Best Laptop Stands in India-Buyers Guide

The laptop stand is one of those latest inventions. Laptop stands reduce the poor posture of laptops. It gives the laptop such placement that the laptop is comfortable for using and for the eyes. We are living in an era of creativity.

Continuous development and progress is a part of every aspect of our life. Humans don’t sit alone after inventing any asset indeed they work continuously researching the development of these assets.

After inventing computers, they further developed and now we are using the most unique one that is portable and convenient. It is the laptop. On the other hand, after developing a laptop, people are still working hard to make this more comfortable for us.

Also, a laptop stand can provide a feature of laptop cooling. It helps the laptop to release the produced heat from its body and keep the laptop cool.

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Top 10 Best Laptop Stands in India

List of laptop stands

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1. Gadget Wagon Table Black Strong and Sturdy Gadget-Wagon
2. STRIFF Laptop Stand Invisible & Lightweight STRIFF-Invi
3. Portronics My Buddy Hexa Foldable Laptop Stands Portronics
4. Lapcare Multi-Functional Laptop Stands Function-Stan
5. Kurtzy Multipurpose Portable Laptop Table Kurtzy-Adju
6. Portronics My Buddy Hexa II Laptop Stands ics-Portab
7. Callas Ergonomic Portable Laptop Stands
8. Present Mart Laptop Stands Mart-Lap
9. Maximus Portable and folding Aluminium Stands aximus-Po
10. Opus Indigo Arise Laptop Stands igo-Suitab

Buyers Guide – Laptop Stand

The main job of a laptop stand is to provide comfort and relaxation to the user. The best ergonomics of a laptop stand can come if it is bought according to its use or location.

The height and size of the table and the seating posture of the user is the main concern. Also, the size of the laptop that the user is using is a great issue.

  • Mainly, the position of a laptop is not very suitable if you are keeping it on a table.
  • It is harmful to the user if he is using the laptop for a long time on a table.
  • A standard lappy stand will bring the laptop to an elbow height.
  • Thus it becomes comfortable to use & the manufacturing material also can be an issue for buying a laptop stand.
  • On the other hand, It can also help to release the produced heat from a laptop.
  • It’s a very good replacement for the laptop cooler which will help the heat controlling system but never drain the battery of your laptop.
  • While the cooling fan will make the CPU fool about the actual temperature condition of the laptop, a stand will not do that.
  • But it will still help to control the temperature.
  • You can go for a laptop stand with cooling features if you don’t have a laptop cooler.
  • It will reduce the heat of the laptop without draining the battery of the laptop
  • Also, it can provide you with some more space on the table if you are in shortage of space on your table.
  • The stand can also provide a rotating feature so that you can use it from a different position.

Features of Laptop Stand

Mainly, all the benefits that a laptop stand provides are ergonomic features.

  • A laptop stand will help you work more efficiently and have some more features while using your laptops.
  • We all know that the laptop screen emits different rays with are small and strong.
  • Spontaneous use may result in damage to your eye organs in the long run.
  • It gives you the option to position your laptop in such a way that it may reduce the harm.
  • Betterment in your sitting posture is also possible if you use a laptop stand.
  • Also, it is a substantial replacement for the cooler and it will help the device release the produced heat and may save your battery from draining by a cooler.
  • You can move freely while using a stand and besides a laptop, you can use the stand for other occasions too.
  • It will provide the laptop with an uplift position and also provides the feature of using the laptop from different angles.

Types of Laptop Stands

Some types for the laptop stand could be:

  • Firstly, laptop stands can be adjustable in different positions.
  • Secondly, It can be of a fixed body.
  • Thirdly, there are dual rise stands.
  • Also, the stand can come as only a stand or as a desk.
  • Moreover, a laptop can be wall mounting, and also it can be portable.
  • On the other hand, a laptop stand may come as made or it can come in different parts that the user has to assemble after buying.
  • Finally, It can be folded.

How to use Laptop Stand?

The laptop is generally designed in such a way that you can never use it to your elbow height.

  1. You have to look downwards at the laptop.
  2. If a user does it for a long time, it may result in a musculoskeletal-related problem.
  3. It brings a solution to this problem.
  4. A stand will hold your laptop and will give you a bit more height.
  5. So, the seating posture of the user gets better while using the laptop.
  6. In this way, the possibility to get affected by some physical problem, in the long run, is reduced.
  7. Just by raising the laptop to some inches, many problems are gone.
  8. On the other hand, the stand brings some space below the laptop where the mouse and keyboards can be placed.
  9. It reduces the required space for a laptop. Also, the extra space has used the release the heat of the laptop.

List of Top 10 Best Laptop Stands in India-Buyers Guide

1. Gadget Wagon Table

A sturdy laptop desk that uses for various purposes.Gadget Wagon Table Black Strong and Sturdy


  • It offers both warranty and replacement.
  • Built strong and sturdy.
  • Supports up to 17 inches and 20 kg.


  • Quite shaky while typing.
  • Not foldable and portable.
  • The adjustment feature is not available and also there is no chance to ventilate air.


2. STRIFF Laptop Stand

An invisible and lightweight laptop stand.STRIFF Laptop Stand Invisible & Lightweight


  • Both warranty and replacement offer is available.
  • The product is reusable, foldable, and leaves no mark on the laptop.
  • And the product is very light and very much portable.


  • It works only better for MacBooks and other laptops to become less sturdy.
  • Not a better solution for laptops other than macs and from a 30-degree angle, it becomes much more slippery.


3. Portronics My Buddy Hexa a Portable Foldable Laptop Stand

A stand that supports up to 17 inches and provides ventilation.Portronics My Buddy Hexa Foldable Laptop Stand


  • Firstly, it provides a cooling feature.
  • Secondly, it offers a warranty and replacement.
  • In addition, it is very light weighted and portable.
  • Moreover, it has 7 different adjustable positions and is built with quality materials.


  • Firstly, the surface is very slippery.
  • Secondly, it becomes unbalanced at higher angles.


4. Lapcare Multi-Functional Laptop Stand

A laptop stands with an auto-lock joint and can take up to 10 kg.Lapcare Multi Functional Laptop Stand


  • Firstly, it can carry heavyweights.
  • Secondly, quality material for building the product and it is foldable.
  • It offers both replacement and warranty.


  • It is not very light and it is the only con.


5. Kurtzy Multipurpose Portable Laptop Study Table Desk

A very cool design and stable laptop stand that is a desk.Kurtzy Multipurpose Portable Laptop Table


  • Firstly it is very much adjustable.
  • Secondly, includes cluster wheels and is easily portable.
  • In addition, the installation is very easy.
  • Finally, the desk can be used for various purposes.


  • Firstly, no warranty.
  • In addition, the top inclines if you give to pressure.
  • Finally, the materials used for this are cheap.


6. Portronics My Buddy Hexa II

An air-ventilated laptop stand that comes with a rotating base.Portronics My Buddy Hexa II Laptop Stand


  • Firstly, it offers both replacement and warranty.
  • Secondly, it has 10 different adjustable positions and supports up to 17 inches of laptops.
  • In addition, it can work as a cooler and comes with a free mobile holder.
  • Finally, it is very light in weight and portable.


  • Firstly, the materials are cheap plastic.
  • Secondly, not much stable.
  • Finally, it can’t carry much weight.


7. Callas Height Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Laptop Stand

A ventilated laptop stand and ergonomic design.Callas Ergonomic Portable Laptop Stand


  • Firstly, it comes with both a warranty and replacement option.
  • Secondly, it is portable, foldable and it has lightweight.
  • In addition, it is very durable and supports heavyweight.


  • Firstly, independent adjustment is not available.
  • Secondly, the product is not stable if a higher height is set.
  • Finally, It supports up to 15 inches and larger laptops don’t fit.


8. Present Mart Laptop Stand

A suitable laptop stands for office use.Present Mart Laptop Stand


  • Firstly, the product is portable and foldable.
  • Secondly, supports up to 18 inches.
  • Thirdly, anti-slip body.
  • Finally, there is a return offer.


  • Firstly, there is no warranty.
  • Secondly, the product is made of cheap plastic but it has a higher price.


9. Maximus Portable and Folding Aluminum Stand

This is an aluminium-made laptop stand.Maximus Portable and folding Aluminium Stand


  • Firstly, it offers both warranty and replacement.
  • Secondly, both height and width are adjustable.
  • Thirdly, the product is made from good quality aluminium and can be used for laptops, tabs And books.
  • In addition, it is easily portable and foldable.
  • Finally, the product is very light weighting and has cooling features.


  • Firstly, the time for the warranty is only seven days.
  • Secondly, there is no wall mounting option.
  • Finally, the product is not comfortable for typing purposes.


10. Opus Indigo Arise Laptop Stand

A laptop stand that is suitable for both laptop and desktop monitors.Opus Indigo Arise Laptop Stand


  • Firstly, it offers both warranty and replacement.
  • Secondly, it is easy to foldable.
  • Moreover, it suits both laptops and monitors.
  • Finally, angle adjustment can be done.


  • Firstly, you can’t fold it.
  • Secondly, there is no chance to adjust the height.
  • Most importantly, the material is simple plywood.



A laptop stand may not seem much important for a while. But in the long run, it can become your saviour. It reduces strain on the whole body because any small part is equally responsible for the functioning of the whole body.

Your suitable laptop stand depends on your laptop and you. It also provides many other features like cooling and multitasking. So, you should go out and grab your laptop stand.


Should you use a laptop stand?

Yes, you of course should. It will reduce your eyes and shoulder strain. It will also save you from serious physical damage in the long run.

What is the price of a laptop stand?

A laptop stand will price between 15 USD to hardly 30 USD

What are the types of laptop stands available?

It can be of many types like adjustable, portable, desk type, or wall-mounted. There could be variations in size and weight also. They can also come in varieties of adjusting positions, sizes, and materials.