Best Laptop Cleaning Kits in India-Buyers Guide

A laptop cleaning kit provides you with a safer experience of cleaning your laptops. Computer literacy is a must-have for the people of the 21st century. It can provide you with great job opportunities, cheaper and better communication, and also keep you up to date.

Until a few years ago, desktops were more popular but laptops have successfully managed to replace them everywhere including the mainstream market. You must have had those days of feeling terrible about the smudges on your screen.

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Laptops offer some great perks as compared to desktops that include portability and rechargeable battery options. But to deliver maximum efficiency, laptops need to be cleaned regularly like any other machine. Particles of food in your keyboard and a sore finger due to an oily touchpad must have annoyed you.

Top 10 Best Laptop Cleaning Kits in India

List of laptop cleaning kits

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1. Gizga Essentials 6-IN-1 Cleaning Kit Essentials
2. Photron Cleaning Kit Photron
3. Lapcare 5-in-1 Screen Cleaning Kit Lapcare
4. RiaTech 3 in 1 Cleaning Kit KCL-10
5. Solo IC- 106 Twin Screen Cleaner Clean-Scre
6. RNAUX Cleaning Gel Spray Kit Rnaux
7. Storite 3 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit
8. Digital Innovations Cleaning Kit Digital-Inn
9. RiaTech® 2 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit Laptops
10. NSinc 5 in 1 Screen Cleaning Set Screen-Clea

Buyers Guide – Laptop Cleaning Kit

While getting yourself a laptop cleaning kit, there are certain things that you shall always keep in mind. Always look for a product that offers more content inside it. Many products offer brush and cotton swabs due to you won’t have to purchase them separately.

Features of Laptop Cleaning Kit

  • Mostly, laptop cleaning kits include an air blower, a brush, cotton swabs, a fiber cloth, and a cleaning solution.
  • And the contents may vary as per the company.
  • The sole purpose of the laptop cleaning kits is to provide you with a better experience of working with your gadgets.
  • While you can still use tap water, it often leaves stains on your laptop screen.
  • So, it would be better to opt for laptop cleaning kits.
  • The cleaning solutions included in the kits are made up of a mixture of both isopropyl alcohol and distilled water.
  • Also, the brush helps to clean the small spaces of the laptop and the air blower cleans the remaining spaces.

Types of Laptop Cleaning Kits

  • As the components of almost every laptop cleaning kit are quite similar, there are not many variations.
  • The variations are based on what products a company includes in its laptop cleaning kit.
  • Also, it determines the pricing of their product.
  • The percentage of alcohol in the cleaning solution may differ in many kits.
  • And the contents of a laptop cleaning kit differ from the different companies.
  • The size of the microfiber cloth and brush may vary.
  • Every laptop cleaning kit provides different sizes based on their convenience.
  • Some kits do not include an air blower or a suction balloon based on their pricing.

How to use Laptop or Computer Cleaning Kit?

Laptop cleaning kits are a great option to clear all kinds of patches and smudges from your device. They are a great solution to help you get rid of your mouse finger.

  1. The cleaning solution can be either sprayed or applied to your device with the help of a microfiber cloth.
  2. It helps you to easily remove all the stains or grease on your laptop.
  3. You can simply wipe off the laptop screen with a cloth after using the solution to find it extremely clean.
  4. The microfiber cloth helps you to clean your device without leaving any streaks and scratches.
  5. You can get into the edge and insides of your keyboard to easily clean all the debris with the help of the brush.
  6. The remaining spaces where neither the cloth nor the brush can clean can be easily cleaned through the air blower.

List of Top 10 Best Laptop Cleaning Kit brands in India-Buyers Guide

1. Gizga Essentials GZ-CK-104 Professional 6-in-1 Cleaning Kit

This is a 6-in-one laptop cleaning kit that includes all the things required to clean your device. It is an affordable yet complete package of everything you need.Gizga Essentials 6-IN-1 Cleaning Kit


  • This includes two microfiber cloths for easier cleaning.
  • One is a suede microfiber cloth and the other is a plush microfiber cloth.
  • It can be used to clean DSLRs, binoculars, lenses, and all other sensitive devices.


  • The quality of the cleaning liquid might decrease if not stored properly.


2. Photron Clean Pro 6-in-1 Cleaning Kit

This is a comprehensive laptop cleaning kit. It contains everything you’ll ever need to clean your optical devices.Photron Cleaning Kit


  • The alcohol-free cleaning liquid provides you with a better experience of cleaning.
  • It comes with a nice handy brush to clean all the dust particles and food particles.


  • The price of the product is comparatively higher than other similar products.


3. Lapcare 5-in-1 Screen Cleaning Kit with Suction Balloon

This is a nice and long-lasting product to aid your laptop. It can make your cleaning process a lot easier.Lapcare 5-in-1 Screen Cleaning Kit


  • The suction balloon present in the kit helps you with the deeper cleaning of your device.
  • And the cleaning solution provided is 150 ml which will work for a comparatively longer time.


  • The brush seems to be very small to hold and use.


4. RiaTech 3 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit & Brush for Electronic Devices

This is an easy-to-carry product that you can use very conveniently. The package contains a cleaning solution, a microfiber cloth, and a brush.RiaTech 3 in 1 Cleaning Kit


  • It contains a sliding brush.
  • You can retract the brush through a button that keeps the brush fibers clean and safe.
  • The non-toxic cleaning liquid is a good product in terms of quality.


  • Considering the price, it would be better if some more products would be enclosed in the package.


5. Solo IC- 106 Twin Clean (Screen Cleaner + Wonder Cloth + Brush)

This kit comes with a cleaning solution, a cloth, and a brush. The cleaning solution works wonders on your device.Solo IC- 106 Twin Screen Cleaner


  • The brush provided is very soft and helps you to clean your device very smoothly.
  • This quality of spray for such an affordable price is definitely worth the money.


  • The quality of microfiber cloth seems to be average.


6. RNAUX Premium Cleaning Gel Spray Kit with Premium Microfibers

This is a nice carry-in-pocket product to help you clean your device. This can be used for other devices as well.RNAUX Cleaning Gel Spray Kit


  • The gel spray is made up of environment-friendly chemicals.
  • Also, the wild rose fragrance gives you a wonderful cleaning experience.


  • You need to put a little more effort into cleaning.
  • t is because of the use of environment-friendly chemicals.


7. Storite 3 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit with Microfiber Cloth 100 ml

This laptop cleaning kit can be used to clear all kinds of messy and oily stains and patches. It is a great product for cleaning laptops and LCDs.Storite 3 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit


  • The 100ml cleaning solution works with great efficiency and helps to clear almost anything.
  • And the spray not only cleans the greases but is also supposed to leave an ultra-thin coating on the screen.


  • The microfiber cloth is very small in size.


8. Digital Innovations ScreenDr Professional 5 oz Screen Cleaning Kit

This smart product is really easy to handle. It works very effectively to clean your device.Digital Innovations Cleaning Kit


  • The cleaning solution is of really good quality. It does the cleaning job very easily.
  • Also, the microfiber cloth is also very good and durable.


  • This laptop cleaning kit is quite expensive compared to others.


9. RiaTech® 2 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit for Laptops, Mobiles, TV (200ml)

This laptop cleaning kit includes a cleaning solution of 200ml, a brush, and a microfiber cloth.RiaTech® 2 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit


  • The microfiber cloth is (30*30) cm which is big enough for cleaning purposes.
  • A little amount of the solution is enough to serve the purpose.
  • This makes the product long-lasting.


  • The quality of the cloth is average.


10. NSinc 3 in 1 Screen Cleaning Set for PC, Laptops, Monitors, Mobiles, TV

This is a good 3 in one laptop cleaning kit and can be used to clean other devices as well.NSinc 5 in 1 Screen Cleaning Set


  • This product cleans your device efficiently considering its sensitivity.
  • It is easy to use and doesn’t take much time and effort.


  • Considering the price, the brush doesn’t seem to be up to the mark in terms of quality.



Many people try to find out a homemade way to get rid of the dirt from their devices. But using a laptop cleaning kit can be a lot safer and easier.

This can be of great help to people who require to use their laptops many times a day. It can help you keep your device clean, fast, and attractive. Overall, these cleaning kits can be a savior to a laptop sorcerer.


What is the best laptop screen cleaner?

The best product for you depends on how much you want to spend. Considering both the amount and the features, above is the list of some of the best laptop cleaning kits.

What is the best product to clean computer screens?

While many people use water or soap water to clean computer screens, laptop cleaning kits are better. They do not leave any stains on your screen and work considering their sensitivity. You can find a list of some good products above.

Can I use wet wipes to clean my laptop?

Please never use a wet wipe to clean your laptop or any electronic device. It contains an excessive amount of volatile liquid that has maximum chances of damaging the device. The wipes designed for our skin contain moisturizers that can leave a residue on the screen.

Can I use alcohol wipes to clean my laptop screen?

Cleaning your laptop screen with alcohol wipes is a big, big NO. Many laptops, especially new ones, contain coatings on their screens that can be damaged due to the use of alcohol. I would recommend using a laptop cleaning kit or a cleaning solution.

Can I use eyeglasses cleaner to clean my computer screen?

Eyeglasses Cleaner is a slightly considerable option when compared to alcohol wipes or wet wipes. However, it is not the correct option for your computer screen. It also has a chance of damaging your sensitive screen. But if you still wish to use it, please use it really very cautiously.