Best LED Tube Lights in India-Buyers Guide

Just recently the LED tube light found its way into the market. Like LED bulbs, the LED tube lights also consume less power. And the result is less energy consumption and a lower bill. That is why LED tube lights are becoming popular.

A few years back people installed fluorescent tube lights for higher luminosity. Offices and homes were using those lights. However, they consumed too much energy. And as a result, the electricity bills carried a hefty amount.

Well, are you still using the old-style bulbs and lights? Then of course you must be having higher electricity bills. Simply replace the old lights with the LED tube light and give some ease to your budget. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Wall Lamps, Pendant Lights, Garden Lights, Hanging Lights, Decorative Lights, LED Torch lights, Chandelier Lights, Rechargeable emergency lights, solar street lights, and best solar inverters online in India.


Top 10 Best LED Tube lights in India

List of LED Tube Lights

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1. Wipro High Lumen 22-Watt Cool Day Light Wipro-Lum
2. Crompton Light Linea LED Tube Light Crompton
3. Crompton Slim Ray Tube Light ompton-Slim
4. Eveready 20-Watt LED Batten Light Eveready-20
5. Syska T5 LED Tubelight Syska-T5
6. Philips Ujjwal Day Light Philips-Sliml
7. Murphy LED Tube Light
8. Orient Electric 20 Watts LED Batten Orient-Ele
9. BE 40-Watt High LED Tube BE-40-Wat
10. Corvi Tube 20 Watts Tube-Watts

Buyers Guide – LED Tube Light

Are you not satisfied with the LED tube light purchased? Then you must have got the tube light randomly without even verifying if it matches your requirement.

So let us help you choose the right LED tube light:


  • For what purpose do you want the LED tube light? Is it for a study room, an office, or a bedroom?
  • Every room has a different requirement.
  • The study rooms need bright LED tubes.
  • Just the same way, offices also need high luminosity lights as the employees have to read & watch the computer screens.
  • However, a bedroom and lounge may not need that much bright light.


  • Every color has a specific usage & the bright white colors are enough for study rooms and offices.
  • And the warm white colors are cool for the bedrooms and lounges.
  • Choose the color as per your usage.


  • The LED tubes fit in the old fluorescent light brackets.
  • That means you do not need any new brackets.
  • However, if it is the first time you are buying a tube light, then you will need the complete kit.
  • Indeed, read the package carefully or get the kit separately.

Features of LED Tube Light

There are several features of LED tubes that rank them higher than fluorescent lights.

A few of them are:


  • This is one of the potential features of LED tube lights.
  • They consume less energy and as a result electricity bill is less.

Lighter Colors

  • The LED tubes are available in lighter colors.
  • They are usually available in yellowish, white, and blueish shades.
  • Though the fluorescent lights also have a variety of colors. But the lighter shades are less.

Convenient and easy installation

  • One of the finest features and benefits of LED tubes is that they are easy to install.
  • You just have to replace them with fluorescent lights, while the rest of the fitting remains the same.
  • As a benefit, it saves you money from spending on fittings.

Types of LED Tubes

You can find 4 different types of LED tubes in the market.

They are:

Direct Wire Tubes

  • Direct wire LED tube light is the basic type.
  • It directly connects to the current wire and works. Indeed, the installation is easy and cheap.
  • But there are safety risks of this type.

Electronic Ballast Compatible

  • Further, the electronic ballast-compatible LED tube lights are relatively new to the market.
  • They are safe and work within a limit


  • The hybrid type combines both the direct wire and electronic ballast compatible types.
  • It works both ways, giving the user access to adjust the voltage.

Universal Ballast Compatible

  • Ahead of that, the universal LED tube can work on every technology but they are expensive.

Benefits of LED Tube Lights?

  1. Inside every LED tube light there are around 96 LEDs, when you turn it on, the AC cap routes the current to the power supply.
  2. The power supply energizes every individual LED to light.
  3. This happens with the help of a power bus on which the LEDs are installed.
  4. Generally, the power bus is 2 feet long & to make a 4 feet long batten 2 power buses are stapled together.
  5. However, some brands have a single power bus of 4 feet.
  6. But the longer the power bus, the more difficult the heat sink.
  7. LEDs need the heat sinking and that is why they are kept separate.
  8. Further, this method is different from the older fluorescent tube lights.
  9. The AC cap is the only similar component in the LED tube.
  10. Ahead of that, the greater number of LEDs impacts the LED tube light price.

List of Top 10 Best LED Tube lights in India Buyers Guide

1. Wipro high lumen 22-Watt LED batten

The Wipro high lumen LED tube is available in multiple pack sizes. The starter has a single tube while the biggest pack has 5 tubes. Further, each of them is 22-Watts, which is good enough to light a study room.Wipro High Lumen 22-Watt Cool Day Light


  • Convenience package available
  • Covered under a year warranty
  • Sufficient and cool light


  • The customer support from the manufacturer is unsatisfactory
  • Some consumer tell that the light stops working in a few months


2. Crompton light Linea 20-Watt LED tube

The polycarbonate LED tube light from Crompton has 20-Watts to offer. Well, you can easily fit this LED tube in the older brackets you had for the fluorescent lights. Indeed, you just have to purchase the light and nothing else.Crompton Light Linea LED Tube Light


  • Covered under two years warranty
  • Slim and easy to install
  • Bright light


  • Consumer report that customer service is poor
  • A delicate product may stop working if power fluctuates


3. Crompton Slim Ray 18-Watt LED tube light

Crompton has another option available for you. Besides a 20-Watt LED tube light, an 18-Watt variant is also available. Certainly, you can pick one for the office and a second for home.Crompton Slim Ray Tube Light


  • Slim design and lightweight
  • Lower power consumption
  • Cool light with decent brightness


  • It has the same issue as the one above. Power fluctuation may damage it
  • Costly than some other similar products


4. Eveready 20-Watt LED batten

Eveready LED tube light is made for safer use. First, it is safe for the eyes. And secondly, it is fire resistant. Indeed, your eyes will remain safe using this LED tube. Also, if a fire breaks out, these lights will not catch it.Eveready 20-Watt LED Batten Light


  • 2 battens in a pack
  • A government-certified product
  • Can save up to 50% energy


  • Its price is slightly higher
  • Available in 1 color


5. Syksa T5 18-Watt LED tube light

Some low watt LED tube lights are capable of emitting a bright light. Well, Syksa T5 LED tube light may appear to be an expensive option to some folks. But those who are looking for features will prefer this light.Syska T5 LED Tubelight


  • Available in a pack of 2
  • UV radiation is not emitted
  • Covered under a yearlong warranty


  • Expensive than some other brands
  • Available only in a single color


6. Philips Ujjwal 20-Watt LED batten

Philips Ujjwal LED tube light is found enough if you do not have any concerns with the pricing. These lights have standard features and are more costly than products with more features. However, its durability is outstanding.Philips Ujjwal Day Light


  • Available in a variety of pack sizes
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight structure


  • Costly than other products with better features
  • High blue light glare


7. Murphy LED tube light 2 feet 10-Watts

The small tube lights are often installed in the bathrooms in homes and offices. Well, Murphy brings a perfect solution to save on electricity bills from restroom usage. Replace the old fluorescent tube lights with the Murphy 2 feet 10-Watts LED tube, and save a good amount of money.Murphy LED Tube Light


  • Available in a pack of 2 to 20
  • Two power variants available: 6 and 10-Watts
  • Can save up to 80% of energy


  • Small size but the LED tube light price is high
  • Cannot be installed in high-temperature rooms


8. Orient Electric 20-Watts EyeLuv flicker controlled LED batten

LEDs are notorious for eye problems. But some manufacturers care about their audience. They create LED tube lights that do not harm the eyes. Similar eye care LED tubes are here from Orient Electric.Orient Electric 20 Watts LED Batten


  • Available in two pack sizes
  • 2 years of warranty included
  • Eye protection


  • Its price is high
  • Some consumers are not satisfied with the customer service


9. BE 40-Watt high lumens T-5-4 Feet LED tube light

A 40-Watt LED tube light from BE is good enough to light a study room and an office. It emits enough light that you do not need any other source of light in the room. But keep in mind the price tag that will be higher because of its higher luminosity.BE 40-Watt High LED Tube


  • High luminosity light, suitable for the bigger rooms, study areas, and offices
  • Measures the same as the standard LED tube light and fits in the same bracket
  • Covered under 2 years manufacturer’s warranty


  • Expensive, but justifiable
  • Only available in a single color


10. Corvi tube 20-Watts

Corvi 20-Watts LED tube lights come in a pack of two. Further, it is available in two different colors. First is the cool light, which we know already. And the second, which may be new for a few people in the warm light.Corvi Tube 20 Watts


  • 2 LED tube lights in a pack is a convenient option
  • Three color options in the range are nice
  • Installing this LED is easy


  • Expensive than some other brands
  • The delicate product needs to be installed carefully



LED tube light is an innovative technology that can save you a lot of money that you have been spending on electricity bills. Further, choose the filtered lights for no eye injury.


Is LED tube light harmful to the eyes?

The LED tube lights that do not have the blue glare filter are surely harmful to your eyes. However, a LED tube light that has the glare filter on, may cause no damage.

Which LED tube light is best?

Any LED tube light that does not harm your eyes is the best. The low blue light glare or filtered lights are surely the best.

Is warm white LED light bad for the eyes?

The warm white LED tube lights are not bad for the eyes. These have filtered lights that do not harm your eyes.