Best Laptop Bags in India-Buyers Guide

The computer is one of our greatest companions. Further development in electronic technology introduced microprocessors. Now, we are using various electronic gadgets which are light weighted and smaller in shapes.

We can easily transport and conveniently use our electronic devices. The laptop is a convenient and transportable version of the computer. In short, the laptop is designed for use while travelling and moving. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the Best laptop stand & laptop cooling pads in India.

But, you cannot take it here and there just like that. Therefore came laptop bags which will have a special chamber for keeping the laptop and also more chambers for the other accessories of laptop. Unlike laptops, this carrier also had an evolution.

Top 12 Best Laptop Bags in India

List of laptop bags

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1. Lenovo Casual Laptop Briefcase Lenovo-Carry inch-sleev
2. HP 4QF94AA Laptop Bag HP-4QF9 duotone
3. SASSIE LENOVO Laptop Bag Sassie-Leat 2-ltr-brow
4. Shopizone® Laptop Bag for MacBook Shopizone leeve-case
5. K London 15 Inches Laptop Bag ondon-Leath men-wome
6. Hammonds Flycatcher Laptop Messenger Bag Hammond 6-inch-lapt
7. Medlar Leather 15.6 inch Laptop Formal Bag
8. LXOICE Office Laptop Bag Office-Lapto lxoice-1
9. K London Black Artificial Laptop Bag Artificial-Hand klondon
10. AirCase Laptop Bag Case-C17
11. Portronics POR-867 Unisex Laptop Bag Portronics-POR expandable-lapto
12. AmazingHind Laptop Messenger Bag AmazingHind ptop-messe

Buyers Guide – Laptop Bag

Firstly, you have to consider the size and purpose of use for your laptop. If you own a notebook which has a screen size of 11 inches, a messenger bag will not be suitable for your laptop. In that case, you should buy a sleeve bag.

  • On the other hand, you will hardly be able to fit a 16-inch screen into a sleeve bag. Further, a thin clothed sling bag will not be suitable for traveling purposes.
  • Overall, backpacks and briefcases are very suitable for almost every case because backpacks have padded chambers to contain the laptop.
  • Heavy bags are not comfortable for regular use. Overall, you may keep some features in mind.
  • You can choose the style and color & you may notice the weight and size of the chambers in the bag.
  • You’ll decide if the material and structure are suitable.
  • Then remember the practicality of use for you, storage capacity, padding, and durability of the bag also if it’s water-proof or not if you need the feature.
  • Finally, you may need a check-point friendly and anti-theft protected bag.

Features of Laptop Bags

  • Now laptop bag is not just a bag that will carry your laptop and provide security to the device.
  • This is now an expression of your identity.
  • It remarks your choices & they come in different color, shapes, and designs.
  • You choose it depending on your personality & there are different laptop bags for men and women.
  • Moreover, they are designed differently according to your purpose of use.
  • If you are carrying the bag for your meetings then you will not buy the ones that are preferred by college students.
  • You will rather go for a formal-looking bag.
  • On the other hand, a student will always choose a casual bag over a formal one.
  • There are also some features like badges, stickers, and paintings available to make your bag look a bit different.
  • The bags are different in case of the number of chambers too.

Types of Laptop Bags

The laptop bag is of many types.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Backpack will provide you the opportunity to keep the laptop in a padded compartment and carry it in your shoulder.
  • Briefcases come with security and durability for your laptop and provide you the most formal look possible.
  • Sling bags are similar to backpacks though they are short of one strap from the backpack.
  • Sleeve bags are popular for carrying small laptops.
  • Tote bags are popular amongst women and are similar to women handbag.
  • Portfolio bags and messenger bags are also popular for carrying laptops.

How to Use a Laptop Bag

Mainly, you can use the laptop bags like any other bag. But while handling the bag you should keep in mind that you are carrying your laptop in it. So you have to be a bit careful.

  1. Firstly, you should not put any heavily weighted matter over it.
  2. Secondly, you should be careful while keeping it on the surface.
  3. Generally, the laptop bags always have two or more compartments and there will be a particular chamber that is only for the laptop.
  4. You will always keep the laptop in that chamber.
  5. Further, there will be other chambers to keep the other things like a charger, pen drive, SSD, etc.
  6. You will use the particular chambers for particular materials.
  7. You can also keep you’re your bag inside another bag if you are traveling.
  8. In that case, you have to be careful while choosing the position for your bag.
  9. Further, if you are not doing that, you should have a checkpoint-friendly bag with you that is durable.

List of Top 12 Laptop Bags Brand in India

Here is a list of top 12 laptop bags and they are very easily available for you,

1. Lenovo Laptop Briefcase T210 15.6-inch Water Repellent Black:

This is a big-sized laptop bag and it is also water-proof.Lenovo Casual Laptop Briefcase


  • Firstly the bag is a padded briefcase and you don’t have to carry it with your body.
  • Secondly, the bag is waterproof.
  • Finally, the product has a warranty available.


  • Mainly, the bag is good for 15.6 inches laptops and other laptops don’t fit well
  • Finally it’s good for carrying in the shoulder but not so good for hand uses.


2. HP 15.6-inch Duotone Laptop Briefcase:

HP is a leading manufacturer of laptops and they have brought this padded laptop to the market.HP 4QF94AA Laptop Bag


  • Firstly, the bag is padded.
  • This product is also water-proof and comes with a warranty.
  • Finally, the bag has got lots of pockets.


  • The strap is connected by a hook and it gives a bit trouble in the long run.


3. SASSIE LENOVO Leatherette 12 L Laptop Messenger Bag:

A messenger bag and it comes with 12 liter capacity.SASSIE LENOVO Laptop Bag


  • Firstly, it’s water-proof.
  • Secondly, it has much more space inside.
  • Further, this bag comes with many pockets.
  • Finally, this bag can accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches.


  • Firstly, the shoulder strap is not so good.
  • Most importantly, the manufacturer provides no warranty over it.


4. Shopizone Laptop Bags Sleeve Notebook Case:

This is a very good sleeve bag and it is made of polyester. It is mainly designed for mac-books and fits other laptops too.Shopizone® Laptop Bag for MacBook


  • Firstly, the bag comes in three different sizes.
  • This product is splash proof and it’s also washable.
  • Has got extra pockets and it’s easy to carry.
  • Further, it has scratch proof technology inside.
  • Finally, it is very light in weight.


  • Firstly, in case of damages it can’t protect well.
  • Further, it can’t protect much from water.
  • Finally it’s available for up to 15 inches.


5. K London Leatherite Handmade Tan Unisex Bag Cross Over Shoulder Messenger Bag with Laptop Compartment:

This is a handmade bag from India and it comes with a laptop compartment.K London 15 Inches Laptop Bag


  • Firstly, the bag is made of leather.
  • Most importantly, there is a large compartment for laptop.
  • The bag can be used by both handling and on shoulder.


  • Firstly, it can carry up to 15 inches.
  • Secondly, this bag is not water-proof.
  • No warranty given and it can’t tolerate moisture, dust and extreme heat.


6. Hammonds Flycatcher Original Bombay Brown Leather 15.6 inch Laptop Messenger Bag with Padded Laptop Compartment:

This is a pure leather made bag that comes straight from India for your laptop.Hammonds Flycatcher Laptop Messenger Bag


  • Firstly, there is a large padded compartment for laptop.
  • The bag can be used by both handling and on shoulder and the strap is wide enough.


  • Firstly, this bag is not waterproof.
  • Pocket placement of this bag is not convenient and many people may find it not suitable.
  • Most importantly, the quality of the leather is not very good.


7. Medlar 15.6 inch Laptop Formal Office Dark Brown Messenger Briefcase Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap:

This is a decent laptop bag which is very suitable for office uses.Medlar Leather 15.6 inch Laptop Formal Bag


  • Firstly, it’s well made.
  • Furthermore, this bag has 2 pockets outside and two inside.
  • Can be used both as shoulder bag and handbag.
  • Finally, it has a 1 year warranty.


  • The bag isn’t washable and water-proof.
  • Most importantly it’s very heavy.


8. LXOICE Office Laptop Bags Briefcase 15.6 Inch for Women and Men:

This bag is a fusion between sleeve bag and messenger bag.LXOICE Office Laptop Bag


  • Usable both as shoulder bag and handbag.
  • Secondly, good quality fabrics are used.
  • Further, there are three pockets available.
  • Most importantly, it fits different type of laptops inside.


  • Not waterproof and no warranty given.
  • Secondly, the pockets are small.
  • Further, the bag is not much protective.
  • Finally, the company logo is placed in too larger form.


9. K London Black Artificial Leather Handmade Men Women Laptop Bag Cross Over Shoulder Messenger Bag Office Bag:

Nice handmade leather bag and made in India.K London Black Artificial Laptop Bag


  • Firstly it has a 2 years warranty.
  • Has a huge volume. Further it can carry clothes along with laptop.
  • Finally, there are many pockets in the bag.


  • Firstly, the bag is not water-proof.
  • Most importantly, there is no extra protection given in the bottom and corners.


10. AirCase Laptop Bag Sleeve Messenger Bag for 13-Inch/ 14-Inch Laptop MacBook:

This is a sleeve bag for your laptops and it’s built of nylon.AirCase Laptop Bag


  • Most importantly the bag comes in four different sizes.
  • This product is water resistant and it’s also easy to carry. .
  • Has got extra pockets and it’s easy to carry.
  • Further it has a strap added to it.
  • Finally, it is very light in weight.


  • Build quality is questionable and it’s not very durable.


11. Portronics Unisex Laptop Bag with an in-Built USB 2.0 Charging Port:

This is a cotton canvas messenger bag and it is inspired by the latest technology.Portronics POR-867 Unisex Laptop Bag


  • Firstly, the bag is good looking.
  • Both for shoulder and hand carrying.
  • Further, it has a built-in USB charging port.
  • Finally, the bag is super durable.


  • Mainly the bag is said to be water-proof but it is not.
  • Finally, it no warranty.


12. AmazingHind Laptop Messenger Bag:

This bag comes in a shape of briefcase and made of fabrics.AmazingHind Laptop Messenger Bag


  • Firstly, the bag is durable.
  • The bag is comfortable and adjustable.
  • Furthermore, it gives extra protection to your laptop.
  • Suitable for both hand and shoulder use.


  • The bag is not water-proof and it is not washable.
  • Strap and the body material is below optimum quality.



The laptop bag makes it easy for you to carry the laptop and it gives you some more features. But, it depends on your laptop and your personality which suits your laptop best. That’s why it’s better for you to find your best laptop bag upon your product and purpose.


What are the best laptop bags?

The best laptop bags are those which fits your laptop well. They will also come with features like durability, water-resistance and anti-theft protection.

What is the average pricing of laptop bags?

The average pricing of a laptop bag would be from 35 to 90 U.S. dollars.