Buy Best Laptop Cooling Pads online in India-Buyers Guide

A laptop cooling pad will add extra cooling features to your laptop and get you rid of all of these troubles. The laptop is the most convenient form of computer. It is small in size and easily transported with you. The prosperous electronic industry shortened many aspects and gifted us with microtechnologies.

While reducing the size of laptops, sometimes they leave limitations in some features. A cooling system is specifically one of them. Sometimes, the small shape of the laptop reduces the scope to install a strong cooling system. As a result, the laptop becomes prone to overheating. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best laptop stands, Dell i5 Laptops, Dell Vostro laptops, Dell Inspiron Laptopsi7 Laptops, i5 Laptops, Lenovo Laptops, Lenovo Thinkpad, Lenovo Ideapad, Acer Laptops, Toshiba Laptops, Asus Laptops, HP Laptops, HP i5 Laptops, HP Pavilion Laptops, Hp Elitebook laptops, HP Omen Laptops, HP Laptops under 30000, Laptops under 70000, Laptops under 60000, Laptops under 50000, Laptops under 40000, Gaming Laptops under 70000, Gaming Laptops under 60000, Gaming Laptops under 50000, Acer Laptop Batteries, Lenovo laptop Batteries, Dell Laptop Batteries, Hp Laptop Batteries in India.

The generation of heat results in lower performance while working on your laptop. In fact, it causes serious damage to the internal circuits of a laptop in the long run.

Top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads in India

List of laptop cooling pads

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1. Lapcare ChillMate Laptop Cooling Pad Lapcare
2. QUANTAM QHM350 Cooling Pad Zinq-Techno
3. Zinq Technologies Cool Slate Dual Fan Cooling Pad QHM350
4. Amkette Ergo View Laptop Stand Amkette
5. Raj Infocom Quantum QHM330 Cooling Pad Raj-Infocom
6. Ergostand OSIM01 Cooling Pad OSIM01
7. Rife Laptop Adjustable Angled Cooling Stand
8. Honeywell Laptop Cooling Pad ywell-HC00000
9. SortCircuit SM-558 Laptop Stand with Mobile Holder Circuit-Post
10. By Quantum QHM-350 Cooling Pad QHM-oling

Buyers Guide – Laptop Cooling Pad

  • In the first place, the cooling pad is not a basic need of a laptop.
  • In fact, the manufacturer tries to put an ideal cooling system inside a laptop that will be serving you the best.
  • Although, you may find the lower surface of your laptop pretty hot when using it.
  • But, it is just a part of the heat-releasing process of your laptop.
  • Actually, you’ll need a cooler if you are playing heavy games in your laptop, using an old laptop, or any malfunction in your laptop.
  • If your cooling system is all okay and you are not using a laptop for a heavy purpose, you should avoid buying a cooler.
  • An active fan will blow a lot of air into your laptop and make your laptop cool enough.
  • But it will also drain your laptop battery if you are not connected to a power point.
  • As a result, if you are depending on the battery power, you should rather use a passive cooler.
  • You may also choose from the option of adjusting the power utilization of the cooler.

Features of Laptop Cooling Pad

The laptop cooling pads mainly work as a surface on which you will keep your laptop and lower the temperature, they help to perform the laptop better.

  • Actually, you will only need a laptop cooling pad if your laptop overheats while heating. It can have many options.
  • They can have differences in the number of fans and the speed of the fan.
  • Also, they come with adjustable bodies so that you can attach the pad according to your use.
  • On the other hand, you can control the speed of the fan.
  • Laptop pads can be connected with a USB port and USB hub.
  • The sound can also vary, the pad may operate silently or create a lot of sounds.

Types of Laptop Cooling Pads

Depending on different features, laptop pads can be of different types.

They are listed as follows:

Mainly, the laptop cooling pad is divided into two portions.

Active and Passive

  • Active cooling pads use fans to blow air through the laptop and save it from overheating.
  • On the other hand, passive fans don’t have fans.
  • They provide a flat surface and allow the cooling air to circulate.
  • However, active cooling pads may have one or more fans.
  • Also, the cooling pad comes with different adjustable features.
  • Finally, the cooling pad can take power from the laptop through a USB connection or a USB hub or they may have their power connection of own.

How Does a Laptop Cooling Pad Work?

The cooler adds a flat surface where a laptop can pass the generated heat. In addition, the fan of the active cooler allows the hardware of the laptop to cool down.

  1. On the other hand, the passive cooler just allows the produced hot air to pass away.
  2. If any hardware of the laptop is warm, the central processing unit decides to give some relief to that part.
  3. As a result, that part starts functioning a bit slowly so that the heat is transferred and the temperature of that hardware comes to a lower point.
  4. Also in the meantime, the cooling system that is built into the laptop gives a focus to that part.
  5. When an extra cooling surface is added, the heat transfer process becomes stronger.
  6. In addition, if the cooler comes with a fan then the hot air transition takes place rapidly, and noticing that
  7. The processing unit allows all units to work normally though they are producing more heat than general.
  8. So, the laptop performs pretty well even an immense amount of pressure is given.

List of Top 10 Best Laptop Cooking pads in India

Here is the top 10 list of best laptop coolers that are available in the market and you can easily bring them home.

1. LAPCARE ChillMate Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad with Twin Fans

Adjustable cooling fan and comes with double cooling feature.Lapcare ChillMate Laptop Cooling Pad


  • Firstly, it has six adjustable positions.
  • Secondly, it has a modulated design comfortable for operation.
  • Thirdly, it comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Finally, double fans with 1000 rpm are enough for any laptop


  • Firstly, there is no fan control.
  • Secondly, the double fan will drain your battery while using.
  • Most of all, the build quality is not much satisfying.

ChillMate2. QUANTAM QHM350 Cooling Pad

It’s a metal mesh-finished cooler and comes with a noiseless fan.QUANTAM QHM350 Cooling Pad


  • Firstly, it is built light and stylish design.
  • Secondly, it comes in varieties of colors.
  • Finally, a warranty and replacement offer is given.


  • The fan doesn’t contain any bearing therefore it may result in malfunction sometimes.


3. Zinq Technologies Cool Slate Five Fan Cooling Pad

One of the best-selling laptop cooling pads on the market.Zinq Technologies Cool Slate Dual Fan Cooling Pad


  • Firstly, it has five fans to cool your laptop.
  • Secondly, a hinged flipping design that allows you to use laptops quite comfortably.
  • Thirdly, the fan operates at 1100 rpm.
  • Fourthly, it allows up to 17 inches of laptops to be used.
  • Finally, it has an extra USB port to connect to other devices and can use power ports also.


  • Firstly it doesn’t offer any warranty.
  • Secondly, the cooling capability is not enough for heavy gaming purposes.
  • Finally, it drains your battery very quickly which is the main problem.

Quantum-Q4. Amkette Ergo View Laptop Stand

It is a passive cooler and supports laptops up to 15.6 inches.Amkette Ergo View Laptop Stand


  • Firstly, this passive cooler will not drain your battery like an active cooler.
  • Secondly, it gives 7 adjustment positions.
  • A replacement offer and warranty are given.


  • Firstly, a passive cooler will not perform much heavy duty as an active one.
  • Most of all, it is not capable of carrying a heavy laptop.


5. Raj Infocom Quantum QHM330 Cooling Pad

A laptop cooling pad that comes in a light and stylish design.Raj Infocom Quantum QHM330 Cooling Pad


  • Firstly, the look is awesome and the fan is noiseless.
  • Secondly, a replacement offer is given.
  • Thirdly, the price is very much affordable.
  • Finally, it will not drain your battery like the other cooling pads.


  • Firstly, no warranty is given with the product.
  • Secondly, only one fan is not enough sometimes.
  • Finally, the plastic used as the building material is very cheap and is not durable for the long term.


6. Ergostand OSIM01 Laptop Cooling Pad

A superlight laptop cooling pad that offers a cool design.Ergostand OSIM01 Cooling Pad


  • Firstly, it is light in weight.
  • Secondly, it supports 17 inches laptops including wide-screen ones.
  • Thirdly, it has an extra USB port.
  • In addition, the fan operates at 700-1400 rpm.
  • Finally, it includes a replacement offer.


  • Firstly, cheap materials are used by the manufacturer.
  • Secondly, it offers no warranty.
  • Thirdly, no fan control is available.
  • Finally, the default operating speed of the fan is very slow.


7. Rife Laptop Adjustable Angled Cooling Stand

An adjustable cooling stand that operates silently.Rife Laptop Adjustable Angled Cooling Stand


  • Firstly, it offers a two years warranty.
  • Secondly, ergonomics is very comfortable for use and comes with an extra USB port.
  • Thirdly, supports up to 17 inches.
  • In addition, it is very light in weight.


  • The only con about it is it is made of plastic and the fan spreads a plastic smell while operating otherwise there is no con to this product.


8. Honeywell HC000002/LAP/DF/GRY Laptop Cooling Pad

A cooler that is made with a great design and also it is very durable.Honeywell Laptop Cooling Pad


  • Firstly, the cooler offers a three-year warranty.
  • Secondly, the dual fan is enough to cool any laptop.
  • Thirdly, operates silently and weighs only 78 grams.
  • In addition, it has a cushioned back for good grips.


  • Firstly, designing the vents restricts the laptop cooling so it doesn’t cool much.
  • Finally, the surface is very slippery.


9. SortCircuit SM-558 PosturePerfect ABS Laptop Stand

This is a passive cooler.SortCircuit SM-558 Laptop Stand with Mobile Holder


  • Firstly, it has an improved posture and it’s durable & adjustable.
  • Secondly, it offers ventilated cooling and a warranty.
  • In addition, it’s able to rotate.
  • Finally, it will not drain your battery and also comes with a mobile holder.


  • Firstly, passive coolers are not as effective as active ones.
  • Not rotating if it’s lifted.


10. Quantum QHM-350 Cooling Pad

A laptop cooling fan that supports laptops up to 15.6 inches.By Quantum QHM-350 Cooling Pad


  • Firstly, it offers easy thermal heat dissipation.
  • Secondly, it has a noiseless fan.
  • In addition, it offers replacement.
  • It’s made of metal and supports used for gaming purposes.


  • Firstly, it doesn’t come with a warranty.
  • Secondly, it has only one fan which may be dissatisfying.
  • It has indents in the upper mesh that may be uncomfortable for some users. One-sided vent is also a limiting feature.



Laptop cooling pads are very useful for older laptops that limit the cooling system. While buying the cooling pad, you have to remember the size of your laptop and your purpose for using it.

Remember, getting hot while operating is a natural part of a laptop. The laptop cools down releasing the heat and therefore the surroundings get hot. So, it’s not necessary if you are using a new laptop. Because adding a laptop cooler to a new laptop may bring bad results


How do I choose a laptop cooling pad?

Your laptop cooling pad is selected depending on the size and the purpose of use of the laptop.

Which cooling pad is best for a laptop?

A cooling pad that is slim, light weighted, and adjustable and also cools down the laptop without draining much power is best for use.