Best Mamra Badam in India Buyers Guide

Grabbing a handful of mamra badam is a good way to watch your weight and take in some good nutrients at the same time. Hunger can strike at the strangest times and with everyone being weight conscious, nuts are a healthy snack.

Although higher in calories than regular badam, they are still full of nutrients that your body needs to keep you living healthily. They are especially good for brain health containing a lot of minerals that your brain uses to function better. Also, check the buyer’s guide to buying the best Dryfruits, Walnuts, Pista, Badam, Anjeer, Badam Oil, Green Cardamom, Khus Khus Black Raisins, Black Cardamom, Cardamom, Elaichi or Green Cardamom, Cardamom Powder, Pepper Powder, Kalonji Seeds, Dry coconut, Cocoa Powder, Cumin powder, Cheese Powder, Turmeric Powder, mulethi powder, mulethi sticks, ginger powder, Dalchini Powder, Eliachi Powder, Dalchini sticks, Cloves, Elaichi, Peppercorns, Black Peppercorns, Cumin powder, masala tea powders, Amla Juice, Giloy Juice, Triphala Churna, Tulsi Drops, Aloe Vera Juice, Mishri, Ginger Powder, Anjeer, Badam, Mamra BadamWalnut, Dry dates, coconut powder, Kishmish, Pista, and Long Peppercorns in India.

There are different factors you might need to think of when considering buying this nut online. This top 10 list will show you the best way to go, along with the buyer’s guide.

Top 10 Best Mamra Badam in India

List of mamra badams

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1. Happilo Natural Californian Almonds Happilo-100
2. Urban Platter Mamra Almonds Platter-Bold
3. Fruitri Premium Natural Badam Giri remium-Califo
4. VSD 100% Natural Badam Giri VSD-Premium
5. Ramu Afghani Mamra Badam 250 g Ramu-Afghani
6. D’nature Fresh Mamra Almonds Dnature-Fresh
7. DILKHUSH Mamra Badam
8. Tulsi Badam Giri Mamra Lazeez Mamra-Lazeez
9. Nutraj Signature Mamra Badam Giri Mamra-Almonds
10. Tim Tim Mamra Almonds im-Mamr

Buyers Guide – Mamra Badam

One of the best ways to get good quality mamra badam is by knowing exactly what you want before shopping for them.

  • The products that brands present you with might not always be exactly what you are looking for.
  • Some come roasted or salted while others are raw.
  • You can consume them right out of the bag, but you can use raw nuts for more than just snacking.
  • You must look for organic products because they don’t contain any of the additives that you want to avoid.
  • If you don’t plan on eating them often, we advise that you don’t buy these nuts in bulk because sometimes you waste your money.
  • This is simply because they can spoil quite quickly unless you freeze the, but then they won’t be fresh.
  • If you buy them in smaller portions, you will have fresher almonds to eat.
  • A decision has to be made as to whether you want inshell nuts or nuts that are shelled.

Inshell nuts tend to have longer shelf lives because they have a protective covering & if you want the freshest nuts, you need to go for the ones that are inshell.

Features of Mamra Badam

  • These are completely packed with minerals and vitamins for your health.
  • They are high in protein and magnesium which your body uses to function well.
  • Some studies have shown that they might decrease your risk of having a heart attack by almost half.
  • They are also great for lowering your blood cholesterol levels and for controlling cholesterol as well.
  • Heart and brain health is drastically increased if you eat these nuts daily.
  • The amount of phosphorous in mamra almonds will help in keeping your bones strong as well as your teeth.
  • Some research has even shown that these nuts can help you lose weight.
  • These nuts have been proven to help control diabetes and blood pressure which all improve your health.

Types of Mamra Badam

  • There are not any types of Mamra Almond but there are different types of badam including:
  • American or Spanish almonds are the cheapest and easiest to find.
  • Mamra almonds are very unique in shape and are the priciest.
  • Gurbandi almonds that are quite small, and people refer to them as bittersweet.
  • Nuts come in many forms and you can buy them in these forms.
  • Some brands crush or grind their almonds to make flour or crushed almonds for baking.

You can also use crushed almonds to garnish desserts and other, savoury dishes. They can also be roasted or salted for extra flavour, but they are best eaten raw.

How to intake Mamra Badam?

  1. You should use mamra badam for garnishing and cooking because that is what they are best for.
  2. The fact that they are higher in calories than regular almonds means you have to use them in moderation.
  3. The higher oil content of these nuts is another reason why they are best used for things like garnished.
  4. They are also great for almond oil or milk depending on what your preference is.
  5. A great way to use mamra almonds is by putting them in a cake batter or even making a breakfast cereal out of it.
  6. The health benefits of these Mamra almonds mean that you should incorporate them into your diet in any way that you can.

The different nutrients benefit the body in many different ways making this nut a great way to get your recommended daily intake.

List of Top 10 Best Mamra Badam in India Buyers Guide

1. Happilo 100% Natural Premium Almonds:

This product comes in a 200g back and the nuts are 100% natural.Happilo Natural Californian Almonds


  • 100% natural
  • Well packaged


  • Different sizes


2. Urban Platter Bold Mamra Almonds:

400g of these nuts should keep you set for at least a couple of weeks unless you want to bake with them.Urban Platter Mamra Almonds


  • Comes in a 400g bag
  • Organic


  • Not the best quality


3. Fruitri Premium Almonds:

With 1kg of 100% natural nuts to work with, you can bake muffins for days.Fruitri Premium Natural Badam Giri


  • 100% natural
  • Big nuts


  • Sometimes the nuts are broken


4. VSD Premium 100% Natural Almonds:

1kg of raw, fresh nuts awaits you when you purchase this product.VSD 100% Natural Badam Giri


  • Four 250g packets
  • 100% natural


  • Small

VSD California

5. Ramu Afghani Almond:

This tasty Afghani nut comes in a 250g bag and is ready for consumption.Ramu Afghani Mamra Badam 250 g


  • Crunchy
  • Big


  • Fragile packaging


6. D’nature Fresh Mamra Almonds:

These nuts are roasted and ready to be eaten from the 250g bag.D'nature Fresh Mamra Almonds


  • Tasty
  • Ready for eating


  • Packaging isn’t durable


7. DILKHUSH Original Bold Mamra Badam:

Handpicked almonds put together in a 1kg bag sound like a great snack.DILKHUSH Mamra Badam


  • Handpicked
  • 1kg bag


  • A mixture of normal and mamra badam


8. Tulsi Badam Giri Mamra:

Two bags of 250g of 100% natural mamra badam makes this product perfect.Tulsi Badam Giri Mamra Lazeez


  • 500g bag
  • 100% natural


  • Expensive


9. Nutraj Signature Mamra Almonds:

A 200g vacuum-packed bag of quality almonds is what everyone is looking for in these products.Nutraj Signature Mamra Badam Giri


  • Vacuum packed
  • Organic


  • Small


10. Tim Tim Mamra Giri Almonds:

This 250g product is recommended for children and pregnant women in the morning.Tim Tim Mamra Almonds


  • High-quality
  • Tasty


  • Some have a bitter taste



The number of brands that are selling these nuts makes it easy to find a good quality one. Consider what you want and need, then make a decision on the brand you want. Make sure to eat them in moderation and experiment to find a few new recipes.


What is the benefit of Mamra Badam?

This nut maintains brain health and a lot of the minerals it contains are good for the brain. They are also full of protein.

Why is Mamra Badam so Expensive?

The reason for the expense is that they come from Iran which only produces 3 to 4% of the world’s almond supply.

What is the difference between Badam and Mamra Badam?

Mamra badam has a higher carbohydrate and oil content so you consume more calories by eating less of them.

What is Mamra Badam called in English?

They are called Mamra almonds in the English language and are sometimes also called Mamro.