 Massage Chair

4. HealthSense My-Sole LM 400 Leg & Foot Massager with Air Pressure

The health sense massage chair is specifically designed to massage sole legs and feet by providing electronic simulations on the required pressure points of the region. The chair offers a complete leg massage from the thighs, calf, and feet by utilizing air pressure as the massage technique. The chair has an infrared heating effect that delivers a soothing effect and is fitted with vibrations and deep kneading. The intensity and massage patterns are adjustable as per the user’s needs, hence, offering a rejuvenating spa experience.

HealthSense My-Sole LM 400 Leg & Foot Massager with Air Pressure
HealthSense My-Sole LM 400 Leg & Foot Massager with Air Pressure


  • Has a healing effect
  • Offers quality massage to the feet and calves
  • Easy to use


  • Quite expensive
  • Defected parts

HealthSense massage chair

5. HOPZ Beige Color PVC Material European Style Inflatable Small Sofa Massage Chair


HOPZ Beige massage chair is a full-body massage chair with a beige or maroon color. The electricity and made of heavy PVC material BPA free. The HOPZ  relax chair relieves pain and offers a relaxed feeling through a full body massage. The chair is designed in a European-style sofa bed to provide the best comfort. The massage chair can be used in home or living room furniture, camping, and traveling.


  • Applicable for varying height sizes
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable


  • Does not of feet and calf massages
  • Operates only through vibrations

HOPZ Beige massage chair

6. SOBO A382 Robotic Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair with Automatic Massage

SOBO A382 massage chair has automatic shoulder detection, and the localization system operates by scanning the shoulders before each massage session. The chair adjusts to three zero gravity positions, which achieves a state of weightlessness by offering a perfect unrestricted relaxation. When the zero gravity mode switches on, the angle of elevation between the legs and body is approximately one hundred and eighteen degrees. The thighs and calves are in a higher position compared to the heart, distributing the weight of each body part evenly across the relaxed chair.

The chair has an inbuilt infrared carbon fiber heating the back of the chair at forty to fifty degrees Celsius, eliminating backaches and cold sensations. The infrared radiation wavelength coincides with the human body wavelength, allowing absorption of the energy by human cells.



  • Quality product
  • Comfortable
  • Quality material


  • Quite expensive
  • Has no precise functionality

SOBO A382 Robotic masasage chair

7. BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair | Multiple Airbags | Luxurious Look With Bluetooth & Zero Gravity

Bodyfriend massage chair is built with a four dimension technology design and a fully automatic body scan to suit different heights. The relaxed chair scans the body and adjusts the rollers to reach every part of the body. The boyfriend chair has multiple airbags in every part of the chair and is fitted with a back, foot, and head massage. The relax chair has a super long SL Track of 1450 mm and is a heavy-duty zero gravity. The chair comes with a Bluetooth music player, with an easy control system. The rollers designed in the chair move up and down or left and right.



  • Offers a 4D massage
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to operate


  • Requires spacing
  • Not portable

BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair

8. Relife Candid Ultimate 3D Realtime Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

Relife candid chair is mechanically intelligent, designed to imitate the skills of a professional masseur by realizing multidimensional and the aspect stereo massage. The chair kneads, squeeze, flap, press, hold, push, twist, and swing. The mechanical hands offer effective massage to a human cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra. The chair is zero gravity, suspending the torso and legs at one hundred and eighteen degrees of elevation. It adjusts into multiple massage positions through the acupressure point sensors allowing a full body massage.

The chair is designed in a super L shape, combined with human engineering and a super long shape space curved rail technology. The relax chair has a music playback system: APP controlled, Bluetooth audio, and a built-in 3D digital speaker.



  • Quality product
  • Comfortable
  • Mechanically intelligent


  • Do not massage the arms
  • Not portable

Relife Candid Ultimate 3D massage chair

9. ReLife Royale Solo Shiatsu Massage Chair (RL 158) Red & Black

ReLife Royal Solo massage chair Is a durable circular and pressure, which is super long up to the hips for relaxation of the neck, shoulder, torso, and hips. The chair operates through the pressure airbags at the hips and torso, a leg fitted with an airbag that wraps around the calf with rhythmic pressure. The chair has three different adjustable speeds with varying effects of decompression and three different widths from six to twenty-one centimeters.



  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable


  • Not portable
  • Noisy

ReLife Royale Solo Shiastu Massage Chair

10. Robocura Cozier XS Body Massage Chair/Sofa Massager/Chair Massager

Robocura Cozier massage chair has leatherier fabric either brown or red color. The relaxed chair offers a full-body massage through the track line. The chair has various features like zero gravity, two auto programs, and heat therapy. The chair is multi-purpose and used as a recliner.

Robocura cozier xs body relax chair
Robocura cozier xs body relax chairs


  • Comfortable
  • Quality fabric
  • Easy to use


  • Not portable
  • Do not massage the arms

Robocura Cozier XS Body Massage Chair


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the list of the top 10 best massage chairs in India. It should be easy for you to determine which one is best for you.

Hope this article helps you in purchasing the best massage chairs for body relief.


1. What is the cost of the Relax chair?

Massage chair costs around two thousand five hundred dollars and the cheap ones range from 200 to 500 dollars.

2. Is a Relax chair good for health?

A massage chair is good for health by helping the body relax, blood circulation boosts the immune system, and combats physiological side effects.

3. Can I use a Relax chair every day?

The recommended use of a chair is twice a day.

4. How long should I sit in a Relax chair?

The chair was used for 15 to 20 minutes.

5. Can you sleep in a Relax chair?

Sleeping in a relaxed chair is not recommended virtually impossible to change positions.

6. What should I look for in a relaxing chair?

The main functionality is the intensity of the chair to offer appropriate massaging.

7. Why does my back hurt after using a  chair?

The back hurts the back muscles not used in worked over.

8. Why do you need to drink water after a massage?

Drinking water helps reduce soreness by releasing waste products.

9. Does a massage chair Help Back Pain?

The chair relaxes the back muscles and stimulates blood flow

10. Are massage chairs dangerous?

Massage chairs are dangerous to persons with blood clotting and coagulation problem or who have weak bones or bruise easily.