Best Laptop Stand online in India-Buyers Guide

As the work-from-home culture is rising in India people are looking for options that can save them from back strains. Sitting for long hours in chairs can make you feel more fatigue. That is the reason laptop stands are in demand these days. If you are someone who wishes to work on a laptop from bed or binge-watch, these stands are ideal. These stands have enough space to accommodate your laptop.

Laptop Stands are made in keeping the mind the ideal level that would be suitable to type and watch. They are designed in a way to be at a comfortable distance from your eyes. This causes less strain on the eyes and you can work easily and longer. There are laptop stands in the market which come with additional features for customer convenience.

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Best Laptop Stands in India-Buyers Guide

List of Laptop Stands

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1. STRIFF Adjustable Laptop Stand STRIFF-Adjustable-Patented
2. iVoler Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Computer Stand iVoler Adjustable Aluminum Laptop
3. Amkette Ergo View Laptop Stands Amkette Ergo View Laptop Stand
4. Portronics My Buddy Hexa laptop stands Portronics My Buddy Hexa laptop stand
5. Proffisy Laptop Stands Proffisy Laptop Stand
6. Dyazo Laptop Stand/Laptop Holder Riser Dyazo Laptop Stand
7. Plixio® Laptop Stands, Adjustable Laptop Plixio® Laptop Stand
8. Tukzer Foldable Laptop Stand Lapdesks Tukzer Foldable Laptop Stand
9. Gizga-Essentials Adjustable Laptop Stands Gizga-Essentials Adjustable Laptop Stand
10. AF EXPO Foldable Laptop Stands AF EXPO Foldable Laptop Stand

Features of Laptop Stand

  • Starting with the very first important feature of the laptop stand, that is its adjustability. You should be able to adjust the stand as per your requirements. You should be able to modify the height of the stand according to your need. There should be a feature to adjust the angle too.
  • In addition, the laptop stand should provide a cooling effect to a laptop which can save it from heating up which happens while working on a table.
  •  Another feature to look into is the material. The material should be durable for longer use and should not get damaged from adjusting often.
  • And last it should be designed to suit the posture and make it comfortable to use. Accessories to hold a coffee mug and other things are also a great feature.

Types of Laptop Stands

So prominently there are 3 types

  • The first one is a slanted laptop stand which has a feature of a slanted keyboard. It is completely collapsible. It is easier to move from place to place, because of its lightweight.
  • Another one is the dual rise stand. It is made in a way to raise the screen and keyboard to a level that makes typing easier. Should have an ergonomic design to improve posture and prevent back and neck pain.
  • Last is folding laptop tables. These could be easily used for working on a bed or some comfortable place. They are heavier as compared to both above. But it is not portable because of its heavy build-up. They come at a higher price however can work at a standing desk too.

Buyer’s guide for Laptop Stand

  • There are a few things that you should consider before buying a laptop stand.
  • You should be clear with the purpose you want the stand for? What could be ideal features in it? Suppose if you have to be on move day to day you might want to go for lightweight and a portable laptop.
  • If u want to use it for office purposes it should be adjustable to the height u want.
  • Importantly you should keep in mind your budget.
  • There is a range of laptop stands available at different prices in the market.
  • You should check that the laptop stand gives you a comfortable posture and is not too close and too distant from your eyes.
  • You should check the quality of the stand if it justifies its price.
  • The important thing to look out for in a laptop stand is that it should give a cooling effect to the laptop from the bottom.

How to use a Laptop Stand?

  • There are different types of laptop stands with different features and settings.
  • You can adjust the stand as per your suitable height and set your laptop on it.
  • Make sure that it is attached and is not imbalanced.
  • You can rotate the stand as per your requirements.

List of Top 10 Best Laptop Stands in India-Buyers Guide

1. STRIFF Adjustable Laptop Stand

STRIFF Adjustable stand is a portable laptop stand that comes with a phone holder. The plastic body makes it lightweight. It claims to handle weight up to 25 kgs.

STRIFF Adjustable Laptop Stand


  • It is very convenient to use as it is easily foldable.
  • It is lightweight and comes with an extra phone holder.
  • Has enough space for a 17-inch laptop


  • It does not come with a CPU cooling fan
  • The plastic used is cheap and can be damaged easily.


2. iVoler Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Computer Stand

iVoler computer stand has a silicone aluminum-built body which makes it durable.  The stand is compatible with tablets and laptops. It can support devices from 10-inches to 15.6-inches

iVoler Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Computer Stand


  • It is compact and portable
  • Can be adjusted at 6 various heights if needed
  • Efficient structure to support heavy laptops


  • Though it is aluminum built it is not that stable.
  • It is not efficient in holding a laptop at a place


3. Amkette Ergo View Laptop Stand

The laptop is portable and light-weighted. Ideal for preventing back pain and improving posture. It promotes natural airflow to keep the laptop cool.

Amkette Ergo View Laptop Stand


  • 7 customizable angles according to comfort
  • Supports air ventilation and keeps the laptop cool.
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty


  • Made of cheap plastic and is not durable
  • Expensive compared to other options with the same features.


4. Portronics My Buddy Hexa laptop stand

The laptop stand is scientifically designed to give better posture and make it more convenient to work for hours. The operation of a laptop stand is easy without any complex features. It can support laptops up to 17 inches.

Portronics My Buddy Hexa laptop stand


  • Comes with an anti-skid pad that prevents the laptop from slipping
  • Has a 360° rotational plate that can rotate the laptop without any need to lift it.
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year.


  • It is a bit expensive for a plastic-built stand
  • It is not enough capable for a big laptop as the product claims


5. Proffisy Laptop Stand

It is designed in a way to keep prevent the laptop from overheating. The stand is covered with rubber feet and stickers to protect from scratches on the device. It has ergonomic features to prevent back strains.

Proffisy Laptop Stand


  • Has anti-slip pads which prevent laptops from slipping
  • It is compactable and portable.
  • It is adjustable up to 6 different angles.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It is heavy to be taken from place to place.


6. Dyazo Laptop Stand/Laptop Holder Riser

It has a silicon-Aluminum built body. It weighs around 250gms and can fit in the bag back or office bag.

Dyazo Laptop Stand/Laptop Holder Riser


  • It is sturdy and premium built.
  • Holds laptop perfectly and can easily be foldable
  • According to the comfort, height can be adjusted.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • No lock for proper adjustment.


7. Plixio® Laptop Stand, Adjustable Laptop

The stand is one of the ideal laptops stands in the Indian market. It has an aluminum-built body. It comes with a user-friendly design and is easy to operate.

Plixio® Laptop Stand, Adjustable Laptop


  • It has anti-slip pads which keep the laptop in a fixed place
  • 6 level height adjustment.
  • Well built and sturdy to keep the laptop in place.


  • Does not have a CPU cooling fan at this price.
  • It cannot rotate as needed.


8. Tukzer Foldable Laptop Stand Lapdesks

Tukzer Foldable stand is highly resistant to bending and breaking. The stand has a rubberized base.  It is can be easily operated without any need for a manual.

Tukzer Foldable Laptop Stand Lapdesks


  • Light-weighted and durable
  • Easy to carry and compactable
  • Adjustable viewing angle as per comfort


  • Not suitable for heavier and bigger laptops
  • The build can be unstable for heavier laptops


9. Gizga-Essentials Adjustable Laptop Stand

It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It is made with high-quality ABS and anti slid silicone material. it can hold up to 10kgd of weight.

Gizga-Essentials Adjustable Laptop Stand


  • Has a detachable stand for mobiles
  • 8 angles of height adjustability
  • Is portable and compact


  • No CPU cooling fan
  • Can be a bit challenging to use with heavy laptops


10. AF EXPO Foldable Laptop Stand

It is made up of silicon aluminum alloy and contains a silicon pad to support it. It can hold up to 4 kgs of weight.

AF EXPO Foldable Laptop Stand


  • Light-weighted and easy to carry
  • Suitable for laptops up to 4kgs
  • 6 adjustable heights


  • Does not have a locking system
  • No CPU cooling fan



The correct laptop stand will help you a lot with posture and work comfortably from wherever you want.


Which is the best laptop stand is best laptop stand?

Plixio® Laptop Stand, Adjustable Laptop is best as it has all ergonomic features to help you with good posture. The product excels in durability and ease of carrying it from place to place.

What is the price of the stand?

The MRP of the laptop is Rs.1999 but is available at Amazon for Rs.1599.