Best Lotto shoes in India-Buyers Guide

As different types of shoes are available for different functions but no one can compete with casual shoes. You have to go for groceries to a nearby store, or go for a walk, jogging, gym, or anywhere, they are the most comfortable shoe types. You can get running shoes from many places but we will talk about “Lotto Shoes” here. They are manufacturing the best shoes for men and women. The shoes have very good material and technology for the manufacturing of shoes. You can get different models and designs by Lotto shoes and we will also discuss a few models of their shoes in this article.

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Top 10 Best Lotto Shoes in India

List of Lotto Shoes

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1. Lotto Men Vertigo Lotto Men Vertigo
2. Men’s Adriano Running Shoes Lotto Men's Adriano Running Shoes
3. Men’s Downey running shoes Lotto Men's Downey running shoes
4. Women’s Sancia Mesh Running Shoes Lotto Women's Sancia Mesh Running Shoes
5. Men’s Amerigo Running Shoes Lotto Men's Amerigo Running Shoes
6. Men’s Ace White Running Shoes Lotto Men's Ace White Running Shoes
7. Men’s Fausto Running Shoes Lotto Men's Fausto Running Shoes
8. Men’s Aroldo running shoes Lotto Men's Aroldo running shoes
9. Men’s Carmela Running Shoes Lotto Men's Carmela Running Shoes
10. Men’s Black/ASHPHALT Jazz 2.0 Shoes Lotto Men's Black/ASHPHALT Jazz 2.0 Shoes

Buyer’s guide for Lotto shoes

  • For buying shoes, first of all, know about the type of shoes. You cannot wear simple casual shoes for running or trekking, so buy accordingly.
  • Buy your shoes according to the shape of your foot.
  • Go for a pair of Lotto shoes that fits best on your feet.
  • Find different colors and designs and then buy the shoes.
  • The material of shoes and their soles are very important. Choose the sole wisely, it must be anti-slip, has a good grip, soft, and flexible.
  • The shoes must be breathable. Check the prices at different places and buy from the place where you get them at a low price.

List of Top 10 Best Lotto shoes in India-Buyers Guide

1. Lotto Men Vertigo

These are very stylish Lotto shoes having a very good design. The shoes have a mesh design and the soles are made from synthetic material. These shoes have lace-up closure and are very lightweight. These are very comfortable in wearing during jogging, exercise, and walking.

Lotto Men Vertigo


  • The shoes have a very soft and comfortable cushion.
  • These shoes are designed so well and fit perfectly in feet.
  • Their price is very reasonable.


  • Their sole is slippery, especially on grass.


2. Lotto Men’s Adriano Running Shoes (AR4793-010)

This is another pair of Lotto shoes that are very comfortable in wearing. The shoes have a padded sole and back that won’t hurt your feet. The design of the shoes is stylish and has a laces design. They have mesh body so are breathable.

Lotto Men's Adriano Running Shoes


  • The shoes are very lightweight.
  • Due to their strength and comfortable design, they are perfect for running.


  • They make noise on tiles or cement floors.
  • Some customers claimed that they tore out after some weeks of use.


3. Lotto Men’s Downey running shoes (AL4859-010)

This is another very good pair of Lotto shoes that you can check. Their design and material are too good and the upper part of the shoes is breathable. The sole of these sports shoes is made up of good quality ethylene vinyl acetate. The shoes have a very good fit and you can choose your foot size easily.

Lotto Men's Downey running shoes


  • The price of this pair of Lotto running shoes is very comfortable.
  • These shoes can bear any tough road and different climates.
  • The built quality of the shoes is also very good.


  • Some people didn’t like the quality of their sole.
  • A few customers had issues with their customer service.


4. Lotto Women’s Sancia Mesh Running Shoes

These are stylish, women’s Lotto shoes that will catch your eyes. They are lace-up shoes and the sole is made from synthetic material. A good thing about these shoes is that you can choose the size, as well as, the color of your choice. They have a mesh design that ensures that they are breathable.

Lotto Women's Sancia Mesh Running Shoes


  • The company is giving a 90-days warranty in case of manufacturing defects.
  • Their grip is very good.
  • The inner thick padding makes them very comfortable.


  • Their finishing is not very up to the mark.
  • Its back should have some more padding.


5. Lotto Men’s Amerigo Running Shoes

These are very reasonable-priced men running shoes by Lotto shoes that you must have to check. Just like other Lotto shoes, these are also very comfortable and easy casual shoes that you can buy for normal use. They have different color options in these shoes that you can select while buying. The net weight of the shoes is 349 grams.

Lotto Men's Amerigo Running Shoes


  • The shoes are breathable.
  • The quality of the shoes is very good and they are durable.
  • They are very good for casual use or brisk walks.


  • Their fitting is not very perfect.
  • The elastic band present at the back hurts the foot.


6. Lotto Men’s Ace White Running Shoes (S6R4599-111)

These are also very stylish Lotto shoes available in black and white colors. They have a thick rubber sole that gives a good look to the shoes. The sole is strong but soft and flexible making the shoes comfortable. The net weight of these shoes is 600grams. They are more suitable for casual use, they will not be very good for hiking, trekking, or running.

Lotto Men's Ace White Running Shoes


  • The finish of the shoes is amazing.
  • Their sole and overall quality is very good.


  • This design is not very suitable for heavy and wide feet.
  • Some customers found its sole material hard.
  • Their grip must be improved.


7. Lotto Men’s Fausto Running Shoes (AR4796-202)

These are two-shades shoes having a good design. You have two color options in these shoes that are black and blue and the other is black and grey. The sole has also different colors as its bottom is black while the sides of the sole are white. If you want something different for your running, then, go for these shoes and you will not be disappointed.

Lotto Men's Fausto Running Shoes


  • Its sole quality is very good.
  • Their grip is so good on the floor.
  • These shoes look well on their feet.


  • Some customers have issues with their sizes.
  • Its quality can be improved.


8. Lotto Men’s Aroldo running shoes (8907181791760)

This is another model of running shoes by Lotto that we are discussing here. They are available in royal blue, light grey, and dark grey with a touch of black and orange. Their quality seems promising and the price is also budget-friendly. Lotto is the name of innovations and they bring certain changes in their products to make them goo, and this product is one of their good creations.

Lotto Men's Aroldo running shoes


  • These are very reasonable shoes for long-distance runners.
  • Their design is very good and stylish.
  • It will a good addition to your shoes collection.


  • Some customers have issues with its manufacturing quality.


9. Lotto Men’s Carmela Running Shoes

It is another different, 2-colors style running shoes for men by Lotto shoes. These shoes are also available in combination of different colors. The upper front portion has a different color while the laces portion and the back has the other color. You will also get a 30-days warranty in case of any manufacturing defect.

Lotto Men's Carmela Running Shoes


  • They are very lightweight shoes.
  • These are strong and suitable for running.
  • Their quality is amazing.


  • The seller should check for the sizes and defects of shoes before delivering.


10. Lotto Men’s Black/ASHPHALT Jazz 2.0 Shoes

It is the last pair of Lotto shoes that can be a good option. They have mesh material with a lace design. They are very suitable for men and are available in navy blue and black colors. You will not only like its design but will also be comfortable on your feet.

Lotto Men's Black/ASHPHALT Jazz 2.0 Shoes


  • The grip of these shoes is perfect.
  • These shoes are very comfortable


  • Its sole is a little hard.



Do you need a new pair of casual shoes or are planning to buy running shoes? If the answer is yes you can try Lotto shoes. You will get many options there according to your taste and style.


Are Lotto shoes good for running?

Here are some light casual shoes from the Lotto brand but yes, you can find many models of running shoes there.

What is the price of Lotto shoes?

They have different prices but you can get them at a minimum of 500 rupees at discounts.