Best Lenovo laptops in India-Buyers Guide

For many years the Lenovo laptops have been coming up with innovations in laptop design and specs. It is why these notebooks have an office, home, entertainment, and games computing specifications. Therefore, you can use them with confidence. Also, there are 360° convertible tablets and laptops from the Lenovo brand.

The design of these computer notebooks uses all-metal, plastic, and aluminum chassis. Thus, you can use these convertible Yoga pads for carrying and doing all PC work. Some of these come with the AMD Ryzen processors, and some use Intel CPUs. Plus, there are integrated graphic cards for high-end gaming.

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Top 11 Best Lenovo laptops in India

List of Lenovo Laptops

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1. Lenovo Legion Y540 Lenovo-15-6-inch-Windows Lenovo-15-6-inch-Windows
2. Legion Y540 with 1TB Storage Legion Y540 with 1TB Storage Legion Y540 with 1TB Storage
3. Lenovo Legion 5 Lenovo Legion 5 Lenovo Legion 5
4. Legion 5 with GTX 1650Ti Legion 5 with GTX 1650Ti Legion 5 with GTX 1650Ti
5. IdeaPad Slim 3 IdeaPad Slim 3 IdeaPad Slim 3
6. IdeaPad Slim 5 with AMD CPU IdeaPad Slim 5 with AMD CPU IdeaPad Slim 5 with AMD CPU
7. Lenovo V145 Lenovo V145 Lenovo V145
8. Legion 5 with Ryzen 5 4600H Legion 5 with Ryzen 5 4600H Legion 5 with Ryzen 5 4600H
9. Lenovo Yoga C640 Lenovo Yoga C640 Lenovo Yoga C640
10. Lenovo V14 Lenovo V14 Lenovo V14
11. Lenovo 82C7A006IH V15 Lenovo 82C7A006IH V15 Lenovo 82C7A006IH V15

Features of a Lenovo laptop

  • The Lenovo laptops have Intel CPUs with DDR4 RAM modules.
  • Also, some of these notebooks have AMD processors with Radeon graphics.
  • There is classification in gaming, convertible, and home or office laptops.
  • These have the latest Windows and operating systems.
  • Most of these gaming laptop PCs have backlit keyboards or RGB ones.
  • The notebooks come in lightweight and compact designs for portability. Plus, the design pattern of the Lenovo Legion series focuses on gamers.
  • There are cooling fans that keep the hardware cool. Some also have convertible designs for use as a tablet or PC.

Types of Lenovo laptops

  • There are professional Lenovo laptops for office use, and there are convertible and gaming notebooks.
  • Each of these laptops uses specs accordingly.
  • Gaming notebooks use high-end graphic cards with 8GB RAM or more for gaming performance.
  • The convertible laptops can turn up to 360 degrees to become a tablet.
  • Some have Intel processors, and some use AMD CPUs for a stable and fast boot.
  • Also, there are notebooks for everyday usage.
  • Most of these laptop PCs come with a full-size and backlit keyboard.
  • Plus, there are premium design laptops for durable performance.

Buyers Guide for Lenovo laptop

  • If you are looking for a convertible laptop, the Yoga series offers 360 degrees turning notebooks.
  • These have tablet-like qualities and come with a touchscreen.
  • Also, there are Lenovo laptops that are for gaming. This series comes with a premium design and specs.
  • Thus, the Legion series from Lenovo perform best for high-end gaming.
  • You can also buy everyday use notebooks that come at a budget-friendly price.
  • Therefore, it will depend on your demands for a portable PC.
  • All of the notebooks are durable and can perform all computing tasks.

How to use a Lenovo laptop

  • Always recharge the Lenovo laptop to its battery capacity before using it the first time.
  • There is a power adapter that you can connect with a wall plug to charge it.
  • The power button boots the machine into its operating system.
  • You can buy a laptop bag separately for carrying these notebooks with comfort.
  • Also, keep these laptops safe from water splashes.
  • All notebooks are not waterproof.
  • So, avoid using these in rain or direct sunlight.

List of Top 11 Best Lenovo laptops in India-Buyers Guide

1. Lenovo Legion Y540

The Legion Y540 is for high-end gaming. There is a 9th Generation Intel Core i5 CPU with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD.

Lenovo Legion Y540


  • It has a gaming design.
  • There is a GTX 1650 graphics card.
  • The keyboard is backlit.
  • The price is budget-friendly.


  • Its battery can run out after an hour of max use.
  • There is a 60Hz refresh rate screen.


2. Legion Y540 with 1TB Storage

You can use the 1TB storage for installing large-size games. This Lenovo gaming notebook has an Intel i5 processor with 8GB Ram, 256GB SSD, and 1TB HDD.

Legion Y540 with 1TB Storage


  • There is a 256 GB SSD drive with 1TB HDD storage.
  • It has a backlit keyboard.
  • There is an Intel GTX 1650 graphics card.
  • It has a USB-C port with USB 3.0.
  • There are cooling fans.


  • There is no DVD drive.
  • You have to recharge the battery when it’s empty.


3. Lenovo Legion 5 Laptop

This laptop has a 10th generation Intel i5 processor with a 4GB GTX 1650 graphics card. It has four exhausts and thermal sensors for the best cooling.

Lenovo Legion 5


  • There are narrow bezels.
  • It has a 15.6-inch IPS FHD display.
  • There is a 256GB SSD with a 1TB HDD.


  • It has no DVD drive.
  • The battery recharges in 2hrs.


4. Legion 5 with GTX 1650Ti

The Nvidia GTX 1060Ti with GDDR6 enhances gaming performance. This laptop also comes with an extra 1TB HDD.

Legion 5 with GTX 1650Ti


  • There is a backlit keyboard.
  • The cooling system performs efficiently.
  • It has a GTX 1650Ti graphics GPU.


  • The processor is 10th generation.
  • You cannot use a DVD.


5. IdeaPad Slim 3 Laptop

It is one of the thin Lenovo laptops with an Intel i5 CPU. There is 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage.

IdeaPad Slim 3


  • You can flip it up to 180 degrees.
  • There is a fingerprint reader.
  • The screen size is 15.6-inch.
  • You can use it for up to 6 hours.
  • It has dual stereo speakers.


  • There is no DVD drive.
  • It is not waterproof.


6. IdeaPad Slim 5 with AMD CPU

There is AMD Ryzen 7 processor with a 14-inch FHD IPS screen. Also, it has 8GB RAM with a 512GB SSD.

IdeaPad Slim 5 with AMD CPU


  • It is slim.
  • The display screen is anti-glare.
  • There is a fingerprint lock.
  • The keyboard is backlit.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • There is no DVD drive.


7. Lenovo V145

This is also one of the Lenovo laptops with an AMD A-6 processor. There is 4GB RAM with 1TB of storage.

Lenovo V145


  • It has a 30Wh battery.
  • You can flip it up to 180 degrees.
  • There is a 1-year warranty.


  • It is not water-resistant.
  • Sometimes it can heat up a bit.


8. Legion 5 with Ryzen 5 4600H

It has a 120Hz refresh 15.6-inch IPS FHD screen. Also, it has Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics with 4GB RAM.

Legion 5 with Ryzen 5 4600H


  • It runs high-end games.
  • There is Windows 10 with lifetime validity.
  • It has cooling fans.


  • The price is a bit expensive.
  • There is no support for an internal DVD drive.


9. Lenovo Yoga C640 Laptop

It is a convertible 13.3-inch notebook with a 10th generation Intel i5 CPU. There is an IPS touchscreen with Windows 10 and 8GB/512GB configuration.

Lenovo Yoga C640


  • It is a convertible notebook.
  • There is a touchscreen.
  • This laptop comes with a 3-year onsite warranty.
  • The design is compact and portable.


  • The screen size is only 13.3-inch.
  • It is not waterproof.


10. Lenovo V14 Laptops

There is a 14-inch HD screen display with an Intel i3 processor. It has 4GB RAM and a 1TB HDD. There are USB 3.0, HDMI, and microSD card slots.

Lenovo V14


  • It is thin and light.
  • The keyboard is spill-resistant.
  • There are two speakers.


  • There is no fingerprint lock.
  • The cooling fans make a little noise.


11. Lenovo 82C7A006IH V15

It is one of the Lenovo laptops with an AMD Athlon 3050U CPU. There is 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD storage. Also, it has a 15.6-inch HD display screen with Windows 10. You can play games because of an integrated AMD Radeon graphics card.

Lenovo 82C7A006IH V15


  • It has integrated Radeon graphics.
  • There is Windows 10 OS.
  • The storage is a 1TB HDD.


  • There is a 2-core CPU.
  • There is no DVD drive.



There are Lenovo laptops for gaming that come in the Legion gaming laptop series. These have high-end gaming configurations. Also, the Yoga and Ideapad from Lenovo are convertible laptops with touchscreens. There are also office laptops with fingerprint locks. So, you can buy the one that fits your budget and requirements. We have eleven suggestions for you that you can consider. All of these are the best notebooks to buy in 2021.


Which is the best laptop in Lenovo?

The Legion, Ideapad, Yoga, and Thinkpad are the best series from Lenovo.

Is Lenovo a good laptop brand for 2021?

The Lenovo laptops come in innovative gaming notebook designs. Also, the Yogapad series is popular for 2021 buyers. Therefore, you can buy any Lenovo notebook that suits your needs.

What is the price of the Lenovo Laptop?   

The price of the Lenovo notebooks is between 28,000 INR to 100,000 INR.